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Found 2 results

  1. The sun has barely set as the chosen Heroes enter the Traveler's Tavern, or at least that's what they guessed from the handwriting on the questboard. The place, from the outside looked relatively clean... ... The inside was clean as well, although the patrons seemed to be less than noble. A very loud, very fat man was standing on a table drinking some alcoholic liquid. It certainly was... something... the smell though did not give away what it was, except that it was most foul. A few other men were having a pleasant conversation about their favorite knots used to drag animals with. The pretty, quiet barmaid was running around filling up everyone's drinks. And then, off in the corner by himself was the man who put out the notice Simon. He was sitting all alone with a bottle to himself. The Party Hoke Ablesword - Champion of the Northern Kingdoms, Kraken Whacker, Titan Smiter, Serpent Skinner, and Rock Champion of Decamon (UsernameMDM) *Party Leader* Human Male Paragon Level 55.6 *Blessed, Immune: Fragile, Dark, Earth, Fire, Wind / Absorbs Poison / Deals Poison +10 and SP -1, Cursed, Fragile, Dark, Light, Ice* Power Bonus: 7 (+2 Grand Zoot's Cookie, +5 Paragon), +3 WP Defense: 58 Health: 118/118 (+10 Knight, +25 Paragon, +55 Level, +2 Chicken Drumsticks, +15 Raw Meats, +10 Helm of Prestige, +1 Warrior's Tread) Gold: 198 Equipment: Zoot's Order (WP:40; Deals Darkness, Light, Ice, Cursed, Fragile, permanently Poisoned-by-10, hits reduce enemy SP by 1; spear, suitable for Hoke only [Hydra Tongue, Crimson Haze, Amethyst, Diamond, Ethereal Opal]), Mythril Buckler (SP:41, Amethyst, Mythril), Sven's Heavy Armor (SP:6, Immune to Fire, Earth, Wind and Fragile), Hydra Skin (SP: 2, wearer gains HP when poisoned instead of losing it, backwear), Warrior's Treads (SP:2, Health +1, footwear), Helm of Prestige (SP: 5, +10 Max HP, Wearer is Permanently Blessed, Headwear, suitable for Paragons), Medal of Glory (Wearer gains triple experience, accessory), Bone Claws (+3 WP, 2 SP, hand wear), Inventory: Weapons - Vintul (WP: 16; greatsword), Gladiator Trident (WP: 11, causes the Bleeding-by-5 effect; spear), Wasabi Blade (WP: 4, Fire-elemental long-sword), Glistening Halberd WP:10 (1/2; chance to caused stunned effect, lance), Blue Steel Shield(SP:5, Immune to Blind), Fang Dagger (WP:5, double damage to beasts, dagger), Balanced Main-Gauce (WP: 10, Riposte has a 1/6 chance of instantly killing the/each target, dagger, suitable only for marauders), Blade of Tranquility (WP: 2, deals the Sealed effect, Long-sword) Artefacts - Sharkskin Gloves (Accessory, provides immunity from water elemental attacks), Samurai Helmet (WP:+4, immune Confused, Sealed suitable to knights, dragoons, regulators, winged warriors), Sterile Gloves (Immune to poisoned and bleeding, handwear, suitable for anyone), Cultist Hat (damage vs undead), Sigil of the Cold Circle - (Raise an Army costs twice as much ether, but raised undead are three times as powerful, accessory, suitable for necromancers), Heavy Armor (SP: 5, Immune to Fragile), Electro Gear (Adds lightning-element to physical attacks and protects from lightning-elemental damage, accessory), Coat Hanger (Allows for a second body wear, Accessory), Pugilist Gloves (+2 to power, immune Weakened), Shadeaux Cape(SP:1; suitable to those with reputation among the Shadeaux only; if reputation is great, SP is doubled; if reputation is outstanding, SP is tripled; backwear.), Iceborn's Improved Summoning Amulet (Can be used once per quest to revive a fallen enemy to join the party. The enemy has a level equal to their previous level, and health equal to the half the health of the hero reviving them. Their class can be determined by the QM, and they cannot be revived by Phoenix Essences. Accessory) Gems - Ruby (Fire), Etherial Sapphire (Sealed+Wind), Emerald (Wood), Etherial Aquamarine (Confusion+Water), Topaz (Lightning), Etherial Garnet (Slowed+Earth), Etherial Topaz (Lighting+Stunned), Opal Scrolls - Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Weakening, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Sleep Tools - Guffington's Seal (Proves the Hero is a Friend of Guffington. The hero starts every quest with one "Hero's Cocktail": encouraged, hastened, lucky and inspired), Bedroll, Pickaxe, Shovel 3x Smoke Bomb, Lightning Bomb, Water Bomb, Air Bomb, 2x Dirt Bomb, Confuse Bomb, Blind Bomb, Seal Bomb, x2 Stun Bombs, Skadi Bomb Consumables - 3x Phoenix Essence, 6x Grand Potion, Health Core, 2x Grand Tonic, 4x Remedy, 5x Ether Core, Elixir, 2x Ambrosia, Soma, 3x Mead, 2x Smelling Salts, 2x Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 2x Flame-Distilled Brandy (Encouraged & Immune to Ice), 6x Venom, 2x Deadly Venom, 2x Feather of Flight (Allows the user to flee from the battle when used), Henry Award (Can be sold for 200 Gold or to give +1 HP or +1 Power to a character, Consumable, Soul-bound), Crimson Haze (Causes a weapon to deal the poisoned by 7 and cursed effects permanently) Decamon Deck - Nixie (Water 7), Reaper (Dark 8), Stone Golem (Rock 8), Carcinos (Aquatic 8), Storm Elemental (Electric 8) Quintessa of Heartland (played by Sandy as a second character) 67 years old human female Barbarian Level 6 *Immune to fragile* Power: 10 (6+3+1) Defense: 5 Health: 15/15 (8+5+2) Gold: 40 Equipment: Rolling Pin (WP:5, causes bleeding by 3; club), Heavy Armour (SP:5, protects from fragile, suitable for barbarians, knights, dragoons, skirmishers, regulators and vindicators; bodywear.) Inventory: Artifacts: Sylvania's Cowl (grants Animal Talk job trait, headwear), Pirate’s Patch (protects from blinded; headwear), High Heels (Power +1; suitable for women; footwear) Consumables: 5x Grand Potion, Potion, 4x Remedy, First Aid Kit (restores full health and removes negative effects from the entire party), Phoenix Essence, 2x Mead, 2x Smelling Salts, 2x Nostrum, 2x Smoke Bomb, Perfume (Can be used on an enemy to make it enamored with its applier), Candycane of Doom (Causes the target to become doomed when used; breaks after 5 uses) Tools etc.: Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass, Bedroll John 'Heckz' Brutenhal, the Ghostbuster, the Super Sleuth and the School Inspector (Cutcobra) 32 year old male human Sorcerer Level 28 1/3 *Jinxed Spells at Double Cost* *Darkness Spells Cause Weakened* Power: 40 (28+12) (Spellpower: 50 (28+12+10)) Defense: 0 Health: 35/35 (5+27+4) Ether: 44/44 (5+27+1+5+1+5) Gold: 2452 Equipment: Solemn Dagger (WP: 12, darkness-elemental dagger, 1/2 chance of causing sealed), Magician's Gloves (Spellpower +10; suitable for mages; handwear), Cloak of Blood Magic (+5 ether, attacks made with darkness magic cause weakened; suitable for mages, necromancers and chi monks; bodywear), Bad Luck Charm (Makes the sorcerer’s spells - including Razzmatazz and Sleight of Hand - cause an additional jinxed-effect, increasing their ether cost by 1; suitable for sorcerers; accessory) Inventory: Weapons: Weatherfax Broom (WP:25, makes weather forecasts instant instead of being applied at the end of the round, broomstick), Rawr (WP:9, dagger), Bone Whip (WP:9, damages undead, whip), Assassin’s Crossbow (WP:4, each successful assassination increases WP by one permanently; suitable to assassins; crossbow) Artifacts: Harlot's Outfit (SP: 2, immune to poisoned; suitable for Witches, Sorcerers and Harlots; bodywear/footwear), False Lips (Rolling Pleasure House and KISS AND MAKE UP causes poisoned by 5 in addition to other effects, suitable for harlots only, accessory.), Venomari Helmet (SP:2, absorb poison as health; helmet), Buffoon's Hat (Prevents anyone from taking the wearer seriously; protects from Free Hits unless the wearer is the last hero standing; headwear), Watt's Artifact (Makes the user’s attacks and spells three times more effective against demons; accessory), Robe Of The Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether + 5, immune to sealed; bodywear) Spell Items: Opal (Ice), Garnet (Earth), Amethyst (Darkness), Aquamarine (Water) Consumables: 3x Remedy, 3x Mead, 2x Nostrum, 4x Smelling Salt, 2x Tonic, 2x Phoenix Essence, Danab's Apple (Revives all fallen party members, restores full health and ether to the whole party and removes all negative effects from them; consumable), Soma, Poison Bomb, Seal Bomb, Smoke Bomb, 2x Deadly Venom, 7 Bones Tools, etc: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass, Blue Jelly, "Fifty Shades of Bley" (Grants access to Harlot), "Begone With the Winds" (Grants access to Weather Mage), Black Market Insignia (Allows the owner to seek out a black market dealer from any city they visit on a quest, as decided by the QM.), Vindicator's Seal (Grants access to the Vindicator expert job class; cannot be given away) Torald Waruelf (Alfadas) 20 year old male human Barbarian Level 11.5 Power Bonus: 7 Defense: 3 Health: 20/20 Gold: 256 Equipment: Sludge Glaive (WP:8, pierces defense and causes either fragile or weakened; halberd), Tricorne (SP:3, headwear; suitable to anyone). Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; footwear.) Inventory: , Old and Rusty Greatsword (WP: 3), 4 Potions, 7 Mead , Phoenix essence, Tiger Balm, , 2 Venom, Crocodile Belt (Max. Health +2; accessory.), Fire Bomb, Spark Hammer (WP: 8 Lightning & Wood elemental Hammer. Double WP against flying and mechanical), Shovel, Pickaxe P;ease check your stats and inventory. Thanks for signing up and have fun!
  2. (I just noticed that the title got cut off. After the / it was supposed to say "shield," with a question mark.) I've been wondering for a while if the part pictured below, used to join Tahu's "lava surfboard" and Kopaka's "frost shield," came in colors that corresponded to the colors of the parts they're used on (silver and white, respectively). I recently looked it up and it turns out that a white one does exist (last used in 2011), and although a "silver metallic" one doesn't technically exist, I was able to find one calling its color "silver" (last used in 2003), which is close enough for me. Given that, I thought I'd pose this question: why do you think the Bionicle set designers didn't use this piece in colors better suited to match the pieces they were used on? I would have preferred if they had, because then the pieces wouldn't be so obvious or contrast so much, and I'll be replacing the piece with a silver one on my Tahu, once I get it. -Nomad