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Found 7 results

  1. sheo

    [MOC] Joybringer

    This is my build for Ma.Ktoberfest - 2019.
  2. goatman461

    [O - I06] Yetorian Candidate

    Location: Yetornius - I06 Tags: Spaceship, Land Vehicle(s), Civil Octan's ranks had started to fill with members of the Merchant Confederacy. Their transition had been smooth as HR understood the unique opportunity that was being presented and was eager to signup employees that didn't require return tickets back through the Gate. But, in the rush to process the recruits, many questions about these people remained. What had a thousand years of space done to this "human" race? Acting CEO and Octan pilot, John Hannibal, certainly trusted these men. And he was currently on a mission to integrate Octan's best pilots with the colonies they would be protecting, uniquely turning a corporate military into a civilian corps of minutemen pilots. But, their stop over for repairs on I06 proved dangerous. They were at a satellite repair station manned by both Octan and MC repairmen, working in hardsuits. Ziggy and Hannibal's latest jumper had some difficulty maneuvering through a random green cluster of "rock" formations between E11 and I06 and they sucked a strange white worm up through one of their rotating thrusters. Hannibal decided to go for a walk to see the new HR facility located close to the repair dock and his quaint training facility. [O - I06] 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal was knock forward by a surprise thud on his right shoulder. He rolled and shot. Missed. The surprise assailant was to Hannibal's (now) left, already dead, burning up in the churning lava. A new recruit from the MC, the pilot from his first meeting with Callahan, had shot the would-be assassin just before he reached Hannibal. After stabilizing Hannibal's arm Ziggy and the pilot the pulled the body from the lava and start investigating. Lots of extra pics C&C welcomed and appreciated
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - F10] - Suitably Hard Suits

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After our discovery of the time machine it seems Dr. Long had become quite concerned for our safety. She had sent two hard suits, one for each of us, and had asked that we keep near them in case we needed to use them. I thought it might be a bit extreme given we were also near the Ter Tahls and they could help keep us safe, but it was another reminder of how much Dr. Long cares about her employees. ED-208 was initially very annoyed though because Dr. Long had sent a hard suit for "Ed Zob". I told him that it was clear Dr. Long was protecting our identities but he insisted that she thought he was some guy with that name. I asked him which was more likely, that one of the most brilliant minds in the galaxy had mistakenly sent a suit to a robot OR that she knew given our discovery that our safety could possibly be at risk and in an overabundance of caution and concern she had sent the suits and disguised his identity. Particularly since he was an advanced robot that other corporations or aliens would love to steal and reverse engineer. His incredulous stare clearly meant that he realized the error of his logic! ED-208 did seem rather pleased with the armament on his suit though. I told him that was further proof that Dr. Long had intended the suits for us specifically as mine was more geared towards science with the hands and the communications and scanning gear. Whereas his suit was quite obviously intended as a defensive suit with the weaponry! His was designated Mobile assault.Kommando (Ma.K) and mine was known as the Mobile armor.Kommunications (Ma.K). ED-208 pointed out how confusing it was to name them in such a way that both had the same acronym, but again I pointed out Dr. Long's genius. By making the acronym the same letters the enemy would never know what they were facing! Her military acumen is second only to her scientific prowess. Tor said the suits were most impressive and that he would be happy to have them moved into the Ter Tahls' underground facility. I thanked him and said that would be ideal. ED-208 suggested that we should create some mini-drone bots to use to supplement our suits, so I believe that will be our next task. I assured Tor that we would share our developments with them since they were kindly providing the facilities. He was most appreciative. I've realized that despite my initial beliefs that they were a simple race that we would have to kindly guard, the Ter Tahls were actually a very helpful race that wasn't that inferior to us humans. Extra Pics: Thanks to Goatman for suggesting we all have a Ma.K week, I've never built anything like these suits before and it was a fun challenge!
  4. SpacerSteve

    [M-B08] A New Mech

    Location: B08 Greater Direstan Tags: Exploration, Land vehicle SpacerSteve: Man this new Ma.Nt Mech suit is great! I'm glad reverse engineering of the "Honor"was a success. Now MANTIS has walkers that go toe to toe with those of the Kawashita corporation. 20151010_174048 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr SpacerSteve: What is this? Looks like the little critter has been following me. It looks like that plant thing that is always helping Vedauwoo out. I'll bring it back with me. WHAT THE !!!!!!! SpacerSteve: Well that is a shame. Now the real question. Is that creature a carnivore or a herbivore? Some more pics of the Ma.Nt Mech suit Thanks for looking. C&C is appreciated.
  5. Today Ma.Ktober ends. And finally i finished my moc for the Ma.K Brick Group on flickr. Bleiente by suedmersenjan, on Flickr The pilots named the BleiEnte cause of its bad manouverabilty and speed. But it was also a very reliable craft which could take a lot of rounds before it went down. Mechaniker 1 by suedmersenjan, on Flickr √úbersicht2 by suedmersenjan, on Flickr Vorn1 by suedmersenjan, on Flickr Range: 1200 km Max Speed: 220 km/h Max Flight Attitude: 210m Max Cargo Load: 10 Soldiers or 2 tons. Armament: 2 HMG, 1 Air-to-Surface Missile, 2 Air-to-Air Missiles
  6. Here's the MOC i built for Ma.Ktober Fest 2013 on Ma.K Bricks Flickr Group. A non-canon Mercenaries faction anti-gravity vehicle based on Maschinen Krieger Universe. Pkf.92 Geierjager Pkf.92 Geierjager by toms_h@rt, on Flickr Pkf.92 Geierjager by toms_h@rt, on Flickr Comments and inputs are always welcome, cheers Full resolution on flickr :
  7. Si-MOCs

    XK-427 Firefly Ma.K raider

    The XK-427 Firefly is a lesser known SF3D creation. It was designed by the SDR as a test bed for improved antigravity technology. Earlier generations of Strahl AG technology proved to be harmful to humans which is why only unmanned equipment like the Neuspotter or Krachenvogal has AG as a means of propulsion. The main fuselage was based upon a heavily modified KH503 fan lift aircraft. Four spherical antigravity pods were located in protective housings which were placed on each corner of the craft for a total of 4 AG pods. No additional means of propulsion is indicated or shown. It had a crew of two and carried a single 128mm cannon as the main armament. On its maiden voyage, the Firefly crashed in Mercenary Army territory. The Mercenary scientists were able to duplicate the technology which was later used to power the Falke Anti-Gravity Raider. Source: -- M.aktober 2013! Now I can wear my T-shirt And a few extra shots for fun: