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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. My name is Levi, I'm 16 years old, and have been a fan of Lego and trains my entire life, and even volunteer at the Spa Valley Railway in Sussex (and Kent). I recently agreed to be the chair for a TFOL (Teenage Fan Of LEGO) group of LNUR, LEGO Northern UK Railway, it's a new group set up for LEGO train fan members aged 14 years to 18 years. Despite the name, we are open to members all over the U.K. (I myself am based in the south of England). Thanks to the main LNUR group, who have agreed to give support to help us run the group while giving us the freedom to run as I see fit. I'm hoping we can get a small group of active members who will display at shows, once they reopen while supporting each other online too. If you are interested or know someone who could be interested head to, including membership benefits. In the first few months, we're free for TFOL members to help us get the group off the ground, after which we will start charging a small fee to help cover membership bricks and a few other costs. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see some of you there!
  2. BricksMcgee

    Brick Train Awards 2020 winners

    Hi all, The winners of the Brick Train Awards 2020 have been announced (there's a 15 minute announcement video if you prefer that), so here's a round up of the global winners (you can find winners in each category for Americas, Asia, Australasia and Europe linked there too); Best steam locomotive P2 “Prince of Wales” Samuel Sims Australia, Australasia Just a stunning model - all of the details and customisations made this the standout entry in a category with a lot of tough competition. I love the use of the bucket handles and the lining particularly. Best diesel locomotive Bangor & Aroostook Diesel Alexander Geary USA, Americas A superb rendition of this American loco - particularly impressive tube bending, as mine always end up messy! Best LEGO® Electric Locomotive Alstom Pendolino ED250 PKP Intercity Mateusz Waldowski Poland, Europe This was one of my personal favourites, and I'm glad it came through from the Europe region to win best global electric locomotive. The shaping work is beautiful, and the nose is well captured - definitely a hard profile to replicate in LEGO bricks! Best Other LEGO® Locomotive Narrow Gauge Climax Geared Loco Alexander McCooke Australia, Australasia Another standout model for me - it looks like its real life prototype so closely; it looks like an O Gauge model to me at a distance. Best LEGO® Passenger Wagon Amtrak Amfleet II Andy Tanjaroon USA, Americas One of three digital renders to make it through to the global awards, the profile of this passenger car is really nicely captured - I'd love to see it built in the brick. Best LEGO® Freight Wagon GATX Tanker Wagon Mateusz Waldowski Poland, Europe Another European win for this superb tanker wagon. The undercarriage details are nicely done, and the few smaller stickers/vinyls give it that little bit extra. Wouldn't mind a rake of these to run at home! Best TFOL Model JR西日本125系電車 / JR West 125 series Y.Higashibata Japan, Asia The TFOL awards was one of my favourite categories, as it bought out so much hidden talent I hadn't seen before. This render of a Japenese unit is superb; lovely shaping, and the cab front work leaves a smooth finish for some challenging angles. Best LEGO® Group Display MLTC Display Melbourne LEGO Train Club Australia, Australasia Not sure there's not surprise at this one - the MTLC layout at Brickvention each year is a huge collaborative work, and each section is beautifully detail - the photo above shows only half of the layout! Best LEGO® Individual Display 2020 City Tim Howell USA, Americas A lovely little city display - custom cars, vans, buildings and locos, and it looks more finished than my LEGO cities every did! This one has inspired me to set my own city up again - it's been 6 months since I moved house and much of my LEGO city is still in boxes! Best LEGO® Structure Blast furnace Yvonne Strijbos Netherlands, Europe This was another "wow" model when I saw the entry come in. The above shot is a render, but the builder has also built it in the brick, and it's a lovely piece of railway infrastructure - a lot going on in a relatively small space. Thanks to everyone who entered this year - and we have the happy news that the Brick Train Awards will return for 2021 in February/March, to allow contestants time to enter OcTRAINber too. We'll be looking at adapting and adding some categories to better suit model entries, as well as a few other changes based on feedback we've had.
  3. Hi all, Realised I have quite a backlog of displays and photos to share, so here's another one for you - Darrington LEGO Railway layout. This is currently our club's main display layout, and measures around 15ft x 12ft, or 4.5m x 3.4m in a doughnut configuration to allow space for operators in the centre. The photos here are from its last outing (thanks to COVID!) at Shildon Brick Show, held at Locomotion, a railway museum in the North East of England and part of the National Railway Museum here in the UK. The display has 4 operational lines ("Up" fast and slow, "Down" fast and slow), and centres around Darrington Station (below), which is accessed from a road bridge. This station is loosely based on Loughborough Central station on the Great Central Railway heritage line here in the UK. Darrington Station (labelled as Paxley, which we've since changed!), featuring the ticket office at road bridge level, and the waiting room on the platform. Darrington Station from the road bridge. Following the railway in this direction, we pass an abandoned wagon body, and approach Darrington Sheds. Darrington Sheds provides some basic facilities for steam locomotives, with a water tower and coal bunker for crews to use. Opposite the sheds sit some allotments - which British model railway would be complete without some?! Following the track around again in a clockwise fashion, we reach the final completed module, Felpersham TMD, a depot for more contemporary locomotives: LNUR is a cooperative of LEGO train fans - I built the majority of the landscape you can see here, and members contributed their locos and rolling stock for the weekend.
  4. Hi all, It’s been quite a while since I contributed to the forum, nice to see it’s still so active! Ambridge & Paxley (few more photos, a track plan, and a video of the layout on this page) was a new type of display for me - an 18ft long end-to-end railway, with a station at either end, and connected by a single line. We usually run looped track which requires less effort to run during shows. It is also only 48 studs deep - I wanted to see what I could achieve with a much narrow scenery depth than I’d usually start with. The layout is based on a fictional rural branch line, with Ambridge being the terminus station and Paxley a through station (in future - it was a terminus for the purpose of its first show earlier this year). All of my station/display names are taken from villages and towns in the BBC’s “The Archers”, a long-running radio serial here in the UK. Between the station sits a small valley, home to the River Am and Ambridge Cricket Club.