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Found 6 results

  1. samurai-turtle

    Golden Ninja Issue

    So I was messing around with 70503 The Golden Dragon (the old/first set). And I notice the arm joints at the shoulders were stiff on Lloyd (The Golden Ninja). As I was trying to loosen the joints I thought just taken arms out would help. That is when I broke the arms off. Now I am wondering has this happen to anyone else? Is the plastic just poor in the first place? Then after messing with the torso A little more I was able to get the "rest of the arms" out. And now I am wondering if putting in some "green arms" in the torso would look alright.
  2. NINJAGO season 11 is already airing in some countries and I am very excited to watch the latest adventure of the ninjas. In anticipation for the next season in english, I bought this little set. It's a small set so let's not wait further. This is my 23rd Eurobricks review - set number 70671 - Lloyd's Journey. Overview Name: 70671 Lloyd's Journey Theme: LEGO System / NINJAGO / Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu Year: 2019 (2H) Pieces: 80 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD 14.99 / EUR 14.99 Introduction After the conclusion of season 10, we have learned from the NINJAGO team that this new chapter will be more exploratory and creative. And just how exploratory and creative the LEGO sets will be? We shall find out. Front panel What I noticed in the box art for this wave is the usage of manga inspired panel borders and effects. There are lots of speed lines, sunbursts, halftones and written sound effects. This is more evident at the back panel which can be seen below. Back Panel I really like this manga-style art at the back panel. Comparison of the recent "USD 14.99" Ninjago boxes Apart form the box art, I immediately noticed that the box is smaller for its price. Before buying this, I did not know how many pieces are inside the box because unlike the North American versions, Asian boxes do not have the number of pieces printed on the packaging. I have bought The Samurai Mech set recently and it is a USD 14.99 set with 153 parts. It does not help when you compare that the USD 9.99 set from previous wave, 70680 Monastery Training has 122 pieces. Even if it has 2 minifigures only, you still get twice as much parts. So, you are paying 50% more price premium for something that has half the parts. I know it is an unfair comparison but for any casual buyer, it would appear as a bad deal. Am I right? I know that the inclusion of the new wolf mould hiked the price considerably for this set but this made me wonder.-- is a new mould this big actually warrants a 50% price increase for a set this small? Content of the box These are the immediate contents from unboxing. There is 1 small instruction booklet, 2 plastic bags containing bricks and 1 plastic bag containing the 3-tailed wolf. There is also an 8x8 corner plate (wedge) without any plastic packaging. Also, good news. There is no sticker! Minifigures Let's begin with the minifigures (and creature) because this is what you came for anyway. Of course, the creature included in the set is not a minifigure but for the sake of scale comparison, I am including it here. Front view with hairpiece/headgear and armours If you haven't seen my minifigure distribution for the Ninjago 2019 wave, go ahead and check out in the Ninjago 2019 discussion topic. What we get in this set the variant of Lloyd with the hairpiece, and a foot soldier generically named Blizzard Warrior. The print on Lloyd's gi is very crisp with dark brown and dark green colours. Lloyd's right arm is dark brown which likely represents leather arm guards. One cannot deny the resemblance of the Blizzard Warrior from the Game of Trones' White Walkers. Although this trope had been tried in the retired Legends of Chima theme in its final run "Fire vs. Ice" subtheme, I find it more interesting with snakes and samurai. Also, Fire Snake and Ice Samurai -- isn't this a child-friendly version of the Song of Ice and Fire? Anyway, I digress. The Blizzard Warrior is excellent. It has dual-moulded armour in dark red with trans-light blue ice spikes sticking out which makes it very cool (pun not intended). Kudos to the creative team of NINJAGO as they applied the lessons learned from Chima by not putting any gross rotting flesh on the Blizzard Warrior minifigure. Back view with hairpiece/headgear and armours The new sword scabbard is very stylish compared to the older scabbards/sword sheaths. The Blizzard Armour looks good even if viewed from the back and its helmet also look fantastic with the ridged design and trans-light blue ornamental horns. Front view without gears and accessories As mentioned earlier, the Bilzzard Warrior is excellent with its armour. Without it's armour, it is still decent. Both minifigures have dual face print. It is a little disturbing that some ice shards are sticking out of the Blizzard Warrior's right eye and cheek. I don't know if that is necessary. Back view without gears and accessories The back printing is very good as well. Too bad we're not going to see much of the back printing of these minifigures because they will be covered for majority of the times. Back view of the new scabbard and Blizzard warrior's armour worn "backwards" Lloyd looks good with the new scabbard. In case you wonder, the Blizzard Warrior armour can be worn from either side because it appears that the front is a mirror image of the back. Lloyd's Wolf Before talking about the wolf, just appreciate the engraved shape on the shoulder pads that comes with the scabbard.I don't know its significance because I have not seen the season 11 yet but I can tell that the shape is like a snowflake with 6 tips. So about the wolf -- it is the biggest deal about this set and also my top reason why you should buy this set. Comparing the Ninjago wolf with City feline mould Next to the City feline mould, it is the same height. The neck articulation is the same but it lacks the hind legs articulation. Too bad that the 3-tailed wolf mould has no articulated hind legs because it looks like TLG could have used the same approach even if the torso of the wolf is slimmer. Wild dog vs. wild cat All this while, I was wondering why did NINJAGO team used a 3-tailed wolf instead of a 3-tailed fox. After all, if you have watched Naruto or played Pokemon, you should be more familiar with the Japanese folklore surrounding the nine-tailed fox or Kitsune. On the other hand, there is also Okami which is a PS2 game that featured a wolf in the game that bears more than a passing resemblance to this NINJAGO wolf. Not forgetting, using the Game of Thrones analogy, the inspiration could be from direwolves since the system scale wolf should only be a little bigger than the classic Alsatian / German Shepherd dog mould but a LEGO direwolf is the right size as "Lloyd's wolf". I don't know the right answer but if you have any wild guess, feel free to share. Build All parts laid down before building So, let's rewind and do the build now. So is it hard to build? No. It's actually very easy, barely an inconvenience. And just like that, we're done! I like the usage of the part #30166 (PLATE 2X3 W/ HOR. 3,2 SHAFT) as part of the battlement on top of the fortress. There is nothing to see on the other side. Completed build Hear ye, hear ye! I present you the fortress -- the mini fortress. Parts The new moulds and recoloured parts all look great. If we exclude the minifigure-related parts, we only have 1 new mould, the wolf, and only 3 recolour of parts with pointy ends. New armours and helmets are typical designed for new NINJAGO waves so it isn't a big deal. Extra parts Just putting here for your reference. Conclusion In my history of reviewing NINJAGO sets, I have came across very good small to medium-sized sets that satisfy my AFOL needs. This small set is one of those sets that I struggled to score because even if it is good, I feel it lacks several things to make it great. It's easy to spot what you don't like in a set but as a reviewer, my job is to be as objective as I can be, and I try really hard to be very objective in every review that I do even as I throw in some of my opinions. Pros: New wolf creature mould is exclusive in this set Excellent NINJAGO minifigures as always Cheapest way to get Lloyd and Blizzard Warrior Weapon selection is top-notch Cons: Colour scheme is "meh" (this could be a matter of taste) You need to have a big imagination to see the fortress in the build -- frankly, it's just a small tower The cheapest set for this wave is not meant for building regular armies -- if you need to army-build, go buy set # 40342 instead (where you can also get Clutch Powers) New wolf mould tax is ridiculous No mask included for Lloyd So below is my final score breakdown -- Review summary Playability: 6/10 - There's nothing much you can do with a mini fortress but the role-playing aspect of Lloyd travelling the snowy mountains is there for kid's (and adult's) imagination. Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - I will not even score this if I am buying a minifigure pack but this is a small set so the mini fortress building experience only makes this set lackluster. Minifigures: 8/10 - The minifigure designs are great but there are only 2 minifigures as I am not including the wolf in this score -- an additional minifigure could have bumped up the score. Price / Value for money: 8/10 - I guess it could have been worse but if you cannot swallow the price premium due to the new wolf creature, it will be a tough buy. Overall: 7/10 - On one hand, this is very appealing set if it's a minifigure battle pack but on the other hand, as it is a small set, I expected more than just the wolf and a few parts. Blizzard Warrior: "I am so underpaid for this job!"
  3. Ghost Onyx

    Ninjago: Project Rebuild

    Hi! I didn't know where else to put this so I hope it's ok if I post this here. Hey random person on the internet reading this! Did you watch the Lego Ninjago Movie and were unable to help but feel like the trailers sold you a very different product? Did the Lego Ninjago Movie feel lacking in any way, as though many scenes were cut from the finished movie? Did you feel that the other Ninja, or anyone without “Garmadon” in their name, were given the shaft in terms of character development, or any substantial characterization? I feel you, reader. I feel you as keenly as one feels a stray, unsuspecting brick on the floor when the lights are out. Last question, are you looking for quality Ninjago content? Then look no further! I’ve got you covered! Welcome to Project Rebuild! What is Project Rebuild, you ask? It’s my script rewrite of the Lego Ninjago Movie. My goal is to condense the essence of 7 seasons of the tv show into one cohesive story, while following the basic plot of the Lego Ninjago Movie. But wait! There’s more! Tirelessly seeking out all promotional material for the movie, (i.e. trailers, junior novel, the “Making of Lego Ninjago Movie” book, etc.) I have struggled to reconstruct (pun intended) this cohesive story with as many deleted concepts as I could fit in. It’s an adaptation distillation, if you will. Oh and this just in! As an added bonus, I’ll be attempting to incorporate the toys sets into the story too. Here’s the synopsis: Lloyd Garmadon, the Chosen One, stands at the center of the battle between good and evil. As the Green Ninja, he is beloved by all as the constant savior of the city of Ninjago. But as the son of the Evil Lord Garmadon, he is hated by the very same citizens he saves. Under the guidance of the wise Master Wu, Lloyd and his team, the Secret Ninja Force, will need all the help they can get to keep it together and defend the city from Lord Garmadon and greater threats. Without any further ado, here's Chapter 1: EXT. MOUNTAIN TOP – NIGHT TWO FIGURES stand locked in combat against each other atop a tall and craggy mountain. Rain pours down heavily. Lightning crackles and thunder booms to emphasize every movement. Blow after furious blow is struck. Lightning strikes illuminate the faces of the combatants. We see a close up of MASTER WU, a wise-looking old man with a long white beard. He wears a white robe and a conical hat. His weapon is a long, wooden staff. Opposite him is his brother, LORD GARMADON, a far taller adversary owing to his towering horned helmet and double torso that sports four arms. He wears black samurai armor that matches his skin, which has been charred black due to his corruption. His red, glowing eyes are also signs of his corruption. His weapons are four katanas, one in each hand. Despite Lord Garmadon's extra arms, Master Wu defends himself well. The two appear locked in a stalemate. Lord Garmadon makes a demonic, fanged smile as he speaks. LORD GARMADON: You will never defeat me, brother. MASTER WU: It is not my destiny to defeat you. But it will be your son's. Angered, Lord Garmadon uses his swords to push Master Wu away in a burst of energy. LORD GARMADON: You leave Luh-loyd out of this! Master Wu remains calm but his eyes fixed on Lord Garmadon. His voice is resolute. MASTER WU: One day, your son, LLOYD GARMADON, will defeat you, as the prophecy foretold. I invoke it! A powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as Wu says this. We pan up to see a large object fall from the sky. It is a non-Lego fortune cookie. It breaks apart as it crashes on the ground, revealing the fortune prophecy within written in glowing, gold ink. LORD GARMADON: Prophecy? Well, two can play at that game. One day, my son, Lloyd Garmadon will join me and my evil ways. MASTER WU: (shocked) What?! LORD GARMADON: Together, we will conquer Ninjago and we shall be unstoppable, as the prophecy foretold. MASTER WU: No! LORD GARMADON: I… MASTER WU: You… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …invoke… MASTER WU (CONT’D): …wouldn't… LORD GARMADON (CONT’D): …it. MASTER WU (CONT’D): …dare! Another powerful burst of thunder and lightning strikes ominously as though to punctuate the gravity of their words. Another non-Lego fortune cookie falls from the sky. It falls between the two brothers, causing them to jump away to safety. Both witness the fortune cookie splitting in half before them as the glowing prophecy fortune writes itself into existence. LORD GARMADON: Oh, I dare. I have every right to dare. Our entire realm has the power to invoke prophecies on a whim. We control the destinies of every citizen in Ninjago! We should be gods! MASTER WU: Father would not have wanted this! LORD GARMADON: Well, father is no longer here. We've squandered our potential long enough, brother, and now it is to time to re-make Ninjago in my image. MASTER WU: I may not be the one to defeat you, Garmadon. But I will make sure you don't succeed. Lord Garmadon sees something behind Master Wu. He smirks confidently knowing he has the upper hand, all four of them. LORD GARMADON: Hey, whatever lets you sleep at night, brother. A large shark-shaped flying vessel, the SKY SHARK, arrives from the clouds. It lowers its anchor, which Lord Garmadon grabs onto as it flies by. LORD GARMADON: Looks like my ride's here. Another time, brother. Garmadon leaves on the Sky Shark. His evil laughter echoes in the distance. Wu is left on the mountain but he has a determined look on his face. MASTER WU: I, Master Wu, swear the solemn oath to form a SECRET NINJA FORCE to stop Garmadon at every turn. I invoke it. Dramatic thunder strikes. Cut to black as the last fortune cookie falls from the sky.
  4. Hey all! Welcome to my pictorial review of set 70613 Garma Mecha Man. It retails for $59.99 in the US and comes with 747 parts and 4 minifigures. This set will be evaluated on a scale from 0 - 100: Figure Desirability/Quality, Main Build Design, and Main Build Aesthetics. On a side note - I'm out traveling and couldn't resist getting my hands on a Ninjago Movie set, so lightning is not top notch, but hopefully the photos can get the point across. And now, without further ado, let's meet the Mecha Man. Let's start off with the figures. For $59.99, you only get four figures, which is disappointing given the high amounts of figures in smaller $20-$30 sets. Another henchman or ninja (or both) would have been appreciated to add value to the set, but for now, let's take a look at what we get. Let's start off with the titular villain, Lord Garmadon. He sports a new armor element that extends his torso and gives him two extra arms. While similar to the element used widely in the Stone Army range of sets in 2013, it has a flat front and more detailed printing, unlike the previous variant. Garmadon also includes a new samurai-style helmet mold, which is fitting for the villain and, in my opinion, much more intimidating than his simple bone helmet of 2011-2012. From the back, it does come across as comically large, although I assume that was done on purpose. Unfortunately, there is no back printing on the upper torso, something which would have been excusable up until this point, where LEGO has proved their ability to print on the backs of such longer torsos with Garmadon's Jungle, "Dad," and Pajama variants. However, I suspect this wasn't printed because this figure normally comes with a large, regal cape, something which is inexplicably and very unfortunately absent from this set. With the plus-size torso removed, Garmadon's chest printing is very similar to his 2011-2012 TV show variant, with his simple, white muscular lines. With his old man out of the way, the spotlight shifts to Lloyd, the Green Ninja. Lloyd is decked out in a spiffy new outfit with reflective gold highlights and layered texturing around his suit - look closely and his suit is patterned with diamond marks, adding another layer to the print that shines in certain lighting. The back of his torso is adorned with the classic Sensei Wu logo from way back in 2011, with a few minor stylistic changes to curvature and thickness of lines. Again, the diamond pattern repeats onto the back and he wears a simple green belt around his waist. Lloyd's mask comes as two separate elements that weave together seamlessly, much like Darth Vader's newer mask introduced last year. The back of the new hood dips back dramatically to allow the tied "knot" of the upper mask to fit, revealing almost all of his alternate face. Lloyd also comes with a new sword mold with the 2016 tassle element attached to the end. The new sword is extremely sleek and is a refreshing update to the original katana we've been seeing variants of since 1998. However, with the tassle removed, the end of the handle does feel a bit out of place, continuing past the stopper. An interesting note is that every new element in the set is copyrighted to 2015, which shows just how long this movie and its sets have been in production. And now, we move onto Garmadon's lackey: Great White. The shark part of the getup is unfortunately attached to the armor and battery indicator as a single mold, making head movement impossible and decreasing the reusability of the parts. However, the mold is an extremely nice element for its limited use, sporting two color tones for the shark head, white teeth, black eyes, and dark silver armor, bring the color count in this single mold up to 6, counting the red batter indicator. On the back of Great White sits the traditional LEGO airtanks we've come to know and love, which was a bit of a surprise to me - I figured it would be part of the armor. Note that the back of the shark head curves upwards greatly to accommodate this element, meaning that a great section of back head and neck is exposed without the tanks. With the headgear removed we get a peek at his comical expression - if nothing else, these aquatic army troops give us really unique and fresh facial expressions. For those interested, with tanks removed, the back of the soldier is thankfully printed, with a skydiving clip and pockets. And now for the final figure - a civilian: While just a side character, this female civilian brings all new prints and a refreshing look to an "ordinary" city-goer. The feet are printed excellently with sandals, and the blue printing on the legs is consistent with the printing on the torso, which is a relief. She also sports the conical hat new to the Ninjago Movie and common throughout its several sets. Note the copyright 2015 on the backside. The back of the torso is extremely simple and almost plain, save for a few lines here and there. However, there really doesn't need to be anything here, so it's passable. But the figures aren't the reason you'd buy this set (or maybe they are, but regardless, let's meet the Mecha Man) Behold the Mecha Man! Compared to the poster, the set is extremely downsized, but this is to be expected with movie to set conversions. One very notable omission is the gargantuan staff the movie version wields, which is designed to match the new staff element Garmadon is wielding in the poster. This omission is particularly disappointing as there's nothing for the hand to do on the toy version, besides one small thing we will get to. In addition, the red eyes on the side of the hammerhead shark head, which appear very menacing in the movie, seem very comical in this version, as no attempt was made for eyebrows or elements to cover up the circular nature of the 1x1 plates. Thus, the eyes, combined with the slanting mouth, give the mech a comical and unthreatening gopher-like appearance, which is quite unfortunate. From the side, unique elements start to pop out, such as the back-mounted boot thrusters and the amusing shark tank in the back of the mech. However, this angle showcases some of the mech's weak spots as well, such as the gappy knee plating, disproportionate, chunky legs, and unsightly red and blue bits around the sides. LEGO's been doing a better job of making mechs more presentable from the back, and this is no different - in fact, the back side reveals one of my favorite and most quirky parts to the set - the fish/shark tank that houses the ammunition for the left arm cannon: sharks. Or, rather, blue fish, because sharks wouldn't work at this scale. The back also reveals some out of place yellow, red, and blue elements, especially on the back of the cannon, bottom legs, and head connection area. I'm all for including multicolored bits to make the build process easier (staring at a pile of black bricks and trying to find a specific one is never a fun or easy task), but not covering them up is really unfortunate. However, the fact that this is a common issue and not an aesthetic error unique to this set (Assault on Hoth's ion cannon particularly stands out as an infamous example), and because the issue has appeared in far more egregious areas in other sets, I'm willing to not be as harsh on this particular fault. Starting with the feet, you can see the extreme efforts LEGO put into making sure this set was stable - efforts that may have overcompensated way too much, resulting in pretty much no foot movement at all. Any attempt to pose it with more than one "click" to the leg makes the set extremely unstable, which is ironic, given the purpose of the extra parts. Even when rotated side to side, the feet are still extremely restricted - the photo above shows the extent to which I was able to turn them. I don't understand why such heavy precautions were made - the friction joints were made for this purpose, and the ball and socket is extremely stable. Moving up along the leg, we can see the slightly awkward way the legs are placed - luckily, this is covered mostly by the side flaps, so aesthetically it isn't too bad. Functionally, it still offers a wide range of motion, so it does work. Up to the mid torso there's a fine bit of piston greebling that is sadly immediately covered by the front flap, leaving on the gold elements poking out and seeming rather out of place. It's a shame the flap revealed a bit more of this construction, as most of it goes to waste when fully covered. The upper torso front plate folds down, along with the upper head, much like the original Ninjago mech: 9448 Samurai Mech. However, unlike its predecessor, the upper helmet is not attached with a click-hinge and thus doesn't have any friction whatsoever, causing it to flop around needlessly during play. Moving to the arm, we take a look at the shark shooter: Sadly, this is one of the worst-looking parts of the set. It's asymmetrical in all the wrong ways, with only one missile. I understand the need for this - a second missile would prematurely fire whenever the arm was moved, but the execution of it is far from sufficient, leaving a gap on the other side of the cannon. The four front studs on the cannon look similarly exposed and unfinished, which is disappointing given that two single elements could have solved this issue. The one good thing going for this arm is the hilarious shark ammo belt, a fine detail I've come to expect from the Ninjago Movie sets. The hand is also given something to hold - the human artifact laser pointer. While it's not as clever or well-designed as the Kragle, it does its purpose as a laser keychain - the only issue is that the mech is given no way to hold it in a good pose. It can't point it and aim it at targets, contrary to what the box art suggests, and just looks very awkward held in the fist of the mech. Moreover, it's useless as a minifigure scale weapon - the attachment point is secured by a freely-moving Technic pin, making it impossible to stay in one place and be held by a minifigure. I tried several times to get a good shot of Garmadon with the weapon and failed each time, which is really unfortunate given all the promotional shots of him wielding the weapon. Overall, for minifigures, I would rate the set 80/100 - the designs are great, but having only four minifigures and the omission of Garmadon's cape drags the value down. Plus, each figure is available in other, cheaper sets (including the CMF line), which is unfortunate. For main build design/functions, I'd give the set a 70/100 - it's a cut above most other Ninjago mechs, but is nowhere near as well-built as Kai's mech, for example, and has a limited array of functions - the firing arm and the cockpit exposure (which is so loose it barely works). Plus, poseability (or lack thereof) really dampers the score. For aesthetics, I'd rate the set an 85/100 - at certain angles, it's very menacing, and it towers over a standard minifigure. However, aspects like repeated exposure of randomly-colored red, yellow, and blue bricks scattered about and the pitifully goofy eyes drag the score down. On average, the set clocks in at a 80/100, or B. It's a solid set with nice detailing, but the lack of poseability and questionable functions make it not one of the best Ninjago Movie sets. I'd say to buy this only if you are an avid collector of Ninjago, love the character of Garmadon, or are impatient and want to get ahold of any Ninjago Movie set before official release. Otherwise, given other options, I'd hold off on this set in lieu of sets with much better value (70611 Nya's Water Strider - only $30!) or better visual and functional appeal (70615 Fire Mech, for only $10 more) Hope you enjoyed the review, and feel free to leave comments and feedback below!
  5. The Sky Pirates lead by Nadakhan have been tasked with securing The Promised Blade, a powerful ancient sword re-forged by Jay the Lightning Ninja. Can the Ninjago Ninjas stop Nadakhan and his Sky Pirates?. If you enjoy our movies please support this channel by the like, subscribe and share buttons. Please leave a comment.
  6. I wanted to display all the ninjas I have collected in their elements so within a day I put together this to parade all the ninjas (except Nya as I am unsure how I can fit Nya in this display) but I am happy how this came out after only spending 2-3 hours for this very simple MOC. Haven't put the stone army Kai yet.... and once I get the 2016 wave I will update this for sure. here's the plate without the ninjas --