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Found 3 results

  1. My little son is a big fan of the Lego Speed Champions models. When I saw the Corvette I thought it was a good base to build a "Bumblebee" Camaro. So I started with instructions for the new Speed Champions Camaro, a Transformer from the second movie and built a Speed Champions version of the Camaro used in the film. The idea to build a Legoformer based on the movie Bumblebee was in my mind for years, too. So after building the Speed Champions model I continued with a shell of the Camaro and tried to find a transforming mechanism that was small enough to be squeezed into the 6-wide model. The main idea was to get as close as possible to the Speed Champions model (including the wheel houses and wheels) without visible hinges or gaps. The robot looks more like a "Hulk Buster", but I'm still quite satisfied with the look. The wish to have a Barricade as a rival was right there when "Bee" was finished, so I went on. Black mudguards aren't so easy to get, as there is no model with four of the new ones, yet. After all I bought four Audi models to have all the parts for two Barricades (a Speed Champion for my son and a Legoformer for me). Once more I started with the Speed Champion for my son and modified it to include the transforming function. I really wanted to include the "long arms" of the movie Transformers, so I had to modify the transforming mechanism quite a bit to get the desired result. OK, enough words, time for some pictures. Bumblebee Speed Champion and Legoformer Bumblebee Transformation Barricade Speed Champion and Legoformer Barricade Transformation Family picture Wanna see more? You can find Bumblebee and Barricade on MOCpages and some pictures with a higher resolution on Flickr. I hope you like them :-))
  2. EpsilonEta


    I thought it was time for another of my Transformers, Sunstreaker this time. As with Optimus, this is based on IDW's comics “Infiltration” to “Revelations” from 2008. (That's why he is a Diablo and not a Countach.) I started in September 2010 and finished in May 2014. It have been on my MOCpages since then and I recently added it to flickr too. Sunstreaker Car Front by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Car Back by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr A friend helped me to print on tiles. Here is a close up. Sunstreaker Car Detail by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr And as with my Optimus, he can transform. Sunstreaker Robot 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Robot back by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr I made a video showing the transformation (no sound. 2x speed) (I will make one or more that explain in more detail at some point but don't hold your breath) And here a reference pictures from the comic “Transformers Infiltration”. (Written by Simon Furman and drawn by E.J. Su) Sunstreaker ComicCompare by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr A few extra pictures of the inside Sunstreaker Car inside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Sunstreaker Car underside by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr In the comic his hand can change to a gun and I managed to replicate that. (it works for both hands) Sunstreaker Robot hand transform by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr And finally a cool pose (it took like 10 minutes to find a pose he could balance in) Sunstreaker Robot pose by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Thanks for reading.
  3. EpsilonEta

    Optimus Prime

    I signed up on Eurobricks to play Andromedas GATEs but now I thought I would show something else I made. Optimus Truck 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Truck 2 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Truck side by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Truck top by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr I finished it in 2014 and it's been on flickr and MocPages since then. For those of you who haven't seen it I can say the design is based on IDW's comics “Infiltration” to “Revelations” from 2008, which is when I started building. No, it didn't take 6 years to make a half decent large scale truck, it transform too. Optimus Prime 1 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Optimus Prime 2 by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr No, really. It transform from the truck to the robot. Don't believe me? Check the video. (sorry, no sound. 4x speed) Ok, the legs comes of in the video (and I usually take it apart when transforming) but it would be possible to do it if I had an assistant or some kind of tool (or transformed it on the moon) It's 66 cm high and about 5000 pieces. Here is a comparison with the original Optimus Prime toy (well, the G2 version of the first toy) and the first masterpiece (MP-01). Optimus Prime size by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr It's also very agile but to heavy to hold most poses. Here is a cool one I managed to do. Optimus Prime pose by Erik Hagsved, on Flickr Thanks for reading.