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Found 4 results

  1. Hi ! This is the introduction to my RobotRemix Cr3amRoulette (CR), which was created from the LEGO MINDSTORMS 31313 and Technic Airplane Jet 42066 sets. CR is pure fun and you will wish but one thing during this game: "Please, not me!" I had the idea when I saw a video of the game "PieFace" on YT. I thought: I have to do this with LEGO MINDSTORMS! The game’s goal is simple: belong with those who do not get cream catapulted into their faces. You start the game by cocking the catapult and pressing Enter on the EV3 Brick. The catapult is now locked. Then, you place a nice large portion of cream on the catapult. Then, CR generates a random number at which the catapult triggers. This number corresponds with a certain degree of engine rotation. The loudmouth starts. S/he pushes the touch button and rolls his/her number of moves between 1 and 6. Then, s/he has to place his face in the frame and turn the wheels slowly in his/her direction with both hands. 50 degrees correspond with a turn. The end of each 50 degree rotation is announced with a tone. For example, if the player rolls a 5, s/he has to turn the wheels by 50 degrees 5 times. CR counts the turns and compares this with its previously generated random number. When the number is reached, the catapult releases! If not, it’s the next player’s turn. S/he, too, rolls the number of his moves by pushing the touch button, places his/her head in the frame, and turns the wheels according to the moves. This goes on and on. But believe me: It’s someone’s turn eventually and the catapult will strike! CR is relatively easy to assemble. During the design phase, the biggest challenge was a construction that was stable and compact at the same time. The parts of the 42066 set are quite suitable for this purpose. You can download the LDD-File and the program from my website:
  2. Last year i created a EV3 Cereal Dispenser (EV3CD). It is breakfast fun for the entire family. The EV3CD includes storage for the cereal, a filling device, and a scale. Each family member is identified by the EV3CD with a colored LEGO brick. Each family member’s serving size in grams is stored in the program. If a family member wants cereal, s/he logs in at the EV3CD and the portioning process begins: the cereal is filled into a small bowl and continuously weighed by the integrated scale. Once the stored weight is reached, the filling process stops. The scale includes a gyro sensor to calculate the weight. The scale’s range measures from 0 to 40 grams. Enjoy the video :-) Andreas
  3. Hi all, I don't post much, much today i decided to ask for some advice from you. I want to buy the new EV3 set. I was already looking to buy the previous incarnation, but the time was not always right, but i finally decided to pull the trigger. But... I don't know if it would be better to buy the EV3 Educational (already available) or Retail (available on 1 September) - either ways, just by the mid September i will buy the set. My background? I love Technic sets, and i do some programming for the web, so my interest in robots/technical lego/programming is very high. :) I'm aware of some of the differences between the 2 sets (differente sensors, packaging, etc.). I know the Retail version would be around 399 Euros, but i can get the Education version + software licence package for about 480 Euros. Based on all your knowledge and previous Mindstorms versions, i have some questions: 1 - if i buy the Retail, and later the Expansion Education set + Ultrasonic Sensor + Gyro Sensor (the specific Education sensors), can i build all the larger Education models (like the elephant, the dog, etc.)? 2 - is the programming software the same on the Retail and Education sets, or the Education one has more capabilities? 3 - I've read that the Education version has more bricks. So, if i buy the Education, and later the IR Sensor + IR Beacon, will i be able to build all the Retail models (the 5 basic ones + the 12 extra)? 4 - Does the Education version, and buying later the IR Sensor + IR Beacon (the specific Retail parts), has everything the Retail version has plus way more options? So i'm a little undecided about what would be best... This will be my first journey into Mindstorms world (with a backgound in Technic sets and programming). What would be your advice? Thanks all!