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Found 10 results

  1. The Time Twister Twins have gathered all the greatest villains in Lego history such as Captain Redbeard, Baron Von Barron, Basil the Bat Lord, Ogel, and Lord Garmadon to destroy the heroes once and for all! From their evil fortress guarded by a skeleton army, they have created a giant time portal that is twisting up the Lego timeline! Minifigs from across time and space are pulled through the portal and structures from various eras are colliding. Imperial soldiers are fighting cowboys, pirates are fighting bandits, and samurai are fighting mummies! Can the Time Cruisers Tim and Dr. Cyber unite all the heroes against these villains and save the timeline? On the left you can see the Pirates and Western time zones. Fort Legoredo has fused with an imperial fort, much to the dismay of the Brits and Yanks who are fighting each other. Meanwhile, the Islanders and Native Americans, two factions that were being called "savages" by some of the other minifigs, are meeting by King Kahuka's throne for peaceful negotiations. Out on the water, you can see a small pirate ship engage in a shootout with the bandits of the Coyote Gang while some Aquanaut and Atlantis divers are fighting off skeletons. Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!! On the grounds surrounding the Time Twister fortress, minifigs from different eras are fighting the skeleton army while the Time Cruisers are flying in on their latest time machine, the Time-Rift Raft. It has a play feature that causes the propellers to spin when it is rolled across the ground. On the right of the battlefield, a Ninja temple had fused with an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Classic Kai, Pepper Roni, and Johnny Thunder and his friends are fighting skeletons while the Rock Raiders and Power Miners are fighting over a power crystal. Baron Von Barron swoops in from above the temples in his remastered Bi-Wing to attack his rival Johnny. Sorry for all the dust. This MOC was sitting around for a while before I got around to taking these pics and I didn't notice the dust until after the photo shoot. Up on top of Time Twister Tower, Ogel oversees the battle while the Time Twister Twin operate the time portal machine. The portal design is inspired by that of Piotr Machalski and Milan Sekiz. I included some interior in the buildings as you can see in this back view, although it's not much since I ran out of time (ironically). I hope you liked it. This was my entry for the Lego Legacy Battle contest on Lego Ideas from a few months ago. Unfortunately it didn't even make it into the voting phase, but honestly it's not my best work. I had to rush to get it built within a month to meet the submission deadline and it ended up being more quantity than quality. Still, I had fun building it as it is essentially a tribute to all the action themes that I loved growing up. What's your favorite Lego action theme? Let me know in the comments!
  2. My entry for the Ninjago Legacy Contest. I chose the Skull Motorbike, and upgrade it a bit:
  3. For context: Not the greatest color or piece transition in general, but I make do with what I have. This was originally going to be solely an LDD entry, but I went and reread the rules and, well, I guess that made for one hell of a week next to APs and finals. Though speaking of LDD, I do have the file right... Ignore the black line, link right over here. And Imgur link, ofc, with shots of a lot of internal buildwork and the factory (there's a factory?) below. I might add comments there later. Edit: Just to note, the ldd link is to dropbox. I don't know if it works properly, but it hopefully should.
  4. Introducing... The Legacy Black Cat Truck! Celebrating 20 Years of the greatest Model Team vehicle ever made! Based on the original 1996 version with a lot of cosmetic changes! Looking very nice with chromed parts! Opening Sunroofs, upgraded to 2010s standards! Shovel, Fire Extinguisher & Toolbox So far, looking almost up to 2010s standards, including the tools! Dual Wheels! Even the cross-member behind the wheels is 2010s standard! Awesome new rear lights! 5th Wheel with locking bar! Everything below looks rounder than before! How I designed the Fuel Tank! Yes, I used the new 1x2 bottom curved pieces! Chrome Galore! Sleeping Compartment Yellow Diesel Engine, just like Caterpillar's engines! (because blue is childish and I wanted it to look more appealing to teens!) Cabin now up to 2010s standards so far! Seats now upgraded with curved headrests! Feeling hungry enough for pizza already? Ultra HDTV with built-in tuner! And that's all for now! Regards, Ryan Smith.
  5. Kenneth-DK

    Tron Legacy Light Cycle

    First of all, this is not my design. It was designed by Jack Marquez, who was so kind to also provide instructions as how to build it :-) I took the liberty of using his instructions to build the Light Cycle, build a base for it and then added light to it, as it seemed the right thing to do, to really bring Jack’s Light Cycle to life. Adding light to my LEGO creations seems to be my thing ;-) I hope you all like it :-) Edit: Im sorry, Im having alot of trouble adding pictures, and even removing this big one that I only managed to add. Im aware that I should deep link from Flickr, but Im failing to get that to work too Please bear over with me and be kind and visit my Flickr account to see the Light Cycle lit up from the inside by LED lights
  6. I really like the two-seater TRON Legacy light runner MOD that was made by BrickBrosUK and posted on Brickset last week. I just love it's ingenuity and style while only using parts from TRON lightcycle set (number 21314). So, I made my own version and now, it even flies with a hover car modification. (AKA fold down wheels) It may be a far cry from the blue / orange bikes that was in the set, but I think with the new printed trans-red dish from the TIE micro fighter from this year's Star Wars range as tire rims, it could be even better when built in real life. The round 2x2 tiles in red are supposed to have this print. The diamond-like pieces are the car's headlights. The rear of the car while in driving mode. This vehicle has a steering wheel, something the original alternate model lacks due to part constraints. Flight mode, with the wheels turned down. This model would fit in rather nicely with my cyber punk models, although they are not set in the TRON universe. As usual, comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  7. Hi, Here I'm presenting a modified unit from the Dark Trooper Squad that I created several years ago. This is a small sample of a much larger project that I'm working on based off of the Dark Forces video game, which was released way back in 1995. It might be too Warhammer-ish for some folks, but thats ok, enjoy! Dark Trooper Heavy Flamethrower 2 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Dark Trooper Heavy Flamethrower 1 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr Dark Trooper Heavy Flamer Thrower 3 by outworlderohlendorf21, on Flickr
  8. Sci-FiFleetAdmiral

    U.S.S Lexington ICVN 16

    Hey all, here's my first Sci-Fi post on EB, the USS Lexington ICVN 16, which also happens to be my SHIPtember entry from this year's contest. USS Lexington ICVN 16 by Joshua, on Flickr USS Lexington ICVN 16 SHIPtember shot by Joshua, on Flickr USS Lexington stern view by Joshua, on Flickr USIN Fleet register: The USS Lexington is the 4th ship in the Legacy Class of Super Battlecarriers, and the 16th interstellar carrier built for the United States Interstellar Navy. Constructed at the Death Valley Heavy Starship Yards by JBIronWorks Inc., the Lexington and her sister ships Enterprise (ICVN 13), Yorktown (ICVN 14), and Saratoga (ICVN 15), are the largest warships ever built by mankind. A solid THREE times the length of the Gerald R. Ford class, the Legacies, as they are commonly called, have the hanger capacity for up to 200 starcraft of various types, up to and including orbital bombers the size of B-2s. Unlike previous classes of carriers, the Legacies do not rely on their starcraft as their sole weapon, making them unique among their peers. Each Legacy is armed with 2 massive forward-firing 30-inch railguns, 4 turret-mounted 24-inch plasma guns, 9 turret-mounted 20-inch plasma guns, 6 tactical nuke missile ports, and multiple smaller plasma guns and CIWS’ scattered around the hull. All Legacies are thus able to hold their own, and be able to stand in a line-of-battle as well, making the Legacies the first successful Battlecarriers ever. Fitted with all the aforementioned weapon systems, as well as the latest and most advanced radar and comms systems in existence, the Legacies are considered the ultimate symbol of American military power, and the pinnacle of starship engineering. Two more Legacies are in the works, Wasp (ICVN 17), and Hornet (ICVN 18), with the possibility of more being discussed by Congress. —————————————————————————————————— Final length: 146 studs long Width: about 50 studs You can't see it here unfortunately, but the main engines, the bridge, and the interior hanger deck all light up. 100% Lego with the exception of those flags, which are standing in for engraved panels that I don't have yet. There is a special reason these ships are called the Legacy class, and why I chose to name this one the Lexington. As is obvious from the description, they are all named after famous American carriers. There is another meaning for why the names Legacy and Lexington are used in this build however. My great-grandfather on my mom's side served on both Lexingtons during WW2, and was the Chief of the Flight Deck on CV-16. Thus, the class of ships being named the Legacy class, as well as this MOC being named the Lexington, is a double tribute to him and the original Lexingtons. The backgrounds are not mine, they're free online wallpapers. Hope you all like it! Cheers, Joshua
  9. Hey there, it's me again with the next one of my MOC's, created a few weeks ago. It's my mocced LEGO version of the X-83 TwinTail Starfighter, known from the legacy era of the Expanded Universe. It's a part of the X-Wing starfighter series, and is used about 130 Years ABY by the New Jedi Order. The X-83 is a single-pilot Starfighter, with support from an Astromech-droid, which has manufactured into the ship. This Starfighter is equipped with a Shield-generator, a strong armour and armed with four enhanced heavy laser-cannons and a proton-torpedo launcher. In atmospheric, as in space flight, the X-83 is a particularly maneuverable fighter. Like the T-65 X-Wing, the X-83 has S-foils too. This shown model is created out of 437 bricks, including the Pilot. It's build in minifigure-scale and fits in it's size to the third generation (2012) x-wing. Created as a concept model in LDD . X-83 TwinTail Starfighter, Mocced in LDD, rendered in Pov-Ray X-83 TwinTail with reference Picture Rearview of X-83 TwinTail X-83 TwinTail with landinggear and closed S-foils. I have uploaded it on Cuusoo too, so maybe, you would support me. It would be great.. ;) Altough, take a look at my other MOC here on Eurobricks: E-Wing Escort Starfighter Best Regards $leeper
  10. Sleeper

    CF9 Crossfire starfighter

    Hello, ladies and gentleman out there. Here is my newest creation. It's the "CF9 Crossfire starfighter" from the legacy era of the expanded universe. It is produced by Incom Corporation and used by the Galactic Alliance and the Galactic Alliance Remnant around 130 ABY. So, it's the same time-period as on my "X-83 Twintail starfighter". As Wookieepedia says: "A relatively short-but-bulky fighter, the Crossfire had a shorter length than previous Incom designed fighters (...). The back S-foil could rotate, folding away for landing and dropping down for combat to form a cross-shaped configuration (...). the cockpit module was big enough for two beings, with a second seat facing the modules rearward for an optional gunner, who would control the rear-mounted laser cannons, in a configuration similar to the Snowspeeders the Rebel Alliance used on Hoth. (...)." This creation has rotable s-foils, which can be locked in the right positions, a rear mounted duallaser cannon, landinggear and enough space for 2 minifigs. A pilot, and a gunner. If you like this creation, you mybe like the one or the other of my Cuusoo-projects... So, take a look and support, if you want.. This one will be online soon.. ^^ Best regards $leeper