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Found 4 results

  1. BrickyBoy

    [Mod] Dedective Office & Laundry

    Hello, It's been a while since I presented here my last moc, a modular bank --> http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=96144 Today I could finally finish one of my many projects, a modification of the Dedective Office in this case. When I saw the first pictures of this set, I knew I would mod it some day. One year later, with the release of the Brick Bank, everything became clear for me. So, since I already have my own bank, I will transform the Brick Bank into a police station. For that, the laundry had to make place. And because the barber moved to another building in town... P2150294 by PixYourLife, on Flickr P2150295 by PixYourLife, on Flickr P2150297 by PixYourLife, on Flickr P2150298 by PixYourLife, on Flickr The bar has to be filled with more bottles... P2150299 by PixYourLife, on Flickr One grey brick above the pants has to be replaced by a blue one... P2150300 by PixYourLife, on Flickr On the 1st floor, I re-arranged the toiletroom because of the many windows. P2150302 by PixYourLife, on Flickr P2150303 by PixYourLife, on Flickr P2150305 by PixYourLife, on Flickr Detail P2150306 by PixYourLife, on Flickr Next to my modular bank. P2150307 by PixYourLife, on Flickr Things I've been working on now are a new place for the barber, a modular museum, mod of the palace cinema and the preparations for the police station. Thanks for watching!
  2. eurotrash

    MOC: Chinese Laundry

    Chinese Laundry I've had the idea of this building on the drawing board for some time now, but it wasn't quite right and so it's been built and rebuilt a number of times. Then I decided to make it dynamic and give it some movement by adding power functions. So, here it is; a Chinese Laundry for the Oriental district in my City powered by an M-motor. As usual the facade is showing some wear and tear - there's missing and broken masonry. The red parapet at the roof includes a Lego car hood, but the main attraction is the working mechanicals. That was v1.0. In v2.0 I connected the white steam clouds to the M-motor, but got the gearing backwards and instead of having slowly rotating white zephyrs I got a couple of high speed white Tornadoes of death (it took me ages to find all the pieces again). I'll try again in v3.0 Here's some more details on the facade. The ground floor contains the Laundry itself and steps leading up to the second floor. The laundry includes a double row of washers/dryers, cactus, cash register, ductwork for the dryers, a seriously over the top electrical junction box, storage shelves with supplies, a clothes rack of clean shirts for customers to pick up and a vending machine. [Credit: The washing machines were modded from a design by Eurobricks' vecchiasignoraceppo] Here's the second floor including the mechanicals. It's a M-motor connected to some step down gear, a simple homemade cam, a rocker, and an axle leading out through the wall. Here's a shot of the rear of the building. There's a washing line, seagull, and dumpster. I hope you enjoyed it. As usual comments, criticism and ridicule most welcome! Edit: I corrected the description of the motor to an M-Motor (thanks Mestari !)
  3. vecchiasignoraceppo

    MOC: Modular Laundry

    Hi everybody, this is my first modular moc, built in cooperation with my boyfriend Genecyst: The Laundry! This three-floors building is divided between a small laundry at the ground floor and a big apartment at 1st and 2nd floor. Here's the complete model: These are the top views of the floors: Ground Floor First Floor 2nd Floor Front view of the laundry shop with its big signboard and sliding doors. Inside the laundry "Street" view: Inside the first floor apartment (living room and kitchen) Puppy in the kitchen: Inside of the 2nd floor apartment (bedroom, small bathroom and balcony): 2nd floor balcony: From the left: the customer, the owners of the apartment and the laundry employee, Puppy and Reis. Hope you like it! bye
  4. Here's an elderly fellow. His life spanned around this washing machine he once came by. He even built a house right next to it. He was a happy man. And a very clean man... Inspired by everyday life, and the Moomin stories.. ! I hope you like Do please swing by my Flickr. I'm rather new there, so i would appreciate it! : )