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Found 1 result

  1. LucasLaughing

    [O - F10] What lies beneath (redux)

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Civil, building Note: this build takes place immediately following The Varieties of Scientific Experience Alright Doctor Igorvich, what's the plan for getting my memories back? There's a grinding of gears, and then the elevator starts moving quickly downward. A quiet hiss from my cochlear implant tells me that we've gotten too far underground for CLAPPIE'S signal to penetrate. Kthanids. Kthanids?! Dah. They are, hm, what is word? Many creatures with one thought? A hive mind? Dah. Hive mind. When mind-join with person, is repairing parts of brain. Bringing back memories. It might be my imagination, but the doctor seems to shudder when he says this. But the Kthanids are predators – I've … read the reports. I don't feel the need to mention my own encounter with them. Is two ways to mind-join. приносить жертву и общение. Sacrifice, and Communion. He smiles. Briefly. I feed to them sacrifice, and then joining minds for Communion. They have shown to me … many things. And who exactly is the 'sacrifice' you give them? I feel a tingling in my left arm, and mentally clamp down on it. Now is not the time to send the doctor through a gravitational anomaly. The doctor shrugs. Criminals. Are cheap to buy. Before I can think of a reply, the elevator jerks to a stop. Is other helper, 'four oh four.' Charmed. Explain process. Of course. The Kthanid lair is beyond this door. The creatures are sensitive to light, so these windows will appear opaque from the other side. Rest assured, however, that I shall be monitoring the Communion, and in the extremely unlikely event that you need to be … retrieved, I shall immediately come to your aid. This way please. This looks … familiar. Doctor, if you try to have me chained to those poles, I'll break your arms. какого черта?! Poles are not for chaining. Are amplifying thought vibrations for mind-joining. I explain to him what I saw on Jurin II. Hm. Awesomonium chain to improve amplification. Had not thought of that. 404, make note. As we've discussed before, although my location and directional sensors are inoperable, my memory retention rate is 100%, and- Dah, dah. Ms Lu, I must be preparing for operation on your friend. Any question you are having, ask 404. Ms. Caslaugh-Hing - are you ready? It's cold, and as the lights go out, I can feel them coming. Like a tickling pressure, deep inside my head. What promise? I'm - I'm not a sacrifice! I'm here for communion- Yes! 3 hours later... Lu! You were gone for so long - what happened?! The doctor tried to feed me to a Kthanid. I killed it. He's next. What about your memories? They're back, CLAPPIE. I remember. Gods help me, I remember ... everything.