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Found 58 results

  1. Pagoda by the Lake Previously: All in good Order - Prelude Next: -- Dramatis Personae: To Halosians, the Kingdom of the Lotus was still largely an enigma. That far to the South, few travellers had ever made it there - and fewer even managed their way back to tell the tale. Rumour had it Lotii tended to sudden extreme outbursts of violence when offended. Others claimed there was a quota of foreigners that were eaten alive. He was relaxed though, bathing in the peaceful atmosphere here around the capital city's lake district, knowing that in fact His own agents were responsible for the spread of misleading information about the Lotii back home. And looking at the tall structure in front of Him the faint idea of a smile appeared on His face - as in Oleon decisions of importance were taken in temples. Common ground was established, everything was going as planned... My entry for category A; finished way to close to the deadline - some things just never change About: As usual, all can be built. Besides that... not that much to say here, except fortunately, there were no height restrictions. Not sure though what the Lotii seem to compensate for ---------- Thanks for watching, C&C welcome. Vive le Roi!
  2. Hello there, fellow BoBS'ers, after a long time some content again from my side. All in good Order! - Prelude Previously: -- Next: Pagoda by the Lake Dramatis Personae: Having His eyes and ears in virtually all parts of the world provide Him with information and reports on all matters fathomable, it's needless to say the increasing hostilities in the East haven't gone unnoticed by His Excellence the Lord Chancellor himself. Usually, the conflict between Carno and the Kingdom of the Lotus would be of very little interest to Calida as it didn't bother His interests or that of Oleon - of course in that order. However, some new development seems to have gotten His attention: 'So you are sure it has been found on that island?' 'Yes, Your Excellence.' 'Has it been opened yet?' 'Not according to my sources, no, Your Excellence.' 'It must be destroyed with no trace of its existence left behind!' 'Yes, Your Excellence. Undoubtedly, the Follower of Hades would dominate the Order if they learnt that we have discovered the Gate to the...' 'Not one word more! Even this place here has ears. You have your orders - make sure to see them through!' 'Yes, Your Excellence.' 'In the meantime, I will make sure you will have a war to cover your tracks.' ----- Just a little scene to kick-off a Calida focused story-line that will hopefully continue throughout my Challenge III entries. What's to say about it? I reused an older MOC I made in LDD, and put some of's brick handling and rendering capabilities to use - cannot say I'm all a fan of, but it has it some advantages over LDD... Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  3.  Ahoy, ahoy, ahoy, finally and proudly presenting the first first-rate ship-of-the-line about to roam the Brick Seas: The 'Royal Philip' As one of the heaviest and most formidable ships-of-the-line in His Majesty's Royal Navy, the Royal Philip is naturally suited to fill out the role of an admiral's flagship. And flagship she is! At the moment, she serves under admiral d'Ancios as lead-ship of the Perennes Squadron, the one unit of La Royale stationed closest to Oleon's border with Corrington. During her active service of now almost four years, in countless maneuvers and fleet exercises, the Royal Philip has proven herself a powerful and – even more importantly – very reliable warship, with excellent sailing capabilities. A true asset. Rumors circulating in the Royal Court have it that soon she might be transferred to the colonies in an effort to strengthen Oleon's influence in the waters of New Terra. Such a step, however, would have to be very carefully pondered, as it would mean to noticeably weaken the nation's defenses against her northern neighbor. But regardless of where she will see service in the future, with her dedicated, veteran crew and her seasoned captain, the Royal Philip will surely fulfill the role entrusted to her – to guard the realm, protect the nations interests, and to proudly fly Oleon's colors on the waves! And some 10210-shaming: About: First of all, some numbers: 14200 parts length at waterline is 120 studs, LOA 171 studs, beam 29 each broadside fires 57 guns. Now, more importantly, no worries, y'all! Launching yet another ship-of-the-line is no act of aggression towards any of you. It's rather the result of some major confusion from my side. The upcoming Adventure-MCRA gave me the idea to send the Secretary of the Navy as ambassador to Mardier. But I got this idea only after le Monarque was posted and planned in for convoy duty, so I was in desperate need of an additional ship, and no lesser would be suited for such a mission. The Royal Philip is an enhanced version of a ship I posted several years ago, and her base is still older than that of Monarque, which is why Monarque's hull is smoother. Still it's here that I first made the switch to using hinge bricks instead of curved slopes for the part of the hull between waterline and lower gun-deck. Didn't go all the way, though, back in the day. But then, the better ship is always the next one. I hope you enjoyed watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi! 
  4. Adventure time, y'all! Not yet really sure how exactly to do this, but let's give the A-MCRA a try! Mission to Mardier Following his appointment as the Oleander ambassador to Mardier, Guiscard Emery de Beauregard - Duc de Corban, Secrétaire d’État de la Marine, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal et Militaire de l’Étoile d’Ardros, Commandeur de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, Grand-Amiral d’Oleon - had no choice but to accept His Majesty's command to conduct a diplomatic mission to the High Court in Londa, Mardier. A new monarch on the throne - the ongoing civil war - the rather surprising defeat against the alliance of Eslandola and Garvey - there surely was enough to talk about. Welcome aboard the Royal Philip, Your Grace - or should I rather say Your Excellency - it's an honor to finally be given the opportunity of meeting you. I assume you've already had the chance to see Capitaine Brighi? Yes, Amiral d'Ancios, the captain was so kind to receive me and have me shown to your quarters. And thank you, it's an honor meeting you, too, monsieur. But referring to my appointment as ambassador will hardly be necessary. This hopefully is a one-time mission, I have better things to do with my time than waste it on banquets and negotiations. Apologies, monsieur. I understand. Also, I would have received you myself, but as this mission was scheduled on such short notice, we haven't had the chance to go through all the necessary preparation procedures quite yet. Especially with such a prominent member of His Majesty's cabinet aboard, matters of security demand more attention. I understand, monsieur l'amiral, I was told that's why the King's Guards are on board... But... what's the Red Cloak doing here? Personal request by His Most Eminence Highness, Chancelier Calida himself. He wouldn't let you leave Granoleon without a formation of his own Guards. For... if things went south, he expressed himself. Hmm... now isn't that too kind of His Highness. And my guess is the chancellor insisted, didn't he?! Yes, monsieur - he did. Hmm... you have any idea how many Red Cloaks there are on board this ship? I'm afraid not, monsieur, I... lost count - they all seem to look alike. Never mind, don't bother yourself, admiral, finish your preparations! Meanwhile I'll have someone show me to my quarters. As soon as you can, have the men set sail, I want to get this mission over with as quickly as possible. Let's go to Londa! My only concern is... the chancellor is rarely wrong. Btw, this scene actually shows parts of the Royal Philip's interior - just had to delete the grand cabin's roof and the starboard side for better lighting.
  5. Hi mateys, just a micro build today El Palacio de la Ribera - The Riverside Palace in Londa, Mardier Located in the center of Mardier's capital on the northern bank of the river Minho, the Riverside Palace is perhaps the most dominating structure of Londa's skyline. Its origins can be traced back to the times of king Alphonse IV's reign, when Mardier's kings used to live in a large castle in the rural countryside. In an effort to increase royal authority over the capital, the crown expropriated a local noble, took possession of the land, and started the construction of a palace for the king to have proper accommodations when residing in Londa. Over time, the Riverside Palace grew in size and importance to the royal family, and since Alphonse X all Mardierian kings - with the exception of king Harln - have permanently lived within its walls. The palace has seen numerous extensions and has adapted various architectural styles during its existence. Fortunately, it has survived the devastating Mardierian civil war almost unscathed - even its vast collection of priceless paintings and pieces of art is said to miraculously be intact. One can only speculate how the royal family managed to overcome the ruining effects the war has had on the royal coffers... About: Well... as ever so often, this started out small - almost micro () - but then things sort of escalated. Now it contains 43.000+ parts, resulting in the single most parts-heavy LDD file I've ever had. As always, it should all be buildable in real bricks. But then, who would do such a mad thing... As inspiration I used the (destroyed) Ribeira Palace, and Praça do Comércio in Lisbon, Portugal. The palace will be licensed as a royal art & culture property by the Oleander Crown. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  6. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] New Directions

    Hello again, fellow Brick Seas-ians, this build was originally intended to initiate Seigneur Roseabeau's journey to Lavalette, but due to recent MCRA developments, I decided to give it a different twist. New Directions Previously: The Request Next: An Unpleasant Exchange Dramatis Personae (thanks to @pombe for the idea - always wanted to try this out - keep your hilarious creations coming!): Just as they were about to leave the arsenal in order to board a ship to Lavalette, Seigneur Roseabeau and his aide Frederick are being stopped at the arsenal's main gate by Lieutenant Berneus... Monsieur le chevalier, monsieur le chevalier! Frederick, hold please! Monsieur le chevalier! Lieutenant Berneus, you seem to be in quite a hurry. What is this about? I'm afraid your voyage to Lavalette will have to wait, monsieur Roseabeau. Your expertise is needed in an urgent matter. Commodore d'Alban has just received orders directly from His Excellence, Lord Chancellor Calida - we are to set sail immediately, and meet up with the pirate Bloody Bill in order to negotiate a release of both the HRS Tonnant and the HRS Ardent and the remaining crew. Hmm... I've heard about the rather pitiful performance of the squadron in question. We are still busy repairing all the damaged ships that made it back here. But since when is it Oleander policy to negotiate with pirates? We do what needs to be done, don't we? I guess so, Lieutenant, but why should a pirate surrender such remarkable vessels? Because if he is as clever as he thinks he is, this Bloody Bill, he has long realized that his only chance to get out of this alive is to sell them. Otherwise, he'd be hunted down without mercy - no civilized nation can allow any pirate to ever grow into a serious threat. Sure, we let them dream their pathetic, romantic dream of a free and just world as long as it serves our interests. But in the end it's doubloons that shape the world, not dreams. Hmm... true words, Lieutenant. However, I was under the impression that instead of negotiations a punitive expedition to root out that pirate scum was to take place. Trust me when I say that the one does not exclude the other. For now, however, it is imperative we take back these ships intact. According to our orders we - or rather you - are then to investigate whether their poor performance in combat was due to any sort of foul play. Mes Dieux! Are you saying there's a chance that there was a saboteur involved, Lieutenant? It is way worse than that, monsieur Roseabeau. According to His Excellence it could well be that La Royale has been infiltrated by foreign agents. And I think I don't need to tell you what the consequences could be should this prove to be true. No, you don't, Lieutenant Berneus, no you don't. Additional pictures: About: The gate is - as the slipway - inspired by the buildings and structures of the naval arsenal in Rochefort, France. Not much more to say about it... Anybody got any idea what to license this as? Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  7. Hello again, fellow BoBS'ers, here's the continuation of Roseabeau's storyline that took a slightly different course when two Oleander warships got captured during the recent MCRA. An Unpleasant Exchange Previously: New Directions Next: -- Dramatis Personae: After several days of travelling East, HRS Monarque has arrived at the dictated location somewhere in the Sea of Thieves to meet up with notorious pirate Bloody Bill. I don't like this at all. What exactly, Seigneur Roseabeau? The fact that we are way out of range of HRS Monarque's guns to protect us, the fact that we are forced to pay a fortune to a reckless criminal... or that... dangling thing behind us? Agreed on all three, my good Lieutenant. I don't like this at all. Neither do I, Seigneur, neither do I. But if it is any satisfaction, the pirate won't like this exchange too much either. I'm certain he'd prefer to keep the ships. Agreed again. But we'd hunt him down if he didn't surrender the ships - and he knows it. We will hunt him down regardless. Scum like him has been sailing the seas for way too long. But for now, let's get this over with - time is of the essence. Here he comes. Additional picture: About: Hmm... not much to tell... But hey, I think I really like Bublible's new renderer Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  8. Hi there, fellow BoBS'ers, something a bit larger today that took its sweet time - well, it actually took mine - to finish. But anyway, here goes, presenting the first capital facility of the Arsenal Royal de la Marine in Breshaun: Slipway No. 3 Mes Dieux - this is one impressive ship model, Seigneur Roseabeau! Erhm... thank you, Commodore d'Alban... but... you... did notice we are actually working on a real ship... right in front of your eyes... in that huge structure right in front of you... there... if you'd just raise your eyes a little bit. Yes, yes, I know, I know. I'm not blind, I'm not blind! He is just a 'little' hung over from the visit to the what-was-it-called, 'The Spin of Fate'. My Gods, do they have a proper port wine there! Don't you mention this, or I arrgh... have you demoted instantly, Lieutenant Berneus! Did I mention that this happens in literally every port we... Lieutenant! Aaargh... never mind, let's just get this over with... Well, as you please. She will be the largest ship ever constructed here in the colonies, in fact, the first three-decker ever to be launched in an Oleander shipyard that isn't on the mainland... Yes, yes, that's quite impressive, Seigneur Roseabeau, and I will report your most excellent progress to the Duc de Corban himself. But for now, let's just call it a day, and let me get back to my quarters - I... have work to do. Lieutenant, you remain on site and have Seigneur Roseabeau show you more of this most excellent progress here. I expect your report... tomorrow. If you will excuse me now, Vive le Roi, etc.! Wow, now I found that impressive! Haha, you have seen nothing, Seigneur Roseabeau. But let's get back to what we are actually here for. As I can see it here... she won't have a forecastle, is that correct? I assume that would be to improve her rolling resistance by lowering the balancing point. Formidable, you are quite the expert, Lieutenant! Yes, you are correct. The waves out here and further East tend to be causing a lot of stability issues with most ships built for more domestic waters. It is this experience we are trying to incorporate in the ships we build here. If you don't mind, I'd like to show you around a bit more... Mais, avec plaisir! I must say, I find this project here is quite... how does one say... ambitieux. About: Where to start...I got inspiration for this build by a scale model of the Royal Naval Arsenal in Rochefort, France, when I visited l'Hermione a few years ago. The whole thing here is 100x200 studs, all buildable (except the flags), and contains more than 31000 parts - mostly small ones, but still enough polygons for LDD to repetitively crash without saving But eventually I got it done, and I'm really happy with the way it turned out. The large wooden structure wasn't so hard to build - but the detailing really gets you... placing those minifigs is a ton of work, not to mention placing all the small round plates and tiles... my favorite thing are the two large cranes, though, which should really work if built. But then, I'll never know Oh, and this will be a royal artisan property. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  9. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] The Request

    Ahoy, mateys! Just a small scene today, to get some travels started - hopefully pushing me to finish the following builds in a timely fashion The Request Previously: Intro Next: New Directions Just as recently knighted Corentin Roseabeau is about to leave his offices, he is approached by his aide Frederick who is carrying a letter with an important looking seal on it... Monsieur Roseabeau! Monsieur Roseabeau! What is it, Frederick? Monsieur Roseabeau, this letter from the Compagnie arrived. It carries the seal of the Duc himself! Hmm... Hmm... What is it, Monsieur? Isn't the Directeur content with the plans provided for Fort Henri? Hmm... Hmm... Yes, it would seem that he is. He sends his sincere regards and gratitude. Then, what is it that makes you seem so worried, Monsieur? Hmm... Hmm... He wants more. And he expects me to head the planning and constructions myself - in Lavalette. Hmm... This is indeed a surprise. And quite an honorable request, Monsieur. But don't they all see that I'm busy running this arsenal here? There is just so much left to do here. We've only just started work on slipway no. 5, the timber supply from Eltina still isn't running on schedule - those yahoos just never get anything done - and it's not like there aren't any ships to be built... And I wanted to supervise Gloire's sea trials personally... So much to do, so much to do... Monsieur, of course, I understand. But you should also see the opportunities! Like catching the latest tropical disease? Never mind... I guess you are right. Been sitting behind that desk for too long - time to get my boots dirty again. I just need some more time to finish the more pressing issues. But we will leave within a fortnight! We, Monsieur? Yes, of course. I'm not going on this perilous journey without my most capable adviser. Oui, Monsieur. And Frederick... for the 937th time, no need to call me 'Monsieur'. Oui, I know, Monsieur. *Sigh*... Now - seems we need to find ourselves a ship. About: Well, not much to it... office building... hallway... maybe one day I'll turn this into something larger. For now it'll be licensed as a small commercial - there's business being done in offices after all. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  10. Gentlefolks of the Brick Seas, here's another build - or actually two - ship-levels don't upgrade themselves, after all! Deadlines!!! No.1 - Next! Just a typical scene these days at the Department of Sailing Vehicles. People are paying literally any price to receive a shipping license - much to the liking of some rather greedy officials. No.2 - Ingredients Hull, Cargo, Guns, Crew... plus an able captain... I think I got my money's worth of ship ingredients - now back to the shipyards!! Does he realize those are actually field guns? I didn't realize we could talk! Oh, we can't. This is just a one-time thing for comic relief and story effect. This whole scene would be less funny if we didn't hint at at least one ridiculous flaw the Maker deliberately put into the setup of this MOC. ... This had to be done More ship-levels! Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  11. Hi mateys, just a small build to increase Oleon's ship-level limit. The Duke's Delightful Dream It's not clear if it was the huge impression the Royal Philip had made on him, or whether it was due to the gently rocking waves of the Merlonic Sea, but on his journey to Londa the Duc de Corban was sound asleep in his bunk. And he had the best dream in a long while - more ships for La Royale! More ships of all sizes and colors!! Just... more... ships!!! He was in heaven. Not much to say about it... the idea came to me, and just had to be translated into a MOC The hammock was the most annoying thing to build, the shopping cart was the most fun. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  12. Hi mateys, last day to put the ship back into SHIPtember, so here goes: The 74-gun Ship-of-the-Line le Monarque Remind me again, Lieutenant Colonel, why did we have to sail to Eltina first? The timber convoy, Commodore, personal request by Seigneur Roseabeau. You know what they say about Eltinians... Yes, Eltinians... At least they did pick up the pace when we fired our chasers. Good times... Still, who does this Seigneur think he is. He's a royal Knight of the Realm after all, Sir. Isn't everyone these days?! Well, never mind. He better has some major progress to report tomorrow! Lieutenant Berneus, how far out from Breshaun? We'll make port within the hour, Sir. Excellent. Just in time to experience the city's famed nightlife... And one for size comparison: About: Well, this ship is loooong overdue for presentation, as it's been sitting on my digital shelf for quite a while now – some of you might even remember the origins. What's to say about le Monarque... maybe some numbers first: hull length is 111 studs, width 30 studs, number of bricks 9200+... and it should all be buildable. If I remember correctly, I started building this ship with some pictures of a French téméraire class ship-of-the-line for inspiration, but le Monarque is certainly not a historically accurate model. Still, could be worse Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome! Vive le Roi!
  13. Hi there, inhabitants of New Terra, pretty late, but here goes, presenting my first FB this month: The 'Royal Shipyards' in Breshaun With the ever growing demand for new ships in the waters of New Terra the naval yards in mainland Oleon alone cannot keep up. So some time ago already the 'Office Royal de la Marine' had decided to set up a branch of the 'Royal Shipyards' in the city of Breshaun, providing high-quality shipbuilding and ship maintenance expertise on-site. The compound is flourishing. It's constantly growing in size, and new buildings and installations are being added regularly, obvious proof of Oleon's expanding presence on the waves, as well as Breshaun's increasing importance for the Empire. Last month I presented a small peripheral facility to you, this time we're visiting the entrance of the 'Royal Shipyards' main compound situated directly at the mouth of Breshaun's harbor. about: Not much to say about it, could have been larger, but this month was pretty crowded. All is buildable, I'm kind of cool with the way the gate's arch turned out, the rest is rather regular business. The 'Crown-Wheel-Anchor'TM is the registered emblem of the 'Royal Shipyards' The architectural style is influenced by buildings I saw in Rochefort, France. It was a fun build, experienting with two colored walls and a SNOTed ceiling, but making the rider hold that letter was a real annoying job More of this shipyard is likely to follow. Thanks for watching, C&C as always very welcome! Vive le Roi!
  14. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - CH5D] Fish from Above

    Hi there, fellow BoBS'ers, I'd like to present my Challenge V - Category D entry: Fish from Above In their efforts to weaken the Eastern Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, the Garvian High Command had declared the waters around the Isla de Medio hunting grounds for their privateer fleet. As a result, especially the Tuna Strait quickly turned into a more and more dangerous place for the Marderian fishermen to go about their business. Fortunately for them though, the waters of the Tuna Strait were not only filled with fish, but also covered in thick layers of fog most of the time, thus still presenting a tempting area of operation for fishermen who were courageous enough to set sail. As it so happens, the crew of the Tuna Spirit was made up of especially brave men, and the thought of staying ashore in fear of Garvian privateers wouldn't cross their minds. And even when they became aware of an enemy raider closing in on their position, they didn't think of running away. Instead, they used their fishing gear, ropes, nets, and painted sail cloth to disguise their tiny boat as a menacing ship of the line. Sure, it wasn't a perfect disguise, but in the spirit of the best defense being a good offense they decided to engage. And so one of the most... unusual... naval engagements of the entire war took place. Unaware of any large ships in the era, the crew of the Garvian raider was caught by a complete shock when the fog revealed a mighty two-decker ship of the line right before their eyes. In utter fear they tried to break off and get away, but it was too late as the large predator was obviously in firing range. And then, it rained down fish on the already terrorized Garvians... shortly after, the privateers had all jumped ship, and thus this day the Tuna Spirit hauled in their greatest catch ever. About: Well, this was a lot of fun to build, although I had to do the final details using a laptop Anyway, as usual all can be build... the vessels are based on cb4's full hull technique, and a special thanks to all who gave me some WIP input Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  15. Hi there, fellow fortune seekers and adventurers, this is my entry for Challenge V - Category E. The Conquest of Paradise The Marquis de la Roya is an able man. Considered reckless by his foes and peers alike, he sees himself as a loyal servant to the new Marderian King Alphonse XIII. And as a loyal servant, he knew it was up to all Marderians to support the empire's war efforts against the invading Eslandian forces as best they could. But the Marquis is not only skilled in the arts of battlefield warfare - his true qualities lie in gathering and evaluating information. Cause that's what wars are won with primarily. And recently, he came across a very interesting bit of information. What only very few people in the Brick Seas know is that the mysterious voyages of the Oleander priest Father Tholeau lasted much longer than official records claim. And during these voyages to the far end of the world, Tholeau didn't only find the Fountain of Youth. In fact, he had also found something else in the vast jungles of the New Terra - something so important and potentially dangerous that it could shake the political status quo of all the known world like a furious earthquake. He had found the legendary city of Legorado - a city constructed of pure gold, constituting such astonishing wealth that whatever power managed to claim it would be considered rich beyond the wildest dream ever dreamed up by anybody. Terrorized by the implications of this very thought, Tholeau tried to kept his findings a secret. But the map he drew to find his way back home somehow winded up in an Oleander monastery where they were almost forgotten. And it was this bit of information that reached the Marquis de la Roya's ear... Part I - Atrocities The Marquis and his henchman - who only went by the name of el Zamuro - didn't loose any time. In total secrecy and given order by King Alphonse XIII himself to 'do whatever is necessary', they took command of a company of the King's Palace Guard, and boarded a ship - direction East. Their first destination was the Oleander monastery rumored to hold the secret map. When they arrived, the head priest requested to know what this unexpected visit was all about. This was his last request on this earth - 'whatever is necessary' in Marderian is best translated with 'shot first - don't even bother asking questions later!' The map was found shortly after in the catacombs underneath the chapel. The path was set. Part II - Pathfinding After an uneventful journey to the far side of New Terra, the Marquis and his company set up camp at the beaches of this yet unsettled island which revealed itself in front of their eyes. After a night's rest and some planning and scouting, the expedition party moved out and made their way through the jungle. The green hell was merciless - humidity and heat took their toll, as well as all sorts of venomous crawling things - man after man collapsed in these harsh conditions under the weight of their heavy equipment. After marching for several days without finding anything, concerns were spreading - some in the King's Guard whispered the Marquis would be their downfall. But luckily enough for de la Roya, soon after the expedition came across a promising beacon - an altar in the middle of the jungle. And the best thing was that gold seemed to be abundant! Part III - The Great Golden Pyramid of Legorado Incited by their discovery of the gold filled altar, de la Roya and his men picked up the pace and marched on. Driven by an insatiable thirst for the shiny metal they hasted through the jungle - nothing could stand in their way. All the long journey's destitution was forgotten, suffering became meaningless, and especially de la Roya's eyes were filled with an almost inhuman desire. And then they saw it. A bright reflection of pure golden sunlight in the middle of a vast clearing. Like bugs they were drawn towards it, still incapable of believing their eyes in the face of such radiating beauty. As the expedition closed in on the bright light, a priest flanked by two warriors approached them, seemingly friendly and curious as to the origin of the strange looking men. But instead of trying to enter into a conversation and trying to explore an obviously fascinating culture, de la Roya and his company only had eyes for the gold... 'Whatever is necessary' - the Marderian way... After the heinous murder of the sun priest and his warriors, de la Roya and his men climbed the pyramid. When they reached the top they first were shocked that the temple didn't contain any treasure. But when el Zamuro smashed his sword into the walls of the temple out of pure frustration, he realized... the entire temple structure was constructed of massive gold! What happened next is better not described - it sure was a great day for de la Roya and Mardier, but a horrible day for mankind as a whole. 'Whatever is necessary' About: Well, where to start... the jungle build was pretty straight forward, nothing really special about it. The chapel was a bit more tricky, the rug took some time to get right, but the hardest thing here was to stack the two coins on the small altar - something that 'in the brick' would take no time at all Now, the pyramid, yes in theory it could be built, but I sure don't know if the required bricks exist in such numbers - on Bricklink certainly not. Among other parts the pyramid consists of: 9792 chrome gold 1x2 tiles, 8675 pearl gold 1x1 plates, 718 pearl gold 1x2 jumper plates, 557 pearl gold 1x2 tiles, 658 pearl gold 2x2 tiles, 955 pearl gold 2x2 jumper plates, 5495 pearl gold 1x4 tiles, 2125 pearl gold 2x2x2 slopes What about suggesting this as a Lego Ideas set? Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  16. Ahoy there, fellow BoBS'ers. Nothing much today, just another little scene along the river a bit upstream of Lavalette. Up And Down The River While barrels full of peppercorn are floating downstream towards Lavalette - okay, sometimes they get stuck - the other direction is not less frequented. Here you can see a dedicated crew transporting a waterwheel to the side of a sawmill currently under construction a bit further upstream. As hard a task that might be - fortunately, there are always people who seem to have an even nastier job - apparently good enough an opportunity to make fun of those poor souls... There isn't really anything more to describe here About: Nothing much to tell here either... As usual, all can be built... and also as usual, placing those minifigs was the most annoying part. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  17. Ahoy once more, laddies. Long time no ship - shame on me - so I hope to make up for it by presenting something a little larger this time. États de Boussac Ordered and paid for by the Estates of the Province of Boussac, the États used to call the Great Northern Ocean her home for the past years, trading goods between Pontilla and Northern Oleon. But now she is one of the first larger Terramen to see regular service on the shipping lines between Halos and New Terra. With the increased traffic, the number of pirates and other threats increases, too. Being able to protect the more and more valuable cargo, larger and better protected ships are becoming essential for the merchant elite of Halos. As she can easily carry a broadside of 10 medium or even heavy guns, the États de Boussac surely has what it takes to prevail on the perilous waves. May Poseidon and Tyche bless her journeys! And the good ol' comparison shot: About: I think this is the biggest ship I've posted here so far. It's also my first attempt at a custom hull galleon. Therefore, the États is rather just a simple, non-fancy test ship to get a feeling for the shaping of such a hull. A 3D model I found online served as inspiration... and it didn't turn out too bad, I think. Using flex-tubes as rigging instead of the strings with handles I used to is still pretty new to me, getting them in place is even more annoying, but it looks better - in my eyes at least. What else? As usual, all can be built... And finally some numbers: waterline is 85 studs, beam is 22. Piece count is 'only' slightly over 7000, as internally, she only features the decks, but nothing else. Should still be large and massive enough to be at least a class 7 with the new ship classes. Thanks for watching C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  18. Greetings, fellow BoBS'ers, I'd like to present my entry for Challenge V - Category B. Keeping the Keep El Peñón is a strategic Marderian stronghold overlooking the Bay of Good Hope. Although not a large fortress, El Peñón is nonetheless a vital part of Mardier's defenses around the town of Terra Fin Tin. Carved deep into the rocky cliffs, El Peñón is virtually impenetrable - a fact that's also known to the Eslandolian High Command - and giving them major headaches. The joint Eslandolian and Garvian assault plan provides for the surprise capture of Terra Fin Tin in order to open up a second front north of the fortress city of La Puebloto. And in order to achieve that, El Peñón had to be sacked quickly before any Marderian reinforcements would render capturing the fort impossible, ultimately putting the whole second front plan in jeopardy should Mardier's forces around Terra Fin Tin be alarmed before the actual assault was to begin. To solve this problem, one of the Eslandian elite units, the Black Bats - a veteran battalion experienced in spearhead missions, and infamous for their recklessness - was tasked with the surprise attack on El Peñón. Initially, the mission progressed as planned - the approach was not spotted by neither Marderian patrol vessels nor lookout posts along the coastline. And another pleasant surprise: when the boats landed, it became clear that the fort was undermanned. Now nothing stood in the way of a quick success. Or at least so it seemed... What they hadn't expected was the courage and relentlessness of the fort's commander. Before the perimeter guard was overrun, coronel Lorenzo Alderete stepped outside the gate in a desperate attempt to buy time, telling his men to barricade the entrance behind him. He then proceeded to furiously charge the attackers. The coronel managed to repel man after man, giving the garrison valuable time to regroup and send for reinforcements. The artillery lookout then spotted the approaching Eslandian fleet and the fort's batteries started engaging - thus completely ruining the attackers' element of surprise. Shortly before coronel Alderete was mortally wounded, he yelled out his final order to the garrison - to drop a load of explosives onto himself and the attackers. El Peñón was not to be captured! For Mardier! Some additional pics: About: Well, this started out with the simple need to come up with something for this category at all... and unfortunately, a massive builder's block. Eventually, the block loosened, and thanks to the support of @Bodi and @Captain Genaro, I even managed to put in some action. What else... well, as usual all parts except the uniforms exist... gravity is 'off'... can't think of anything else now Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  19. Ahoy, mateys! Here's my Challenge V - Category C entry. Witness the return of the Colonial MinionsTM *evil laughter in the background* Don't Tread on Meeeee!! After their unsuccessful attack on the Marderian fortress of El Peñón, the remaining Eslandian Black Bats were ordered to refresh and regroup on the Southern shores of the Isla de Medio - away from the awful fighting. Unfortunately, no place is really safe from the mayhem those dreadful Colonial MinionsTM are capable of spreading wherever they happen to show up. And as it so happened, they did. Of all the places in the Brick Seas it had to be here. Exactly now. And the camp the Eslandians had set up was right in their way. Well, actually, more in the pathway their latest pet decided to take... Seemingly a fish in a wet suit. What exactly it is and where they got it from, no-one really knows. One thing is for sure, though - it's ridiculous in every aspect. And yet terrifying enough to turn the feared Eslandian crack troops into a bunch of screaming chickens as they are trying to escape the incomprehensible menace that's coming down on them... About: I absolutely wanted to mobilize the Minions for this category, there was just too much potential here to forgo this opportunity The idea for the 'monster' is based on the Futurama reverse scuba suit - ridiculous enough to be translated into bricks. As usual, all can be built - and maybe I'm going to build this land fish thingy for real... a friend of mine said it'd be a worthy decorative object for her flat... well... I hope you enjoyed this latest chapter in the Menacing Minions Book. C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  20. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] RNTC - Fort Henri

    Hello again, here's another result of my landlubbing endeavors: Fort Henri On the northern shores of the Baie de Tyche, overlooking the town of Lavalette, lies the company's fortress at Lavalette - more commonly referred to as Fort Henri, after the town's first mayor - Henri Hollande. Its construction began as soon as the first settlers arrived, and now it protects the growing settlement and the entire bay. Fort Henri is one of the first forts in New Terra featuring a semaphore mast, which allows the garrison to communicate quickly with similar stations around Lavalette, even reaching as far as Windfall, increasing the chances for a successful defense in case of an attack on the island. For now, the fort is only equipped with light field guns, but the RNTC has plans to invest in additional defenses once the settlement grows. About: My first attempt at a star-fort, and I think it worked out alright. As usual, all can be built - if you have the 15.000 bricks necessary Oh, and most of the building time here went into the surface pattern/foliage Although its footprint is far larger than required for a large fortress, it'll only be licensed as a medium, because... that's what it looks like in my eyes. Thanks for watching! C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  21. Ahoy! Without long introduction, let's get right to it: Pioneers at Home Providing affordable, clean housing for their workers and families is one of the top priorities on the RNTC's development plan for Lavalette. Because a content worker is a productive worker. Therefore, simple but solid, standardized residences with enough separate space for two families are being built en masse, offering a new beginning - a new home for the pioneers working for the company. As you can see, after a long day of work on the plantations that are starting to pop up around the city, even a new home far away from their old lives is a home worth enjoying to return to. About: Well, it's a simple house, and it is meant to be just that. The design is something I'll try to recreate in future Lavalette builds. Nothing else to say - move along! Thanks for watching anyway, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  22. Hello, fellow land-lubbers and spice enthusiasts, one last build for the month, still in time! New Spices for the Old World After the huge commercial success following the introduction of peppercorn to the Île de Zeus - and its echo in the Old World - the RNTC has decided to use the prime agricultural conditions of Stéphanique to turn this relatively new spice into a cash crop. Here you can see workers bringing in the first of three possible harvests of the year. The fruits are collected at different stages of ripeness, in order to produce differing final products. Also, some part of the harvest will be transported back to the facilities in Lavalette by land, while the other part will be sent down the river in barrels, drenched in water, as a base for yet more varying products. The officials of the RNTC are confident that the demand for pepper in the Old World will skyrocket - and flush gigantic amounts of cash into the company's treasury. Plans for the massive expansion of the peppercorn business in Lavalette are on their way. About: This one... took a while. It's my first big time attempt at depicting vegetation, and all these silly little bits of green and grey had to be placed one after the other... I wanted to show a plantation that's been 'cut' into the jungle, as Lavalette is still in an early stage of its development, I thought this would fit better than simply to show a field full of peppercorn plants. And I'm quite content with the result. The only thing I have issues with is the rendered water here - two layers of transparent plates and tiles... but the result is rather boring. Hmm... next time I have to try something else, maybe something with less of a regular pattern. Oh, and the palm leafs are attached with clips to this part here. Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  23. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB] The 'Pélican'

    Ahoy, laddies! Presenting a hull experiment that went ship: The 'Pélican' The Pélican is one of many barges afloat in New Terra. A true workhorse - but not more. This type of ship isn't a glorious one, barely anyone remembers them once they've delivered their cargo. But without them, large parts of the thriving economy would simply brake down. Transport barges are the backbone of both inner and inter-island cargo supply, as their shallow draught permits them to travel on rivers, too. Time for a small spotlight on this sailing barge here, carrying timber from Eltina to Breshaun. And a comparison shot I haven't done in a long time: ... still larger than the IFS About: A while ago I was fiddling around with 1x4 curved slopes and flextubes, to create a hull. It didn't result in something I liked, I got bored, so I kicked it. Well, now I was in need of a medium transport ship, so I dug up the idea, and after some more fiddling around it worked out - et voilà - sailing barge. It's buildable, and should even be swooshable. I put some more effort into the rigging, to test out something new, and because otherwise this would just be a boring floating hull For now Pélican will be licensed as... yes, you've guessed correctly... a barge. But I think there's some margin here justifying a higher rating later on. Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!
  24. Ahoy, y'all, today just a small scene... to get into the mood for some landscaping. Pioneers at Work With the first structures in Lavalette being erected, and more settlers arriving daily, the need for building materials on Stéphanique grows strongly. At the same time, in order to prepare the land surrounding the settlement for cultivation, large areas of the region's forests have to give way. So, naturally, the RNTC has hired a decent number of lumberjacks to deal with the tasks at hand. About: Not really much... just wanted to try out some foliage design, and depict the basics for settlement development. However, what was most frustrating in this was getting those chains right Thanks for looking, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  25. Ahoy, and happy new year 617! Contrary to me, the workers at the Royal Shipyards weren't completely useless over the holidays, but instead managed to build some ships. So without further ado: 'Centurion', 'Audacieuse' and 'Vigilante' The recent increase in pirate activity had caused some concern among the Duke of Corban's staff. But in response only some minor details were changed, some convoy routes were adapted, and the escorts' captains received orders to intensify their gunners' drill - but no additional matters were taken. However, these concerns turned into vigorous fury after the latest coup of infamous pirate Captain Morgan, who managed to overpower a whole convoy - and even capture two Oleander warships! It became clear that a response to this blatant and unprecedented aggression needed to be formulated. The first thing to do was obvious - more ships needed to be send over to Breshaun to be attached to the New Terra Fleet. Two of these can be seen here en route: Centurion - a brig of war carrying 20 8-pounders, and Audacieuse - a fast corvette armed with 20 12-pounders. Centurion - 20 Gun Brig of War 78x21 studs at the waterline, 4500+ pieces Audacieuse - 20 Gun Corvette 85x23 studs at the waterline, 4900+ pieces Vigilante - 38 Gun Frigate 101x23 studs at the waterline, 7000+ pieces About: Well... this was a lot of work. But I think it was well worth it, as all three turned out to be better looking than I expected they would when I started. In fact, the Vigilante should have gone to Oleon... but I decided to keep her for myself All ships might look similar - and yes, they are all based on the same basic principle. But each ship still had to be built up from scratch, and fiddled about with the details. The only thing I could copy to a relieving extend were the masts and sails - but sadly not the rigging So, this should cope with some of the increasing pirate activity - but to add to this: of course, if you don't tread on Oleon, you'll have nothing to fear Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome Vive le Roi!