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  1. Settlement Name: Fuerte Unido Ownership: Crown Location: Isla de Victoria (Island 11) / Skaford Heights Mayor: Jerome Monezterell ( @Legostone ) Trade Value: 0 Who can own property in Fuerte Unido: Anyone. Who can freebuild in Fuerte Unido: Anyone. Fortifications: Large fort. Troops: As of Oct. 10, 617, there are 60 troops stationed here (two locally raised companies). Please post any free-builds that take place in Fuerte Unido in this thread. If you want to license a piece of property in Fuerte Unido, you must be someone (in some faction)! Post in this thread and fill out the web form. Location of Fuerte Unido: List of licensed properties in Fuerte Unido: Timeline of KMA (Kick Mardiers... eh Assets)/List of builds in the settlement: Receiving Orders | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola Landing in Enemy Territory | @Legostone | Eslandola Starting Camp | @Legostone | Eslandola | Medium Residence Farmer's Fortitude | @Elostirion| Eslandola | Medium Plantation Lumberjack | @Faladrin | Eslandola | Small Plantation Native Fishermen | @Faladrin| Eslandola | Small Commerce Prospecting build | @Kai NRG| Eslandola | Prospecting build Driving Mardier Back! | @TitusV | Eslandola Eslandolan PreFab Houses | @Captain Braunsfeld | Eslandola | Small Residence Barracks | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Small Residence He's a lumberjack and he's okay |@Legostone | Eslandola | Small Art and Culture Butcher | @Faladrin | Eslandola | Small Commerce Barbershop | @Maxim I | Eslandola | Small Artisan Residence of Zwardbaard | @Maxim I | Eslandola | Small Residence Fuerte Unido | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Large Fort Deer Hunting | @Elostirion| Eslandola | Small Plantation Protests against the King |@Legostone | Eslandola | Small Education Battle of the Five Fleets and the fate of Captain Merker | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | Small Artisan Bluecoats visiting Fuerte Unido | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola Prospecting Scene | @Elostirion | Eslandola Stone Quarry | @Elostirion | Eslandola | Stone Mine Looking for new Adventures | @Bregir | Corrington Leaving War behind | @Bregir | Corrington | Medium Commerce March of the Grenadiers | @Ayrlego | Corrington Fell of the Marderian Fort | @Garmadon | Eslandola Soup Kitchen | @Sir Stig | Eslandola | Medium Artisan Silver Mine | @Kai NRG | Eslandola | Silver Mine The Fate of Captain Merker | @Capt Wolf | Eslandola | small artisan
  2. It are busy times for Lord Maximilian Damaximus. Given the rank of Commodore, he was in charge of hunting down the blockaders with a fleet of 16 (!) vessels in order to clean the area around Isla de la Medio. On his way to Trador, he stopped at the most Southern part of Isla de la Medio so the troops he transported could disembark. They knew there was a wooden pallisade along the coast and that resistance would be fierce. And as the cannons on the mainland had a longer reach than those on the vessels, the fleet could not simply provide the necessary firepower. Luckily the rowboats were provided of some mini-cannons. Corporal Brickwall Princeton was very eager to revenge the death of his good friend Brickwall Jackson. He just finished his heroic speech when a bullet hit his arm. Unlucky for our hero, there are crocodiles in the water. Corporal Brickwall Princeton didn't die directly from a Mardierian bullet, but his death wasn't less idiotic (and a bit more painfull). Anyway, I am sure another Brickwall will raise up soon for another revenge! Meanwhile General Samu Whitedragon rallied the forces. Some Eslandolan soldiers were very eager... Meanwhile the atmosphere in the Mardierian camp was not so optimal. After his failed mission protecting the Mardierian princess, the Royal Mardier Guard is now captain of a platoon on a remote beach. He still is wearing his costume though... A lot of piew piew piew and kaboom later, the Eslandolan forces secured the area. Go Eslandola!!! -- Thanks for watching, C&C always welcome! The vessel will have a next live as Class 1A Coastal Patroll Vessel in the future.
  3. One of the most notorious pirates in this world was without any doubt Captain Greybeard. The reason his name didn't show up the last year in the KPA editions, is simply because no enemy survived his actions. A lot of missing vessels are in fact destroyed by Captain Greybeard and his beasty. Yes indeed, the little pet of Captain Greybeard is a wonderfull and unique Narwhal. So strong that it could pierce and lift up complete vessels. A true terror in the sea. Captain Greybeard was bribed by the Mardierian King to privateer for Mardier. As Mardier heard the news that Eslandola was sending 18 vessels to Isla de Many Names (as a counter to the blockades), Captain Greybeard was ordered to destroy this fleet. Tomorrow would be the day his vessel "The AQAR" would intercept the Eslandolan fleet led by Commodore Maximilian Damaximus. To prepare for the upcomming battle, he let most of his crew sleep this night so they would be at full strength. He thought he had well hidden his vessel. As it was a moonless night, darkness surrounded the AQAR. Suddenly in the middle of the night... Multiple cannons started firing at the AQAR. Captain Greybeard quickly jumped in his suit, and went to the forecastle to see what is wrong... "Martinez Da Cruz, what happened?" "We are under fire captain! It looks like a minor vessel attacking us!" "Those fools! Order our crew to stay in their cabin and keep sleeping, we need our full strength tomorrow! I'll handle this stupid vessel" With an elegant swing of his sword, pointing to the attacking vessel, he summoned his Narwhal A loud noise arised from the depth of the sea. Suddenly a bang occured. The attacking vessel was lifted meters high and started tearing apart. Sailors started screaming, jumping out of the vessel. (Spoiler: for those reading the story, the spoiler shows a part of the story unknown to Captain Greybeard) Back on the AQAR, Captain Greybeard enjoyed the screamings of the poor sailors. They shouldn't have been so stupid attacking the AQAR. First Mate Martinez Da Cruz came back. "There is no damage to the vessel sir! Only some crew members that are injured. It looks like they fired with grape shots!" "Excellent news! Let's sail away from this place" Suddenly Captain Greybeard realised that they had been tricked. "Awake everyone! It was a trap! We are being entered!" Too bad for him, it was too late... While turning he saw a wet officer in front of him, pointing his pistol at his heart. The officer looked him in the eyes and said: "I got an invitation for you to dine in hell tonight" Meanwhile the officer, being no-one else than Commodore Lord Maximilian Damaximus, shot Captain Greybeard right in his heart. Captain Greybeard felt dead on the deck, but his magical sword was thrown overboard. One of the Eslandolan soldiers jumped in the water in order to retrieve it. It is unknown if Lord Maximilian Damaximus managed to posses the Magical Sword or not. Future will tell... Meanwhile on the AQAR, the pirates were quickly surrounded. A new vessel to the MAESTRO fleet. And what a vessel! 50 guns, fast and strong. A new weapon in the war against Mardier that was very welcome! Final picture: --- The AQAR (aka: Adapted Queen Anne's Revenge) More pictures: The AQAR next to the Margot Hope you like the vessel! It is a 50 gun 4th rate of the Line. The vessel is based on the QAR in PoTC, Assassin's Creed and own imagination. Historically seen, she had 40 guns. - Thanks for watching! C&C welcome!
  4. Sour Prospects have indeed turned sour and revealed nothing but some solid stones for construction works. Fontonajo's men have set up a stone quarry and are now supplying Fuerte Unido on Isla de Victori. My very first attempt at LDD...
  5. The first phase of Operation KMA was coming to an end, and it had been a complete success. Eslandolan forces had established a strong presence on Isla de Victoria, preventing Mardier from occupying the island first. The settlement of Fuerte Unido had settlers from all three trade companies and was already a sizable town. And now Capitan Alonzo could relax, if just for a moment, and recognize the job of his troops in finishing so quickly the construction of the actual fort that gives Fuerte Unido its name. They had started with the barracks, but were able to quickly build a fully enclosed compound, with a sizable blockhouse at one end and two small round bastions at the corners flanking the entrance to the fort. Yes, the fort was triangular, the three sides representing Eslandola's three trade companies. The men were already falling into the routine of life in the fort. Wall sentries watched intently for any Mardier incursion. Alonzo and Felipe, his second in command, reviewed one of the platoons. With the fort functional and the town protected, Operation KMA could now move on to its next phase. * * * Additional pics: As always, all C & C welcome!
  6. "Get up, you sluggard! Eating lemons ain't what Fontonajo's payin' you for!", shouted the geologist. Prospecting on Isla de Victoria, near the settlement of Fuerte Unido, wasn't an easy task. The geologists were always in company of a guard. The fear of running into some random Mardierian squad was too high. They were looking for minerals. Iron, gold, silver. Anything, actually, that they could find. And if they didn't find anything, they might at least use the stones for their forts. If they found any adequate stones. Geology wasn't easy those days. It never was, actually. Island #: 11 Claimed by MardierNickname: Skaford HeightsGeographical Features: Mostly jungle on the inside, this larger island boasts an excellent natural bay on its south side at the Island's thinnest point. The north-east coast, however is very shallow, and rife with sandbars. The south-west coasts are rocky, but host naturally occurring groves of citrus fruit. In the center of the island towers a tall volcano that occasionally shakes the Island.Rumors: The Natives of this Island fear the deeper waters to the south. While they are more than happy to sail their catamarans in the northern shallow water, they refuse to do so on the southern coast.
  7. As you've probably noticed by now, Eslandola is busily engaged in Kolonizing Mardier's Assets. Temporary structures so far have been set up with wood, but one of the first things on the to-do list is a bit of prospecting. Mainly what's needed at the moment is a stone quarry, but our prospectors sure wouldn't be sorry to find a little something else... In fact, one of them thinks he's found a bit of gold already... but ten to one it'll turn out to be fool's gold or maybe just a ring dropped by a native. Meanwhile, the older hands go about their work steadily. I think this is one of my first attempts at dark tan rockwork - as you can tell, I really don't have that much. C&C welcome as always!
  8. The ships had been off on the horizon, keeping their distance for the past few days. It was an odd force, including what appeared to be an armored turtle ship, but they were clearly flying Oleon colors. Eventually the flagship came into signalling range, and an agreement was reached. Or so the Elsandolan commander, Capitan Alonzo, hoped. The company of bluecoats came ashore, and Capitan Alonzo and a handful of his men were there to greet them. Finally, the bluecoat commander and his entourage were out of their boat. "Monsieur Phred? I am Capitan Alonzo of Eslandola and Fuerte Unido. Welcome to Isla de Victoria." "Thank you, Capitan. My congratulations to you on your speedy occupation of the bay." "The operation went smoothly, until we discovered the Mardierian settlement. And my scouts tell me there are two more on the northern part of the island." "That is my information as well, and it is why I am here. My company had been encamped on Isle de Romantica. We had been fighting with Duke Prio against Mardier, but that campaign has ground to a halt, and all the mercenaries have departed. With news of your discovery, I have decided to continue the fight against Mardier here." The bluecoats pulled their boats onto the shore and moved off the beach, forming a loose column as the Eslandolans led them to Fuerte Unido. "We welcome your commitment to the cause, Monsieur Phred. I must admit I was initially uncertain of your intentions when you took up position off the coast, given the current state of affairs between our nations. Although I can assure you, our king does not speak for us." "And certainly I am taking a chance here as well, but regardless of what happens back on the continent, we in the colonies must often act without official guidance ... or is it without official encumbrance?" "Either way, sir, your assistance here is most welcome, and I assure you your men will be treated no different than my own." "Thank you Capitan. I have faith you are a man of your word." "While you are here, you may have my quarters, sir." "That won't be necessary. I must set sail for Eltina. I have business interests I must see to. I doubt anything has happened with my mining interests in my absence." "I understand. If you stop at An Holli on the way, please be so kind as to report our condition to Governor Guilder." "It is not in my plans, but if the opportunity arises, I will pass the word. In the meantime, put my men to good use against Mardier!" "I will, sir. Fair winds on your trip." And with that the bluecoat commander returned to his ship and set sail for Eltina. Fuerte Unido now had a company of 30 bluecoats as part of its defense. Alonzo's mind was already going over the potential issues with such an international force, but it was good to know they weren't alone in this fight. Now he needed to figure out just how to swing the Corries to his side... * * * * * One more pic of the build, from above: And Fuerte Unido officially has 30 Bluecoats as part of its force.
  9. With the initial settlement of Fuerte Unido secure, Capitan Alonzo now had to look at the long term defense of the settlement. Although the south bay was the best anchorage of Isla de Victoria, the settlement was positioned at the narrowest part of the island (less than 30 miles across!). As such, Fuerte Unido was susceptible to an attack from the north if Mardier were to land troops on the northern shore. So, Capitan Alonzo sent out Sargento Felipe and the troops on construction duty once more, to build a small fort on the coast directly north. Imagine Felipe's shock when, after he crossed the ridge that forms the southern backbone of the island and followed a river to the northern coast, that there was already a settlement there! Mardier had made more than a claim to the island; it already had a settlement! And from the looks of it, it had been there for awhile. This was an unexpected development! Felipe sent one of his men back to Fuerte Unido to report this urgent information, but he did not abandon his mission. Sargento Felipe and his men backtracked up-river and found a good location for the blockhouse, on a hill at a bend in the river, perhaps 15 miles from both Fuerte Unido and the Mardier settlement. This would still protect Fuerte Unido's northern flank, and could cut-off any supplies the Marderians might send to or receive from the interior of the island. It took much less time to build than Fuerto Unido (which included a blockhouse at one corner). But this blockhouse could better stand alone, with musket slits on the lower level, and gunports for 3 cannons. Additionally, Fortaleza Victoria had a watch tower built into the roof. Capitan Alonzo would be pleased with the job, thought Felipe. Perhaps he would even be promoted to have a command of his own, here at Fortaleza Victoria. Edit: Please note that the text above has been revised to note the discovery of the Marderian settlement and subsequent corrected location of Fortaleza Victoria.
  10. Capitan Alonzo had been summoned to the Governor’s mansion. After his assignment on Ferro Azure, Alonzo was now in Weelond inspecting MCTC troops. When word came that Governor Guilder wanted to see him urgently, Alonzo reported immediately. “Capitan Alonzo, please come in. I have a most urgent assignment for you.” “What is it, sir?” “I believe you know Thaddeus Calvo, here, yes? He’s a rather well-known adventurer in certain social circles, especially after almost finding the fountain of youth. But I digress. Calvo has been working his Mardier contacts of late, gathering any intelligence he can in our war efforts. To this point all we’ve had are some unimpressive small encounters at sea--but even those have been few and far between of late--and there was the aborted land campaign in the Grand Duchy of Prio. But Calvo has found out that Mardier is claiming rights to the largest island in our new archipelago in the South Prio Sea! This is, of course, outrageous. Mardier cannot be permitted to establish a presence in the archipelago! Eslandola already has plans for a major trading post on the eastern island, and the trade companies are interested in the resources we believe are present on the western island. But the largest, central island, the Skaford Heights, could control the entire archipelago and the South Prio Sea if Mardier were to use it as a base of operations.” “I am at your service, Governor Guilder. Has Mardier started to fortify the island yet?” “No, Capitan Alonzo, Calvo assures me they have not. In fact, we don’t think they have any physical presence yet on the island, but we’re not taking any chances. The trade companies have united on this issue! Your work fortifying Salida Este was excellent, and we are confident of your ability in this new assignment.” “Thank you, Governor!” “Per the plan outlined in Operation KMA, you are to leave today with a company of troops to sail for the Nova Eslandola archipelago in the South Prio Sea. Captain Merker is preparing one of our fastest ships as we speak. Once there, you are to establish a fortified position on the natural bay on the south side of the main island, and await reinforcements. The other trade companies are sending men and resources as well, but if Mardier forces arrive before our other men, you are authorized to act as you see fit, including attacking any Mardier presence.” Alonzo rubbed his hands together in anticipation. He looked forward to seeing real action again. “Along with the reinforcements, Jerome Monezterell will also be arriving on the island soon to serve as mayor of the new settlement. When he arrives, you will report to him, but you will retain military command of the fort and our MCTC troops.” “Yes, sir,” said Alonzo. “Any questions, Capitan?” “Just one, sir. What does KMA stand for in the operation name?” “It really doesn’t mean anything officially,” said Gov. Guilder. “But I like to think it stands for “Kick Mardier’s … er … Assets!” And with that, Operation KMA had commenced. More to come…
  11. Operation KMA was going well. Eslandolan forces landed on Isla de Victoria with no resistance, and Capitan Alonzo and his men had found an excellent location on the large bay on the south side of the island. Construction of a fort commenced in earnest on a flat hilltop overlooking the bay. “This will be a strong gun position” thought Alonzo, “and should protect the settlement and anchorage and command the bay.” Alonzo's second-in-command had nothing but good news in his afternoon report. Troops were cutting down trees all over the place, even still clearing the land for the fort. One palisade wall was up, and the troops were already busy digging the holes for the next wall. Work had not yet begun on the corner bastion, but the cannon was still useful in its current position. The men would be happy that the barracks were finally finished (just finishing up with a coat of whitewash), so his men would not have to camp in tents tonight. Things were progressing quickly, and morale was high. Capitan Alonzo was certain the fort would be completed in record time.
  12. A few minutes after the message that all soldiers would be ordered to Granoleon by King Fernando, everyone in Fuerte Unido was on the streets. Almost noone appeared to be excited about it, there even appeared a very odd recreation of King Fernando. It had apparently found its way into the settlement inside one of the many boxes of building material that had been moved from the ships onto land. Just the day before the message arrived another ship had arrived delivering many goods - even an Guillotine from Oleon had been on board. Considering the circumstances a decision was quickly made to get the crowd to calm down a bit and show support of the crowds opinion. Those carrying the recreation of the king quickly brought him over to the platform... ...and fluently moved him up onto the platform. It might be possible they had heard rumours about this and had trained for exactly this situation. They placed it in the Guillotine... ...And the executioner was given his first order since he had arrived here. *TSHACK* And the crowd was happy again. These soldiers (most of which were protesting already) are not leaving! Considering that this is educating the masses of the effectiveness of a guillotine I'll license this as a small Education build:P
  13. The "Eagles of Terreli" are some of Eslandola's finest soldiers in the colonies. The group of mercenaries, despite their very individual arms (some of them wear old-fashioned weapons like shields, axes or even a bow), show a high level of discipline. Their creativity, motivation and especially their individuality, resulting in a large variety of unique skills, makes them perfectly suited for the small conflicts on the islands. Thus they were sent to protect Eslandola's claims on Isla de Victoria. Just a few hours ago they had attacked a company of Mardierians by surprise and captured their flag. Which they were no about to burn. The Eagles of Terreli always had a huge level of amusement, resulting in great comraderie. The had also captured some goodies. In fact, they had taken two oxen, some bread, apples and bananas and carrots. And a rowing boat. And some wheels and some yellow leather. Combining those materials they quickly crafted a rowboat-carriage, towed by an ox. One of them rode the other ox. Obvious solution, of course. Right now they made halt at one of their outposts, a small watchtower. The eagles who were on watch there were also responsible for hunting, so supply Fuerte Unido with meat. Which they did with some great success. Burning a Mardierian flag is always great fun. Always.
  14. After landing in the location of our new settlement, we had to find a place to sleep. Of course, we couldn't do said thing unguarded - we quickly build up a guard tower from the stems of 4 trees and some planks we had brought with us. For now, these tents will work, but someone replace this cook, who thought that if you can eat it and we have it we can put into our soup! On the left you can see an exploring troup returning, some others just finished setting up the tents and guardtowers. We also brought some first guns on land. This build will be licensed as a medium residence. Previously on Operation KMA: Receiving Orders Landing in Enemy Territory
  15. After the initial wave of light troops, Capitan Alonzo has found a place where the MAESTRO-ships can safely anchor to bring the heavy artillery at land. And with heavy, we mean heavy! With them comes Elysabeth of Drondil to take command of a regiment of Dragoons to drive the Mardierans into the sea! --------------------------------- Thanks for looking, CC very welcome! Credits to nineuve to inspire me!
  16. Jorge Ilabro Estèz, a well-tanned man in his fourties, and his wife Fratella had run their farm on Nellisa for well over ten years. Due to their regular trading relationships Fontonajo knew the two well as both eager and fearless loyal Eslandolans. Even more so, Jorge had always proven to be innovative and well-though-out. They seemed like exactly what was needed on Isla de Victoria, and thus Román Fontonajo had decided to invite them to the ship he had sent to the new island. Jorge had taken Fontonajo's generous offer and agreed upon setting up a farm. But Jorge knew that more than some crops were needed to survive against Mardier. He had found a great spot at the northwestern end of Campo Nuevo, Fuerte Unido or whatever people might call the settlement (he had thought of calling it Campo Fontonajo just for the fun of it, but decided against it and chose to go for one of the now popular anti-royal-jokes: Camp of the sleeping August, which seemed even more funny because most of them had gotten their orders in August. Most other villagers had laughed). At the spot he had chosen the terrain began to become slightly rocky. There was some kind of circular structure in the rocks that lay a bit deeper than the rest. With the help of some stonemasons he extended it to a real moat, and the stones were brought to the towncentre. The moat was then filled with salty water (quite an effort to get it there initially, but now a bucket or two per day were enough to keep it filled) and some fish the Tentocaxclans had caught alive. And voila, they had a fishing pond. For bad times, or when they just couldn't sail the seas for some reason. He decided to add a small palisade that served two purposes: It was both defensive structure and outer border of the flower beds. Flower beds, where they planted tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, pumpkins, lettuce and some herbs that didn't grow naturally on the island. Speaking of tomatoes, they also grew from the middle floor of the small watchtower he had added to his farm. Below the watchtower in the shadow the pig Fernando VII (yes, another rather uncreative name, but it created laughter nonetheless) wallowed in the mud. The watchtower was usually manned by one of the soldiers (today it was a man who just called himself "el mejor Capitán"). The farm als had some goats, chickens, a barrel to store rainwater and of course a hut to sleep. It also had two small cannons. Of course it had. Just in case... Due to the community-nature of Campo Unido other villagers often came by to bring some goods (e.g. grain for the chickens, or some seeds they had found, or just some food remainders to feed pig Fernando VII) or just transport the harvest of the day to the village, where people usually came together to have diner. Today they planned to have a great pumkin-carrot-soup with some fresh caught fish. Spiced with herbs, of course. Jorge and Fratella did their job to contribute to the meal. As always.
  17. Zwartbaard, the famous explorer (see previous builds) of MAESTRO arrived safely in Fuerto Unido as well. He received a small cabin to start his exploring operations for Eslandola. Next to his residence, Milady Haarsnyder opened a barber shop so the soldiers would at least look good when they are going to the battlescene. 2 small builds made by Klaartje (residence) and me (barbershop) last night when some people came over (more will be posted by TitusV and Sebeus). Enjoy! Will be licenced in Fuerto Unido as Residence & Service Thanks for watching!
  18. For looking at this build I recommend having this video open: Our lumberjacks are busy, every now and then they need a break, and what's better than making music while doing that? Even Gouverneur Monezterell decided to join them making music. Even some Soldiers decided to take a short break to listen to the music... Licensed as a small Art/Culture in Fuerte Unido
  19. Come to Isla de Victoria, bone-weary traveller and find peaceful days! As in every new settlement, the need for more residences is always a challenge. But wait: With the aid of Eslandolean PreFab Houses, everyone can live as happily und luxuriously as in Pontelli: At the moment, all new residences are given to military personnel only, but that will surely change over time. This was Eslandolean News, Fuerte Unido. C&C welcome!