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Found 2 results

  1. Well, as everyone knows, the King of Eslandola, Fernando Augusto VIII, has recently decided that it might be a good idea to sign away his power in the Eslandolan Magna Charta - but for all those who were curious as to how exactly he was convinced, this would be for you! The candlelight glimmered on the shaded canopy, and the bright and roaring fire added its own charm to the scene inside the King's royal bedchamber. King Fernando Augusto VIII lay back on his pillow and sighed contentedly. As it so happened, he was thinking of that glorious, magnificent trick of his in taking those fortresses from the sleepy Oleanders, and planning his own trip to Granoleon in the near future - but then again, you know, that should hardly be surprising, for it is certainly under a great deal of doubt whether he had thought of anything else at all since that brilliant morning! Be that as it may, as he lay there - having strictly instructed his servants not to disturb him, by the way - he happened to hear a strange sound as of something falling softly in the room. Leaping out of his bed and drawing back the curtains, he dashed out armed and, as all his servants would be sure to say, certainly highly dangerous. * * * De Chauncourtois leapt through the partly open but curtained window with a satisfied grin upon his face. This, decidedly, was great fun. Ever since he had been to the meeting with some of the leading figures of New Eslandola a few days previously he had known exactly what he was going to do, and planning it all out had been extraordinarily exciting. But there's nothing like the execution itself! Drawing and cocking his pistol, he dropped into his good friend, the King's, bed-chamber, along with half a company of ETWC soldiers, all apparently as enthusiastic about the idea as their energetic leader himself. The second he had emerged from the voluminous folds of his magnificent bed, however, the King caught sight of de Chauncourtois and his soldiers, and the nightcap dropped from his hand in utter surprise. But the King wasn't king for nothing, you know! Coming up with the next thing to do when in a pinch was his expertise, and with a quick glance around and a reflection on the great bravery and prudence he had inherited from his illustrious ancestors, he collected his scattered wits and dashed from the room. But unfortunately for him, of course, his good friend de Chauncourtois had foreseen that, and King Fernando Augusto found that, all down the hall, a host of ETWC soldiers were pouring in, doubtless to show him back into his bed-chamber for a good night's rest. * * * But, you know, when Guy K. Wyndzon dropped in to the palace latter that morning, to his surprise he found the King and de Chauncourtois seated at the whist table, sipping their champagne and laughing and chatting like the oldest of friends. And, after all, he found that the King had turned the matter over in his head, and decided that signing the Magna Charta was rather a good idea all things considered. A closeup shot: The bed: And another final picture of about the whole thing (as much as could be got into one photo, at any rate! ) As to the build, it was certainly a lot of fun, and I had some great chances to experiment with inventing new techniques and reusing old ones. An interesting thing about it is that I used every last one of my own headlight bricks here and quite a few of Kai's as well! - in fact, the build was about chock full of half-plate offsets. The candles are a previous design of mine, the bed under the canopy is Kai's design, and the canopy itself is another attempt of mine at such things, and I think it turned out far better than my first! Thank for viewing, C&C are welcome! And don't forget to enter the Eslandolan minichallenge!
  2. It was a bright and calm morning, not a breathe of wind stirring through the dense jungle undergrowth, and the Oleonese Tom on the fort above yawned and smiled down upon all creation. He just so happened to love mornings like this, when nothing but the cawing of a few birds and the hooting of monkeys could disturb his thoughts... or rather, might have disturbed his thoughts, if he had had any. Suddenly, just in the midst of his make-believe reverie, and tremendous roar threw all the previous calm out of the window, and a score of Eslandolan soldiers burst out of the undergrowth beneath, firing as they came. All was instantly confusion on the tower. Dick dropped his bottle, Tom waved his rapier and gazed helplessly down below, Johnny jumped befuddled from the map he was studying and the treasure he was dreaming of, Harry grabbed up his rifle and almost tripped over Dick's bottle, and the commander roared orders which no one was listening to so very energetically that he almost toppled over the battlements. * * * Grinning like as many Cheshire cats, the Eslandolans poured out of the undergrowth and down the path. Captain Argentum smiled down at the Oleanders' prospects as his band crashed on toward the small outpost beneath, and from the jungle on the other side, the cannons they had dragged along with them belched out fire and smoke towards the fainting soldiers above. * * * Long before Tom, Dick, or Harry could recover their breath, and before the commander had any notion of what was going on, the Eslandolans were dashing into the fort itself, chasing poor Jack, who had been enjoying the morning just outside of the fort. At this fresh turn of events, Tom and Harry hopelessly threw up their hands, Dick dropped on the floor in a dead faint, and Johnny jumped even higher then before. * * * Out they marched, still entirely bewildered, down the path, as the Eslandolans, still shouting "Contra Oleon, contra Oleon!" planted their flags on the towers above. * * * Back in Terelli, King Fernando Augusto VIII laughed and jumped and tossed his nightcap across the room in glee. They had taken the Oleanders so entirely by surprise that no resistance at all was made, and it would be no time whatever before he marched with his victorious armies through the streets of Granoleon. Wouldn't those pesky Oleanders see! A couple of overviews of my section: And a few more closeups: And together with Kai's section: And now, what will the rest of Eslandola think of this piece of action on the part of the King? Was the High Council aware of his intentions? If not, will they tamely submit? And how about the average Eslandian citizen - not to mention the various Mayors, Governors, Trade Company leaders, and everyone else holding important positions?Big things are brewing for Eslandola and the world! A quick collab between Kai and me to finally get this story-line rolling! It was a lot of fun to work with the jungle vegetation (except when it kept falling over during photography, no thanks to the chair...) and the fort (which is my first attempt at on of those famous dark red and white fortresses), and we were really happy with how it turned out, especially for the four day build it was. Thanks for viewing, comment and constructive criticism are always welcome!