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Found 12 results

  1. According to The Brick Show this list is CONFIRMED and is the shortlist for retiring sets. -Super Star Destroyer (Until they run out of stock) -VW T-1 Camper (Until they run out of stock) -Sopwith Carmel (Until they run out of stock) -Pet Shop (Until they run out of stock) -Haunted House (After Halloween?) -Via Jason from The Brick Show (Sorry for typos I have a really new computer that won't let me type on EB)
  2. legodude3069

    Ninjago mystery

    WHy are people so exited over ninjago? I remember when bionicles where the coolest thing?!? what happended to this generation???
  3. Hadassa

    Hello, i'm

    Hey everyone!! I'm Hadassa and i love lego friends and i have great news!!!! This are the sets of the summer!!! 1. Heartlake surfshop 2. Andrea's speedboat transporter 3. Sunshine catamaran 4. Heartlake hospital 5. Snow resort off road 6. Snow resort ice rink 7. Snow resort chalet 8. Snow resort ski lift BYE!!!!!! Hadassa
  4. CCWolffe3636


    Hello my name is CCWolffe3636 which is a reference to Clone Commander Wollfe, CC 3636 for you Star Wars the Clone Wars fans. I am a massive fan of Star Wars and I particularly enjoy Star Wars the Clone Wars and the Star Wars: Republic comics. I'm currently a student hoping to become a software developer of some kind. I hope to share some MOCS and Brickfilms in the not to distant future! Thanks for reading!
  5. Are Clone Lego Brands bad for LEGO (the company). Okay first off lets define clone Brand: I wouldn't count things like Brick Arms as Clone Brands. Because Brick Arms isn't trying to BE or Pass of as Lego, they are doing their own thing making fancy cool weapon things. I'm not sure if 'Mega Bloks' counts, recently they have been trying to be like Lego, but I was a huge fan of the Pirate line they had for a while, but now it's kinda a Lego rip off. Things like bom bom bricks and all those weird little clone brands you see on Ebay. So what my main question is, does/how do Clone Brands hurt LEGO? Do things like Brick Arms, Brick Forge etc. also hurt LEGO. I know since the Clone brands are cheap completely un-durable plastic so other than maybe making people thinking LEGO isn't durable do clone brands do anything to LEGO?
  6. I was browsing Bricklink and found this!? What is it!?
  7. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] On the Run

    Made this with the help of my brother; he made the bench and radar by himself, and just helped with the rest. By the time it got to staging (this project took four days more than it was supposed to), I really didn't care all that much about it, so I kinda did random stuff. In other news, this is the first build I've done that's not for some sort of a contest since early October.
  8. KalvisRautseps

    Hello my name is Kalvis!

    Hello my name is Kalvis. I am a big technic fan, I like to build fast buggies and trial trucks. My technic addiction started when i got 8270, since that day I build technic like every day. Feel free to ask me questions. Kalvis.
  9. somelegothings_

    [MOC] Batmobile

    Hello everyone! Today I'd love to show you all my newest MOC, which has certainly gotten me back into building. Without further ado, here is my Batmobile! More views on my flickr here: Main features include flickfires on the sides that you can adjust the angle of and it breaks off the wings holding them down. It looks really cool as a "Battle Mode" Thanks for reading and I hope you leave comments and criticism because I want to make this the best it can be.
  10. To liven the mood and keep my credit for posting stuff related to the word 'funny', I decided to make this thread to reflect on some fourm funnies and comments made. I'll start: I posted on Hedgie's incredible TECHNIC Compact Convertible what I saw In the build: System Bricks. I posted 'System at the front, Technic at the back' Jim (Technic Mod) Replied ' The Mullet Convertible'. Feel free to comment!
  11. OrangeKNight

    Hawken - War is a Machine

    Hey everyone! Hawken Just had a big Beta Event for the weekend so I fianlly got off my butt and got some game time in, had a blast! Between this and Mech Warrior Online looks like we'll have lots of Mech goodness for sometime! Hawken has a great Aesthetic so naturally it got my creative juices flowing! I had been having a good run with the Rocketeer mech, so I designed this guy based on it(or at leat it's weapons) Had a lot of fun with this, Hawkens Aesthetic and my Dense Building style meshed really well and I'm really liking hte overall size I got here, big enough for figs but small enough to be able to (relatively) easily build more than one or two! I think I'll try to build something based on the Assault Mech next, I've grown attached to it's big square head! So hit me up with any C&C you guys have, but keep in mind that these won't be you average LDD MOC, these are built and colored with Actual Bricks in mind! There are NO Floating parts, NO iffy connections and NO Parts in un-produced Colors(mistakes still happen thought), just keep it in mind. Mike
  12. Hello everyone, heres something I thought up this morning, and turned out great! POWERFUL trike driven by two buggy motors, with servo steering. V2 receivers plus my two 10 volt batteries mean this thing gets CONSTANT wheel spin. Notice in the video it never gets to top speed because it wont stay in a straight line on the wooden floor and tile. Might go for a speed run outside on the asphalt. It's almost impossible to flip. Enjoy! Pics+Video: I love the trans-clear 15l liftarms will post video later...