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Found 69 results

  1. I have a sealed copy of the May the Fourth/ Force Friday polybag promo Darth Revan. However, I am a big Marvel fan working towards collecting every minifigure, and found I just have this polybag sitting in storage. If anyone has a copy of the Silver Centurion video game promo they're willin to trade, please feel free to PM me. (Please, US offers only)
  2. Veronica - Hulkbuster Armour Module by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Veronica - Hulkbuster Armour Module by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Hulkbuster, Jackhammer Arm (Full Reveal Tomorrow!) by Adeel Zubair, on Flickr Full Gallery: Hulkbuster: ________________________________________________ Follow Me On... Facebook - Flickr - Instagram - Deviantart - Twitter - Youtube - LinkedIn - Behance - Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  3. [MOC] Hall of Armor

    Hello, I made a Hall of Armor display and wanted to share it with everyone! I also added a small little part that could possibly lead into Infinity War, Thanks for looking at my MOC, if you would like to see more of my work you can check out my Flickr page ~Davids19
  4. Meanwhile in LEGO City...

    Batman: "Not that I don't want to get involved, but its really more of a licensing thing..."
  5. Lego have gone with a simplified one piece (no movable visor) moulding for their latest set including Iron Man etc, whilst I like the fact that they give you hair pieces as well, I don`t like the design nearly as much as the old one I first saw when playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes with my great grandson. I thought it looked cool and it got me started collecting Iron Man minifigures, however I don`t think I`ll be as keen to collect this new style if Lego persist with it..what do you think? IMG_2418 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2422 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  6. Marvel Superhero Mechs!

    Inspired by the very good Hulkbuster LEGO set I present to you my Superhero mechs! The Iron Man one is a very slightly altered Hulkbuster. The others are original designs off the rough skeleton of the Hulkbuster. Let me know your thoughts and which is your favorite!
  7. I`,m a die-hard Batman fan, but this Marvel set at only £29.99,has Coulson,Lola and a new Iron Man Helmet mould and is a must have !!
  8. A stop-motion video I have spent month on making. I has been a great deal of fun and I hope that you will like it. It is a version of the comic book Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, witch I wasn't fully satisfied with. Please share your thoughts. Anyway, Deadpool wakes up after a beat down and realises that he has to kill every other superbeing in order to become the one.
  9. Spiderman Homecoming sets rumors

    (Captain Nemo said I needed to post this here) @Delta.Customs on Instagram, said that there were two SpiderMan Homecoming sets he knew. The sets were described as so: Set #1: A Bank robbery, Spidey and two robbers, The robbers had Avengers in their names. Set #2: Has a car, Includes Spidey, Vulture with brick built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. If you saw the trailer, this should all now sound familiar. Remember that @Delta.Customs' post was done two weeks ago. One scene from the trailer showed some men in Avengers masks robbing a bank, which adds up well to set one. We didn't see a specific set two scene in the trailer, but it's most likely a final battle anyway. We did see Vulture, with large wings, as well as a man many suspect to be the Shocker. We also saw Spidey swinging around by Iron Man. So in general, I'm pretty sure this guy's info is reliable. If you want to see an article, as well as the post, use this link. Tell me what you think? Merry Christmas Crap how do i delete this
  10. @Delta.Customs on Instagram, said that there were two SpiderMan Homecoming sets he knew. The sets were described as so: Set #1: A Bank robbery, Spidey and two robbers, The robbers had Avengers in their names. Set #2: Has a car, Includes Spidey, Vulture with brick built wings, Shocker, and Iron Man. If you saw the trailer, this should all now sound familiar. Remember that @Delta.Customs' post was done two weeks ago. One scene from the trailer showed some men in Avengers masks robbing a bank, which adds up well to set one. We didn't see a specific set two scene in the trailer, but it's most likely a final battle anyway. We did see Vulture, with large wings, as well as a man many suspect to be the Shocker. We also saw Spidey swinging around by Iron Man. So in general, I'm pretty sure this guy's info is reliable. If you want to see an article, as well as the post, use this link. Tell me what you think? Merry Christmas!
  11. Marvel mecha plus one

    So the sun was shining this Bank Holiday and I took advantage of it to photograph (badly) some of the Marvel Comics mecha that have been cluttering up my living room for the past month. First: the Inevitable Iron Man Hulkbuster. Hulkbuster Iron Man by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Fits one smug playboy philanthropist and exists mainly to see if I could. Hulkbuster Iron Man by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr But what's a giant fighting robot suit without another one to beat the rivets out of? Cue the Crimson Dynamo! Iron Man Vs Crimson Dynamo by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Based on the idea that the Dynamo is an enormous spacesuit gone crazy, as seen in the not-exactly-good Armored Adventures cartoon. The Crimson Dynamo by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Based on the idea that he never likes to be out-done, here's Doc Ock's Spider-Buster armour. Doc Ock's Spider-Buster by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr A not-quite standard torso for the minifigure inside: Doc Ock's Spider-Buster by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Scaling it down again, here's Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6. Hiro and Baymax by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr Somewhat ungainly flight: Hiro and Baymax by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr And lastly, a giant Cyber King based on Lego Dimenions and Jared If only I remembered . . .'s MOC of the same name. Cyber King by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr With Cybermen for scale: Cyber King by Librarian-Bot, on Flickr More pictures on Flickr- do drop in! Enjoy!
  12. Another year, another Comic Con, and as you probably know, TLG always likes to sell exclusive sets at these cons which are very popular. However, they are not the only exclusives being sold there. Another hugely popular SDCC exclusive are Funko's POP! vinyl figures. They are stylish, adorable representations of characters from various licenses. There are hundreds of them and collectors can't get enough of them. So, for this year's San Diego Comic Con, TLG seems to have decided to appeal to both LEGO and Funko fans by debuting their upcoming Brickheadz, a series of brick-built figures in a similar style to the POP! figs, just blockier. I was able to acquire one of the four sets that were available while I was at the con and it contains the stars of the latest Marvel blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War. So, do Lego bricks and the vinyl figure style go well together or do they clash like the two Marvel heroes did in the movie? Lets find out! Set Number: 41492 Name: Iron Man & Captain America Theme: Brickheadz Subtheme: Marvel Super Heroes Year of Release: 2016 Pieces: 184 Minifigs: 0 Price: $39.99 USD Links: Brickset Bricklink Before we begin, I would like to tell you about my experience at San Diego Comic Con. I have been going to this convention and its sister convention, Wondercon, for the past 3 years. I always enjoy it a lot as it is great to get together with other nerds and just geek out about the things you love. You can see everyone's cosplays, meet artists and celebrities, get sneak peeks for upcoming media, watch world premiere cartoons, and get neat stuff! However, with every passing year I have been noticing how increasingly crowded it has gotten, and the more crowded it got, the less enjoyable it has become. The first time I went to SDCC, I had no problem walking around, getting exclusives, and getting into the panels I wanted to see (except for the Marvel/DC ones in Hall H - those have always had a notoriously long line). But within just three years it has gotten to the point where navigating the exhibit hall is virtually impossible without pushing your way through masses of warm, sweaty people and you have to get in line for exclusives and panels multiple hours in advance to even stand a chance to enter them. I spent most of my time just standing in line in the hot summer sun and most of the time the exclusives were sold out or the panel was already over by the time I got halfway through the line, so I walked away with nothing but a bad sunburn and had to try my luck at the next line. The line for the exclusive minifigs stretched from one end of the convention center to the other and the worst thing is that most of the people were scalpers who were only there so they could sell them for ridiculous prices later. So while the panels and booths that I did get to see were great, I definitely think that TLG and the whole Comic Con team need to organize this event better somehow. Needless to say, I will think twice before I attempt to get an exclusive next time, if I even go at all. That said, after getting in line at 4 in the morning, getting lucky in the raffle, and standing in another line at the Lego booth to buy it for forty bucks, I did manage to get this set as a souvenir, so lets open this bad boy! The Box The set comes in a thick, shiny box which is much more sturdy than your average Lego box. The background transitions from a yellow/orange gradient on Iron Man's side to a black/red gradient on Captain America's side via a dot pattern which gives it that comic book feel. At the top of the front there is a big LEGO BRICKHEADZ logo and a little circle letting you know that this is a SDCC 2016 exclusive. Thanks yellow circle! I never would have guessed! The Brickheadz logo is a bit bland and the Z instead of an S seems a bit corny, but it's cute how they stylized the H to look like a Brickhead. On the bottom, there is the Marvel logo and labels for the two Brickheadz included in the set accompanied by a little icon for each of them which is a nice touch. The backside has a similar layout with the same logos, but what's fun is that the Brickheadz are shown from their backside here. It also features a picture that assures you that the figures are indeed removable from their base, and instead of the labels there is a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo. The sides of the box continue the theme of showing the Brickheadz as if the box was see-through by showing Iron Man's right-hand side on the left side of the box and Cap's left-hand side on the right. Even on top of the box you see the top of the "headz" of the Brickheadz. However, on the bottom you don't see the bottom of the figs. It's just black and there is a fancy tape stretching across it with the Brickheadz logo and a shadowy impression of the eyes of a Brickhead printed on it. Now I'm going to do something that is probably unthinkable for all those scalpers at SDCC: I'm actually going to open and build this Lego set! The way you open the box is you cut the tape at the bottom and slide the cover off. Contents The box contains one instructions booket and one parts bag for each Brickhead. Much like the box, the bags are not the usual kind. You don't need to rip them open as they have an easy to open flap on the back. They also each have a sticker with some mysterious numbers on it. This is the first page of both of the instruction booklets. It shows both of the SDCC exclusive Marvel Brickheadz sets together on the left side and a teaser image for the upcoming Brickheadz line on the right which confirms the release date of the theme to be March 1st, 2017. The instructions are presented on a solid black background which provides a nice contrast and gives you the sophisticated feeling that you are putting together a collectible display item rather than a kids toy. The callouts are clear and the build is very simple as it only involves some basic SNOT. Good news! There are no stickers in this set! All the decals are printed, giving us a nice assortment of exclusive parts. The most notable printed piece is the black 2x4 tile with the Lego logo and the hashtag "LEGOSDCC" which there are two of in the set. It bugs me a little that they put a hashtag onto the set itself as it seems like a blatant attempt to get social media exposure for the event, but at least it marks it as an SDCC exclusive. Aside from Cap and Tony's torso and helmet pieces, there is also the new Brickheadz eye tile and Iron Man's eye tiles which are trans-light-blue 1x1 tiles with a simple white square printed on it. As always, the light printing on dark parts is not very strong, so things like the "LEGO" and "A" fonts are not as white as they could be. There are also some new recolors in this set such as the 1x2 plate with clip in red and the 1x1 round tile with small tube in white. The trans-clear stud with handle from the latest Spider-Man sets is included as well. Now we know where Spidey got that new web-shooter tech from. Assembling the Avengers You can start the build with either one of the Brickheadz. I'd like to build these in alphabetical order, so let's start with the guy who has a big "A" on his forehead. The parts contained in the bag for Captain America are the following. You start the build from the waste up and add the legs later on as you've seen on the sample instructions page earlier. Two round bricks serve as a center support for the torso. All of the SNOT is achieved by using the double brick with four studs on the side which was introduced earlier this year. The inner walls of the head are entirely comprised of them. What's funny is that in the center of the head they included a 2x2 brick in pink so that it looks like there is a brick-shaped brain inside of the brick-headz. Well played, designers. Here is the finished Captain. He looks quite adorable with that big head and glissening eyes. It's interesting that they made the highlights in his eyes square to stick with the brick theme of these figures. Next up is Iron Man. He has a few more parts as you can see in the lineup below. Iron Man's torso is similar to Cap's, but it's more intricate as it uses a lot of headlight bricks to attach his armor plating (or should I say tiling?). The inner structure is the same, including the brain brick which is the same size as that of any other Brickhead. I guess Tony is not so smart after all. After you add the plates around the head and add the legs, you're finished! Iron Man looks quite good with his armor tiles and repulsor beams, and the trans-light-blue showing around the eyes gives them that blue glow that they have in the movies which is an effect that the minifig version has yet to achieve. My only gripe is that the red strip on his forehead is interrupted by a yellow line, but that's excusable. The Completed Set Don't they look adorable together? It's hard to imagine these little guys starting a civil war. Both of them are based on their comic counterparts, so their costumes look very colorful, especially when standing next to each other. As you can see looking at them from the front, the boost from Iron Man's jet boots makes him stand one plate taller than Cap and all the other Brickheadz. Also, the use of tiles on his chest and slopes on his shoulders give the impression that he is wearing armor. The printing on both of their faces and torsos is very minimalist, but works with the simplified look that they're going for. For comparison, here is a picture of Funko's POP! versions of these characters. They look quite similar, don't they? TLG is not even trying to hide the fact that they are copying Funko's style. Captain America looks almost the same and the only difference on Iron Man is the use of standard black eyes (although they did use white eyes in the later movie versions of the character). I like how they used that white claw piece to represent the little wings on Cap's helmet. I can see them using the same technique for the Flash. I also like the way Iron Man holds his repulsor beams. This trans-clear stud with handle is a very useful part and I hope they use the same technique for the Iron Man minifig in future sets. Like in the comics, the printing on Cap's costume is exactly the same on the back as it is in the front. It's a bit lazy, but it's nice to see that he does have printing here, unlike Iron Man who is completely blank. They already printed so many parts in this set, so it would have been nice if they would have just printed these two tiles too. Cap's shield-holding hand is different from his left hand as it uses the 1x2 plate variant with the clip on the short side rather than the long side. This is supposed to give the arm an angled look which sort of works, although it does look a bit awkward. I should also mention that they are obviously top-heavy, especially Iron Man, so they tend to fall over backwards when they are not standing on a flat surface. However, this can be fixed by mounting them onto the center of their base. When I first saw these, I was hoping that their heads and arms were mounted on turntables so that you could pose them a little bit like you can with the Funko POPs, but alas this is not the case. They have zero points of articulation, making them decidedly more display items than toys. Here they are compared to their minifig counterparts. As you can see, they are about twice the size of a minifigure. Ratings Design: 5/5 - I think both of these figures look great. The designers managed to replicate the cute vinyl figure look fairly well while putting their own blocky spin on it, and the pink "brain" brick is a nice touch. Build: 2/5 - A very quick and easy build with nothing special aside from some basic SNOT. Nothing challenging. Playability: 1/5 - The Brickheadz don't have any articulation or play features, so they are clearly meant to be displayed rather than played with. Although the fact that the set includes two characters who have quite a history in both the comics and movies does allow for some role play. Parts: 4/5 - Most of the bricks included here are fairly common, but they're useful nonetheless. Some of the parts are exclusive to the set and all decals are printed which is always nice to see, although the lack of printing on Iron Man's back armor is disappointing. Price: 1/5 - I know I don't really have a right to complain since most people have to pay extortion prices on ebay to get these, but $40 for just 184 pieces is way too high already for me. When these are officially released, I hope that they cost only half as much or less. Overall: 3/5 - I have never bought a vinyl figure since I try to limit myself to collecting only one type of toy (#Lego4Life ), but I do see the charm that people see in them, so when it was announced that Lego will be making their own Funko-style figures, I was quite excited. While I don't think that Lego will become a serious competitor to Funko and other real vinyl figures, I do think that these Brickheadz are pretty cool on their own. Kids might not be interested in them due to their lack of playability, but some adult collectors like myself might find them charming. That said, I do not recommend getting this set, especially at aftermarket prices. It's just too much money for two little figures that might get released for a much more reasonable price in about half a year. The only special thing about it is the packaging and the hashtag-tiles. The only reason I got it was that I didn't want to leave the con empty-handed. In conclusion, while the process of acquiring these wasn't much fun and I payed more for them than I would've liked, I don't regret getting them as they do look rather nice and I look forward to see what TLG will do with this theme. I really like the Brickheadz style and might even build some of my own! I hope you enjoyed this review, and since it's the trendy thing to do this year, I added a poll above where you can vote for your favorite superhero, so go and vote! It's sure to be an easier choice than the presidential election this year. To end this review, there are so many jokes that could be made with these, but I'll settle for this one:
  13. Because I can't present it on an exhibition this year, I show you my version of the Iron man's Hall of Armors. It may have some further improvements but it's almost done. From the bottom left : Mk 5 - Suit Case Armor, Mk 6, Mk 7, Mk 35 - Red Snapper, Mk 37 - Hammerhead, Mk 39 - Starboost / Gemini, Mk 45 - Bleeding Edge, Iron Legion Mk 44 - Hulkbuster From the bottom left : Mk 17 - Heartbreaker, Mk 22 - Hot Rod, Mk 30 - Blue Steel, Mk 32 - Silver Centurion, Mk 40 - Shotgun, Mk 42, Mk 43, War Machine Mk2, Iron Patriot Any new armors foreseen ? Pepper Potts ready to help ! I miss the last armors from the Civil War sets that I will buy this month. Comments are welcomed !
  14. Iron Man 3 (2013) - Hall Of Armour, Module Considering I've nearly collected every single LEGO Iron Man Minifigure I've decided to find a way of displaying them. The initial option was to go for the well known Hall Of Armour concept from Iron Man 3 (2013.) With this I tried to nail as much detail from the movie modules. One notable difference is the scale and proportions. I've decided if they are going to be designed in the LEGO medium it only makes sense to have them evenly proportioned relative to a Minifigure. Now that I have got this primary design off my chest I can move forward with a full concept to display them: -I could simply stack several modules / units on top of each other much like the Iron Legion glimpse we had towards the end of Iron Man (2013.) -The alternative is replicate the 'Hall Of Armour' as seen in Iron Man 3 (2013.) Including the small details seen in the 'Suit-Up' scene towards the start. The problem with this is that there is only space for five to seven armours. Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  15. [MOC]Iron Man - Hulkbuster

    This is my first MOC presentation on Eurobricks and here comes my version of the famous Hulkbuster armor : More pics on my Flickr. What do you think about ? The scale is chosen regarding my Hall of Armor presented in another topic.
  16. I need a copy of 5002946 Silver Centurion to complete my Iron Man armor collection and can't find one anywhere. I've checked every GameStop in my area, and the aftermarket prices are sky-high. I'd rather trade with a fellow EB'er then dish out $50+ to some Ebay scalper. I'd also be open to potentially trading for 5002957 Admiral Yularen. Here's what I have: Retail Polybags: 30286 Christmas Tree 30275 TIE Advanced Prototype 30311 Swamp Police Helicopter 30212 Mirkwood Elf Guard 30472 Parrot 30274 AT-DP 30303 The Joker's Bumper Car 30276 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 30349 City Car 30130 Mini Black Pearl Exclusive Minifigure Polybags: 5002145 Rocket Raccoon 5002125 Electro 5001621 Han Solo (Hoth) 5002948 C-3PO 30603 Batman Classic TV Series - Mr. Freeze Sets: 5004077 Target 2015 Minifigure Cube (Includes City Diver, Chima Wolf, Ninjago Kai, and DC Lightning Lad) I also have a lot of lightly used CMF's, just ask. Mostly S3 and later. I'd prefer to stay in the US or Canada, but I'd be open to trading internationally only if that deal involves the Centurion. Please PM me if interested. I have completed successful trades with fred67 and Legocrazy81 (now Vindicare) who can hopefully vouch for my trustworthiness. EDIT: Freeze is gone and I no longer need the Centurion, thanks to a helpful Brickset member. If somebody still wants to swap for Yularen, I'm open.
  17. Hello, this is my Review of the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes Set 'Super Hero Airport Battle' (76051) - 'Captain America 3: Civil War'. I like all builds of this sets (even the tiny Quinjet), but the Giant-Man is fantastic, what a fun build! Best wishes Andres
  18. Hello everyone at Eurobricks! I just recently got back into LEGO thanks to the Marvel Superheros sets (although I have been fiddling with LDD since a few years ago) and after deciding to collect Iron Man minifigs I realized I would need something to display them in. There are a few excellent minifig display MOCs that can be found on the web, but I wanted something a) I had made myself and b) would look indicative of the Iron Man setting while sitting on my desk. So, without further ado, here is my "small" Hall of Armor display / vignette, made in LDD and rendered in POVRay. I realize a Hall of Armor MOC is essentially an "everyone has done it" MOC, but I'm proud of how it turned it. This is the first MOC I have ever designed, so I'm taking a while convincing myself that it is finished before I decide to buy the pieces. The Hall of Armor "pods" are designed to hold any currently produced Iron Man figure, including War Machine and Iron Patriot with their turrets attached. Additionally, the upcoming Silver Centurion figure will be able to fit as well. Here's approximately what it would look like with the suits inside. I didn't pay a lot of attention to the minute details such as which suit has red or gold hands, for example, because I can't recreate them perfectly in LDD anyways. You can see these photos in 1080p in my Flickr album. Let me know what you think! Criticism is very welcome, as I am determined not to order the pieces to make this set until I am confident that it is display-worthy.
  19. MOC - "Avengers Lend a Hand"

    It had started out as a normal day taking picture for the Daily Bugle in Central Park. But when Doc Ock started photo-bombing the pictures, Peter Parker changed from his photographer's clothes into his Spiderman outfit. Spiderman had things mostly under control, but Doc Ock was proving to be a little harder to capture than normal. Just then the Avengers, on their way back from destroying a group of Skrulls, stopped to see what the fuss was about. "It's okay guys, I got this!" shouted Spiderman as he dodged a flying taxi. "This guys got 8 arms," said Tony Stark, "You only have 2, we'll pitch in and get this villain taken care of in no time!" "Actually, he only has 6 arms, then 2 legs" mumbled Spidy. "You guys won't let me be an Avenger and now you won't even let me take down my own villains! How is a guy supposed to get any respect around here!"
  20. Like many others, I thought the official Avengers Tower set was great as a playset, but looked a little lackluster on display, and went about Moc-ing my own. I've included some images here, hope you guys enjoy viewing it as much as I did building it. Overall shot: Tower Front by nivremis, on Flickr Other side: Tower Side by nivremis, on Flickr Open: Tower Open by nivremis, on Flickr Seven floors in total, I've included some interior shots here, but please feel free to go over to my Flickr account to see more. First floor: Inside 1 by nivremis, on Flickr Second floor: Inside 2 by nivremis, on Flickr Third Floor: Inside 3 by nivremis, on Flickr Fifth floor back view: Back view 3 by nivremis, on Flickr Top floor: Inside 7 by nivremis, on Flickr Descriptions of the floors are mostly listed on Flickr, along with close ups of the individual "rooms" on all seven floors. Comments and criticisms more than welcome, and thanks for looking!
  21. My son received the official Lego set from the Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Hulk Buster Smash - 76031 back in April. After seeing the movie several times, we both came away disappointed in what Lego produced. Honestly it just looked to thin and spindly and weak. I understand Lego was trying to stick to a certain price point with this set but still it was a let down in some design/color aspects. So my son and I this spring/beginning of summer set about to redesign/tweak the official set. Our first goal was to up armour the Hulk Buster exo-skeleton and change the colors to more dark red and gold. We redesigned the legs, chest/abdomen, and back. My son came up with the more functional opening chest/abdomen/ribs that also help to hide all the exposed holes. As far as the Hulk containment apparatus, our goal was to make it more symmetrical, change the color, and make it a bit more playable w/out making it into something more movie accurate. Both pieces now definitely feel a little more playable/displayable and the Hulk Buster Armour actually looks like it can take some hits. Additional Images can be found here: And here is a link to the original set:
  22. Hello lads! Today, i present to you proudly my next project: Busts! Noo, not the face/posture bust. This is more like a vignette just called Busts Making a Bust is simple, it needs: 1 middle section 2 side sections And that's it, they need to be able to be seperated to have one bust of each character. So i've already made 4 side busts and i'm working on the 2 middle sections of them (Hawkeye almost done) So here we have: Captain America Iron Man Thor And my favourite Avenger: Quicksilver So i hope you enjoy my project! more to come in the near future! Cheers lads, - Kevkipo
  23. Brick Flicks Marvel VS DC

    This is the closest thing to an arcade style Marvel VS DC game in LEGO. Would you play?
  24. [SWvsM - Cat. A] Duel on Kamino

    I forgot to add the -Cat. A- to the title...Hope someone can do that soon.. One second Iron Man is fighting Whiplash on a race course. (Iron Man 2) The next second, he is in a hallway on Kamino, watching a fleeing Jango and Boba race to their ship. (SW Episode 2) Iron Man stops them and asks where he is, to which Jango starts attacking this stranger. In two swift hits to the face, Tony’s faceplate had fallen off, and the fight has begun. (Overview) Jango used a grapple to tie Tony’s arms to his side. Tony: Jarvis! You there? Jarvis: Yes sir, 58% Power. Tony: Great! Didn’t need to know that. Options? Jarvis: Activating repulsors. Then, Iron Man suddenly jolted backwards towards the closing door, but Jango still pulled. Jango: Another bucket helmet! See Boba? This guy looks nearly exactly like the other bucket helmet I encountered on Tatooine years ago. And he came out of nowhere too! Boba: Get him, dad! Get him! Jango: Boba, Get to the ship before Kenobi catches us, Go! Boba: Okay, meet you there! (Overview 2) The fight continued, then suddenly, Iron Man vanished right before Jango’s eyes. And Jango paid no mind to it and ran towards his ship saying, “Ah well, easier dealing with this one than the one with the Merc for some reason….” Iron Man was back on the race track and no time had passed at all, and due to his unawareness from the teleportation, Whiplash was able to strike him down. I fit this in-between two movies… Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! And as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar