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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all! I have recently started taking interest in Lego medieval MOC's and I was wondering if there is any kind of basic inventory to start the collection with. I mean an inventory of the most commonly used 20-50 items in these kind of builds, the absolute must have pieces. I've been experimenting with bricklink wanted lists, but some advice from the experienced builders would be much appreciated! :) Have a nice day!
  2. HOW IT IS WORK: Manage your LEGO set collection, and build an inventory of the parts in those sets. This is remastered version of application with this same name that was brought to as by Jim Valavanis on SourceForge. Is focus on work without internet. Protect user privacy as much as possible. Connection with outside is used when images, price guides must be downloaded. Information about sets | parts can be imported from *.xml file /BrickLink order/ or from *.csv file /BrickLink or Rebrickable set data/. DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk, i decline any responsibility for anything that may happen to you using the program. DOWNLOAD: Runnable version /Windows platform/ The LDraw images used as parts images GitHub repository 2018-02-18: Add LDraw support Update db_urls.txt Upgrade GUI Improved missing image file download Fix some bugs
  3. I have had an account on BASEBRICK for a few years now, and now I am starting to use it more. I find it very useful for many inventory things, and now I find the "Can I Build This Set" function very useful. I know it costs money to keep a site running, especially one with large storage and bandwidth requirements. My question is how many of you donate to this site and how much is a reasonable donation? I plan to donate, but I want to make a meaningful donation without it being too much or too little (i.e. insulting to the site owner). So what are you doing? Any Ideas will be much appreciated. Thanks. Andy D
  4. Hello Someone know how to import to excel a set inventory with parts weight? I know its shown in Brickstock, but I'd like to manage the weight in excel. Thanks, Eli
  5. To have an aid for building mocs I started to make LDD palettes of every new set I purchase, but with the last sets (Chima and Ninjago) I gave up because LDD was missing the parts (until today). Now I'm in trouble since I also put in a separated palette all the spare parts the sets contained, and for the latest sets I just mixed up all the parts. Is there someone which knows how to find those spare parts? I could guess some parts with 90% of accuracy, like the cheese parts or the 1x1 round plates, maybe some minifig accessories/weapons too. Rebrickable has the extra parts of some sets which are often used for the calculations, but often those lists are incomplete. Building all the sets/re-count all the parts with the booklets and separate the pieces I purchased from pick-a-brick would be a solution, as there will remain only the spare parts, but with at least 8000 parts it will take a lot :P
  6. I am sure there must be topics on this, but I think I'm using the wrong search terms! I recently bought a job lot of Lego, which came with no instructions and no indication of which sets might be in it (or how complete they may be). I have discovered a few unique bricks whilst I've been sorting, and using those, I've been able to establish a couple of sets that must've been owned at one point. I've been trying to work out what the most logical way of cataloguing these pieces would be. Currently, I have accounts on Peeron and Brickset, and I have got the, "I own this set," markers. I know on Peeron, that enables me to see if I am able to build other sets from my collection, but I don't really use that function as all of my sets are complete and built. What I would like to do is catalogue the entirety of this jumble (I might be slightly mad, there's tonnes of it) so that I can see which sets I could build out of the pieces, preferably without requiring pieces from my existing complete sets. I'm guessing this might require a new account that's separate to my own complete sets? Or would require me to delete my complete sets from my collection? I think it would also be handy to have a record of which bricks I have, so that when I want to build an MOC, I can check on the computer to see if I have the parts required. So, how do you guys do it? Do you use a website such as Peeron, or do you have a spreadsheet, or is there a special programme that you use?
  7. I am attempting to get a handle on my inventory of sets and parts. I set up a Brickset account, but it only lists sets, not indiviual parts. I then found that I could export my sets info to a Peeron account, so I did that. I now find that there are numerous sets I have for which Peeron has no set inventory, so I am left with holes in my parts inventory. Then I found that Peeron has an inventory submission process and that one of the input formats is Bricklink XML. Is there a problem with me exporting the Bricklink XML and submitting the set info to Peeron? Andy D