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Found 4 results

  1. Dragcitygrl

    Grand Piano

    This set is truly awesome. I am at the stage where the key cover has to go on and I have hit a wall. It will attach and close, but it will not open all the way. The black keys are preventing it from being able to fully open. Anyone else experience this issue? Any and all advice is welcome...TIA
  2. CommanderR

    [MOC] Symphony Orchestra

    Hi everyone! I have been a member on these forums for around 10 years now, but have mostly been viewing the forums, so haven't posted any creations of my own until this one. Just wanted to start off by saying hi and briefly introducing myself. My name is Daniel, I'm also known as CommanderR here on Eurobricks and PieceOnEarth over on LEGO Ideas. I am currently studying engineering at university and I'm also a musician and Lego fan. Fusing my two passions of music and Lego together, I had this idea of building a Lego orchestra! A few weeks ago, I finished the model design (using LDD) and I am happy to share it here with you all! Welcome to the Symphony Orchestra! My focus was designing a model that I believe would fit will with the normal Lego set scale. With that in mind, I knew I needed to skim down a 60-instrument orchestra to around 15-20 minifigures. I tried to add as many details as possible, resulting in some printing for the sheet music. Can you guess what song they are playing? One of my visions for the model was that it would have the ability to be customized easily to suit the purpose of any show. The orchestra needs a place to store their instruments, warm up and relax. Welcome backstage! I love classical music and wanted to decorate the lounge room with some paintings, so those of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven seemed like a perfect fit! This lounge is where the musicians can relax and grab a refreshing drink. Here are a couple more photos of the backstage, instruments, and overall model: I also have recently added the Symphony Orchestra on Lego Ideas. So, if you like it, please head on over there (link below) and give it your support. That would be really appreciated! Thank you for viewing! I hope you have enjoyed it. Let me know what you think
  3. This project, presented on Lego Ideas, comprises a classical symphonic orchestra on an out-door stage. The orchestra comprises the director, 9 violin playing minifigs (3 violin 1, 3 violin 2, 3 alto), 3 cello playing minifig, 2 contrabasso playing minifig, 1 piano player, 1 drummer, 1 cymbalist, 1 Timbali player, 2 Horn players, 2 Saxophon players, 2 clarinet player, 2 tuba player. Hence, a total of 26 minifigs and as many instruments. The stage comprises a dark red curtain closing the rear part, and lightenings all around on the top. So, if you like this work, you can support it here : Classical Orchestra
  4. Hi all, I know there's quite a number of official molded musical instruments out there, but I need to know if I'm missing any. These are the ones I have so far: Bagpipes, released with the CMF Series 7 Bagpiper Electric Guitars, released with the CMF 4 Rocker and CMF 7 Pop Girl Stephanie's Electric Guitar, from the Friends Line. Fabuland Drums, released back in the 80's (and hard to find in the States) Fabuland Tuba, released back in the 80's (also hard to find in the States) Fabuland Accordion, released back in the 80's (not as hard to find) Bugle (also a trumpet), released back in the late 90's in the Western line. Maracas, released with the CMF Series 2 Mariachi Man Wooden Flute, released in the Harry Potter "The Forbidden Corridor" set (2001) ~~~ Sets these have appeared in: The Tuba obviously in Pierre Pig and his Tuba The Accordion in Robby Rabbit's Accordion Drummer Gabriel Monkey has the drums Pierre and Gabriel make an appearance here. The bugle appears in a whopping 10 sets: I was genuinely surprised that the bugle appears in so many sets (especially the soccer set). I'm not too surprised it appeared in the Time Twisters line, since every random part was stooped in there. I think the designers of that line were on acid. The Flute has appeared in the 2001 Harry Potter "The Forbidden Corridor" set. Thanks to Tragic Banjo for pointing that out. In my opinion, any old pipe that size would do for a band, especially since the flute from that set is hard to come by. (Only 22 lots on Bricklink for it) The Electric Guitar is from Stephanie's Rehearsal Stage. Thanks to Artanis I for finding this. Similar to the "V" shaped electrical guitars. So, what else am I missing? In short I'm trying to put together a marching band, and it's rather hard to do with only four instruments (right now the ones that make sense that I have are the bugle, tuba, accordion, and bagpipes) and the accordion and bagpipes don't even make that much sense.