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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, Was just browsing the board and noticed @Forresto asking about Rebels style Tie Fighters, so I pulled up the ones I designed a little while back that I hadn't posted yet. I haven't had time to build them in real bricks yet, but once I get some free time I'll probably give it a go. First up in the Standard Rebels Tie Fighter; I combined multiple techniques from different builders from here and on Flickr to get the ball as round as possible, I can't remember who right now, but if I remember I will try to add names. Changing the wing size from the standard was a bit of a pain but this seams to hold together. Next is my version of the Inquisitor's Tie Advanced Prototype; The wings were also a pain to build on this one, I tried to keep them as thin as possible, which unfortunately means they aren't the strongest design, but they will work for now. Hope you all enjoy, I realise tie fighters are a dime a dozen, but I tried to go in a different direction with my design to better fit the Rebels aesthetic.
  2. Hello everyone! It's my first time ever sharing any of my animated films here, so I thought I'd share some of my newest films of my first series called: STAR WARS INQUISITION Set before the events of A New Hope, the Empires hunts down the remnants of the Jedi who had escaped the Order 66 purge. The Emperor would form an order of Force Users known as Inquisitors to find and bring the Children of the Force to the Darkside or let them share the same fate as the Jedi. These are the stories of the Inquisitors and those who were a part of the Inquisition. Star Wars Rebels: Inquisitor Mara Jade by AJV777, on Flickr Star Wars Inquisition: Child of the Force (on Youtube) by AJV777, on Flickr STAR WARS Ruins of the Sith by AJV777, on Flickr See them all here: I hope you all like them and would appreciate hearing what you all think. Stay tuned for more in the future! :)
  3. Hey guys! Like I mentioned in my first thread, I enjoy making brickfilms and here is my latest film Star Wars Rebels: Inquisitor Mara Jade Set before the events of A New Hope. After the Emperor formed an order of Force users known as the Inquisitors to hunt down the last remnants of Jedi, a young Mara Jade must prove herself worthy of the title: Inquisitor. I am hopeful that this could be the beginning of a new series of films that would focus more on the villains of Star Wars and show the universe from their perspective. So feel free to root for the bad guys. Hope you like it so far and be sure to Stay Tuned For More!
  4. Hey, my first review here... not sure if it's ok and if I actually CAN post a review here yet but if not - please moderate this :] So: Set Name: TIE Advanced Prototype Set #: 75082 Theme: Star Wars Pieces: 355 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2015 MSRP: USD $39.99 I bought this set in a polish SMYK store yesterday (so a bit earlier than it was supposed to be out). I overpayed for it quite a lot but then again that's what "impulse-purchase" is all about :) Box/Instructions The box itself is quite nice. Not too big, not too small. Instructions are easy to read and pretty standard. There's a small sticker sheet as well, consisting of 6 small stickers. Parts There are 355 parts in this set. They're all pretty standard ranging from light-gray to dark-gray and black. Some red transparent bricks are also present. I think this set has a new part -> (sorry for being an ignorant) an L-shaped light-gray brick with no studs. You can see it on the stock pictures on "top" of the wings (I think it's called a "tile" ;] ). Other than that - the printed domes are also interesting pieces. Minifigures The figs are basically what should draw you to this set. The Inquisitor is AMAZING. It has a new helmet, shoulder-pads and a lightsaber. This fig is pure awesome. It's definitely a must for all the SW minifig collectors out there. You also get a TIE Pilot (I think it's a new fig as well - different helmet from the last TIE Fighter Pilot we had) and an Imperial Officer (which also has "new" tag on the box meaning it's an exclusive!. Pure Empire gold! The build The build is devided to 3 stages. Bag 1 - Cockpit. Bag 2 - "Wing-holders". Bag 3 - Wings. The build is rather fast and a bit repetetive as the wing-holders are basically a mirrored versions of each other and the wings are a build of x4 of the same thing. The completed model The model looks rather good. It has a flicker-cannons (?). You can open the glass dome and the top dome so you can put a minifig inside. The only issue I have with this model is the size of it comparing it to the last TIE Fighter. But then again when I look at -> <- it MIGHT actually be the right size. EDIT: One thing that you might find a bit annoying are the wings. They are NOT attached like in the old Vader's TIE meaning they don't have certain "steps" of possible arrangement if you know what I mean. Here you can fold the wings to whatever position you want (well.. "inside" at least). This means that if you open up the wings and put in on a table or whatever flat surface, they MIGHT fold back in a bit which will make the model fall. It's not really something that will make this model a NO, but still it's tad annoying. Overall opinion The model is nothing extraordinary. It's a standard TIE set and it will look good with the other TIEs in your collection. The minifigs tho, are a MUST! Minifigures: 10/10 Parts: 6/10 Build: 5/10 Price: 8/10 - I'll just say I found this set on an auction for 200 PLN (about 46 euros) and for that - it IS a pretty good price. Like I said, I did overpay for it at the local toy store. Design: 8/10 Playability: 9/10 Overall: 46/60 = 77%
  5. Reekardoo


    Hello. My most recent MOC and a new addition to the Galaxy Command Universe I created. This frigate was developped after Earth's liberation war. With the nebulons vanquished and with so much tech lost in the debris, that could be used, the HUN (Humanity's United Nations) developped a new kind of ship capable of defeating nebulon capital ships still roaming the emptiness of space. Each ship has two pilots, 8 marines an one Inquisitor or an Executor :D If you wanna know more just ask! Bricks: ca 2300 360ยบ turntable in cockpit and wings two spring shooter hidden in hull compartment Let me hear your thoughts The link for ideas - If you could also help reach 10000 voters, I'd appreciate that - Thanks! Cheers!