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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to complete this build a few weeks ago. Hayfever was quitte extreme this year. It almost caused a builders block. The plan was a bit different from what it has become. The Alpha Team has infiltrated the base of Ogel. Crunch is placing the explosives at the power core, which is needed for the orbs. Charge is at the lookout. Cam is at the computer, trying to find the man behind all of this. Dash and Radia are hidden. They have spotted the guards walking towards Charge and Crunch. Can Crunch and Charge hide themselves or should Dash create a diversion? For more pictures, please look into my Flickr album.
  2. In the future I want a chemical plant to be part of my BrickPolis as I have a background in chemistry and am working for a chemical company. This 8-wide industrial train is used to supply the plant of needed raw materials. It contains a Vossloh G400B tender in NS livery (Dutch Railroad) for moving the wagons around. The Vossloh model is designed by Dennis Tomsen which I reverse engineered from two pictures and adapted to run with PoweredUp. The Box Car behind contains the PU hub. Behind that a simple Tank Wagon for which I found a building instruction but without mentioning of the creator. The Sphere Wagon is my own design and uses the new 4 x 4 round corner dome top bricks. The part list contains all parts of all 4 elements but separate Bricklink XML and PDF parts list per train element are available in the files section, as well a a sticker sheet. RED parts in the building instructions can be replaced by any color! Separate building instructions and part lists for free on my Rebrickable:
  3. The last time this older 7-wide industrial saddle tanker steam loco design was seen in complete form in the real world was in 2014. I have since added working pistons and an "American" style headlight for use on my US layout. (These working pistons were inspired by Hunterdobb's 2015 replica of Lady from the Thomas and the Magic Railroad movie as seen here on Flickr.) The bulk of the original model was a ScotNick creation inspired by Thomas and Friends engine "Stanley". Here we see the @ScotNick engine circa 2013. The rear of the loco, with the "glowing" firebox showing. As you probably know by now, BRS (as stated on the tank sides) stands for Brick Railway Systems, my fictional railroad company. Anyway, I thought this engine looked cool, and I don't think there was a thread about it that was a stand-alone or at least recent enough to bump up and edit, since just added the pistons two weeks ago. As usual Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome!
  4. Well,the "build a futuristic Vehicle"-Bug bit me again and i checked i Folder of cool Scifi Artworks for Inspiration. I found this Artwork of a Toxic Waste Truck with Trailer from the Cartoon Show "Motorcity" and i really liked it,so i gave it a go. motorcity-Brandon-2-759x1024 The Truck itself is pretty much done,but i´m having trouble designing the protective Cage for the toxic Waste Tank. concept concept #1 concept #3 Maybe one of you Guys have a good Idea.It doesn´t have to look exactly like in the Artwork,just a rugged Rollcage similar to the one in the Artwork would be okay. concept #4 I uploaded the lxf File just in Case:
  5. Henchmen4Hire

    Industrial Hoverbike

    Another experiment using parts I've never used before. I used hammers, wrenches, a scuba thing and backpack as an engine, skates, that yellow shield thing in front, chainsaw and zipline tools as some kind of belt-drive, etc. The wedgeplates in back can be removed to service the greeble under the bike. Happy with how it turned out, though I'd have to build it with real bricks to align some of the parts correctly. Industrial Hoverbike by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr Industrial Hoverbike 2 by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr
  6. Originally built by my father in 2004-ish, this building is one of my dad's biggest creations. I modified it and brought it up to my specifications... okay, I whinged it from looking at the model about two years ago. I took some liberties, (and made some mistakes) with the original model. For example: the first version had a smaller smokestack, (diameter wise) and a different Railroad loading dock. I also changed the roof to be removable to allow access to the inside. The factory was originally built in sand red, not regular red. Since this color is extremely expensive and hard to find, I used regular red with modern white window frames plus light blue glass. This end of the factory has a ladder to the top of the smokestack. Inside view with the removable roof taken off. I never finished this part (neither did my Dad), and probably never will. As to what it is supposed to produce... that's up to your imagination. The boxcars were inspired by this red 2014 design by Flickr user lets_play_lego. The doors open about four studs to let freight (or hobos) inside. The grille parts on the sides of the car are supposed to be ladders to access the roof walkway. The freight cars are already built in real life, but the factory is too expensive to build right now by me... maybe someday! The LDD file for both factory and boxcars is available here. Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  7. o0ger

    [MOC] Persistence

    "Persistence" - Exodus Fleet Mobile Construction Yard Persistence by o0ger, on Flickr Length: 105 studs Number of parts: not a clue This is where most vessels in the Exodus fleet are constructed and repaired. The mobile refinery supplies the construction yard with refined metal from nearby asteroids. Persistence - Details by o0ger, on Flickr Currently a batch of fighters are loaded up for testing in the main hangar. In the mid ship construction dock a new Attack Frigate is under construction. This is my SHIPtember SHIP for 2016. My goal was to use that big yellow Duplo part, and use some kind of lighting. The ship's interior is somewhat lit up by a EL-wire and the construction dock is lit by lifelites. Persistence - Side by o0ger, on Flickr
  8. The following creations were made with help from about five people, not including myself. Please see each model for more details. The steam switcher was originally a model by Scotnick, which had no working pistons and was colored white and red. I borrowed some pistons from one of HunterDobbs' engines, and now have added updated saddle tanks courtesy of Canvas Rails / TF Twitch. (Canvas made the original 0-4-0 design where the tank originated, which TF Twitch recreated, this leading to the adding of it to this 0-6-0.) Oh, and by the way: the gears on the steamer are standing in for six Big Ben Bricks medium steam engine drivers. (four flanged, two blind) The rear of the engine features warp-around stripe design. The number of the engine goes on the four studs, while BRS goes on the three studs. The diesel was designed by Flickr member "RIZING!" and modified by me to be little taller and come in tan. I also removed some parts that are unavailable in black. The diesel could be motorized with either 9V or PF motors and associated items. Also, I must say I really like the stairs at both ends of the engine that RIZING! designed. The rear of the switcher now has three tail-lights. The number of the engine goes on the four studs, while the three studs is reserved for the letters BRS. I will be building these locos sometime early next year.
  9. The Story The Storm Riders once lived in one of the two moons of the Phantasy Realms world. But such a moon was consumed by a lightning storm destroying it. This is how the first drakes came to the world of Phantasy - they fled from their once peaceful home to reach to a land of turmoil and war. They first met the storm riders and shared their lightning knowledge with them and for a while they found a new home - a new place to live. Such knowledge gave the storm riders some leverage fighting the lava wizards whose quest for more land seemed insatiable. And peace settled in... Centuries later, some drakes decide to leave and explore the world, thus giving origin to the great Drake diaspora. In this path, drakes began breathing fire as a result of sometimes eating gold and drinking from lava pits. However, many drakes remained faithful to the riders. As time went by, the Storm Riders Dwarven neighbours, tired of being the only ones in Phantasy that held no special power apart from digging deep and trading expertise, decided to invest in a University to research archane powers to increase their influence. Needess to say they found no help either from the elves nor the mystical wizards - their magical secrets were not to be shared with the Iron Dwarven. So their investigation began exploring nature and if there was power to retrieve from it... and recently, they discovered the power of the spark. This began the Dwarven Industrial era. They built many machines and contraptions to help in their daily needs. But once the Iron Dwarven began applying their newfound technology on weapons and vehicles, the Storm Riders knew war was coming and they should act fast. Only one faction should control the power of the spark. Who will it be? You choose :D The set This set would portray a skirmish in the great battle for the spark. It includes two Storm Riders and a buildable dragon with wings that flap up and down and front to back, moveable tail and neck. It also includes two Dwarven Science Guild members in their steampunk tesla tank with moveable driving crank. 360º rotating cannon tower, two spring missiles and a crystal accessible from the back to power up the engine. And soon to be on ideas per friend's request :D
  10. snaillad

    MOC: Studdington Station

    Hi everyone, its been a while since my last build, so here it is my latest project Studdington Station. I don't consider myself a train enthusiast or expert, hence there is no engine in this MOC, but as I enjoy making buildings and a little landscaping I thought this would be a nice way to combine my interests. I figure all towns and cities need a train station so I've put it in here! although the admins may wish to move as appropriate. This has took way much longer than I would of liked to finish but it's eventually been done. It was influenced by many British countryside stations build in the Victorian era. A lot of these buildings are now defunct due to low usage and have been converted in to homes and other business's. Due to my small desk, I've cut the size of the platform considerably so it's not realistic at all! There is no interior this time sadly. I'll save my ideas for another project! There is a few 'untidy' areas which I perhaps could of eventually figured out a better solution for but just wanted to get it finished. Anyway, enough waffle and on with the pics, there is only 5 in total this time and I've posted them all below; If you wish to view them in flickr the link is here: Comments welcome in any form! Cheers
  11. Here is an early prototype concept from Nathanaël for a new supercar... The gearbox placement is vertical behind the mid mounted engine, which is pretty unique and it works off of a slick linkage system... This will defintiely be progress to keep an eye on... More information HERE
  12. Here we with my first entry for SoNE Episode VI: Bounty Hunter Hunt on Fondor: Searching in the logs... but it's gone... C&C are always welcome, I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! Wedge09's squad was sent on the trace of Boba Fett; sent on the industrial planet of Fondor; their objective was to search in the logs of one of the most important spaceport of the planet in search of the Slave I. Disguised as industrial workers, the team of Rebels adventured into the depths of Fondor until they got under the spaceport, more precisely to a maintenance node from which they could access the IT infrastructure. "The perimeter is secured, if the Imperials come, we should have time to get out..." "Ok..." the man at the console replied with a monosyllable while he went deeper into the IT infrastructure of the spaceport. "Here are the logs..." he said after a while, on the screen had appeared the names of all the ships that had arrived and departed from the spaceport, with the identification number, the time of arrival and the time of departure. Searching in the logs, the name Slave I appeared but when they saw the arrive and departure time, the soldiers cursed. The Slave I and Boba Fett with it had arrived and had gone before the Rebels could do anything. "Ok, let's back to the ship, we have to warn the command about this..."