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Found 5 results

  1. Are you ready for the Solo, a Star Wars story movie? If you're not, do not worry. You're not alone. There is nothing to spoil in this review so please proceed without hesitation. The movie is not yet out and besides, my 16th RA review is just a battle pack. You might be thinking, after a long break this dude only comes back with a puny little set to review? My reply to that: "I know". Overview Name: 75207 - Imperial Patrol Battle Pack Theme: Star Wars / Rogue One Year: 2018 (1H) Pieces: 99 Minifigures: 4 Price: GBP 12.99 / USD 14.99 / EUR 16.99 / SGD 29.99 / MYR 79.90 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction Since the introduction of the new trilogy and anthology Star Wars movie, we began seeing more diverse design of armoured troopers. On the flipside, It’s hard to imagine that there aren't many variations of Imperial uniforms. Apart from knowing that the empire has dedicated droids to do all the ironing to make the imperial uniforms look presentable, the imperial uniforms are generally grey and black with almost the same design. Anyway, I am getting side-tracked. Let's check out the packaging first. Front panel The Solo movie is supposed to display the height of the Imperial power because in the Star Wars timeline the new movie happens before Rogue One. This is evident in this set showing the Imperial Patrol Troopers riding Interceptor Speeder Bikes. According to Star Wars databank, the Patrol Stormtroopers use the speeder bikes to cover distances across sprawling settlements and cities. Back panel The back panel just shows the studs shooters in action. Yeah... that's it. Side Panels Nothing much to see on the side panels of the packaging. Now, let's open the box and start building. Build Unboxing contents Inside the box, we have 2 plastic bags without number and a single instruction booklet. Good news: there is no sticker sheet! This is a fairly small set so all the loose parts are meant for a single build which is called Imperial Interceptor Speeder Bike according to Star Wars databank. The back of the instruction booklet displays the other available sets for the latest wave of Star Wars playsets. Bag Contents These are all the contents available. There is nothing particularly exciting about the parts included but this is not the set that you will buy mainly for the parts afterall. There is one relatively new part which is the black 2x2 modified tile with 2 studs on the edge that is used as the top piece for the driver's seat. Apart from that, there is no outstanding new part in my opinion. You do get 3 printed 1x1 round tiles with an Imperial logo, one of which is a spare. For the build itself, this battle pack has a very practical use of parts despite it looking boring. The speeder bike design is very pragmatic and simple. In order to achieve the shape of the frame, it uses several Technic axles, Technic bricks, lift arms and hinges. As a result, the speeder bike has a very sturdy build. Front view By far, the least attractive front view of any Star War speeder bike. The lack of curvy styling isn't really the set designer's fault because when you see the speeder bike in the movie trailer (the speeder bike chase scene where someone flips in the air), it is really meant to be utilitarian. It is also faithful to the design with a size approximately close to minifig scale -- highly commendable for a battle pack like this. There are also 2 stud shooters attached in front for additional play feature for younger builders. The stud shooters also make the speeder bike look more fierce as they add more character to the seemingly boring vehicle. Completed Imperial Interceptor Speeder Bike Here is the complete speeder bike. The side profile is very angular giving the allusion of raw power and that the speeder bike is meant for pursuit. Do you see the protruding black antenna on the left side of the speeder? I don't what is that for, but I am happy there is something different at the sides that makes the speeder slightly asymmetrical. Side view The bottom of the speeder is just a plate and there is no hidden wheel or glider. Kids will need to use the power of imagination to make-believe the speeder bike is floating. Parts As mentioned earlier, there isn't much notable part included in the set except those that I already mentioned. Once completed, you are left with these extra parts. Do note that all 4 minifigures carry a stud shooter and the speeder bike has 2 shooters as well. In total there are 6 stud shooters in the set. Therefore, having only 7 1x1 round plate spares isn't that much after all. Always Buckle Up! *only the speeder bike & Patrol Trooper are included in the set Minifigures Now let's get to the meat of this review. The minifigure selection in this set is perhaps the top reason people will buy the set. The set is obviously meant for army builders. Taking into account that the official description of the set describes the two uniformed minifigures as a recruitment officer and an Imperial Emigration officer, I don't believe people will actually build an army of recruiters or emigration officers. Of course, someone could possibly do that as well but more likely, people will pay for this set for the Patrol Troopers. TLG is generous to include 2 of them in the set. Front view with headgears The Recruiter Officer has a new face print with facial hair and sideburns. Judging by the uniform insignia, the army recruiter is also a captain. The officer from 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer also has sideburns so perhaps this style is common to captains. The torso print is also new with updated creases and folds, and now with 2 code cylinders, one on each chest pocket. I don't recall any officer with dark bluish grey legs with printing yet, which is frustrating because by right these officers should have those black boots. The dual moulded DBG legs with black boots are already used in other minifigures in DC Superheroes (Batman) and Ninjago (Shade) so other than reducing the production cost, I don't know why we don't get these dual moulded legs. The fact that LEGO sets put a premium price on these licensed sets, it's fair to demand accuracy of these minifigures. So if TLG is reading this, please put boots on the Imperial officers next time. Moving on, the Emigration Officer has the same helmet used by Imperial Navy Trooper and Death Star Trooper. The front torso print is new but it is very similar torso to the Imperial Ground Crew, just slightly more detailed. Unfortunately, the knee pads pattern used in Imperial Ground Crew were not re-used so there is no leg printing for the Emigration Officer. I doubt the Emigration Officers use knee pads at work, so legs without printing look fine for this minifigure. Finally, we move on to the stars of this set - the Imperial Patrol Troopers. These specialised Stormtroopers patrol the cities controlled by the Empire. Gladly, they come with a well-deserved and highly-detailed torso and leg printings. You look at the Patrol Trooper helmets and they remind you of the classic Stormtrooper bucket helmets but with reinforced forehead armour similar to Tank Troopers in Rogue One, albeit smaller. The air vents (frown) is not pointy, the conduit housing is black, the vocoder speaker is bigger (probably to shout louder at people), and the eye visor looks different. It's not the same but it l looks so familiar. It's very pleasing to know that the helmet is dual moulded. Can you imagine if they do this in the classic OT Stormtrooper? Maybe it is not necessary for the OT Stormtroopers because the black colour does not cover such a big area unlike the Patrol Trooper but it is interesting that we are getting more dual moulding in Star Wars. Hopefully dual moulding for arms and legs will catch up soon. If you look inside the helmet you can also see the small hole in the forehead area. Back view with headgears The back printing for all the minifigures is superb. Note that the black part of the Patrol Trooper helmet is not ink printing - it is entirely made of dual-moulded ABS plastic. I don't believe that printing around the helmet will give justice at all so it's great that it is made of dual-moulded plastic. Side view The side printing is totally absent in all these minifigures unless you count the helmet printing as 'side' printing. Front view without accessories/headgears Removing the head gears, we can see more faceprints from the 2 officers. As for the Patrol Troopers, I have 3 words: angry clone trooper!! Back view without accessories/headgears There is only 1 minifigure with dual faceprint -- Emigration Officer. The alternative faceprint looks like an irritated snarky face. Comparison of black and white bucket-heads I lined up the most recent releases of the Stormtrooper variants. To me, nothing beats the original trilogy (OT) design. They all look nice but the refinement of the OT design over years of iteration makes it the most pleasing Stormtrooper to my eyes. That is not to say the other Stormtrooper designs are ugly; all of them are great minifigures. How about you? What's your favourite Stormtrooper design? Zoom-zoom! Conclusion There isn't much to say about this little set. It's good because the build is okay for its size. The parts are not really excellent even though they could be used for other purposes. The minifigures are great even though the majority of the buyers will likely purchase the set just for the 2 Patrol Troopers -- myself included. The official set description is a little self-aware that the buyer must have Star Wars minifigure collection first so that this battle set can have something to take control of. The inclusion of 6 stud shooters for such a small set is really overkill especially when there is no conflict to stage. I don't hate the stud shooter but I don't like them either because it doesn't really add much value even if it gives more 'action'. This set could have benefit for adding just a classic pistol for the minifigures. There's also an argument that instead of adding the stud shooters for more parts, the cost could have been allocated for more printing on the other minifigures. To sum it up, the Patrol Troopers outshine everything in the set. The rest is just ordinary. You're under arrest for impersonating Stormtroopers! Review summary Playability: 6 / 10 - Extra play features are almost absent, save the stud shooters and role-playing with the minifigures Design / Building Experience: 9 / 10 - Pragmatic design for an industrial-looking speeder bike. One of the better build for a battle pack lately. Minifigures: 8 / 10 - Patrol Troopers look great. Could have been nicer if Mudtrooper or standard Stormtroopers were added in the mix instead of the officers. Price / Value for money: 7/10 - The pieces included can be re-purposed for MOC quite easily but there is nothing out of ordinary other than the minifigures. Overall: 7.5 / 10 - Admittedly, the Patrol Trooper is likely the only reason you want to buy this set. There is another battle pack (75206) that comes with Clone Troopers and 2 Jedi, so if you have a limited budget you may prioritise that over this. Comment below if you enjoy reading this or if you disagree/agree with me. Let's have a clean and healthy discussion. Thank you for reading!
  2. [soNE Freebuild] "The Meeting" Part. 2 Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my fourth Episode. I think after 4 episodes, they can be judged? If these 4 episodes can be judged for points by a judge, I'd very much like them to be. INTRODUCTION: Captain Vars recently found out that one of the B-Squad members, Dan Jars, James's friend, was a Rebel spy. He now waits for Admiral Brickton to plot his plan to capture the traitor and get information from Dan. Meanwhile, James anxiously awaits Captain Vars to dock at the hanger, to tell him the growing Rebel movement on Coreillia. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe3s11 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: Welcome back, Sir! Captain Vars: Thank you, thank you all. Sergeant Trans: We trust your meeting went we- James: Excuse me, Sergeant. SONEe3s12 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Darek: Hey, watch it! James: Sorry to interrupt, Sir, but I received a transmission from Coreillia, the Imperial base there is being overrun by Rebels, Sir, we need to help them! SONEe3s13 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: James, Coreillia is far from here, we cannot just go and help them. I will alert ships nearby to send reinforcements, but we have orders to stay here until further notice. I'm confused as to why they even contacted us instead of a ship nearby. SONEe3s14 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: I will contact Star Destroyers Trandirum and Crusher to go and help the base on Coreillia. I thank you for telling me, James. We need more capable troopers like you. James: Alright, sir. Thanks, I guess. But what about the *lowers voice* secret mission, Sir? Captain Vars: Uh.. We will do a few more briefings on it. I will get you all together when the time comes to do them. SONEe3s15 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do. As you were, B-Squad. Officers, get to your stations. *Later on* SONEe3s16 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr *Boom-Beep Boom-Beep* Captain Vars: Ah, hello, Sir. Admiral Brickton (via hologram): Hello, Captain. We are almost ready to take the spy into custody. Right after, you will inform B-Squad and any high ranking officers of what happened. I know some if not all of B-Squad will not take this easily. Captain Vars: Yes, Sir. Contact me when you're ready. Admiral Brickton: Excellent, I will also see to it personally that the Rebel is apprehended. I will come aboard shortly after I contact you. I will bring some troopers to detain him, and to transport him to the station. You may continue with any other plans you have after that, Captain. Captain Vars: *Sigh* Very well, Sir. Contact me when it's time. SONEe3s17 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Soon, the Rebel Scum will learn not to spy on the mighty Galactic Empire. Soon, my plan to catch all of their pathetic spies will be engaged. And we will find them all. That will be all Captain. See what happens next in Episode 5! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!
  3. James Wellington

    [SoNE Freebuild] "Transmissions"

    [soNE Freebuild] "Transmissions" Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my second Episode. INTRODUCTION: After a few days of being on the Star Destroyer "Tyrant", there was little talk of the mission. B-Squad spread throughout the cruiser, and started to explore the ship and get some rest. Here they wait for news of their important mission. But will that mission get delayed? Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe2s1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Continue to look for any Imperial Transmissions. SONEe2s2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr *Meanwhile, James walks in the hallways not far from the communications room. SONEe2s3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Ah, James, I've been looking for you. Seeing you're not doing anything, can you take control of the communications room for a short time? The officers and I have a meeting to attend. SONEe2s4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: Oh...uh, me Sir? Well, I guess I could, bu- Captain Vars: Excellent! Come in, come in. SONEe2s5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe2s6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Please monitor the controls and transmissions. It is important you catch any incoming Imperial hologram transmissions. If one comes in, contact me or a nearby officer, and we will handle it. Do that and you should be fine. My officers and I will be back shortly after the meeting. I thank you for your help. James: Always happy to help, I guess. Captain Vars: Excellent! I'm getting to like you already. Well, I guess we should be on our way then. Best of luck, Corporal! SONEe2s7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe2s8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: Huh... Well, this will be boring... *Sigh* Why couldn't I of just become a TIE Fighter Pilot? I bet they don't have to do this! Hmff. SONEe2s9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr *Boom-Beep Boom-Beep* Mysterious Transmission Voice: *Krrrrrrr* This is *krrrrr* Captain Leh *krrrr* of the *krr* Imperial Base on Coreillia *krr* we've been pushed out by rebels, we need urgent help *krrr*. They are *krrr* chasing us down! We need reinforcements! *krr* James: This is Stormtrooper Corporal James of the Star Destroyer Tyrant, I will try to get the captain to bring reinforcements! Stay strong, Captain, help is on the way! SONEe2s10 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr See what happens next in Episode 3! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!
  4. *NOTE* This is my first Eurobricks New Topic! Please, PLEASE make it clear to me if I did anything wrong, or you have any concerns, picture shots, building, characters, etc. Comments are really appreciated, they help me to better perform next time. Here we go! INTRODUCTION: Imperial Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe1s1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Imperial Crewman: Sir, the stormtrooper squad has arrived. Hanger Bay 3. SONEe1s2 by BrickJamesWells, on FlickrCaptain Vars: Excellent, I will go to greet them. Lieutenant, you have the bridge. -Down in Hanger 3- SONEe1s3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr------------------------------------------------------- Stormtrooper "B-Squad" has arrived on the Star Destroyer. They have been called by Captain Vars to get briefed and prepared for the mission. The B-Squad is compromised of it's 4 main members, Sergeant Trans, their leader, Darek Stens, a highly skilled, bragging, mean member of the team, Dan Jars, a skilled Stormtrooper, friend of our main character. And, last off, James, the newest member of B-Squad, Stormtrooper Corporal. Struggling to fit in, but still skilled. ------------------------------------------------------- Sergeant Trans: Men, prepare to be greeted by Captain Vars. I want you all to be on your best behaviour in front of him. B-Squad: Yes, Sir! SONEe1s4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Hello B-Squad. D-Squad Members: Hello, Sir! SONEe1s5 by BrickJamesWells, on FlickrCaptain Vars: It's very good to have you on the ship. You will leave for your mission in a few days, so we must do a final briefing now. Follow me. SONEe1s6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: Let's move it, troops! -B-Squad proceeds with the Captain- SONEe1s7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: James, come on, you alive? We have a briefing to get to, keep with the group! James: Oh, yes, right. Sorry, I was thinking. Dans Jars: If you think too long in the Empire, you have big chances of getting killed. C'mon, newby! SONEe1s8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Ah, here we are. SONEe1s9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: B-Squad, please proceed into the communications and briefing room. SONEe1s10 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: We've been briefed on this plan for weeks, is this necessary? Captain Vars: It very well is, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. SONEe1s11 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Now, listen up closely. I will review one last time. There is a secret rebel station here. Your shuttle will take you just off of scanner range, and you will move in, secure the station, and reclaim the all important Imperial Codes at all costs. SONEe1s12 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: You have been entrusted with a very tough mission, yes, but I do believe B-Squad can prevail. Don't let me down. SONEe1s13 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: I think we have almost everything set, but don't forget your training, and retrieve those Imperial Cod- -Door Opens- SONEe1s14 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Imperial Officer: Sorry to interrupt, Captain, but there is an urgent transmission for you from Admiral Brickton, you are required on the bridge immediately. Captain Vars: Alright, thank you, Lieutenant. I will be up momentarily. SONEe1s15 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Alright men, I will check back on you later. Get some rest for now, it's been a long day. SONEe1s16 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: I'll be off. Remember the plan, and we'll get back together later. For now, I think you boys deserve a rest. Maybe even explore the ship? We'll be on it for a while before and after the mission. If we survive, of course. I know we can do it, though. See you boys later. James: Bye, sir! Sergeant Trans: Goodbye. -Moments later- SONEe1s17 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Darek Stens: Watch it, newby! Heh, I bet you won't even survive the first few seconds of battle. See you later, young one. James: Hey! Don't push me! Darek Stens: You make me laugh, newby. I could do this all day, but I'll be off. Hmf. SONEe1s18 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: Don't worry about Darek, he just thinks he's the best. But, he's really not. He's just the type that picks on newbies like you. However, you're actually quite skilled. I know you'll be a useful member of the team, no matter how new. I know I can trust you in battle. James: Thanks, Dan. Well, I guess I'll be off. I got to start thinking about the mission, and training. I'll see you later. Bye. Dans Jars: Bye, James. SONEe1s19 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: Hopefully luck will come my way. SONEe1s20 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe1s21 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr -Episode 1 Complete, I'll try to get the second episode out sometime next week. Thank you for watching- Excuse some flaws in the writing, such as some of the words or characters names behind "Flickr", and I'll make the images bigger next time. If you'd like to see it a big bigger, please click the flickr link. Thank you for understanding.
  5. Hey, my first review here... not sure if it's ok and if I actually CAN post a review here yet but if not - please moderate this :] So: Set Name: TIE Advanced Prototype Set #: 75082 Theme: Star Wars Pieces: 355 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2015 MSRP: USD $39.99 I bought this set in a polish SMYK store yesterday (so a bit earlier than it was supposed to be out). I overpayed for it quite a lot but then again that's what "impulse-purchase" is all about :) Box/Instructions The box itself is quite nice. Not too big, not too small. Instructions are easy to read and pretty standard. There's a small sticker sheet as well, consisting of 6 small stickers. Parts There are 355 parts in this set. They're all pretty standard ranging from light-gray to dark-gray and black. Some red transparent bricks are also present. I think this set has a new part -> (sorry for being an ignorant) an L-shaped light-gray brick with no studs. You can see it on the stock pictures on "top" of the wings (I think it's called a "tile" ;] ). Other than that - the printed domes are also interesting pieces. Minifigures The figs are basically what should draw you to this set. The Inquisitor is AMAZING. It has a new helmet, shoulder-pads and a lightsaber. This fig is pure awesome. It's definitely a must for all the SW minifig collectors out there. You also get a TIE Pilot (I think it's a new fig as well - different helmet from the last TIE Fighter Pilot we had) and an Imperial Officer (which also has "new" tag on the box meaning it's an exclusive!. Pure Empire gold! The build The build is devided to 3 stages. Bag 1 - Cockpit. Bag 2 - "Wing-holders". Bag 3 - Wings. The build is rather fast and a bit repetetive as the wing-holders are basically a mirrored versions of each other and the wings are a build of x4 of the same thing. The completed model The model looks rather good. It has a flicker-cannons (?). You can open the glass dome and the top dome so you can put a minifig inside. The only issue I have with this model is the size of it comparing it to the last TIE Fighter. But then again when I look at -> <- it MIGHT actually be the right size. EDIT: One thing that you might find a bit annoying are the wings. They are NOT attached like in the old Vader's TIE meaning they don't have certain "steps" of possible arrangement if you know what I mean. Here you can fold the wings to whatever position you want (well.. "inside" at least). This means that if you open up the wings and put in on a table or whatever flat surface, they MIGHT fold back in a bit which will make the model fall. It's not really something that will make this model a NO, but still it's tad annoying. Overall opinion The model is nothing extraordinary. It's a standard TIE set and it will look good with the other TIEs in your collection. The minifigs tho, are a MUST! Minifigures: 10/10 Parts: 6/10 Build: 5/10 Price: 8/10 - I'll just say I found this set on an auction for 200 PLN (about 46 euros) and for that - it IS a pretty good price. Like I said, I did overpay for it at the local toy store. Design: 8/10 Playability: 9/10 Overall: 46/60 = 77%