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Found 5 results

  1. "...and the Revolution will be brought to you by Octan and with brief Commercial Interruptions." The Invasive Species: Part 7. Finale. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Interlude Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 (Finale) Tags: Military Land Vehicle, Civil Structures Meanwhile, in the Gongen Empire's capital. This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "They are at the gates, my Queen. Duchess Qui Zil 'Ing gave them the keys. It is over, and they have won... But you must live on. The hope of our people rests in you. Take the concubine's tunnels below the castle. Escape to the East River Tribe. They will harbour you." "But what of you, Bishop. Will you not go with me?" "I cannot. I must stay behind and misdirect them if I can. Vile though they may be, I don't think they'll hurt an old woman like myself too badly. Flee, my Queen." In the Streets.... Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Broadcast in Oni-Ren Language: "Citizens. Rejoice. We come not as conquerors, but as liberators. The Queen has the cure to the Black-eye and she wants to watch us suffer. Join the resistance! Let us put an end to her tyranny!.... Citizens. Rejoice!...." Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr later, Within the Palace... This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr General: "Lord President, We have captured the bishop. There is no sign of the Queen, but the bishop has been... very talkative." Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "And what has she said?" General: "She told us everything. The Queen left for the West Lava Canyon Tribe days ago." Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Good. If she's told us everything she knows, then there's no reason to keep her alive. Now, let's get this place in order for when Octan comes. They informed me they'll be here at week's end to ensure a peaceful transition of power." Later that week.... Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Dr. Long: "We need to inform Ba'al Ba'al to invest in paved roads." Jebediah: "Maybe we shouldn't have walked." Meanwhile... This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "My Friends, today is a glorious day! We have successfully liberated the Gongen Empire from the oppression of Queen Bowa San! We stand now at the window of opportunity. I look out that window and I see a brighter future for all of us. No longer shall we be restrained in darkness to serve the Queen and her lackeys. Now we walk freely together into the future. Under Queen Bowa San, Onix was made a laughingstock. The Aliens from other planets looked down at us and they chuckled, for they saw a sad backward little people. The Queens refused to let us interact with the aliens, share their secrets. Instead she forced us to suffer illness and famine... War, and bloodshed. But that ends today. Today we have removed our shackles, and we may enter the galaxy at large. Now is our time to step forward together into the glow of not one, but one thousand suns! Together, we will make this planet great again! Once the votes are cast, I will be your new president, Ba'al Ba'al Jinks, and no longer will we be the Gongen empire, no. I am pleased to declare that starting today, we are now the Liberated Democratic Republic of Unified Onix! Together, we shall work together, in the name of peace and progress, and we will earn our brighter future!" *Crowd cheers* Later.... This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Youssa remember dat youssa say the Copper youssa need be under dah "Hunting Grounds" right?" Dr. Long: "That is correct." Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Well, Messa be havin' a present for you. This golden tooth comes from there. See, themsa biggun bigguns with the big moneys, they was hunting for the Steam swamp dragons there. The Steam Swamp dragon is a fiercish predator. Always eating. Theyssa say that the dragon is the smartest of all the animals on our world... but not smarter than wessa Oni-Ren. The way themsa be huntin' the dragon is they get a captive Oni-ren, and dey make the Dragon go huntin' dissun. The Dragon will stop at nothing to capture itssa prey. There is a legend. This legend say that the reason the dragon hunt us Oni-Ren so hard is that theysa be jealous of our smarts... that theyssa thinksin' theyssa can be stealing ourssa smarts from us if theyssa catches us. But youssa and messa... Wessa smart'uns. Wessa know that legends are all fake fake. She's just a predator, and all shessa be wantin' is to consume." Dr. Long: "How fascinating. What a barbaric practice." Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Thissun' is the last golden toothwe'll be huntin' for. Now on the huntin' Grounds is the Minin' Grounds. " Dr. Long: "Excellent. That is our prefered method for you to pay off your debt to us for the army and equipment." This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Jebediah: "Dr. Long. I'm getting intell that there's a gathering of protesters in the streets. They are armed. We may need to form a defensive perimeter to ensure the safety of our Octan personnel." Dr. Long: "Damnit Jinks, I thought you said you had the capital under control." Ba'al Ba'al Jinks: "Messa do.... wait just a moment." *discusses with general* Okeyday! Problem solved! Now is bein' a time of celebration!" This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Peace!" After the ceremony, and discussing finance, The Octan officials pile out of the Presidential Palace, and begin making their way back through the war torn streets to find an unpleasant surprise. Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "So this is what she meant when she said everything was under control. I'm beginning to have my doubts as to whether or not Ba'al Ba'al Jinks is a fit ruler of this planet. We'll have to ensure strict civil rights policy adherence... By the stars..." Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Help... messa." Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr Into the Light of One Thousand Suns. by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "Hey. It'll come out. I always use Octan's 'Out Damned Spot' brand laundry detergent. It does the trick every time." Later..... This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr "PR called. They said we should have the employees here take some footage. They're going to cobble together some kind of Public Relations video to ease this all over." "Great." This Revolution Will Be Televised by Danny-Longlegs, on Flickr PR Video (and reason why I place the build on Illustria) In spoiler! ****************************************************** There you have it, the exciting conclusion of "The Invasive Species" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  2. Mr Greeble

    [M-F04] Encounters of the 3rd Kind

    Location:F04 - Illustria Tags: Exploration, Military, Land vehicle Previously: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Log of Agent G: As much as I wanted to be doing more research on what happened to me last week, I do actually have a job. I think having a job requires getting a paycheck, which has not been showing up recently. Hmm. That probably has something to do with my being away from work for a few months. At least I get to try out all the sweet vehicles from R&D. They recently designed something for mountainous terrain, so they wanted me to test it out. I have a habit of naming the vehicles I use. I call this one Kiwi, but officially it's name is the M37- Intrigue. They tried to tell me the scientific reason why they split the colors, but I kind of zoned out. Log of Agent G: (continued) The radars on the the Kiwi were picking up a huge energy surge on the radar, and the ground was starting to flatten out, so I got out to look around. The energy seemed to be coming from a small piece of metal on the ground. It didn't look like anything I had seen at M.A.N.T.I.S. before. I touched it, and it suddenly light up with a hum! I leaned in closer to inspect it. It's humming was oddly entrancing... Just as I was finishing up, I felt a shadow blocking the sun overhead. Foolish human... To be continued... C&C welcome!
  3. Kodan Black

    [O - F04] - A Most Special Lab

    Location: F04 Illustria Tags: Science, Spaceship Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Given all that has been happening lately I decided to take out one of Octan's Personal Entertainment Recreational Vehicle space speeders to clear my mind. ED-208 was getting a thorough cleaning and would be gone for a few hours anyway. As I was speeding around outside the Axle I received a call that I was needed to return to the ship for a project from our CEO pombe. Knowing it must be important I returned and got ED-208 so that we could immediately begin whatever pombe needed from us. Some Octan office worker gave us the briefing on what we were to work on. It turns out pombe wanted to investigate the potential for Awesomnium enhanced lubricants. It was a very clever idea and one that I felt would greatly benefit the company. Oddly though the specifications from pombe only required thermal protection for +20 degrees above 98.6F and a breakdown resistance period of a few hours. Which all seemed very low. At first I thought maybe he meant 98.6C, but even that seemed like a low amount. I asked the office worker if this was all correct and he assured me it was. I then realized that pombe must be setting a low initial bar as a proof of concept, and then once we established it was possible we would increase the protection amount. I asked which lab I would be using and the office worker said there was no lab assignment and that all the labs were currently in use. I wasn't sure what to do, but luckily pombe arrived just then and said that I could use his personal lab. Initially I was quite surprised he had a lab given that he isn't a scientist, but then I realized it made sense since he is our CEO. When we first got to his lab I was very surprised that the first thing I saw was his name written on the floor. I asked why he had his name on the floor and he said: "How else would anyone know this was my lab?" I replied that he could certainly put a sign on the door and assign it in the ship's directory but he said: "Yeah, but how would they KNOW?" It occured to me that I clearly wasn't understanding his point and that I didn't want to appear dumb in front of our CEO so I quickly agreed with him and entered the lab while he went off to do important CEO things. I was so fortunate that he even took the time to show me to his lab and let me use it! I would have to ponder what he meant though. I was a bit confounded by what was in his lab. I'm not sure exactly what he did in there, but I did see that he had set up a small area with a laptop, some lubricants, and a microscope for me. The rest of the area had a lot of strange things in it. It also smelled strongly of whatever plant it was that he had growing. ED-208 commented that it was a "good strain" and "very potent". I'm not sure what that means. I told ED-208 not to disturb anything as I wasn't sure what experiments pombe was running, but he went over and picked up a drill looking device and said: "Oh, he did decide to upgrade to the Drilldo 5000... good choice." I wasn't sure what a "Drilldo" was, but ED-208 seemed to know what it was so he must have talked to pombe about it. If ED-208 was helping our CEO I certainly couldn't complain! I was sure that all of my hard work for Dr. Long must have gotten me noticed by our CEO and that is why he had me working on this special assignment. It isn't like he just randomly said he needed a scientist and picked the one who came first alphabetically! Extra Pics:
  4. Kodan Black

    [O - F04] - Optional Accessories

    Location: F04 Illustria Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // Upon my return to the Axle I filed a detailed report about my time with the Ter Tahls and highly suggested that we collaborate with them. I also suggested to Dr. Long that Tor be invited to the Axle to meet with her. I wanted to go over my report in further detail in person, but Dr. Long said she was very busy with the issues around the time travel device. She also had a rather pressing matter that she said she needed me to take on personally. Of course I was honored that she would ask me to take on a task for her. Apparently our new CEO pombe had told her that he was giving her a new ground speeder as a way of thanking her for her dedicated service. She indicated she was nervous about such a gift given pombe's reputation as somewhat of a free spirit. I was tasked with checking over the speeder to ensure that there were no surprises. I was quite happy to be entrusted with such a task, so ED-208 and I set about reviewing the speeder thoroughly. It was being stored in a bay on the Axle while the finishing touches were added. The first thing we found was a note that read: "Hope you have some fun with this. I know you sure need some D!" I pointed out to ED-208 that clearly pombe's secretary Eshey had written it as there was a grammatical mistake, it should read: "Hope you have some fun with this. I know you sure need some, D!" ED-208 seemed to agree as he said "Yeah, that must be it." Although pombe seemed to be getting a little informal for my tastes calling Dr. Long by the first initial of her first name: Danielle. I visually inspected all of the speeder while ED-208 decrypted and analyzed the control software. It was running Octansoft and it must be that because we were aboard the Axle the decryption was so easy. I guess the encyption key was actually "password123". ED-208 said he had seen stronger encryption on vending machines, but that wouldn't make sense as all our vending machines also run Octansoft! It was good though that we found absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. Dr. Long seemed very relieved to hear that the speeder was just a standard speeder. After leaving her office I ran into pombe in the hallway and mentioned that Dr. Long was looking forward to using her speeder. He said that he hadn't installed the "special accessories" yet and that he was on his way to take care of it now. Based on the vibrating box he was holding he must be installing a massage chair in it. That should certainly help Dr. Long relax a bit! Extra Pics: I tried to detail it as much as possible, note the area between the seats. You really can't see it due to lighting, but the area under the green between the seats is red for a center brake light
  5. Dannylonglegs

    [O-F04] Enter Stage Right

    Note: this was bound to happen eventually... Planet: F04-Illustria Tags: science, air/space vehicle, exploration //"Log date 387, this is Dr. Danielle Long, reporting from the Axle, in temporary orbit in sector F04, the planet designated Illustria. I received word early this morning that Corporate wants the Axle researching the reports of Alien activity in the core of the galaxy... they have postponed my endeavors to idiot-proofing our final prototype of the Chekhov's gauntlet in order to better prepare ourselves for whatever we discover therein. Comrade Commander was pleased to begin working on remote monitoring of the inner ring worlds, and now we will begin gathering data from our drones. I have requested that Bob of Quatrian oversee the piloting of an Sc214 Arial Observation Drone. I will attend his research gathering and direct him to ensure we observe the most valuable prospects. Dr. Long signing off."// Bob of Quatrian: "Hey, Danielle. Heard about your pet project getting tabled. That's rough." Dr. Long: "how did you know about--" Bob: "I used to be CEO for a bit. Hated the desk, but I've still got connections. So... you said you wanted me to pilot something for you? It's not another land vehicle is it?" Dr. Long: "No. It's a drone." Bob: "Aww. So that's why you set me up at a holo-desk." Dr. Long: "That is correct." Bob: "hah! Well, it's better than nothing! So, what'm I doing today?" Dr. Long: "we are going to be performing arial observation on an as-of-yet unexplored planet! Illustria waits beneath us." Bob: "Alright! So we're going to be the first? We're do we start?" Dr. Long: "hmm. I'm pleased that you're so enthusiastic. Well, we can start whenever you're ready. The drone is prepped to deploy once you sign in to your Holo-desk." Bob: "As you yourself used to say, ,Let us explore all these worlds we've gained access to, and better understand our universe and our place therein.'" Dr. Long: "Oh. You still remember that?.... anyways... let's get started." Bob: "Alright!" _______A little bit Later_______ Bob: "well the controls are pretty intuitive on this thing. Not bad maneuvering. I'd give it an A-." Dr. Long:"I was asking what you thought of the planet... Rocky cliffs... they seem weather-whipped. Not much foliage here. That's unfortunate. I do enjoy analyzing xeno-flora samples." Bob: "ha! I'm sure we'll find something!" Dr. Long: "yes. I'm sure we will. This is just a preliminary inspection anyways. Full planetary examination will follow. There, go over to that cliff... I think I saw something blue." Bob: "Ok, let's check it out!.. oh! Wait! What the blazes was that?!" Dr. Long: "Wow! It's going fast! Follow it! It looks... biomechanical.... Fascinating." Bob: "Alright... wow! It looks like it's trying to shake me!" Dr. Long: "Are you saying an Ace pilot like yourself can't catch it?" Bob: "Ha! You're on!" -----------Meanwhile, on the cliff where Dr. Long saw something Blue.------- Translated from a language of clicks, whistles, whirrs, and chirps... Zotaxian: "That was close... Good idea sending out a bug to distract it. What was that white thing? It didn't look like a native Alien of this planet..." Danny Longlegs: "a Human bot. I've seen their kind before. It belongs to one of the three human hives that arrived here not too long ago... considering the colour, I'd say it belongs to the hive that refers to herself as 'Saturated 8 carbon chain.'" Zotaxian: "what is her purpose? Does She seek to destroy the Halcyons?" Danny Longlegs: "We are the sentinels. We can never be too sure. Best to avoid contact with Her until we can better assess her intent." _____________ Yup. Here are the Zotaxians. A race of ancient planetary Nomads, protecting the hidden vestiges of their ancient civilization... and the secrets they hold. I'll provide more details on the species when I get some time. Also, yes, Dr. Long is kinda having fun. She needs a little de-stress here and there with an old friend. ~Insectoid Aristocrat