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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all Here is ICON FJ Baja edition. Well, actually this is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ, but in real life there is almost nothing common between them, except design. While designing first Toyota FJ in 2013-2014, I found many clear pictures of what is called ICON FJ. After my searches of high quality blueprints did not find success, I wrote to ICON / TLC, and was surprised by instant answer form CEO and designer of ICON cars - Jonathan Ward. He can't help me with blueprints, but it was nice to meet him. After meeting with ICON cars closer, I fell in love with ICON values. I decided to do some of ICON models after classic FJ. ICON is boutuqe-garage that recover Land Cruisers and produces small quantities of hand made restomods (or modified classic cars). Garage is situated in California. Final products are not cheap, usually from 100k $. And you should wait for your model for 1-1,5 years. One more fact: Jonathan Ward and his garage reputation grew so big, so he became consultant for Toyota, an even Mr. Toyoda asked him to build first driving prototypes of Toyota FJ Cruiser, that was produced till 2016. ICON FJ baja - is not the only FJ in ICON model line. They have "classic" trims that are very utility vehicles: pickup FJ45, long wheel base 4-door 6 seat FJ44, middle WB FJ43 and short FJ40. Baja - is trim that is possible only for FJ40 and FJ43. But there is nothing impossible - ICON can do everyhing you want, except crocodile leather and diamond decoration. Utility and functionality only. LEGO model have some details that match real vehicle. Custom stickers, color palette of BAJA trim, rollcage, interior details, mirrors, roof lights, front bumper. Front axle is modified - now it is 4 link triangulated. No pan-hard here. Rear suspenison is 3 link with pan-hard. In fact, real model also was with pan-hard int he beginning, and after some time they moved to multilink supsended axles. No leaf spring at Real vehicle - only coilovers, so LEGO shock absrobers are realistic this time (comparing to my classic FJ40 that should be with leafs). . winch is not included for this type of bumper, but you can modify it and there is still free space for 2x extra motors in the chassis Model was finished far ago, but I thought how to present it more interesting: not only for LEGO fans, but also for 4x4 fans, who never have experinece with LEGO. Presentation is the cover for Fifth Gear TV show with similar scenario and original soundtrack. more photos http://www.bricksafe...m8/icon-fj-baja AND here is ORIGINAL video Thanks for watching
  2. SWAT Strachan

    Star Wars Lego Windows Icons...

    I've just a spent a few days making these icons for my PC, and I'm that pleased with how they came out that I thought some of you might like to use them as well. These are all 256x256x32 Windows icons with transparency and work best with a dark desktop, I've also included "feature" alternatives in case you want to use the icons for the Recycle Bin (the Sarlacc is perfect for this purpose, so much so that I've included a sound file to use as the emptying effect HERE, just right-click and save). Note for Windows7 users... If you find that after changing the Recycle Bin icons, they no longer change automatically to show if the bin is empty or not, just follow these instructions. Click on the Start button and type REGEDIT in the search box, then click on regedit.exe when it appears in the list above. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Explorer / CLSID / {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} / Default Icon In here you will find three entries (default, empty, full), each one showing the file path to your custom icon. Edit each one in turn and add ,0 (comma zero) to the end of each line without a space (so for example %userprofile%\path_to_icons\sarlacc.ico would now become %userprofile%\path_to_icons\sarlacc.ico,0) Once all three have been changed, close REGEDIT and refresh your desktop. The Recycle Bin icons should now change automatically when filled or emptied. Click each preview below to download the same image in the .ico format. More to follow, I'll take requests too as long as the .lxf files exist .