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Found 6 results

  1. Captain's log, 12th of June, 618 AE, Cocovia Today, I have been inspecting another part of the growing naval base. While the actual installations of today's tour, Quay no. 3, was relatively unimpressive, the vessels docked there were highly interesting. The quay is nothing but a place for vessels under refit to dock, awaiting masts, rigging, supplies, armament, or similar, but one cannot underestimate the importance of space. Ships that would otherwise occupy a critical element like a dry dock can now be placed out of the way, while minor tasks are being carried out. It was a busy day at the quay, where the Montoya Estate had just finished outfitting a new schooner, the Amethyst, to compensate for capacity lost by two of the Estate's vessels being held ransom by Oleon. I had the pleasure of inspecting the ETTC Minotaur, which had just gotten her masts in at the masting sheer, and was now undergoing preparations for her final outfit, dockyard workers over her. She is the largest vessel yet to be constructed at the King's Harbour shipyards, and will bring a whole new level of capacity to the ETTC. I had the pleasure of inspecting her together with industrial magnate Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee), who has a particular interest in ship building. This Terraman has a deep hold, five gunports a side for 18 pounders, and spacious cabins for guests and officers alike, and will certainly be a great asset to the ETTC. Fletcher later told me al'Sayeed was voicing some very troubling complaints about Corlander ships being detained under a threat of violence. This could risk leading to diplomatic incident, but at least the Montoya crews has been instructed to remain passive and make no attempts at escaping. Hopefully, this issue can be recolved peacefully - I have had high hopes for relations to Oleon. In many ways, they are more similar to us than the greenies and all their trade and profits... /Cooke _______________________ Another part of the KH port. C&C welcome. Both ships will be shown separately later. :)
  2. In the outskirts of King's Harbour, construction work had been going on for some time. So far, its exact nature had been unknown, but a few days ago the ETTC announced the imminent opening of a cocoa grinding and pressing plant. With this announcement came an invitation to the Colonial Governor to visit the plant on its opening day. Thus, Captain Jonathan Cooke had now made his way to the site in the company of Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya estate and local representative for the ETTC. "The plant applies the newest Corlander innovations all around to achieve high output levels without overworking the employees." "First, follow me around the side here, where you will find something quite interesting..." "Allow me to introduce Mr. Thomas Brickcomen, a young engineer recently arrived from the Royal Polytechnic University of Belson. He is the man behind the contraption you see behind him. Mr. Brickcomen, this is Captain Jonathan Cooke, colonial governor of these isles." "Honoured to make your acquaintance, sir... " said the young man shyly. "Likewise, young man." Cooke said absentmindedly, his attention entirely taken up with the strange and noise contraption before him. "Please, tell me of this machine!" he added with an enthusiasm quite remarkable for him. Stunned for a moment that any official would show anything but contempt for his machine, he stuttered a few words before himself bring caught up with enthusiasm. "Certainly, sir. It is what I call an atmospheric steam pump. You see, the factory needed a steady watersupply in the height of 12 bricks, and as rainfall is unpredictable in these lands (as you can see, the tank also collects rainfall from the roof) a different, more reliable source was needed. As it happened, I was looking for investors and bumped in to al'Sayeed while I was wandering the docks looking for work.. Erhm... Investors, I mean... " "Yes?" "Well, not to put too fine a point on it, the ETTC hired me, and I built this. Shall I tell you how it operates or will that be too technical?" "I studied the invention of the flying balloon, and attended Alberto de Pontelli's presentation on the subject. I shall venture to follow your description." "Oh sir, would it be imprudent to discuss that matter with you? I have some thoughts on the matter... But another time... You see, in the boiler, we create steam, which is let into the main power cylinder of the pump as it is raised by the rocker arm's return to its initial position. You see, there are weights on the other side, in the pump cylinder, there. As the power cylinder reaches its maximum elevation, a valve opens, and lets in a small jet of cold water from the ancillary tank, resulting in... " "Resulting in the steam condensing, lowering the pressure behind the piston, and the atmospheric pressure pushing down the piston, operating the pump!" Cooke interrupted, his eyebrows rising as it dawned upon him. "Most ingenious, young man. I shall ask you to join me to further discuss the principles of operation at a later time. For now, I must continue my tour, I believe." Cooke followed al'Sayeed inside through the large gates. "Through a set of gears, the waterwheel outside drives these millstones, into which the fermented, dried and roasted beans are poured to be grinded. During milling, the temperature rises and the beans are ground into a thick cocoa mass, which flows out through slots in the bottom of the grinder. Here it cools and solidifies to be retrieved through the grates you see in the floor." "Please follow me... This cocoa mass contains neigh on 60 % cocoa butter, which is extracted through pressure in this press. We load the cocoa mass into the main pressure chamber here..." "...and pivot the pressure plate around in its mounting. As you will know, typical presses are screw-operated, but we have went with a more innovative and efficient process. At this stage, the pressure plate is perfectly balanced with these iron weights and can be turned by a single man, while a typical press would require many more people for handling. " "If you will look up there... To apply pressure, we lower the contraption and open the valve, which pours water into the four big barrels on the press. This water is supplied by the steam pump outside. As the water level rises, the pressure follows..." "...and the finest cocoa butter can be tapped by our two expert chocalatiers by this tap and three others like it. The butter is then barrelled and shipped off to market, just like the residual product, the cocoa solids, which we extract from the press and ship off separately. We expect a great interest for this in both the old and the new world, as the taste is quite extraordinary!" ______________________ The first part of the ETTC Royal Cocoa factory is hereby opened. (And the last part of the process, unfortunately.) The production process is largely correct. It has been standing on my shelf for a long time, and now I finally managed to finish it. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the process from my ETTC collaborators, and as always, C&C is more than welcome.
  3. Outstanding contracts: Class 1F vessel w/station: 40 db Lumbermill: 25 db Coming soon: Quarry Outstanding offers: The King's Harbour Foundation ________________________________________________ The military governor's office in King's Harbouris where the settlement is managed, and where you will find all outstanding contracts, offers and incentives, as well as all other issues related to the management of King's Harbour, both military and civilian. The small but stately building was one of the first to be erected on the new stone quays. It is rather small, but for the early beginnings of the settlement, it is more than sufficient. However, in time, the administration is apt to outgrow this small building. Outside the building this very day, Cooke and Montoya are conducting each their business. Due to a shortage of manpower, Cooke has commandeered young mr. Baker, nominally Montoya's research assistant, and is currently dictating a contract for a new despatch vessel for local communications, especially to improve contact to the fortress at Chase Point, to far away for overland contact. At the same time, Montoya is welcoming Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya Estate, who has arrived with the Sphinx, while his crew is dragging a heavy chest of gold into the new office. ____________________________________ Hereby a small office for the management of King's Harbour. Of course, C&C for the build and story is welcome, but in the long run, this post will be used for different announcements and the like, relating to King's Harbour. Any advice on what license type I should choose?
  4. With King's Harbour growing, its rising number of inhabitants has started looking for spiritual guidance and refuge. Therefore, the Faith has opened up a temple in the settlement. While nominally a Temple of Poseidon, and served by his priests, it is practically a Pantheon, allowing worshippers of Zeus, Hades and Poseidon alike. Most likely, as the settlement grows, temples will be erected for each of the three deities, as well as for other religions of the Brick Seas, but for now, one must do for all believers. On this day, Ibn al'Sayeed is visiting the temple, to offer worship to his God. Being native to one of the southern realms of the old world, his religious views are known to very few, but he has been frequenting this temple since its opening. Whether he is worshipping one of the three known Deities, some foreign version of one of them, or something entirely different is known to few, as he does not discuss it openly. What everyone know, though, is that he is the manager of one of the most succesful estates in New Terra. Adding to that an entrusted position as Montoya's right hand man in the ETTC, and his assistance to the governorial seat of King's Harbour, his days are never dull. Al'Sayeed considers his career with some degree of pride. It has been hard work, starting out as the lowly captain of a small xebec, the Sphinx, but now risen to a considerable position in business, respected and known by many accross the Brick Seas. He does have plenty to thank his Gods for, whoever they are. Outside the temple, at all times, two priests of Poseidon are stationed, tending to the temple and aiding the poor passing by. In King's Harbour, however, their sacks of bread and other necessities are hardly ever touched, as very few are in need of their services. Instead, they walk the settlement after their shift at the temple, handing out bread to a hungry guardsman, a worker at a factory, or a kid underway from school. When the greater charities are in low demand, smaller acts of goodness must fulfil their days. _____________________________ King's Harbour needed a cultural property to progress, and Ibn al'Sayeed needed some screentime, as did the faith. And here it all is, in one build. C&C is, as always, welcome. Thanks for looking!
  5. Ibn al'Sayeed was not what you would call the nervous type, yet these days, he didn't exactly seem at ease, wandering through the financial district of Belson. As Montoya had been called to the old world (once more delaying Cooke's arrival at Quinnsville) on a diplomatic mission to Carno, al'Sayeed had taken the opportunity for a ship back to the old world. While managing the Montoya Estate was typically pleasant business, this month was different, and he needed to discuss the situation with some of his old contacts around the stock exchange. He had just left such a meeting, which had been no consolation. Normally news of New Terran shipping would long have been in already, but so far, only a few merchants had made it to the Old World, and those with very sparse news. Thus, the stock market was ripe with speculation about the reasons behind this delay. Some said a storm had taken most of the ships, some that trade had dwindled, others (mainly Olean priests) that Poseidon had risen in wrath. The only thing certain was that the markets were very nervous, and that many expected a crash. As his contacts had been able to tell him, significant interests were starting to bet against the market, and others were following. Were the days of great fortunes being made in New Terra over so soon? As the Montoya Estate had most of its funds tied up in shipping, al'Sayeed had his reasons to be worried... ____________________ Just a small build to comment on the lacking MRCA results - I figured I might as well make it a storyhook! C&C welcome
  6. Ibn al'Sayeed, merchant, Corrington. Shrewd in all matters mercantile, al'Sayeed is a well known trader in most of the ports and markets of the old world. As the new world is opening up, he has decided to expand his area of operations to take his part in the riches it promises. So far an independent merchant, he is considering joining a trade company, should the right offer be presented him. His crew consists of the Papadopoulos brothers, Stephanos and Arcenio. They are strong and fully able seamen, and have more than once fended off raiders trying to appropriate al'Sayeed's cargo. Little is known of them, though, as they tend to stick to themselves, mainly convering in a gruff,exotic language known to few. Some have speculated that it might be their native tongue, but so far, few has recognised it. The Sphinx, Xebec, Class 2 fast His ship is the Sphinx, a swift and maneuverable xebec with a reasonable cargo hold. Al'Sayeed tends to supplement the capacity by carrying extra cargo on deck, as it all adds to the profit margins. Rigged with large lateens on the two masts, the Sphinx excels at going near the wind, often enabling her escape from much larger, square-rigged enemies. (or custom's patrols...) The lateens give a big sail area for a small vessel, while still being easy for a few men to handle. In stable weather, one skilled hand can take her through a tacking into the wind. She is armed with four 4 pounder guns, but due to the cost of gunpowder, they are rarely fired. Al'Sayeed prefers to flee rather than fight. Not that he is a coward - it is simply better business not to have one's ship and precious cargo damaged in battle. (or, in the case of official patrols.... it is better business not having the more... exotic contains of the cargo holds confiscated by customs... ) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ This will be my first ship for the MRCA, and I am planning to rate her a class two fast. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. Since this project is still in its infancy, I find it important to debate and establish the baselines for the different classes. Compared to some of the other class two vessel here, she may be on the small side, but I think that goes well with the "fast" designation. Further, I feel there is room for a class between vessels like this, and the class 0 rowboats and canoes. And we shouldn't make these class two vessels too large - then we will have problems when we get to the higher classes! I am not saying the other class two vessels should be reclassified, but basically asking if this is within the "creative license" of what the admins had envisioned for class 2. Any other feedback is, as always, welcome as well! I went throught several iterations and techniques for hulls, before coming up with this one, which I am quite happy with. I knew I wanted a ship of approximately this size, but no matter whether I used prefab bow pieces (6 wide), arches, or slopes, could I find a technique I liked. After roaming the interwebs for a bit, and experimenting even more, I finally came up with this. Will be looking forward to hearing your input. I will register this as a freebuild, but await a debate on the class before I register it as a vessel for my free license.