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Found 4 results

  1. Lights, Camera, Action! Time is money in the film biz, and it's mafia time. Your lovely hosts Darkdragon and I are looking for 16-21 players, but it's adjustable depending on the sign-ups. So come on in, and audition answer these questions. 1) Have you ever played Mafia before, and what's your experience? If not, have you read some of the games we've had on here? 2) Can you commit to the game timewise? 3) If you could be part of the glitz and glamour (and ugly side) of these things called motion pictures, what would you want to be? The sign-up thread will run until we hit the bare minimum at least. An important note, the game is being cohosted by our fantastic @Darkdragon and I, with the stunning pictures coming from her. For your convenience, the rules have been attached below, so everyone knows what they're getting into. The Rules Each player will be given a character to play, who will be aligned with either the ABS (Town) or the Burpamount (Scum). To win the game, the Town must kill off all the Scum/Evil characters, while the Scum must outnumber the Town. Any Third-Party (neutral) characters have their own win conditions as outlined in their roles. Each day you will be able to vote to lynch a player. Voting should be done in the following format; Vote: Character (Player). Similarly, unvoting is to be done in the format; Unvote: Character (Player). No other format will be accepted. A majority vote is required to lynch a player. Every “day” is 72 hours long. That’s 3 days. Plenty of time. You can’t vote for the first 24 hours, but as soon as the 25th hour begins, you can. At the end of the 72 hours, the Night stage follows for a majority of 48 hours. The alignment of lynched players, as well as those that died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the next day. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to or from you in PM with the game hosts. This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage. You may not quote PMs from other players. Quoting PMs from other players will result in a same-day 3-vote penalty against you for each incident. Do not play the game outside the day-thread and PMs. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread; you must always play the role given to you. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game. Play with your roles. Have fun with them and get into character, you'll enjoy the game more. If you are dead, your game is over. You may not comment on the game to any living or dead players in any form. This includes posting, private messaging, direct chat, email or any other form of online or offline communication with the exception of the deadboard, provided to you by the game hosts. The deadboard is for dead-to-dead player communication only. Any information you had becomes void and may not be passed on. The same applies for living players making contact with those who are no longer playing, no matter what the stated purpose. Both situations can appear to be an attempt to gain information or cause influence that would be unfair to the remaining living players. Whether you are still playing or have already died, if you are contacted inappropriately, please notify the hosts immediately. Violation of this rule will result in instant mod-kill, taking away of your Oscar, and bad press. You may not edit your posts. Editing your post will result in a 2-vote penalty. All EB staff can see ALL edits. This is your only warning. You must post in every Day Thread. Failure to do so will result in a 1-vote penalty at the start of the next day. You must vote in every Day Thread. Failure to do so will result in a 1-vote penalty at the start of the next day. These rules will not change through the game. Do not pester the hosts about changing any rules. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact the hosts using your role PM. All other forms of communications will be ignored. There are no clues in the photos. There are no clues in the photos! Characters were created separately from roles being assigned, so the type of expression/headgear/tone/clothing/etc has nothing to do with what team a character is on. Placement of a character within a photo does not indicate what team the character is on. Some figures have dual-sided heads and the heads might be turned around for photos if the scene warrants it. This is not an indication of the allegiance of the character! There are no clues in the photos. Play and have fun. Be silly, serious, comedic, dramatic, whatever you think works to help your team win. Just remember it's a game.
  2. I wouldn't exactly say Los Angeles is known for it's architecture, but there are some nice buildings that deserve to have an architecture set. This isn't an amazing entry, but I am pretty pleased with it considering it's one of my first MOCs. This building was completed in 1956 and is the home of Capitol Records, a famous record label. It may be 30 miles from me, but it's still local enough. A picture of the side and back, including a section on the side where a mural is located, titled Hollywood Jazz. Front of the building. Here's a picture of the real building: I'm new here, so if I did anything wrong I'm sorry Please give feedback, I always like to improve.
  3. LegoGunInstructions

    The Expendables in Lego

    Please tell me what you think about this stop motion remake of a scene from the movie "The Expendables" [removed link]
  4. Hello, I have created a MOC of the Orca from the classic Steven Spielberg film, Jaws. I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts, opinions on it? I have tried to be as close to the original ship as possible, including getting the sheer and camber of the vessel. Some bits were quite difficult to put in, such as the curved railings heading down to the bow from the pulpit. I also couldn't find a rope on LDD for the barrel on the transom, so I decided to use a chain. Thanks for viewing!