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Found 5 results

  1. LegoStories

    New hobby

    - Алло! В последнее время я начал увлекаться созданием комиксов Lego. Вы можете посмотреть его в моем instagram, есть в профиле! Я представляю пару поделок на эту тему. История такова: неизвестная науке буря обрушилась на город Уоллего, что в нем происходит, неизвестно никому, но это какая-то чертовщина ... Я буду развивать это направление дальше по сюжету, может быть, что-то интересное получится) - Hello! Lately, I've started to get involved in making Lego comics. You can see it on my instagram, on my profile! I present a couple of crafts on this topic. The story is this: a storm unknown to science struck the city of Wollego, what happens in it is unknown to anyone, but this is some kind of devilry ... I will develop this direction further along the plot, maybe something interesting will turn out)
  2. Hello there, I go by the name Sytema and I come from the Netherlands. As a kid I loved Lego immensely! I think I stopped playing with Lego when I was about 16-17, not quite sure. I'm now 23 and the though of Lego came back to mind. I am currently sorting out the boxes of Lego that were dusted over, which takes longer then expected..! Anyway, I mostly played and collected Lego Star Wars. And I still have a strong bond with that. I always made my own custom capes and things for figures and I even made some tiny stop-motion video's! How do you guys take on custom Lego figures here? They are in a way, kind of, a MOC aswell aren't they? As a hobby, besides Lego (now.) I do some scale modelling and trying some sculpting. I though I could bring some of that creativity into Lego! I can't wait to browse these forums so I'm cutting it off here! ;) ~Sytema
  3. demon14082001

    [MOC] Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X10A

    Name : Freedom Gundam. Pilot : Kira Yamato. Series : Mobile Suit Gundam Seed / Seed Destiny. Material : LEGO. Code name : ZGMF-X10A. Height : 21 inch. Wing's length : 15 inch. References : _Freedom gundam : anime ver, Real Grade, Master Grade 2.0 , Metal Build. _Strike Freedom gundam : Perfect Grade, Metal Build. My 2 main models are Freedom Master Grade 2.0 and Strike Freedom Metal Build. Fulll Video Review - see how all the articulation work in real life : or see more in my album : Flickr : MocPages : http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/431161 Build to fight support side by side with ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam : How this Mobile Suit look like without action base : Front Back (Beam rifle can be attached behind) Holding weapon On action base The wing can open like this. The open-function is built by Technic style (Rotate gear on each side) Using Beam Saber *Full Burst Mode All weapons are used as once : _2 CIWS guns (mounted on Head unit). _Beam rifle (on right hand). _2 Plasma beam cannons (hidden behind Wings unit). _2 Rail cannons (transform from Side Skirts). *Remember to watch the Video Review above to see how all the articulation work !. . . . or my previous moc , Astray Gundam : http://www.eurobrick...opic=117605&hl= Thanks for visiting .
  4. Hi people, My name is Bart, I am 30 years old and slowly picking up my Lego hobby again. I will update my data, avatar and such soon. I work a full time job and a 20 hours study in the evening, so it takes a share of my free time Now that my studies are almost finished I want to start building Lego MOC’s and share some with you guys. I work as a mechanic in the Netherlands and sometimes other countries. I do work on a variety of things: aircraft engines, radar systems and creating special tools. My hobbies are: Technical stuff, music, science projects, BMX, old cars, photography and Lego So I will not bore you any longer with my life story, here are some photo’s of MOC’s I did and pictures of my hobby builds. Have fun! Mad Max 1 interceptor (big Mad Max fan here) I like sturdy builds wich have a lot of functions and details. Trying to build clean vehicles and sets though. Fury Road MOC: (Kinda silly but I like it). 'Tanka' from Carmageddon 1: (I hope it is o.k. to post this subject here) This is my 'Board Track Racer' project wich I am currently building completely from scratch and scrap: And my Herbie wich I restored a couple of years ago: (Its now sold to a couple wich have the time to keep it running). So yeah, too much hobbies here Feel free to ask questions and thanks for watching!
  5. hey. my senior exit for highschool is on how lego is a therapeutic hobby, and is more than just a kids toy. i was wondering how many of you view lego as a way to relive stress or frustrations and whatnot, and if you do, if youd be willing to possibly do a brief interview at some point so i can do my paper? thank you for your time, and for your help if you choose to help me out. -mrfang2 (if this is the wrong forum please move? sorry, i don't post much on here.)