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Found 1 result

  1. [[This mission and thread is intended for chosen participants only. If you're interested in joining the game, please check out the Rules & FAQ topic pinned in this subforum!]] Four agents were en route to Corvanis aboard the Initium. It wasn't the fastest vessel, nor the most luxurious, and certainly not the most fuel efficient, but hopefully the craft would do. The lack of bells and whistles was tempered by the majesty of the vastness of space... stars and planetoids scroll by, the occasional freighter dreadnought visible in the horizon. It was common for ships to come and go along this particular neck of the galaxy; the agents' destination, Corvanis, had recently re-invented itself as what the planet's oligarchs called a "stronghold of commerce." The only sound besides the purr of engines was the whistling of the vessel's droid pilot. For an AI written in deadcode, his manufacturer made him rather lively in nature. "You're all so quiet," the droid remarks. His voice modulator sounded partially damaged, making his speech scratchy and bitcrushed but otherwise perfectly audible. "I'm not driving you guys to like, a funeral, am I? That would be a big downer." The droid points his arm to a display as the vessel nears planetfall. On it was a zoomed in view of The Savior City, new capital city of Corvanis. The city was dense and vertical, buildings practically stacked upon each other. A grid of transportation infrastructure ran through the city unopposed, cleaving whole districts in two sometimes. The city's productivity came before all else; a sentiment felt by all who lived in the shadows cast by a myriad skyscrapers. The fact that there was any city at all was rather impressive, considering what had happened not even half a lifetime ago in this particular system. Storm clouds rumble over and around the city, crackling but yielding no rain. "I assume something or other is bringing you to the city, uh-huh? Now, landing has always been a pain in the rear ever since the Gate Collapse did a number on the atmosphere, but..." In that moment, one of the screens the droid pilot was hisses to life, bursting static before returning to normal operational use. " .. / .- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / .. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- ...- .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- / .-.. .-.-.- .-.-.- .-.-.- . " The droid looks back at the party, confused. "Huh. This bucket of bolts is old, but I've never seen it do that before. Uh, not to worry, we should be able to land just fine. Console's back and I don't even need it anyway," the droid says pridefully. "We'll descend nice and easy and you'll be off doing heroics and whatever in no time." The Party: Maximilian Vetre (Alix)44 cycles old Male ElfCharacter Points: 0/10Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 2Strength: 3Skill: 2Smarts: 1Proficiencies: Explosives 2, Occult 1, Short Range Weapons 2Credits: 10Equipment: D-KA Carbine (Standard Kinetic Short Range Weapon), Rampart Kinetic Shield (Standard Kinetic Armor), Energy CellInventory: EmptyLocker: Empty Felix Mao (Khorne) 37 Cycles Old Male Chimeran Character Points: 0/13 Vitality: 5/5 Velocity: 3 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 2/2 Proficiencies: Short Range Weapons 2, Insight 1, Coding 2*, Survival 1, Occult 1 Known Spells: Illusory Clone, Spirit Ally Credits: 60 Equipment: 'Old Reliable' Plasma Handgun (Standard Short Range Energy Weapon), Hacking Chip Inventory: Plasma Potion (1x), Cloaking Generator, Adrenaline Decoction (2x), Bulking Stim Locker: Valesia (Waterbrick Down)110 Year Old Female CladrasithCharacter Points: 0/13Vitality: 3/5Velocity: 2Strength: 1Skill: 2Smarts: 1Spirit: 3/3Proficiencies: Insight 1, Medicine 1, Nature 3Known Spells: Elemental Evocation, Healing Light, Mystic Binding, Photonic ManipulationCredits: 65Equipment: Holo-scroll, Chef's Kit (Standard Kinetic Melee Weapon)Inventory: Ætherbrew, Essence of Precaution, Plasma Potion Locker: Soren Aeolus (The Legonater) 31-year-old male Human Character Points: 1/15 Vitality: 5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 3 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 2 Proficiencies: Nature 1, Insight 1, Piloting 2, Short-Range Weapons 2 Spells: Elemental Evocation, Mystic Binding Equipment: MK-12 personal handgun (short-ranged calibrated energy weapon), Farsight Goggles, Hacking Chip, Plasma Potion Credits: 10 MM Note: @Alix, @The Legonater, @Khorne, @Waterbrick Down, hello and welcome to Mission 6! You guys have 24-36 hours to confirm. Feel free to make purchases in the bazaar, let me know if your stats are alright, check in and start RPing and we can start rolling! Alix, since this is your first mission, don't be afraid to ask questions- I'd be happy to answer anything you got.