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Found 1 result

  1. Five heroes set out from Heroica Hall just making their transport shuttle to Recivic. The Æthergate voyage to the Vicrar system is unnoteworthy and the team touches down for a momentary layover in the Recivic capital of Jöklofistur before catching a tundra hopper to the frozen town of Vindkoss. The wild wind whips and whirls sending freezing snow into their faces as the group inquire of a few local Cricet for Mervin Softpaw. They are soon directed to the Frozen Flame Tavern. The warm glow of infrared lamps permeates the tavern as a dozen Cricet sit around sipping hot drinks of cocoa, coffee, and mulled wine. A cheery tune plays across the hall as the chatter quiets upon the heroes' entrance, but picks up again as an older graying Cricet approaches the team. "Oh hey there, look at you lot. Stacked to the gills with weaponry, tools, and armor ain't ya? You're either the fiercest and most diverse team of Ivishin mushers we've ever seen, or you be the folks from Heroica, no?" Party Ensonvilterayquis (Enson) (Duvors) 60 cycles old male Quo'ri Character Points: 0/13 Vitality: 5 Velocity: 2 Strength: 1 Skill: 2 Smarts: 2 Spirit: 2/2 Proficiencies: Insight 1, Medicine 2, Melee Weapons 1, Religion 2, Survival 1 Spells: Healing Light, Purging Font Credits: 20 Equipment: Void Star Hammer (+1 Melee Elemental), Utility Belt (Tool, grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Successes) Inventory: Nanite Elixir 2x, Plasma Potion 3x Polaris Ursaring [with M.I.L.E.S.] (samurai-turtle) 15 cycle old female "Chimeran" Character Points: 0/13 Vitality: 8/8 Velocity: 2Strength: 2 Skill: 2Smarts: 2Spirit: 1/1Proficiencies: Coding 1*, Engineering 1 (+1, tool), Medicine 1 (+1, tool), Melee Weapons 1, Nature 1, Short Range Weapons 1, Spells: Elemental Evocation, Credits: 0 Equipment: Mecha Strike (Standard, Kinetic, Melee Range Weapon), Utility Belt (tool) Grants +1 Engineering or Medicine Check Success, Inventory: Whirlwind Boomerang (Standard, Elemental, Short Range Weapon), Plasma Potion (x2) Aysu Kundakçı (Peppermint_M) 22 Rotations Old, Female? Adopted Human. Character Points: 0/13Vitality: 6/6Velocity: 2Strength: 2Skill: 3Smarts: 1Spirit: 1Proficiencies: Long Range Weapons 3, Nature 1, Survival 1Spell: Enhanced VisionCredits: 75Equipment: Environment Safe Ammunition "ESA" Rifle (Calibrated Long Range, Energy), Farsight GogglesInventory: Plasma Potion 2x, Essence of Glibness Ronin (Yzalirk)[REDACTED] Male [REDACTED]Character Points: 0/10Vitality: 5/5Velocity: 2Strength: 1Skill: 3Smarts: 3Spirit: 0/0Proficiencies: Athletics 1, Deception 1, Melee Weapons 2, Stealth 1Known Spells: NoneCredits: 10Equipment: Cloaking Generator, Hard Light Katana (Calibrated Energy Melee Weapon)Inventory: Decker DaCabe (Endgame) 24 year old male Human Character Points: 0/10 Vitality: 6/6 Velocity: 2 Strength: 3 Skill: 2 Smarts: 1 Proficiencies: Melee Weapons 1, Short Range Weapons 2 Credits: 10 Equipment: Unloaded Pistol (Calibrated Kinetic Melee Weapon), Sandblasted Cuirass (Standard Kinetic Armor) Inventory: MM Note: Welcome to Quest 5 folks. As always if there's ever any questions feel free to either send me an IM, use OoC, or ask in the appropriate Rules or Discussion Threads. Have fun!