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Found 13 results

  1. Niku

    Helms Deep

    Hello! this is a moc I have been working this year, I was expecting to present it at the end of the year, before all this situation happened, seems like maybe next year hopefully could be shown, I woulk like to build part of the Hornburg, and a friend will make the mountain on beside of the fortress(I made the other side of the mountain that closes the Deep Wall, I just didnt take a photo of it apparently). We also need to gather Uruks, many Uruks, (this I guess will not be simple, at least I got a few extra elves if anyone is willing to trade of xD), and the gray baseplates also will have terrain detail. Comments and Criticism is welcome. Hope you like it.
  2. PublicPlaytime

    MOC - The Battle of Helms Deep

    Ok I'm kinda new to the whole AFOL and Eurobricks scene so bear with me on this post. So this is the first large-scale MOC I've ever done... In fact, when the LOTR sets came out, it was the first time I'd touched ANY LEGOs in nearly a decade! Conceptual artwork for a stop-motion battle: Rescue of Helms Deep Check this thread in about a week, more scenes to come! ENJOY MY PUBLIC PLAYTIME!
  3. Hi all, this ist my first LEGO-project after the dark ages. Helm´s Deep in plastic - started in august 2012 Sorry for the sparse description.. My english is really bad! ..less words - more pictures Thanks for looking and i hope you like it.. flickr:
  4. LEGO Helm's Deep Project. Work in progress... I'm currently 10,000+ pieces in, with another 5,000-10,000 to go. I have approximately 500 more figures (400 Uruk-Hai and 100 Rohan) to add to the diorama upon its completion. I'm quickly realizing that I'll need to purchase another table if I plan to display this all in one piece ;) I wanted to update people on my progress thus far, I hope that you enjoy it! Credit to Brickstruct for instructions. More pictures available on my flickr: If you would like to receive updates on this project and others, please follow!
  5. "Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day. At dawn, look to the East." -Gandalf
  6. 008 by Eurolock, on Flickr 009 by Eurolock, on Flickr I posted a few pics of this before the great crash of 2012. Thought I would post it again in a thread of its own to get some feedback (this is my first attempt at castle). What I was trying to do was expand the official set so that it was a much more complete representation of Helms deep (comparable to the Weta polystone environment). The aim was to keep the general scale (as defined by the front gate) and design aesthetic. I also wanted all the major areas seen in the movie to be represented (interior of the keep, back stairs, glittering caves etc) This rear shot shows the interior of the keep and the caves beneath 001 by Eurolock, on Flickr The caves are connected by a passageway to the front area of the fortress as depicted in the movie 003 by Eurolock, on Flickr This shot shows Eomer on the back stairs. The stairs actually work as a sort of 'ball-track' play feature as a boulder can be rolled through the back gate and will follow the winding path of the stairs knocking down any uruk hai in its path. This is a nod to an event in the book where a great boulder is cast down upon the uruk-hai as they attempt to take the rear gate. 002 by Eurolock, on Flickr This shot shows Eomer on the walkway that connects the inner and outer walls. I changed the original model here so that the walkway enters the inner door through a doorway as shown during Aragorn's retreat to the keep. You can also make out the entrance to the passageway through to the caves. 005 by Eurolock, on Flickr Aerial shot. I had a lot of trouble with the spiral ramp that leads up from the front gate to the area in front of the keep. 011 by Eurolock, on Flickr Gamling in the caves. The whole set-up is modular and a section of the caves can be removed for separate play. The lack of roof was necessary for access. 016 by Eurolock, on Flickr 015 by Eurolock, on Flickr The battle in full swing....If only I had as many Uruks as Deathleech... Helm's deep by Eurolock, on Flickr Errm...don't know how I managed to post the same new thread twice. Sorry.
  7. IvanStorm

    Helm's Deep MOC

    After over 15 years of not touching the bricks I suddenly found myself yearning for a LEGO experience. So I went on a shopping spree, buying most of the existing Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit sets. Very soon I was browsing the internet for building techniques and marveling at the amazing MOCs people were building. I decided to give it a go myself, and 6 weeks later here's my first creation. Flickr gallery (12 photos) It's an expanded version of Helm's Deep, based on the official set and Eurolock's version. A few key decisions separate it from these sets. - I didn't really like the sand green bricks, so I got rid of them and kept to the grayscale palette. - I wanted the ramp to have a gradual incline and a gentle curve, without any stairs. - While most Helm's Deep MOCs display the moment before the battle (or battle in progress), my favorite moment was always Theoden's desperate charge and Gandalf and Eomer's arrival. So I tried to replicate that. - The wall is not anywhere as long as I'd like it to be, but the size limit was set by my shelf space. Theoden leads the charge. Gimli's not supposed to be here, but I didn't want to leave him stranded in the tower after blowing the horn. He's demonstrating to the elf that he doesn't need to be tossed and can make the jump just fine. One of the trilogy's most powerful moments. I did my best to do it justice, but the scale is just not the same. This orc has had enough! He's going back to his family in Lithlad. Unfortunately, some huorns are on the way, he'll never make it... Two Mordor orc engineers with their wicked ballista. I had to radically scale down the ballista included with the Uruk-hai Army set, as it stood almost as tall as the walls. Haldir and the Lothlorien elves are making their last stand. This event occured much earlier in the movie, but I really wanted to include it. And there seems to be only one Uruk-hai attacking them, so Haldir will probably live. Phew... The keep. The door on the right leads to the Glittering Caves (not included in this product), the door on the left to the Hornburg tower. The stairs up are hugging the round wall and were a pain to design, but I'm rather happy with the result. There are a few more pictures on Flickr
  8. Hello guys, I would like to share few picture of the current stage of my Helm's deep. It's still missing the rock formation on the left and also the amount of Uruks isn't sufficient yet. I've also found out that i am not a good MOCker so don't be too cricital. :) Anyway here we go: Thanks for your attention!
  9. I've wanted Lego to make LOTR for years, soley for Helms Deep. Finally, it happened. As much as I do like the official model, it just fails to capture the epic scope of the battle as portrayed in the Two Towers. So after having the official model sit on my shelf, mocking me for days, I decided to improve it drastically. My first attempt was satisfying, however I just did not have the amount of pieces to truly do what I wanted with it. After a few (a few meaning a TON of!) Bricklink orders, I was able to begin my endeavor. It is almost complete at the moment with the exception of the mountains, the rear entrance to the caves, the causeway and some additional details i'd like to add/change. I also created an Elven army since Lego did not provide any of Haldirs' troops. I used Legolas from Escape from Mirkwood Spiders as the base for my swordsman and Haldir as the base for my archers. The elven swords and helms are from Brickforge. Check out my flickr photostream to see the evolution of this MOC thus far :)
  10. Had a spare Haldir that I wanted to use as an Elven archer. Helmet was made by cutting the horns of a Loki helmet and re-attaching the tip of one horn to the front of the helmet. I think it looks pretty good. Need to tidy it up a bit though. Ideally the hair should hang out the back but there is no way i'm chopping up an elven hairpiece. image by Eurolock, on Flickr image by Eurolock, on Flickr
  11. My Helm's Deep Story Tower! Hello All! Here is my new MOC! Basically, it is my 4 favorite scenes from the Battle Of Helm's Deep, in a story tower! Enjoy! Helms Deep Story Tower by mpoh98, on Flickr Main Picture Helms Deep Story Tower by mpoh98, on Flickr The Whole Tower Helms Deep Story Tower by mpoh98, on Flickr Exploding wall (no photoshop, used light brick) Helms Deep Story Tower by mpoh98, on Flickr Legolas Riding Down The Stairs Helms Deep Story Tower by mpoh98, on Flickr The Gimli Toss! Helms Deep Story Tower by mpoh98, on Flickr Forced perspective of Eomer getting ready to ride down into Helms Deep. Soli Deo Gloria!
  12. LEGDOC

    Helm's Deep MOC
  13. Legofin2012

    [MOC] Helms deep

    Built my first castle and LOTR MOC, not my best work, but here's some pictures: Helms deep by Legofin2012, on Flickr Close-ups: Helms deep: gate by Legofin2012, on Flickr Helms deep: wall by Legofin2012, on Flickr Helms deep: tower by Legofin2012, on Flickr And link to the video of the catapult: