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Found 10 results

  1. Get ready for winter with the Winter Village Hardware Store Winter Village Hardware shop features 6 Minifigures, 3 Store workers, 2 male and 1 female shopper. Includes 1 vehicle, Vintage Dropside Steam Truck inspired by a 1930s Sentinel S4 Steam Waggon. Looks pretty plain doesn't it, Wait until you get inside. Looks like the delivery driver is off to deliver some gas canisters so the townsfolk can keep warm. I see a female customer looking to purchase a fine looking Christmas tree. Where to begin with the Fully enclosed interior, Features a wide range of tools and a (brick built)? Clothes rail where you can purchase workwear. Including a full range of 5 different fire extinguishers. And a topdown view showing the floorplan of the Building and the truckbed, I think that is everything, Thanks for looking :)
  2. lightningtiger

    Modular Farmer's Co-op Building

    It has taken a while to plan and build but only my second true modular building is up and running. What's on the inside you may ask ? Yes, there is a lot in this one, no stickers all brick, plate and technic part built. Any questions please ask. Brick On everyone !
  3. bobbrick999

    Lego Facade only 6 studs wide

    Lego Facade,all this is only six studs wide! and has a brick count of less than just one modular building,The idea behind this model is to allow collectors who struggle with space for the large modular buildings to display this with ease on any standard shelf. with a brick count of less than one normal modular build you get three,There is the hardware store with tools for sale,a hat shop just in case your mini figures want a new look,and last but not least a fish store for all your pet fish needs,be careful tho the contractors tearing up the walk way. All the stores have goodies inside to play with and a few secrets to discover as well ? This model would be ideal for people on a budget,with limited space, or have a gap that needs filling in there Lego city.also ideal as a standalone set.more details on Lego Ideas
  4. lightningtiger

    Hardware Mini Shop

    Yes, another one.......I like hardware favorite stores right after ones that sell Lego ! This one is a mini shop style on an old school 8 stud x 16 stud base plate and it has elements of the Home Hardware Store in it as well. Oh, and I have updated it already ! I thought the paint tins would look better this way and you can also see tubes of contact cement.......good old Octan again ! Oh, so if you want to here's the link - Thanks for looking everyone.........Brick On !
  5. lightningtiger

    Home Hardware Store

    Now I took myself to task to make an in-between size hardware store that might fit the current building scale for city while still packing a punch in detail, etc.,. Not much to say here, pretty much explains itself......yep, I've been sticker making crazy again. Oh, wait I updated this the other day....... Yeah, I've added more's the link if you like this....... Any comments and suggestions feel free to post them.......Brick On everyone !
  6. Once we started joining online LEGO communities we found several really amazing hardware stores. Having the proverbial plethora of tools and other hardware store staples we decided to throw our hat in the ring too. Stewart's Hardware store is just about the only place in Godwins Hollow where the DIY Minifig can purchase these sorts of materials. Formally part of the East End Shopping District it's now located near City Hall. Here's a few shots of our store, hope you enjoy. You can see more here and here.
  7. lightningtiger

    Yes, it's another Hardware Store MOC !

    I was playing around with LDD and I thought why not another hardware fact a rural/farming one, yes it's another one of those ! It's using a new kind of display mechanics.....jail cell doors. We have digging tools, irrigation, shearing and fencing (electric) departments. I still have tons more to do, entrance, a secondary access point and upper sections. Keep watching !
  8. lightningtiger

    Hoopers Hardware Store

    Seeing the wonderful work of 'snaillad' the other day got the tiger thinking.....what could I come up with ? Well, for a change - no stickers but still open backed though. I now present.......Hooper's Hardware Store This the updated store front with scales and sign saying 'Hooper's Hardware'. (edit post date 24/08/2013) Here we see Mr. Hooper about to sweep the front entrance of his store. (original post date 23/08/2013) His father started this business in the late 19th century and modern ideas are the last thing on his mind......he's quite old fashioned in his ways. As you can see the store hasn't changed much since the late 19th century, the big drawers full of hardware, the big paper roll for wrapping parcels, the old school display tables and the big heavy front doors (yes, they do open and close perfectly). Hopefully tomorrow if Mr. Hooper is in a good mood we can get some more interior and close up shots of the store.....but he was a little testy tonight so fingers crossed for tomorrow then. Comments are always welcome, plus any questions for old Mr. Hooper.....hopefully he'll answer them (oh, I hope he doesn't mind being called old ?)
  9. lightningtiger

    MOC - Multi-Storey City Building

    It's been a few weeks since I posted any designs and with the coming of Town Square I decided to start designing buildings to join that set.....well when I can buy it. Through out European cities you can find small inner city hardware stores so here is my take on them. The painter's roller has come in just in time eh ? Now what's going on top....well either a second floor for giftware/kitchenware/glassware or a different business all office of some sort....any ideas or suggestions ? Oh, an example of a real one I guess would be a good idea right ? Keep watching !
  10. lightningtiger


    I've finished my mini town build.....three Canadian inspired buildings....... Ready for Railshow this is now ! Keep watching for updates from the show.