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Found 2 results

  1. Not one to start small for a few weeks now I've been working on flushing out the Echo Base Hanger display I want to build for my UCS Millennium Falcon. I've been planning this since the set was announced but couldn't really start till I had the set in hand to base everything off. It will be in a glass coffee table I'll be building to display it. The planned layout is currently 47.5" by 41.75" but I may go to 47.5" x 47.5". I'm going to use Stricklybricks 50x50 baseplates with one set getting trimmed down. I'm trying to be as accurate as possible and get all the little details I'm finding as I research that I haven't seen before. This will also display some of the rest of my collection so the ships inside will be a mix besides the Falcon. My 99 X-Wing and probably one of Cehnot's beauties and 4 different official speeder sets spanning the years. I'm using Migui94's Falcon as a placeholder as I work to confirm sizing in addition to the physical test layout I have set up. I see that last week Cehnot also started basically the same project with similar goals but he is going for the whole hanger while I only have room for some of it with size limitation. Can't wait to see his take shape and maybe collaborate on a few elements. I'm building in first since I don't have the money to start buying all the bricks and figure it out by physical trial and error. So to get started with where I am at here is an over view of the layout. I have a lot of detailing to do on the walls but I've been waiting till I had the structural strength and sizing dialed in first as I kept tweaking. I originally had 2 full bays but they wouldn't hold an X-Wing so I widened it and also ended up raising them to fit the vents. This top down view with the yellow fence shows the 41" width. and the potential space if I expand to 47". I'm going to curve the wall behind the Falcon some more but I'm not going to go all the way around to keep the sides of the Falcon visible through the sides of the table. This front view of the bay shows the vents in the top of the bays. My current thought was stickers to detail the vents but i will probably revisit them to look ate a brick based option but scale is a limit here. The Cat Walk for the X-Wings is an item that has been done but lacking in detail. I used Enderman eye plates for the side detailing. The current support beam X cross braces are temporary. After much thinking and tinkering I decided to design and print custom pieces to go there. The 3L bar on top will be cut in half to finish the top rail on the ends. I do like Cehnot's top rail better though and may try to rework mine based on his. Some small detail builds I have are the (quite silly) Treadwell 1016 droid briefly seen twice (somehow it gets on top of the Falcon with treads...). I also have a fuel tanker cart seen between the Falcon and the X-Wing. The floor light took days to get the scale right and try to be easily lit from below. The plan it to get vinyl stickers for the sides to cover the trans-clear plates then put an LED under them trough a hole in the baseplate. Not shown here is that the front 1x2 plate is clear while the 2 under the slope grills are trans med blue to get the right light out the back. I have lots more to do but finally felt I had enough to start sharing. Any suggestions on how to improve something are welcome! I will also be overhauling the Falcon itself to be more ESB accurate. Haven't yet decided on adding an interior since it will be in a closed display. -JF140/Cody
  2. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs MKJoshA and Kale wandered the halls of the Redemption. They had been introduced to other members of the Alliance, Wick Nole, Monty Python, Zaael, and Vedawoo to name a few. Josh had helped the Alliance as an intel office for many months, but had never been aboard the Redemption. He was struck by how many people here seemed happy. It was a huge difference compared to what he was used to seeing on Empire controlled planets. They entered the hanger where everyone who was going to board the Suprosa were gathering to enter the drop ship. He was struck with the need to say something. He looked around and noticed an unused ladder and climbed up it. “Can I have your attention!” Josh shouted. A couple heads turned toward him. “Can I have your attention please!” He shouted again. This time people stopped what they were doing and gathered around him. “We are all about to board a ship, not knowing whether we will come back. Why are we doing this? Why are we risking our lives to try to stop the Empire?” Those listening started to look at each other wondering where this was going. But Josh continued, “We go because we believe there is a better life than that under the Empire! The Emperor has shown he’s not afraid to hurt those who have been entrusted to his care. There is no thought to what his people need, only to what will bring him more power! Those who serve him may think they are doing the right thing, but all they are doing is furthering injustice! We need rules, we need order, we need a leader; but we don’t need tyranny! We need a government who puts the needs of its beings ahead of any other goal. So let’s go over there and show the Empire that we won’t sit still while they take away our freedom, and the freedom of beings everywhere!” The whole hanger erupted in applause. Josh felt that he had finally found purpose in what he was doing. He was part of the Rebel Alliance to get away from corrupt government officials. He was a part of the Alliance to help others get away from under the yoke of tyranny. “Now,” Josh continued after the applause died down, “Vedawoo, we’ll need you to pilot the ship to get us all over there. Monty Python, you will need to set off a bomb to help clear our way into the right corridors. Wick Nole, clear the corridors of any enemy troops and see if you can hack into the Suprosa’s computers. Zaael, as soon as you can, break away and go after the computer core. As soon as you’ve retrieved it we’ll all meet back in the hanger and get back to the Redemption!” With more bustle and commotion, the Rebels were on their way.