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Found 1 result

  1. Avalonia Mini-Challenge - Game of Thrones An Elfin Claimant A travelling minstrel lightly touches the chords of his lyre, addressing the passers-by. Hear ya! Hear ya! Yes, my Ladies, my Lords! Please approach! Your favourite troubadour's daily story is about to begin! This evening, my Ladies, my Lords, we have a special one! I will tell you the story of a clan of half-elves! Aren't you curious? Please approach, my dear guests and take your seat! The story is about to begin... In the heart of Avalonia, in the fertile plains covered with lush forests, where scents of flowers fill up the nostrils while the fresh morning breeze competes with the warmth of the early sunbeams teasing the skin, lived once a clan of half-elves. Yes, you've heard it well, my Ladies, my Lords: a clan of half-elves! Unlike the majority of their kin – usually loners, indeed – this particular group was one of a kind! ... The history of the clan goes back for generations and fades into myth... The narration of the forefather's deeds... How did he meet his wife? How did they start the family? And where does that filosophy come from, my Ladies? They refused the idea of 'not-being-human-while-also-not-being-elves', my Lords! Yes! They made a point of having taken the best traits from both! Oh yes! An improvement! An enhancement! True half-elvish pride, it was! Even their architecture, an interesting mixture of both! ... Ha! I can hear your whispers, my Ladies! My Lords! Your incredulous look, I can spot! But believe! The story is true! And hear, there is much more to come! The family thrived, among pointy ears and beards. They stuck with one another and set up many businesses - they spread their belief, the friends they made! Yes, friends, and allies too, my Ladies! For they did not fall prey of the pride, of the arrogance, they did not, my Lords! They fed the needy and helped the poor, they fought the unfairness, they did it just so, the words were equality and justice for all! Yes, my Ladies, on your face I can see, my Lords, even you! You start to recall this story after all! You heard it before, I warned it was true! The family existed and now exists even more! They grew their numbers, their riches, the reputation they got! They made friends everywhere, did ya' know? The elves to the West, the orcs to the East, the dwarves in the North... they have ships full of southern oil setting sail to long-forgotten islands... ! ... They got themselves some enemies, oh sure they did, my Lord... That one at the bottom, yes, I can hear your voice... They got called promiscuous, mixed, heterogeneous... 'mixed-use' even! The elves of Hesperia, some high circles in Albion, in Cedrica...Yes, yes... That Lord there is right, many use the word with 'B', if you'll excuse your minstrel, my Ladies, my Lords! Yes... some even created the word 'half-dwarves'... A shocked chorus among the crowd. Let us not forget our story, my Ladies! My Lords! That is certainly true, that is how they advanced... and now a throne is empty and the land swarms with claimants! Everyone wants one of them on that throne! Yes, my Ladies, a King! And, my Lords, there's a Queen! They're elfin indeed, they're symbol of hope! Unity, warranty against racial wars! Let us be at peace and prosper and merge; cooperation is the future, let us welcome the exchange! You have to consider, they have lots of support – don't miss out, my guests, be part of the best! The story is now over, yet everyone knows, there's a claimant who's worth it for each of us all! Let us just unite and abandon the swords! For peace! For equality! My Ladies... my Lords! The crowd shouts its approval. In a sudden cloud of smoke, the minstrel disappears. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right on time! I had this idea of 'half-elven' architecture and wanted to try it out. That bloody rounded roof with tiles requires a lot of attention, but I do like the look. This is the first time I go for a vignette - trying to get as much information as possible in a limited space was a nice challenge. I also wasn't too sure how to alternate it to the story, being only one pic. As for the story itself, I guess it might be a bit confusing not seeing any minstrel in the pic? I wanted to try that format though, just to add variety. I actually wanted the whole thing to rhyme and to have the same amount of syllables for every sentence (like the last part), but realised quickly that was a bit too much for my skills, so I left it kind of half-and-half C&C most welcome as usual, thanks for reading! A photography note @Basiliscus P.S. Not sure why, but I have my comments aligned right (in the preview as well), yet when I post/edit they get moved to the centre like the rest of the post. If anyone has an idea why and/or how to avoid this, it'd be cool