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Found 21 results

  1. Zaael

    [O-H06] Setting the Trap

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Ground Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts (part 1) - The Chase Begins (part 2) Pursuing guy: "Sir, the shipment is approaching the coordinates you gave me." "Sir": "Alright comrade. Victor, are you at the coordinates?" Victor: "Almost sir." "Sir": "Hurry up will you!?!" Victor: "We are goi...." "Sir": "HURRY UP!!! I said!" Victor: "B... Bu... Yes sir!" Note: the builds in the first picture and the mountain thingy have already been judged.
  2. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] In search of JS Smith III

    In search of JS Smith III Location: H-06 Farmolois tags: Octan, spaceship, engineering, H06 Our story bring us back to H-06, Farmolois, into the Octan engineering bay, Mrs. Smith is working on Octan's research for new and better technology and as well as looking for her husband Mr. JS Smith. PANEL6 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL7 by Meyerj, on Flickr LDD build this week, first slide is not to be judged, thank you for looking. comments always welcome.
  3. Zaael

    [O-H06] The Chase Begins

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Land Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family - New Parts Spying guy: "Sir, your intel was correct. Something is being moved." "Sir": "Very well, follow the shipment, comrade. The others will intercept you once you're close." Spying guy: "Yes sir! And sir may I ask where you got that intel?!? We never get intel like this." "Sir": "No." Spying guy: "... yes sir, sorry sir. Going into pursuit now." Garv: "Zaael, come in!!" Garv: "Hello, someone come in!!" Garv: "I am being chased by a speeder and request backup... Does anyone receive this message!?!" The speeder: Note: the truck has already been judged.
  4. Zaael

    [O-H06] New Parts

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Military Building, Land Vehicle, Engineering - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home - Meeting the Family Garv had to pick up some new batteries in the main city of Farmolis and is now on his way back to Zaael's homebase. Meanwhile somewhere in a heavily protected lab aboard a ship somewhere in Andromeda's Gates: Professor Rachel is reviewing the test results. Results that are disappointing. Zaael had promised something good, but this is bad, really bad, budget cutting bad. The CEO will not be amused, unless Zaael and Rachel can fix it before the next big test run of the "Project". She decides to call Zaael on a secure line to ask him how he is going to fix this. Rachel: "The "Project" is far from working as intended. The whole team is at a loss. I am sending you the results, can you fix this?" Zaael: "Hello Rachel, I am having a few days off, this can wait... Rachel: "No it can't, our CEO is supposed to be here next week for the big test run and if we produce the same results our budget will be cut, maybe the whole project will be cancelled!!" Zaael: "Right haha, you don't really know Pombe, do you?" Rachel: "..." Zaael: "Never mind. If it will ease your mind I can have a quick look. Fey and Maan are shopping anyway... It seems one of the key parts is malfunctioning. I will build a new one and ship it to you." Rachel: "Thank you Zaael!" A few hours later: Garv just returned getting some new batteries with the new Octan Corp truck while Zaael had just finished up building the new component. Perfect timing! Zaael: "Garv, be careful, this thing is dangerous and very important. Be quick and please don't bump into anything!" Garv: "Ok, no problem!" Garv: "I will deliver this before you are back in the house, no worries." Zaael: "I'm serious Garv, no games, no detours, deliver it quick and safe." Garv: "I will, promised." Garv: "Sorry darling, I have just one more delivery to make for Zaael and then we can go hike in the north." Gina: "I heard him say it is a dangerous cargo, be careful sweetheart." Garv: "No worries darling." More pics of the truck: Note: the following builds should not be judged: - the parking lot and the three vehicles in the back there
  5. Zaael

    [O-H06] Meeting the Family

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Civil Building (?) - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs - Driving Home After a long drive Zaael arrives at his home on Farmolis. His wife Fey is waiting for him with their daughter Maan. Garv, the mechanic and Zaael's long time friend is also there. Anxious to see his little one Zaael parks his OC.GF12 at its parking spot next to his two speeders and runs over to Fey. Garv meanwhile prepares to make the Roadster ready, just in case. "Hi honey, how's our little one doing?" Note: the vehicles in this build are all previously judged. Below the build to be judged: Extra pics:
  6. Zaael

    [O-H06] Driving Home

    Location: Farmolis - H06 Tags: Land Vehicle - The Return - The Scavenge Hunt - Requested Repairs After his last mission Zaael was ordered to work on a super secret project. That project is finished and Z rushes home to finally be with his wife and his daughter again. Extra pics:
  7. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Welcome back Triple H...

    Title: Welcome back Hans Tags: Civil building,Land vehicle, Engineering Bay (for tech bonus.) Planet: H06 Farmolis JS Smith has been sent back to Farmolois before heading out for the next mission to meet the new head of his engineering bay on Farmolis.... Cheers, thanks for looking, comments are always welcome. Jody
  8. Garden Path Farmolis 3186 Dr. Markham blissfully walks through the Andromeda Arboretum of Farmolis's capital city without a care in the world. His job was just too good. Great paycheck... and the retirement package? Wow! Koro sensed the doctor's presence but kept focused on his meditation. He picked a spot where he knew the good doctor would see him on the way to the lab and waited for confirmation from his secretary confirming his Friday schedule. The secretary confirms, and Koro comes out of his trance. He drops down from the Torii to say hello while Dr. Markham is trying to decide what upholstery to use in his new orbital yacht. "Dr. Markham, we were just now able to schedule another spin class for Friday. Can I sign you up for the 10 am slot?" Alternate Shot: [Challenge 3][Cat. A][H06] Swift Reprisal - 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Based on mccoyed's Swift Reprisal
  9. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Xmas Xtravaganza

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After a very busy last few weeks doing work with Extensive Enterprises I returned back to Farmolis to Octan HQ for a bit of time off for the holidays. ED-208 said he needed to check in one pombe's assistant Sue, so I did a bit of shopping before the Xmas eve party. I wanted to be there early in case Dr. Long decided to take a break from all of her work and make an appearance. When I got there only a couple of other Octan employees were there and then Dr. Richard Johnson showed up. I'm not quite sure if he knows someone or what but he always gets drunk at our parties and does inappropriate things yet somehow never seems to get in trouble. Plus he wears the most obvious toupee ever. Even when you point out that his facial hair is brown and the hair on his head is black he claims that is just how it naturally grows. He was holding mistletoe up and walking around trying to get everyone to kiss him. On the plus side I was happy to see that our CEO pombe had sent me a gift! He said that it was something he had gotten himself and that he was sure it would prove useful to me. It was really amazing that he had thought of me and that he had personally acquired my gift. Extra Pics:
  10. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Extensive Assistance

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Science, Land Vehicle Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // After meeting the twins Tomax and Xamot at the party I was happy to find that I'd apparently made quite an impression on them. They contacted our fantastic CEO pombe and had apparently inquired after a robotics specialist to aid them as they wrap up their latest prototype for an autonomous exploration unit. They were having some minor issues and thought that perhaps Octan would be able to help. I knew that as a corporate partner of Extensive Enterprises we would benefit from their success also so it made perfect sense for me to aid them. And ED-208 was back after receiving some upgrades. Sue informed me that she had personally verified his improvements and that he was fully functional. It was great having him back! We got to the facility and I was impressed by their High Intellect Semi-autonomous Sentry (HISS). While still an early pre-production model it was very well made. Some of the ground mapping intelligence was having problems when combined with the satellite and GPS info so they were keen to hear my thoughts. After some investigation the AI couldn't seem to decide what to trust when there was a conflict and so it made no choice. I adjusted some of the logic and it improved the response in simulations. Once they run more field tests they will be better able to determine how well it was solved. ED-208 was very disappointed that the HISS was unarmed, but Tomax or Xamot (I can't tell them apart) said that it had excellent armor. And he commented that the design allowed for future arming in upgrades and that this was simply a demonstrator vehicle. Plus he remarked that in a worst case scenario the HISS can overload its energy storage and cause an explosion that will wipe out a 1 kilometer square. ED-208 seemed to think that was a fantastic feature and said if they ever need help on armament to let him know. It was good to see him getting into things and trying to help out our partner corporation! I'm glad that pombe is so confident in my abilities that he would choose to send me. With such wonderful leaders like him and Dr. Long we can't help but be successful! Though as much as I like pombe and am glad that our CEO thinks so highly of me, I do miss Dr. Long and being able to work with her. Hopefully in the near future I can once again find myself in her company! ED-208 seems very happy with our interactions with pombe though, he said that Sue has "greatly expanded his knowledge of so many things." So I'm very glad to see him interacting so well with her. Extra Pics:
  11. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Socializing

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Previously... // PERSONAL DIARY // I was working on some new hardware for our drones while ED-208 was getting a hip actuator replaced. It was a bit weird with him not being around but it turned out I wouldn't have to worry about being alone for too long. Our delightfully different CEO pombe called me to say that he needed me to attend a social gathering in his place. Apparently there was some urgent situation that had come up that he and Eshey needed to handle and he needed someone to attend this function. The hosts were twins named Tomax and Xamot. They were throwing a party at their place and they said to come dressed how you would like. So I decided to go casual and swap out my usual helmet for a hat. I was a bit intimidated by all the fancy people at the party though. I also wasn't aware that showing up on time for a party isn't what you are supposed to do. When I arrived only a few other people were there and some entertainer was singing some songs I had never heard of. Once the party really got going I felt a bit nervous with all of the people and called it a night early. But I think despite not having talked to anyone all evening and mostly just people watching from the corners the party was a great success. I sent pombe a thank you card for giving me the chance to socialize on his behalf. Note: This was my first try at brick build furniture, so any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated! Extra Pics:
  12. Jody Meyer

    [O H-06] First steps

    First steps... Location: H06 Tags: Engineering, land vehicle My team and I have worked hard and pushed to get the first prototype of the new mech suits up and running, not sure how it will do in the trials or f sent out for a mission, this Mech is suited for many purposes from Recon, to mining to escort detail. I am slowly working up a story so please bear with me C & C Welcome Enjoy Jody
  13. Working hard in the workshop Location: H06 Tags: Building, Civil, Engineering, Land vehicle Working this past week has been brutal, I have been redesigning the new Mech. to be out fited for mining and prospecting but I just haven't gotten that far. I have managed to recruit on of my Octan robots and programed him for welding..nice to think that I do not have to supervise...right?..I mean what can go wrong?... and a short flick to see the welding clicking it will take you to my flicker page and run the movie Sorry for the pictures, flicker was having issues and I wanted to make the dead line. Cheers C & C are always welcome
  14. Jody Meyer


    Location: H06 Tags: Engineering, Ground Vehicle, Building Back on H06 withing the newly built engineering bay, a few delegates had come for an inspection of the newly constructed, not tested Mech. suits Enjoy, thank you for looking feedback always welcome hopefully tagged right.
  15. Dannylonglegs

    [O-H06] Power Dynamics

    Tags: Science Planet: Farmolis "Log Date 447, This is Dr. Danielle Long, Performing weekly verbal summary of progress report on selected Top-Secret Octan Science projects. Project 2, Code-name: Trooper 2 is progressing excellently. The body's mutation rates have been successfully slowed while subject remains in induced coma. Subject's cryogenic freezing chamber is functioning adequately, and the tubing is checked twice a day, along with vitals. Subject's transformation is fascinating, and we've recorded a myriad of changes on the genetic level. It's hard to believe that even Kawashita was capable of creating such a destructive super-predator. Max security protocol is followed strictly. Project 13, Code-name: Project Icarus is at a stand still. We can't quite figure out what the Blue Box recovered from the ancient space facility on G09 is intended to do, nor how activate it. I have decided to have the object delivered to Kodan Black, to see if he can figure it out, but as it is, I see no reason for the project file to continue taking up space on my desk. It's just a big blue box, after all. Kodan can handle it. *snip* Summary Complete. Now, I have a meeting to attend. Dr. Long out." Later.... In the Human Resources building in Headquarters City on Farmolis. Dr. Long: "Book three adjacent rooms. This weather has delayed take-offs, so we'll have to stay the night on Farmolis." Odus Dillberg, Dr. Long's Secretary: "You got it boss!" Dr. Long turned to face the man before her, as her secretary left to attend business. Kevin: "Have a seat, Danny. Can I call you Danny?" Dr. Long: "I'd rather you didn't. So, Kevin, It's been a while since we last met in person." Kevin: "We haven't needed to in a while." He beamed. Dr. Long: "Well, your office looks nice. A lot of red." Kevin: "Well, while I do love all Octan colours equally, some colours are just more equal than others, don't you agree? And, by the way, I simply love the Octanis Orchids. They brighten a room like only Shawn from sales ever could. May he rest in peace." Dr. Long: "I didn't give you those flowers... I just engineered them." Kevin: "And by doing so, you gave them to us all, for a reasonable price." Dr. Long: "I trust you didn't call me here just to discuss my bachelor's degree final project?" Kevin: "Of course not, Danny, we're here to talk about your recent performance. You are aware that Pombe has been promoted to a higher position than yours, yes?" Dr. Long: "I am... aware." She stated, through grit teeth. Kevin: "Ok, good. If you didn't know that'd be a little awkward. Glad we got that out of the way. So, any notion as to why that may be?" Dr. Long: "I avoid making judgements as to how Corporate makes its decisions." Kevin: "Excellent answer! The less one knows, the better! But in your case their reasoning is fairly straight forward. You've really been dragging your feet on some of your projects, Danny." Dr. Long: "Science must be performed by the book, and protocol must be followed. All this takes time." Kevin: "Well, I think we both know that your investigation of 'the facility' could have been a bit quicker... and certainly more productive, considering we've got nothing to show for it. Time is money Danny." Dr. Long: "Of course. You know... we could have discussed this over a holo-chat." Kevin: "Well, There's another reason Pombe has been promoted so fast." Dr. Long: "Go on?" Kevin: "Well he's great! The man's funny, well adjusted, and he brings in plenty of new customers and employees on a daily basis! It's unbelievable all the stuff he get's away with!" Dr. Long: "oh." Kevin: "Unbelievable. Really. We've watched your security tapes. He's not cheating. He is simply amazing." Dr. Long: "We could have done this in a Holo-chat." Kevin: "You've observed this, right? How he seems to be able to do whatever he likes? With no consequences to his actions? How even physics seems to bend to his will? And how the paperwork you file on him never seems to bother him in the least? You've sited his dress code violations literally 420,247 times." Dr. Long: "I recall each and every one. " Kevin: "Well, Corporate wants to know how he does it!" Dr. Long: "Huh?" Kevin: "We've considered he may have some passive psychic powers capable of casually warping reality... and we want to know if we can monetize this! This is why I called you here. I want you to look into this and try to figure it out. You're a scientist. You can handle this. Corporate has its utmost faith in your abilities.... That's why you got so far in the first place, after all!" Dr. Long: "Hm. Ok, fine. I will look into Pombe's 'Reality warping' potential." Kevin: "There's our Danny! Keep up the good work, you! Excellent meeting! And remember, miss one week of work and the next person behind you takes your place! No pressure!" Dr. Long: "Of course. Have a fine evening, Kevin." Later, in Dr. Long's hotel room on Farmolis. Dr. Long: "That was sufficient, Odus, you're no longer needed." Odus: *nervous laughter* "Alright Danielle." Dr. Long: "Put a shirt on, and comb your hair. I won't have my secretary appearing like a slob. And when you've finished that you may leave. I have a Holo-Chat to attend in 10 minutes." Odus: "Cool, I'm on it." Dr. Long: "OK, Great." A few minutes later. Dr. Long: "Hello, Kodan, this is Dr. Danielle Long. Can you confirm that you have received the files on Project Icarus? The Object should arrive at your location in a week's time....." The following day. Bob: "How're you doing Danielle!? Long time no see, eh?" Dr. Long: "That's still not funny." Bob: "Hehe, well, I think it is. I've been busy piloting! We should catch up some time, though." Dr. Long: "Yeah" Bob: "Do you remember how we used to look up at the stars on those chilly autumn nights on earth? And you used to point out where Andromeda was, and the constellations? I was thinking about that the other day. They're so different here. Do you ever just... look at the stars?" Dr. Long: "No." ...... _______________________________________ Extra pictures: ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  16. Jody Meyer

    [O H-06] First shipment Awesomnium

    Lab Entry 001 Today was a great day for the meteorology lab, the first shipment of Awesomnium crystals came from the small mining out post just outside the city, The clowns I mean drones brought in this nice big one and I told them to place it in the cryogen freezer so I can study it later. Of course the Fools tripped the hazard alarm with opening the freezer without entering the code. UG...oh well I am quiet happy to be studying this mineral and research it's attributes, I am aiming for armor plating for our vehicles..who knows! C & C welcome. Jody
  17. Jody Meyer

    [O - H06] Week #1 Mining...

    Open Channel #010 Octan Corp. Location: H-06 Farmolis - "Large flat grassy plains and forests, broken up by numerous small oceans. Journal Entry 2 Well a lot has been done here on Farmolis mining post #1, we manage to get a good vein of Awesomnium, My drone and I have managed to get our mobile crane in before the "TNT cart" . The space is very tight but able to place some TNT down to make the space bigger and more open for a mining truck or something else...the rocks seem to have their own power source which I find odd...I sent a few off to Mrs. Smith to analyse them and get back to Dr. Long on the progress (next week build hint hint)...anyways we are working around the clock and so far no injuries to report...thank god cause these drone make me nervous... Over and Out Mr. JS Smith The mobile Crane The over all build The over all build (back side) Thank you for looking C&C welcome
  18. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Small Mining post

    Open Channel #009 Octan Corp. Location: H-06 Farmolis - "Large flat grassy plains and forests, broken up by numerous small oceans. Journal Entry 1 My Drone and I have been tasked by higher management to get to work on a small mining post within a small valley on my home planet of Farmolis. It's great to back home working out in the field but working with these octan drones makes me kinda nervous..We have also been told to make sure that the operation can run night and day. Our little operation has only just begun and plan on making into a small hillside by next week. Over and Out JS Smith. C&C Welcome I have not unpacked my new light table yet so I had to make a make shift one..
  19. Kodan Black

    [O - H06] - Looking for Answers

    Location: H06 Farmolis Tags: Science // PERSONAL DIARY // With all of the unknown activities going on lately and the news of alien fleets suddenly appearing I knew that I needed to get to the bottom of my mystery. Who was putting out all these listening devices and why? Dr. Long trusts me and I have been letting her down. I had a bunch of data but needed some serious computing power to try and make sense of it all. So I headed back to the Axle above Farmolis and took over one of the computing centers. Some of the other scientists were unhappy that I was utilizing the whole room for myself, but I told them I was doing vital research for Dr. Long. Whatever beer recipe or research on rocks or whatever they were doing would have to wait. I was attempting to solve an issue that could keep our corporation or possibly entire species safe! I didn't need any of our oPads (Octan Personal Assistant Device) or oMacs (Octan Miniature Assistant Computer System), but ED-208 still insisted that he would guard them and keep anyone else from using them. I know he was trying to be helpful so I let him. I'm glad they installed the new reclining chairs with the multimonitor setup. We used to have to sit in regular chairs like some sort of primitive ape! These new seats are much more comfortable. ED-208 again suggested that we should be researching weapons so that whoever is trying to spy on us will get what they deserve. I pointed out to him that we first needed to know what we were up against before we worried about a solution. But he is right that once we figure out the who, I'll need to have a suggested course of action for Dr. Long. I know the safety of all her employees weighs heavily on her mind. If we could even figure out a main planet that these devices originated from I could send some drones to scout it out. And if ED-208 and I could eliminate the threat I'm sure Dr. Long would be very grateful. I bet she would hold a special dinner in my honor and I'd get to sit right next to her!
  20. Jody Meyer

    (O-H06) Honey do list.

    Open channel message #010 to Octan Corporation.. Now that JS Smith was back home on Farmolis, his "Honey Do List" seemed to be piling up, one that had got him excited was to engineer a small long range recon craft for scouting out missions in places that were Octan really isn't supposed to be. A smirk came across his face as he reminisced the days of serving Octan in the Super Secret Task Force...oh those were the days... 5 End Transmission Sorry for such a short story but Packing a three bedroom house takes alot out of you. Cheers C&C always welcome.
  21. Open channel message #004 to Octan Corporation.. I have been working on a new mining mech wondering if I get a chance to try it out, until just a few minutes ago I got my marching orders to head over to another realm..., so I get to pack it up along with my core cutting vehicle and see if can find any Awesomnium. by Meyerj, on Flickr Untitled by Meyerj, on Flickr by Meyerj, on Flickr SO for now I am finished building my mining equipment and pack up my lab and head out to another realm... and see what it has in store for me and my crew. Over and Out Mr. JS Smith.