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Found 14 results

  1. SpacerSteve

    [M-A08] Robot Recon

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration -Explorer SpacerSteve is scouting the surface of Crentium in search of suitable locations for future MANTIS operations. - -There appears to be a large quantity of water below the rocky surface. The water seeps through the cracks seasonally. This location will be suitable for resource mining - -The beacon is in place. I had better recall the recon robot and head back to camp. - - - - - -Connecting to the robot's neural interface. I'll drive us back. - -This rock has different characteristics than the surrounding terrain. I'll take it back to camp. for further study Time for food. Hope they are serving "laser beans" for dinner tonight. - - Some more pics of the build. - - - Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. I'm always trying to build better so suggestions are always welcome.
  2. Dragonfire

    [K - F10] Abducted!

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Exploration, Ground Vehicle Mission Log: Entry 19 ~ Determined to avenge Agent Sharpe, we doubled our speed, using a Deathstriker exo-suit for these purposes. It wasn't long before we came across an abandoned Octan speeder - and its occupants, who were currently in the process of being dragged off, screaming, by three oddly garbed figures.... We jumped into action. Octan may not be our best friends right now, but we couldn't just stand by and do nothing. While Ekira took the flank, I set the Deathstriker's mounted guns and handcannons blazing. The figure at the back toppled over with a cry, but the other two managed to escape with the Octan employees... Ekira knelt to check the figure's pulse, and found it to be dead, instantly killed by my shot. But when he turned the prone body over, we were horrified. It was physically identical to our missing mutant - but its garb and strange, curved sword showed us clearly that this was not the same creature. Could there be... more of them? As we considered the options, we received a transmission from Agent Kytes. He explained that he had managed to gather reinforcements and was on his way when he saw an alien craft leaving Arium Major, headed for one of the nearby planets. We all agreed that this craft likely contained both our mutant and the two unknown figures who had abducted the Octan employees. The hunt was on! The Deathstriker mech by itself:
  3. Dragonfire

    [K - F10] First Encounter

    Location: F10 Arium Major Tags: Ground Vehicle, Exploration Mission Log: Entry 18 ~ It was three days later when we found it. We'd given up on the Search and Destroy mech when it ran out of fuel, and had resorted to using the Spiri - a multi-functional two-wheeled monstrosity which could travel both in the air and on the ground. Its wings doubled as mudguards for its huge, misshapen wheels. Among the four of us, we called it the 'Water-Boatman'. I had sent Agent Kytes back to our command ship to fetch reinforcements - we were crossing into Octan territory, and as much as we didn't want hostilities, they might not believe the true nature of our mission. We came across a remote Octan bunker deep in foothills of Arium Major; it had clearly been abandoned for quite some time. Trees sprouted from cracks in the walls and roof, and to our shock, the skeletal remains of its occupants lay sprawled by the door and gun position on the roof. And standing over the bodies was our missing mutant. He had taken a gun from the dead Octan employees, and brandished it threateningly, screaming in some obscure language. His arm had now solidified into a claw and he appeared completely unafraid of the hulking Spiri behind us. Agent Sharpe and I advanced, keeping our weapons trained on the mutant, hoping to capture it without shots being fired.... Then suddenly, without warning, the creature flipped the catch on the gun and fired. Agent Sharpe was taken completely by surprise. He never had a chance. Seeing Sharpe go down, I launched myself at the creature, but it fled into the undergrowth and disappeared from sight before I could reach it... Sans figs and vehicle: The Spiri, aka 'Water Boatman', piloted by Ekira Mitoshi (once again!) C & C welcome!
  4. SpacerSteve

    [M-F03] Cameras in the Trees

    Location: F03 Forring Tags: Spying, Land vehicle, -Stop here Chogg. This tree looks good. - Can’t we just go back home and eat? - No we have to get the cameras in the trees. Octan special forces have been caught trying to undermine our most secret bases in the past. We have to keep track of them so we know if try it again. – The last camera is up. It looks like a couple Octan goons are on their way. Let get out of here Chogg. - Yes! Lets go get some food! 20151230_213707 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr Thanks for looking C&C welcome. More pics of the build below.
  5. SpacerSteve

    [M-C06] I am the Turtle Pt. 3

    Location: C06 Hyreal Tags: Spying, Building Civil, Land vehicle (hardsuit), Science Things have been quiet since the MANTIS and Kawashita fleets have agreed to move away peacefully. Things have been too quiet. Many of Kawashita’s operatives that have been tracked by MANTIS have seemingly disappeared. Maximus Cor has sent CEO Spacer Steve on a top secret spy mission posing as second branch manager Commander Turtle. The objective is to infiltrate the Kawashita lab and hopefully find answers on the missing operatives. - Driver please identify yourself! - Weapon systems locked on - It is I, Commander Turtle - Oh! Commander! Stand down guards! Please proceed commander. SpacerSteve makes his way up the stairs - Maximus didn’t mention that this world had a peace brigade stationed here. I had better be careful. - How may I help you? - I am Commander Turtle here to perform a surprise inspection. - Right away I will call Anothony Starku-Sama at once - Welcome Commander Turtle. My name is Anthony Starku. I wasn’t expecting an inspection. I hope everything is to your satisfaction. - I certainly hope so. - You are looking a little pail today. Are you feeling alright? - I am feeling fine. I wish to hear no more questions about my appearance or I shall be forced to question your honor! - CERTAINLY.... I will show you to your office at once feel free to inspect as you please. - Lets see if there is anything in Turtles email. Lots of spam.. a couple emails from standing CEO Agent Raven about changing log in passwords. Let’s change that for him. Hmm it was 1,2,3,4,5. Let’s go with 6,7,8,9,10. Nobody will ever figure that out. There is nothing useful here. I better get downstairs and check out the science lab. - Hello commander how may I assist you? - I would like to see some of your projects. - Well here we are reverse engineering a spyrius droid. The tech is amazing but the programming is far more advanced than anything Kawashita has. Once decoded we will have mech suits and droids that are match by no other corporation in the galaxy. It has power but it seems to be on a type of lockdown. We bought it from a Unitron junk dealer. - I haven’t seen one of those since this war! - The war? - Oh nevermind…. - right over here we have a strange alien artifact… As the doctor walks to the other table SpacerSteve quickly activates the spyrius droid while the doctor isn’t looking. - Spyrius code zebra zebra orangutan. Activate escape protocols. Rendezvous at sector H03 - Affirmative. We will have our revenge on Unitron. – Were you saying something. – No just looking at this droid more - Here is the alien artifact. - Thanks doctor I will take it up to my office for a better look - But…… - I would hate to have to question your honor - Yes sir. To be continued.. Thanks for looking more pics of the build below. I think hard suits are ground vehicles but if not I would be ok if the ground vehicle bonus wasn’t counted for this build. The Kawadillac is from last weeks build. I have to give crdit for the arch way in the front to Mccoyed. I copied the archway from his first build almost part for part with minor modifications.
  6. SpacerSteve

    [M - B06] I Am The Turtle Pt. 2

    Location: B06 Sorn Tags: Land Vehicle - Great work finding and securing Commander Turtle. – What will you do with him now. - He will be transferred to Cell block B until we can arrange some kind of exchange with the Kawashita Group. Walk with me I would like to show you something. AG Week 25 by Steven Jeseritz, on Flickr - Before we return Turtle to the Kawashita Group we are planning on using this opportunity to spy on them. Our intelligence tells us that Commander Turtle loves vehicles with large engines. Down there we are working on The “Kawadillac”. It is an old hover car we captured during the first Sorn conflict. - Wha…. - Lets go down and take a look. - What do you all think? - Looks great. Would you please show SpacerSteve some of the upgrades? - Well first off we upgraded the motor with some unnecessary chrome details and more horse power then anybody needs. - We also attached a device that converts the normally clean exhaust into carbon emissions. It seems that Commander turtle wanted each Kawashita vehicle to emit this carbon to gradually warm the planet. - Truly a noble act! - That seems a bit…. – Now lets look over here - What is this? - oh that is you spy suit! - We spared no expense on the mask. - Here is you mission. Now try the suit on. - this feels so wrong. It will never work. - I’m sure you’ll be just fine. Thanks for looking C&C is welcome. There are some more pics of the Kawadillac and mechanic bay below.
  7. Jody Meyer


    Location: H06 Tags: Engineering, Ground Vehicle, Building Back on H06 withing the newly built engineering bay, a few delegates had come for an inspection of the newly constructed, not tested Mech. suits Enjoy, thank you for looking feedback always welcome hopefully tagged right.
  8. LordDan

    (M-A08) Invasion of Crentium

    MANTIS invasion forces launch a full on assault against Kawashita forces. The Kawashitan soldiers fight bravely despite being outnumbered and outgunned, but it is only a matter of time before they are overrun. The MANTIS forces utilize many new weapons developed by a certain engineer, including robots... next generation tanks ( armed with a variety of weapons including a super charged MANTIS Death RayTM) and a new atmospheric fighter known as the Bug( piloted by Dan) Extra pics: The bug-side view The tank- hidden weapons C & C appreciated.
  9. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] Searching For Biomass

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: MANTIS, Exploration, Ground Vehicle, spaceship interior SpaceSteve has been searching the barren surface of Terrial Minor for sources of water to be used for new MANTIS agricultural operations. - Eventually after a couple weeks of searching. He comes across a small oasis. It is teeming with life forms and plant life. He scans the oasis and sets the beacon for future MANTIS development. - - - Suddenly he get a call from the Sythe in orbit. KosmicKevan- Steve you had better get back up here we are heading through the gate ahead of schedule. We have been summoned by a very important individual in the **Classified** system. I have sent a dropship to your location. - Back on the Scythe KosmicKevan informs SpacerSteve about what he knows about the meeting. - SpacerSteve- Well this will should be interesting... KosmicKevan- He says he knows the location of **Classifed** we haven't seen him since we left Spyrius. KosmicKevan leaves and SpacerSteve watches Terrial Minor quickly disappear in the distance. - Some more shots of the hovercraft - - - Thanks for looking C&C welcome. I'm not satisfied with the rocks on the base. I also reused my Cat C build this week. I just had to use it once more before I tear it apart for parts for my Cat B.
  10. Disco86

    [M D-04] Radar Raid

    Identification: Paul Bricktron Occupation: Explorer Report Code: PB - WB3 - D04 Location: Terrial Minor Objective: Search & Destroy Kawashita communications Report: Explorer found radar station - starting attack Report: Enemy contact Report: Strong Defense - Elite troops in sight Report: Reinforcements incoming Report: Heading to destroy radar Report End
  11. SpacerSteve

    [M-D04] Asset Retrieval

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Ground Vehicle, MANTIS, Civil, Farming, Creature Spacer Steve and his team of explorers arrive on a MANTIS Agra colony with a special mission to recapture a genetically modified Reptoslicer. - Chogg - Why is Chogg here again? Chogg is hungry. Sooooo muuuch Food!!!! Agent L- Why is it always the food Chogg? Focus on the mission. There are plenty of grubs on the ship. Spacer Steve- Agreed. We are here because one of Doctor Arvan's assistance let his guard down and allowed the Reptoslicer to escape. We are here to retrieve the asset. Doctor Arvan is away investigating a strange alien race. Fortunate for his assistant the the Reptoslicer ate him. Better then becoming one or Dr. Arvans dissection specimens. - Spacer Steve - Now here is the plan team I will take the tranquilizer rifle up on the Locust Harvester! Agent L whe I give the word fire up your jetpack and grab the Reptoslicer's attention. Chogg, set you Death Ray Tm to disentigrate. Only fire if I give the command - Agent L- WAIT! I'M BAIT! Spacer Steve- Don't worry Chogg has our back if anything should go wrong Agent L- Thats what I'm worried about. Just then a piercing screech filled the air. Spacer Steve - Agent L Go! Agent L- Yes sir - - Chogg- Ahhhh Kill it!!! - Spacer Steve - CHOGG NO I have a shot... - ..... More shots of the Reptoslicer and Harvester Edit: Thanks for looking C&C welcome.
  12. SpacerSteve

    [M-D03] An Unexpected Transmission

    :Exploration Log - Spacer Steve has spent the last couple weeks mapping Terrial Major and scanning the space near the galactic center. Using his R.A.T. (Recon and Transmission) track, he set off to explore. - Along the way he encountered a race of creature that resembled the zoids in Kawashita space. The main difference from the Zoids is they have evolved a thick coat of hair - Spacer Steve had just managed to make a treaty with Terrialians by trading his lava lamp (filled with Torrestrian lava) for their help mining water. - Just then he heard a buzzer beep. His computer signaled that there was an incoming ship. Looks like a small Octan transport! It looks like it is headed for Aeristus. Spacer Steve followed the ship's signal until it hit the surface. - He kept his scanner pointed to Aeristus for a couple hours just in case he couple hear any chatter from any faction ships in the area as to what just happened. - Suddenly a garbled call came through on the MANTIS secure line. :::Open channel::Freq.786DF::<unencrypted>::Message[begin] for im......ate extraction from unknown location, please confirm coordinates with positive ID__Agent: Star...iker, S.__Enemy un.... near..., discovery imminent,extraction urgent[end]Close channel:: Spacer Steve - That kind of sounded like Starstriker! He hasn't been heard from in several weeks after disappearing in Octan space. We all assumed he was dead when he ran out of vacation time. :::Open channel::Freq.786DF::<unencrypted>::Message[begin]Scorpio! Long time no see. Got your location, I'm headed there once I teach these Kawas a little lesson. Don't get yourself caught again, okay? -SpacerSteve[end]Close channel::: Spacer Steve - Chogg send a drop ship down to pick me up. It looks like we have to plan a rescue mission. Chogg- Chogg will be right there. Send Chogg your coordinates. More shots of the build: - - - - Comments and criticism welcome. I realize that the base plate turned out a little to small for the R.A.T. Track :)
  13. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Subtlety

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle, Ground Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // After last week's vehicle debacle I contacted one of our best engineers to help me procure a more suitable choice. Big Z is one of the finest engineers anywhere and he was very happy to help me out. I was going to be observing wildlife on Lesser Drigo and wanted something that would allow me to do so without scaring it off. I gave Big Z the general idea of what I'd be doing and where and he said no problem. When we arrived in the hangar bay to load all of my science equipment and supplies I was ... surprised. "Subtle" was all ED-208 said. "This will certainly help us get around easily!" I cheerfully suggested. ED-208 stopped his inspection of our ride to suggest it would be for the best if he drove this time. I happily noted that it would be the most logical solution since I would need to focus on observing. I wasn't sure what to name our new ride, ED-208 suggested the OCS Overcompensating, but I told him that made no sense since it was a land vehicle and not a ship. I thought I heard him mumble "And I'm the robot?" but that wouldn't make sense since he IS a robot. I finally suggested we call it the Long Range Explorer, I doubt anyone will realize why I named it that! Dr. Long had been rather disappointed in my efforts last week to collect samples for the geology folks. I guess picking up random rocks isn't what they had hoped for. So this week I was going to be bringing along a drill to collect some core samples. She said that we needed to establish how the planet had formed to better grasp where the water pockets were. I feel like she was in an unusually bad mood, so I wanted to be extra diligent this week to make her happy. For my own scientific pursuits I had 2 biocontainment units with lichen. One would be used as the control while the other would be exposed to Lesser Drigo's atmosphere and insect life to observe the interaction. It would be very exciting if I could present my findings to Dr. Long and hopefully earn back some of the trust she had placed in me after my failings last week. Maybe I could find a new scorpion species, I know she is very interested in them! I was glad that Dr. Long still cared enough about me to allow ED-208 to continue to stay with me. He, well I guess being a robot there is no gender but since it had a male voice I thought of it as "him", made things less lonely. Plus I felt better having someone around to keep an eye out and protect me. At times I become lost in thought and can fail to see danger. For instance last week before heading to Lesser Drigo I'd been on Jurin II and nearly walked off the edge of a landing platform, but one of the engineers yelled at me at the last second. Fortunately Dr. Long wasn't there at the time and she even let me fetch John Hannibal's ship which was quite an honor! I think it was her subtle way of getting me noticed by another Exec since she knows how capable I am. I sure hope my hectic schedule slows down a bit soon so I can get back to my drone work. ED-208 would likely be a great assistant with that too. With my pal ED-208 by my side, we can do some really great stuff for Octan. And we can make Dr. Long really proud of us. More pics: Travel mode Core sample drill deployed Doors open
  14. Kodan Black

    [O - F02] - Driver's ED

    Location: F02 Lesser Drigo Tags: Science, Octan, Civil, Vehicle, Ground Vehicle // PERSONAL DIARY // I filed my report about the data I had collected and requested to return to the Axle to personally debrief with Dr. Long. But she said that I was needed on neighboring Lesser Drigo. She felt like we needed a scientific presence after most of the first hand reports of Jurin II from Octan Corp personnel amounted to how warm the water was and how smooth the sand was. I, of course, was honored to be selected. I requested a GMB-02 mobile lab, but she said there were none available. I then suggested a GMM-04 mech suit, but again there were none. She assured me that a suitable vehicle would be located for my use. I knew with the importance of my mission she'd find the proper conveyance. It was a surprise to find myself driving an Octan off-road race truck. At first I thought there was some mistake, but the supplymaster who gave it to me assured me it wasn't. I then realized what was happening: Dr. Long was crafty... she was testing me! Wanted to try and throw me a curveball to see how I would handle it. Clearly she wanted to make sure I was able to be trusted and that I wouldn't fall apart at a slight hiccup. Brilliant. Admittedly the truck had a lot of power, but being the skilled driver I am, it didn't bother me at all. It did worry me that Mantis had been spotted with a fair bit of recent activity on Lesser Drigo. Dr. Long said that it would be a perfect chance for the new Executive Defender Series 208 robot (commonly called ED-208) to be field tested. The ED-208 is highly reliable and can easily identify threats. According to the message from Dr. Long. I actually thought at first she was sending me a protection rabbit because her message was a bit garbled, which seemed ridiculous. I mean, what would a rabbit even be able to do... I found it somewhat difficult to find any fauna, this might have been due to the fact that my vehicle made a loud BBRRRRRRRAAAAAAAPPPP noise from its exhaust that could be heard for a mile. Not that I would have been able to do much with them anyway since there was virtually no room in the race truck. I was able to find some plants though. And I did have my camera with me. I asked ED-208 if he felt like what we were doing was science and he said "I'd buy that for 3 credits!" I think that meant yes. I also grabbed a few rocks for our geologists on the Axle to look at. I looked for any cool rocks that I could give to Dr. Long for her desk, but all I could find was ugly brown ones. ED-208 asked me why I was looking for "pretty rocks for the stern woman", clearly the AI still has a ways to go! Extra truck photos: