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Found 5 results

  1. Franklinw1234

    Lego Force Ghosts

    As everyone knows, you cannot find any force ghost figures, and they are figures that everyone wants Lego to make. So, This weekend I decided to 3D print the force ghosts from episode 6. I created Anakin, Obi Wan, and Yoda. I had to edit a few of the part designs to make them work, but in the end they turned out good. First I printed out a statue that couldn't move and drew on a face for Obi Wan (this isn't the finished one) Next I printed out a body and head for a regular figure and painted on a face for Obi Wan and printed out a Yoda head and painted it too. (Only could find a Clone Wars version, but it still looks good). Then I tried printing out legs, but the pegs for them wouldn't connect into the connector. So, I had to modify short legs so they would be longer and not have a connector, so it would not have be able to fit a peg in. As you can see I had to find the correct scaling (ones too big, ones too small). Finally I edited arms so that the hands would permanently be stuck in (just a preference). And I worked on Anakin and painted his face and drew on his scar. Out of all of them Yoda or Anakin are my favorites. Obi Wan is going to have to have a different face, because his eyes are too far up and I can't put his hair on all the way without them not showing up. I will update you guys when I fix him. This all required tons of sanding for the connections and everything, like the head peg, the legs, and arms. I'm pretty satisfied how they all turned out. I am thinking of making a Qui Gon Jinn ghost in the upcoming days. Here's pictures of each individual figure
  2. Runamuck

    MOC: Some Ghosts to Bust

    If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, Who you gonna call? If there’s something weird and it don’t look good, Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! It’s nice that we have finally gotten some ghosts to bust with the new Ghostbusters headquarters, but I think there is still a lot of interesting ghosts that could make for some interesting MOC’s. Let’s start with something simple from the movies: A couple of Terror Dogs. I copied reverse engineered them from the upcoming Dimensions version, but they are a little different because I didn’t have the right parts. I do though have to say that making the torso 3 studs wide actually looks pretty good, they get some more girth from it. The Scoleri Brothers were a couple of murders when they were still alive, and were sentenced to the chair for their crimes. Unfortunately ridding them of their mortal bodies only turned them into a really nasty pair of ghosts. But the movies are not the only source of ghosts: Here we have Chomper, Grabber, Gulper and Wrapper, four mini ghosts that were included with the action figures of the Real Ghostbusters. Among the more notable ghosts from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon we have Samhain, the spirit of Halloween. If he is not stopped he will make Halloween night last forever. He even has the ability to make ghostly traitors like Slimer fade out of existence. Another horrible group of spirits were the Peoplebusters who some of the ghostbusters once met when they were sucked into a parallel universe (that happens surprisingly often in that line of work). The Peoplebuster were apparently not as busy as the Ghostbusters were, because they never hired a ghost version of Winston. And last, but most certainly least we have one of the most famous ghosts from the franchise, Mr. Stay Puft! And a group shot of the various horrors: I ain’t afraid of no ghost!
  3. I've decided that I want to get back into Ninjago, but I would like some tips on what sets to get or anything in-between. Also here's my experience with the theme so far. 2011: At first I hated Ninjago, but one day I was browsing the internet and stumbled upon the Fire Temple set for half price, I thought "why not, it's cheap!", little did I know what this would turn into. 2012: I'm now into Ninjago, and I'm buying sets frequently. I went to my aunt's house in England, which had a LEGO store close to it (this was before the LEGO store in Scotland opened), I had saved up a very large amount of money, and then spent most of it on Ninjago... I wasn't good with money back then. 2013: I knew that these weren't the final sets. That's all I can say, this year wasn't very interesting apart from that, at least I got two sets. 2014: After the missing summer wave of 2013, I lost interest in Ninjago due to how long it was since a new wave, so I didn't buy any, mainly because I sort of forgot about it. There were three sets I regretted not picking up. 2015 Wave 1: I tried to get back into the series, but I bought an eight pound set to use as my judgement, i know it's not a very good representation of Ninjago. I might come back and buy some of these if I can actually find them any more. 2015 Wave 2: This is the main reason I want to come back to Ninjago. I think the designs are a lot better than Rebooted or the Tournament of Elements. 2016 Wave 1: I don't think it looks as good as the Possession sets, but I think it's better than the Tournament of Elements sets, that's to be expected, because Wave two sets are usually better than wave one sets.
  4. Lots of building action for this Halloween. Take a ride on the PF motorized Ghost Train with Monster Wagon carrying monsters, ghosts, zombies, ghouls out trick or treating. You wouldn't want these guys getting out and roaming your neighborhood. Spooky in the dark. Ghosts don't seem too happy locked in the back. Contest Entries. Guess which is for which contest. Happy Halloween!
  5. -NOTICE: The following forum is for members who have been chosen for this quest. If you would like to play and haven't joined, head over to the Discussion and Rules Forum to find out how- The Party: Stigveladi ("Amma") Kötturin (PsyKater) *Party Leader* 247 years old dwarven Mage (f) Level 7 Power: 10 (Lvl 7 + WP 3) Health: 12/12 (Base 4 + Lvl 7 + Cat Statuette 1) Ether: 11/11 (Base 4 + Lvl 7) Gold: 8 Equipment: Dwarven Broomstick (WP: 3), Cat Statuette (+1 HP) Inventory: Fragment of an Opal (Gem; Ice), Scroll of Inspiration, Bedroll, Potion, Tonic (2x) Jeaux Elmfyre (joeshmoe554) Automaton male, Ranger Level 4 Power: 10 (Level 4 + WP: 5 + Artifact boost: 1) Defense: 0 Health: 9/9 (base HP: 6 + Level bonus: 3) Gold: 25 Equipment: Eminus (WP: 5; bow), Ranger's Quiver (WP+1; backwear) Inventory: Bow (WP: 4; bow), Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Venom, Potion x4, Holy Bomb x3 Name: Unknown. Most call him "Em," though his real name remains largely mysterious. (emjajoas) Age: Unknown. Presumably mid twenties. Gender: Male. Race: Human. Class: Ranger. Level 3 Power: 6 Health: 8/8 Gold: 5 Equipment: Bow(WP:5), Ranger's Quiver (+1 WP to all Bows/Crossbows) Inventory: Smoke bomb, Grating Stone, Nostrum, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Potion x5, Remedy x3. Heckz Brutenhal (Eric-Su) 32 year old male Mage. Level: 1 Power: 4 Health: 5 Ether: 5 Gold: 5 Equipment: Cheap Wand (WP 3) Inventory: Opal (Ice), Bedroll Zoltan (LTPro) 22 Year Old Male Human Knight Level 1 Power: 4 Defense: 2 Health: 10/10 Gold: 10 Equipment: Shield (SP: 2), Longsword (WP: 3) Inventory: Potion The party arrives at the Eubric Cemetery around late afternoon, the sun still in sky. At the East end of the cemetery is the Way's End Church, an old building with a protruding bell tower over the front entrance. It seems as if there's no one in at the moment. It's rather peaceful at this point in time. Few pedestrians are out and about, and the sound of birds can be heard on the breeze. On the side of the road a horse drawn cart waits with no driver. The wagon is loaded with two coffins, both laying side by side. The horse waits about, a lazy look in her eyes. "Neeeigh!" OOC: Wilkommen! For some of you, this will be your first quest. Let me give you a basic run down of how interacting out of battle works. If there is someone you wish to talk to, or something you wish to exam or interact with, simply bold your desired move, like so! Give it a try with the few objects I've given you! When considering your actions, think about your class's job trait. They can often be very helpful! If you ever need a refresher, you can always ask me, or consult the Rules and Discussion forum for a refresher on the different classes. Also, if I screw up, please let me know, because that way I can fix it up, and better the experience for both you and me. You have 24 hours to confirm, if not I'm going to assume the ghosts got you on the way to the church, and you will NOT be participating. Don't worry if you purchased any new goods, I have magical editing powers that change your stats. Let the role playing... COMMENCE!