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Found 18 results

  1. Previously: The Buccaneer's Dread Sinking of the Shuriken Burglars! Captain Nordau Our mysterious Garveyan smuggler whistled along as his little sloop sliced through the calm sea. It was a fine, cloudless day somewhere near Terraversa, and it so happened that just one day before, the notorious pirate Unrigged Nordau had had the good fortune to sink an Eslandolan ship somewhere in the vicinity... a ship with a chest on board... "Aha! Shiver me timbers, now what's this?" exclaimed our smuggler with a wink to no one in particular (he was the only one there), as he caught sight of a little sand bar sticking up out of the ocean, with a half-sunken object up against it, doubtless driven there by the waves and tide. "I thought so." And shifting course, he made way for the island, leaping out and drawing a pistol from his coat the instant the sloop's keel grated on the sand. He looked around in curiosity and caution. This chap was enough of a pirate, anyways, to know that you should always look twice if there happens to be a skeleton leaning up against the tree beside you. (In this case, however, it was only the remains of a poor marooned Mardierian who had been there long before the chest ever arrived). But, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Having concluded that the skeleton was merely a coincidence (not to mention its obvious aesthetic necessity - our smuggler was a adept at all the classic pirate stuff and probably knew exactly what was going on; a treasure chest is nothing if there's not a skeleton nearby) and that the confused frog posed no real threat, he carefully hauled the chest up onto the sand, and popped it open. "Capital, capital," he ejaculated, "the very ticket! Now, if that ain't just the thing." He slipped his hand through the treasure, quickly, before snapping the lid shut again and heaving it into the sloop. "1,000 Doubloons," he muttered under his breath... And a couple of fig-less shots: One last overview: A continuation of this story (I've got way too many going at the moment ), explaining how Captain Nordau got a hold of 1000 of my doubloons besides the 6000 from Kai. I'll be licencing this little sloop too and sending it out as a Black Flag (under Unrigged Nordau, of course), and will certainly be continuing this story when I get the time! ... whenever that might be I've also got that duel story with Titus, and the other mysterious Captain guy, and one or two other things up my sleeve that have got to get done, but...! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Part I Part II After acquiring a new boat, Captain Rijsk went out for another adventure. His new Dhow, outfitted for fishing, once again, ran right into the hands of a much larger Garvian Xebec - he isn't the luckiest person in the world, after all. Well, he survived the previous adventures, so maybe he is? The catch of the day was safely put on board in a big tub, but that wasn't the most convenient way to escape - he decided the best way to escape would be his personal chest - enough space for a person who once had 2 legs. More pictures: Garveyan Xebec loaded with guys ready for the fight: _______ Finished this in the last minute really - I'll see if I can add some more story before the deadline is up, but at least the build is already up now. Feel free to request more pics - I might be able to take some more tomorrow morning. Edit: The Garveyan Xebec is a 4A (I'm gonna see about a story later) and the Mardieran Fishing Dhow is a 1F - I'm not even gonna bother with a story to aquire it;) Edit: I guess we messed up a bit with the organisation - he lost his second leg twice, oops.
  3. Garmadon


    Previously: Sinking of the Shuriken Uncle snored deeply, rocking slowly back and forward in his chair. He was in his favorite room, taking his mid-day nap, and everything around was quiet and still, except the draught drifting slowly down the chimney. Suddenly there was a slight movement over in the corner, and something seemed to be moving surreptitiously down the chimney... and, in fact, that was exactly what was happening. Our friend, the Garveyan Smuggler Captain, popped his head out and took a glance around - coast clear. Well, there was Uncle dozing over by the door, but everybody knew that when Uncle was asleep, Uncle was asleep, so that was that. He winked and pulled himself back up a little ways. There was a little secret about that chimney... --------------------------------------------------- Some time later, as the Captain rode away in a little jollyboat on his third trip to the ship with another boat-full of Uncle's treasure (the compartment went some ways in through the wall, you see - and it actually is fairly long and full IRL! ), his mate queried, "Um, so Cap'n, how was it that you found out where ol' Uncle kept all his DBs?" "I be a student of physiognomy, matey," he winked, "and Uncle had the kind of a face of somebody who stashes all his DBs in the chimney." "Ah," was all the mate could return. He was a bit flummoxed with the Captain's power of reading countenances. But the fact was, that the Captain had actually just been poking his nose in to check in on Guy's famous (or infamous, if you happen to be in debt) Uncle, when he'd come across the little door there... but no use telling his mate such a lame story as that! Figless: ------------------------------------------------------------ Hey all! Just a little BoBS build from me, to officially state the fact that I'm stealing 6,000 DBs from Guy's Uncle (woot!) - or to put it more accurately, our mysterious Garveyan Smuggler is. Hopefully there'll be more along this storyline - including what he's planning next - coming soon... (and if you're all trembling in your boots, that's the goal Jk!) Credit for the chair design (ever so slightly modified) goes to SK and LJ's tutorials on Brickbuilt! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  4. Little was known about the strange, quiet, mysterious fellow who had dropped in to the Port Wilks inn one day - but that little could be summarized in this: He always wore black, used a black sword, sailed a black ship, and wore his black hat at a bit of a tilt. To be sure, there was a little dark brown thrown in here and there, but that didn't always make it in to all the rumors and whispers about the fellow. (A shot of the ship's bow:) All that was know about his own and his vessel's past or future was that the ship was of Terraversan make, was christened the Midnight's Mist, and was impressively armed, and that he had dropped some hints of picking up a crew in Garvey's Freeport and of heading over to take part in the Corry expedition into the inland of Celestia after that. That he is a daring and well-armed pirate-hunter and explorer is accordingly the most popular rumor afloat in Port Wilks at the moment. To be short, all in all, he was quite the enigmatic stranger, and was as likely as not to keep the whispers and rumors going for quite some time - in fact, he really seemed to rather enjoy them... A small ship which got built quite unpremeditatedly, haha! I was busy working on a different scene of a sinking ship (also for BoBS, and I hope to actually build that one soon! ), and then got to liking the ship and tweaking it repeatedly until I got to liking it enough that I didn't feel like sinking it at all and it didn't really resemble the other one much anymore either, so here's the result - the Midnight's Mist: As usual, I couldn't resist the urge to get a little interior in there somewhere! A few other shots: Broadside: Stern: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  5. The small coastal village of Bertelshafn was still half asleep when young Magnus softly closed the door behind him. The early morning fog rising from the water coupled with small flecks of snow falling from the sky gave the village a serene feeling, fit for the time of the year. The closed door was symbolic in a way, as Magnus had chosen to give his life a new direction. The typical Garvian village life was not enough for him. He wanted more. More adventure. See more of the world. Sure, he could become a rum runner, rogue or sail the seas as a smuggler, but at what risk? Where were the heroics in that? The steady pay to support his family? No, young Magnus Erikssen had made a decision: he had gathered his belongings and would now travel to Oleon and volunteer in its legendary Légion étrangère, a military formation open to men of all backgrounds, professions and nationalities. Famed for its courage, battle prowess and iron discipline. His adventure was just beginning, the time had come to leave rugged Garveig behind and serve a new King. For Oléon! --- A rather simple build of mine to introduce Magnus. I never really knew where to take the previous character I had made for Era I of BoBS or how to tie him in to other ideas or storylines I wanted to portray. Therefore I made a new character, way lower on the social ladder which makes it (in my eyes) easier for me to include him in builds. Will I completely ditch Henri? Definitely not. I will try to reference him or cameo him from time to time, but my focus will be on Magnus from now on. Concerning the MOC: at first I only built the house on the left as a backdrop to introduce Magnus, but I quickly expanded upon it and made it a larger scene. There's really nothing much to it, since it's just a simple backdrop, but I do like the white-dark red-darkgreen color combo. I was inspired by a picture from a link in the Garvey description in Jameis Farstrider's Guide. I tried to recreate the peat roof, but perhaps I should've used some more grass stalks to give it more of that grassy feeling. I'd really like to build more in this style, but I already depleted practically all of my dark red for this simple backdrop, so I doubt I'll build anything more complex anytime soon . Again, sorry for the quality of the photo. The lighting was really dark and I had to Photoshop it quite a bit to get it somewhat decent, but I lost a lot of detail. Any tips on decent photography? Like, what lamps I should use to light the scene?
  6. Index: Participating teams Gameplay Schedule Matchday 1 + results Ranking after Matchday 1 Matchday 2 + results Ranking after Matchday 2 Matchday 3 + results Ranking after Matchday 3 Play-offs + list of teams 1/4 finals 1/4 final 1/2 final final Aftermath After the recent war at Isla de la many names and the events around Malto, Lord Maximilian Damaximus wanted to bring the factions back together. When he saw playing some MAESTRO soldiers soccer at their camp in Malto, he had the genius idea to organise: The New Terra Soccer Cup, the first soccer tournament in the new world! Soccer is a very popular sport for soldiers who had to kill time while on duty and many of those soldiers are starting to mis the little competitions they held. Lord Maximilian Damaximus started building a playing field just outside the walls of Trador, accompanied with a small tribune. Everyone is welcome! Every settlement, captain, organisation, militia, crew, ... can send a squad to Trador to participate in this wonderfull Soccer tournament! --- Gamerules & information --- Feel free to ask if there are more questions or remarks! Here you got some paintings of a friendly match between MAESTRO Soldiers and RNTC Soldiers Will be licenced as medium artisan (considering the field are just plates) Participating teams Group 1 Buffed Shirtless Athletes (SR - Dr_Spock - NTSC - small commerce) Eltina Squad (OL - Bodi - Training Day - small art & culture) HMS Royal Oak Team (COR - Ayrlego - Beer Garden - small artisan) MAESTRO Soldiers (ESL - Maxim I - medium artisan build - see pictures above) Group 2 Onondaga Leather Ball Team (Onondaga - Silentwolf - Onondaga - small residence) Prancing Pontelli Platfeet (ESL - Captain Braunsfeld - TPPP - small art & culture) Prio Guards (Prio - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation) WTC Marines (COR - Mesabi - Invasion - small commerce) Group 3 Team O (OL - Blackdeathgr - Fun at the Park - small art & culture) Uniformed Sea Rats (SR - MKJoshA - Raiding Uniforms - small artisan) Terraversa Rebels (Terraversa - Faladrin - Training - Large Commerce) Trador Regiment (ESL - Maxim I - medium artisan build - see pictures above) Group 4 Tenotclaxcan Hunters (Tenotclaxcan - Faladrin - Training - Large Commerce) Weelond Regiment (ESL - Capt Wolf - About pineapples - small artisan) WETEC Team (COR - SilentWolf - School - small education) Royal Garvey Engineers (Garvey - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation) Reserve Teams arrived at Trador MAESTRO Engineers (ESL - Maxim I - Visiting Casa De Flores - large plantation)
  7. Trador is not only known for its applecider, it has also some of the best wines of New Terra: the Casa De Flores, famous for its unique aroma. The vineyard is a very popular attraction in Trador as visitors can follow a guide around the vineyard and drink some wine afterwards. Today, the soccer Teams of Prio, Royal Garvey Engineers and MAESTRO Engineers are visiting the vineyard. Meanwhile Lord Maximilian Damaximus and his wife taste the latest production of the wine. --- Thanks for watching! C&C welcome :) Will be licenced as a Large plantation This module is to be placed behind the Trador Merchant Quay (pictures of this somewhere in the future :p )
  8. Challenge V: Princes of Garvey - Results! It is the end of an era – one which began with the discovery of a few islands and rapidly transformed many of the old regimes into colonizing powers. It has seen the birth of new rivalries and the rekindling of old, and the world of the Brick Seas has forever been changed… As the waves of the new seas grow more contested every day, the smaller nations look on greedily to get a piece of the pie. The valiant (or belligerent) Duke of Prio - depending on who you ask - has become a figurehead for a new movement, a movement of resistance. Now the King of Garvey, Leopaldis IV has begun to stir the pot. He has entered into the Mardier Civil War by declaring a state of war, snatching Mardierian ships, and signing a treaty with Eslandola against that unruly power. Openly taking the side of the Duke of Prio and Eslandola in that conflict, he has now begun to strike at Mardier’s settlements in the Far Islands. A declaration of war from the Mardierians was quick to follow. With Carno between the two nations on the mainland, however, this war, for the most part, will be fought in the far of Prio Seas. There is an old adage in Garvey, “He who rules the waves for his king, the same shall be made prince of the people” - and now the word has come to the far islands that Leopaldis will grant a new Prince title to the person, of whatever nation, who brings him the greatest victories in the Far Seas. Eslandola, too, has declared that it will grant special trading benefits to whoever will own its fight against Mardier, and a particular bonus to the one privateer who surpasses all the rest. But the Mardierians will not be deterred. King Alphonse XIII has finally taken the throne, and has the villainous rebels (more politely known as the “United Provinces’ forces”) on the run. It looks like without further intervention from the other countries, the Mardier Civil War may come to a quick close with Mardier on top. After that, only Terraversa lies between the King and absolute rule. Alphonse has declared that any privateer who defeats a Garvey or Eslandolan force in battle shall be given special trading rights with Mardier, and the greatest privateer of all at the end of the war will be named ambassador to his or her faction with special privileges. (Mardierian High Command - MOCed by our very own, illustrious, Bregir) (Prizes for Overall Individual Winners: Anyone who enters at least once for Eslandola and Garvey's side will get the prize of a 20% greater gain in the MRCA whenever visiting an ESL port for the next three months after the results of the challenge are posted or a 15% greater gain on any landbased properties placed in either Garvey or Eslandolan settlements built in the same time period (but the bonus would stay in place for those properties for all the foreseeable future), and the one overall winner for this side [determined by their average of entries from all categories] will receive the honorary title of Prince of Garvey, and will get a 40% greater gain when trading in any GAR or ESL ports during the next four months or a 30% bonus on all landbased properties in ESL or GAR settlements built during the same period (again, the bonuses would not go away afterwards - just any new builds would not be eligible for the bonus). Everyone who enters at least once for Mardier, on the other hand, will get a 25% greater gain whenever visiting MAR ports for the next three months after the results for the challenge are published or a 20% greater gain on any landbased properties placed in Mardierian settlements which are built in the same time period (but the bonus would likewise stay in place after that), and the overall winner for this side will receive the honorary title of Mardierian Ambassador, and a 50% trading bonus in MAR ports for four months/MRCAs or a 40% bonus on all landbased properties MAR settlements built during the same period (same bonus provisions as before). But we digress...) But what is at stake for the nations, you ask? The future of Mardier, Garvey, and Eslandola all hang in the balance! Will Mardier crush its opponents and regain its old position as the greatest empire of the world, or will Eslandola and Garvey be dictating its terms? Find out and tell us! (OOC: Another digression, I'm afraid! Overall Faction Winners: MAR, if the winning side, would win: The war... Isla de Many Names, an extra settlement on said island a royal fort license to be placed in any of its territories a monthly stipend of 300DBs to be paid by Eslandola as rent for the land on which Fuerte Unido is situated (the settlement, however, would continue to belong to ESL) ESL, if the winning side, would win: The war... Isla de Many Names, microbuild licenses (5 small, 3 medium, 2 large - free choice of category) to be placed in an extra settlement (if possible use one of the existing MAR locations) on the island, a royal fort license (to be placed anywhere on the island, three microbuilds required, showing different parts of the fort, or one large microbuild, license doesn't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlement) In the case of no decisive win, one way or the other, the island would be peacefully (well, not really... but the war would be ended) split in half between MAR and ESL. first ranking faction among COR/OL/SR: microbuild licenses (5 small, 3 medium, 2 large - free choice of category) to be placed anywhere, which are the results of the efforts of those trying to escape the Mardierian war to settle in other nations' territory, a royal fort license (to be placed anywhere, three microbuilds required, showing different parts of the fort, or one large microbuild, license doesn't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlement), 3000 FIPs second place: microbuild licenses (3 small, 2 medium, 1 large - free choice of category) to be placed anywhere, with the same reasoning as above, two large fort licenses (not upgradable, to be placed anywhere, one microbuild required per license, license don't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlements), 2000 FIPs third place: microbuild licenses (2 small, 1 medium - free choice of category) to be placed anywhere, one large fort license (not upgradable, to be placed anywhere, microbuild required, license doesn't count against the fort limit of the corresponding settlement) 1000 FIPs End of prize info). This is the last challenge in Era I, The Discovery, and any member may build for either side – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the side you think is best or right! There is not even any need to build for the same side in each category, and each member may build a maximum of one entry per side for each category – that is, you can have a total of 10 entries, max. Besides the usual category winners (one from each side [MAR or ESL + GAR], best build on the winning side being the winner and the best on the other the runner up of the category), there will be one overall winner for each team (the number of categories entered coming into play here), who will win the top individual prizes mentioned above. As per the usual, other factions will still compete against one another for the faction prizes as well (whichever side you build for, it will still help your own faction here - and note that, as there is already very much at stake for ESL, they won't be contending for this particular prize, see the faction prize info above), and the overall winning side (ESL and GAR or MAR and its allies) will end up being the winning side of the war. [Credit to the GoH leaders for many of the ideas above!] Category A: The Assassin's Creep Setting: The streets of Kings Port. Love and death are in the air. Panic has come over the island due to rumors that Alphonse has silenced the opposition back on the mainland. With their own leader in pseudo-rebellion, the Terraversans worry that Alphonse’s Death Guard will make their way to the island to reclaim it once and for all. Now is the time to make alliances and break previous partnerships. The best way to form an alliance is through marriage; the best way to break one is through bloodshed. Depict a romantic outing or a tragic end of life scene (or maybe both?) which affects the relationship between Terraversa and Mardier or some other nation. The MOC may be no larger than 16 x 16, and minifigure posing will be taken into account when judging. Due Date: February 28th, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - A battalion of Terraversan mercenaries, free of charge and upkeep - and 41149 Moana's Island Adventure Runner-up - A company of Terraversan troops, free of charge and upkeep - Results - Category B: ‘Till my dying breath… Setting: Skaford Heights. Mardier’s secret colony has been discovered by Eslandolan forces, and now there is a plan for a joint all-out assault! Builders need to pick a side and depict the Garvey and Eslandolan assault on the island. Your character does not have to be physically involved in the attack, but your sig fig has funded this expedition to defend or attack Skaford Heights (your sig-fig does not necessarily have to be involved with or funding the same side as the one you are building for). The MOC must depict a beach landing, a defense mounted by the Mardierians, and the death of a hero, and may be up to 48x48 studs. At least one picture must be a close up of the Hero’s death scene (artistic license for posing allowed, of course – see Death of General Wolfe for an example of artistic license.) Due Date: March 31st, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - 500 PIPs and a free medium fort (activated by a micro-build) to be placed anywhere - and 31063 Beachside Vacation Runner-up - 300 PIPs and a free small fortress (activated, likewise, by a micro-build) - Results - Category C: On Stranger Tentacles Setting: The Sea of Prio. Did you hear that Garvey has harnessed the power of the Kracken? Or perhaps you have heard about how King Alphonse rides on a giant Narwhal, destroying ships at his leisure? Terrible things lay in the depths of the Far Seas, and you will be depicting one of them. There are no size limits, but there must be a terrible sea creature, and it must be destroying a vessel or terrorizing a camp on shore from the side you are not supporting in the war. The monster must be natively aquatic (no jungle beasts, please). Due Date: March 31st, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - Cooperate with with the gamemasters in moving the Kraken in the upcoming quest! - and 70623 Destiny's Shadow Runner-up - Learn ahead of time the location of the Kraken (either to chase it or to run away!) for the first two MRCAs - Results - Category D: Yum Yum, Bumbel Tuna Setting: The far seas. The Mardierian fleet in the far seas has made their latest fortune in the fishing industry. Tuna has become the latest craze among the elite of the mainland. Mardier’s sailors have developed trade secrets and hidden away the best fishing spots to create a near monopoly on this most sought after fish, as the Eastern Bumbel Tuna Trading Company reaps massive profits! The Garvian privateers seek to hit Mardier where it hurts, their wallet. Builders depict either Garvian privateers intercepting a Mardier fishing vessel or show Mardier troops outwitting the Garvian privateers. This MOC may be up to 48x48 studs. The MOC must include TWO vessels, fish (brick built are fine!), and waves. Due Date: April 15th, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - A life-time supply of Bumbel Tuna!!! Reap a 300% profit next time you go on a Bounty Run (you'll have to let the automaters know after the KPA is published to triple the amount, or make sure they have already done so) - and 41150 Moana's Ocean Voyage Runner-up - Reap a 200% profit on your next bounty run - Results - Category E: The Treasure Trove Setting: The New World It is said that Mardier has been building up a massive fleet and army, which have been amassing at their ports to crush the rebels and Eslandola once and for all. There is only one wee little problem – Mardier is, essentially, broke. But rumor has it that somewhere in the newly discovered islands there is a fabled kingdom of gold, where the natives of the place have far more of the shiny metal than they know what to do with – and rumor has it, too, that the East Bumbel Tuna Company has found a map leading to this kingdom, and that they mean to use all means, fair and foul, to get this gold to support the Mardierian war endeavor and finish off the rebels once and for all! Such a sum of money could be the making or breaking of the struggling empire, but the news seems to have escaped and it is more than only the Mardierian who search for that lost treasure now! Show either one of your characters hearing about, discovering and/or carrying off this treasure, and dealing with the natives (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be for Eslandola! – as long as Mardier doesn’t get it, that is good enough for them!), or tell us how Mardier and the East Bumbel Tuna Company managed to thwart the treasure hunters and securely carry off this store of doubloons! But it is said that Mardier is not a nation with a track record of getting along very well with the native peoples… This is a story category, and you are allowed a maximum of three builds to portray this, the sizes being no greater than one 16x16, one 32x32, and one unlimited build respectively. There are no restrictions as to how you find the treasure or where this kingdom is located except that it is on one of the newly discovered islands of the Prio seas or the new Haven Seas region. Are the natives there friendly, or are they fiercely protective of their gold? Do pirates make off with the doubloons, do they fall into the hands of the rebels or Eslandolans, or is Mardier able to carry out their villainous masterplan? You decide! Due Date: May 15th, anywhere in the world Category Prize – 1st place - A new island (of the Prio seas, though your build could be in the new Haven seas) of your choice for your faction and 600 DBs - and 31065 Park Street Townhouse Runner-up - 500 DBs - Results - And now get to building those MOCs! The fate of the Brick Seas rests in your hands!
  9. While his soldiers were rebuilding Malto, Lakor and Mehit, Lord Maximilian Damaximus was busy with organising the "Lakor Soccer Tournament". He also ordered the constructing of a Royal Palace, a residence that would fit his new royal title of "Prince of Garvey". Now he wasn't only a prince by marriage (as husband of Princess Margot of Eslandola), but also a prince by title. There are rooms for both the king of Eslandola and the king of Garvey. A not rendered painting: top view from far above the sky, it looks small, doesn't it? --- Thanks for watching! It was fun and frustrating to build I wanted to develop the gardens and road more and I wanted to make an interior, but LDD had another opinion and crashed more than 20 times. In the end it crashed everytime I added a stupid plate... The dimensions are 160x192 studs and the palace will be licenced as a royal palace.
  10. Previous part: another belated party Wether the Royal Engineers were inside or outside Malto, those rumours can not be confirmed nor denied. Time will tell... Anyway, the Royal Engineers helped where they were really needed. The officers turned an old estate just outside Malto to their new headquarters to co-ordinate the aid. The name "Palacio De Desarollo Regional" literally means "Palace of Regional Development". A quick build, C&C is welcome :)
  11. Previous part: "A Belated party" Jan Zwartbaard returned to Trador with Prince Azte Hek, crownprince of the Azclaxcan tribes. His hate towards Mardierians was still alive and kicking. Especially after their visit to Mehit on their way home. Although Lakor was the Azclaxcan capital, Mehit was the most important village of the Azclaxcan kingdom. The coastal village is a melting pot between the landbased Azclaxcans and the seafaring Mehuãtajir. But just like Lakor, Mehit was burned to the ground by Mardier troops. Jan Zwartbaard found some survivors in Mehit as well and promised to send help. It was only back in Trador when Jan Zwartbaard heard about the recent events in Malto. Discussing the faith of the Azclaxcans with Lord Maximilian Damaximus, the latter decided the moment came to put the MAESTRO Regiment in Trador in play. The King of Garvey, residing in his property in Trador after the coronation of Lord Maximilian Damaximus as Prince of Garvey, wanted to make up for the heavy bombardements on Malto by his vessels, so he prepared the Royal Garvey Engineers to aid the people of Malto. So only a few hours after the arrival of Jan Zwartbaard, the Colour of the Wind, Purple Reign II, Purple Rain and 2 other Xebecs belonging to Garvey sent sail to Malto to help its citizens. Filled with food, resources and supplies and strong veterans who were eager to help the people of Malto. After dropping 1 Batallion of Elite MAESTRO soldiers at Mehit, for its rebuilding, the 2 vessels continued their trip and arrived the next day. 1 Batallion of Elite MAESTRO soldiers, 1 company of Royal MAESTRO Engineers and 1 company of Royal Garvey Engineers landed close to Malto as Corrington vessels did not let the Eslandolan vessels come closer to Malto. It was a pleasure to see however how much trouble the Corrington vessels had with manouvering in the shallow waters around Malto. Luckily the Eslandolans choosed to sail in Xebecs... The denial of passage should have been the first sign of the arrogancy of Corrington, but Lord Maximilian Damaximus still trusted his red friends and thought it would just be a standard procedure... It was when the rescuers marched towards Malto that they were stopped by a Corrington Commander... "Hold on" the Corrington officer yelled. "If you take another step forward, I shall be required by duty to open fire. I am under orders to protect the neutrality of this settlement with any means necessary, and I am already stretching my authority by meeting you thus. However, my orders insist upon the necessity of maintaining good relations with Eslandola and I understand that negotiations for the status of Nova Malto are underway." Sighing and sending a distraught glance at his Eslandian and Garvey counterpart, he continues: "I will ask you the same I asked your MAESTRO captain yesterday and I appeal to your own sense of duty, in that you may understand that I cannot ignore my orders. I shall have my orderly appoint you a suitable camp site outside the range of my guns, near water, and ensure that you are well provisioned, should you not have brought the means to be self-sustaining. There, you will await negotiations under the flag of truce. I appeal to your sense of right and wrong. Please do not force me to act in what is certain to lead to a diplomatic incidence with ramifications we cannot even begin to imagine... " Lord Maximilian Damaximus was stumbled for a moment. How dares Corrington denying access to an Eslandolan village? "Dear officer from Corrington, as you said yourself, an Eslandolan Regiment is stationed closeby. I have to admit this is new information for me, but a small calculation counts a total of 450 Eslandolan soldiers close to Malto, with a full Batallion closeby at Mehit and a Royal Fortress at Puerto Desafio. That is a little bit more than your 1 Battalion currently residing in Malto, isn't it? But I have always respected Corrington and my relations I have with your wonderfull nation, so I am not going to let things escalate. However, I do have a simple question: Why are the people of Malto seeking protection to an ally of Mardier? It is Corrington who aided Mardier defending the island and who helped Mardier funding their coffers. So why are you claiming the title of "liberator of Malto" when all you did was defending and funding the ones who burned down their own city? Next to me you may see Prince Azte Hek, crownprince of the Azclaxcans, one of the native tribes living on this island. Their capital is just a few miles further and they are massacred by Mardierian troops. They have a bigger right to hate you, Corringtonlander, than you have the right to defend the victims of the Mardierian genocide. Now I have a second question as well, a bit less simple... If you are here to help the people of Malto, and you are here without any self interest, why don't you accept the help we are providing? I got 2 companies of Engineers with me to help the people of Malto. If I look around, there still are a lot of people without a decent roof, without the minimum requirements to live peacefully. One should wonder if Corrington really is helping the people of Malto for the sake of humanity, or because Corrington hopes to expand their Empire. By not letting us in, helping the people who need it the most, Corrington shows its true face to the world..." On the left, the ROYAL MAESTRO Engineers under General Whitedragon... On the right, King Leopaldis IV of Garvey with his Royal Garvey Engineers... Lord Maximilian Damaximus spoke once again "I understand you can not give an aswer to my questions yourself, but think about my words... Thanks to your denial of access, this MAESTRO batallion will have to take a longer tour to arrive at Lakor, and since we are needed there, they should better hurry... The Royal Engineers still want to help rebuilding Malto and the hinterland" And so the troops splitted ways. The last word wasn't said about this... The Royal MAESTRO Engineers (1 company owned by MAESTRO) Thanks a lot for viewing and reading! @Bregir: those 2 questions are for you, I hope you can answer them... Oh and don't play the "Corrington is a democracy blablabla", when you have put us for an ultimatum, your own words were "hoping for a fast answer"... Anyway, I am looking forward to your anwer this evening
  12. The ship transporting the newly discovered gold arrived safe and sound to its destination. Crewmen and Marines were allowed to spend several days in the taverns of Eltina. As a family man, LaGaufre declined the invitation of his camrades and came back to home. But his holiday was interrupted by a messenger carrying a letter from Gil Gonzales, the captain of Lion of Garvey! The content of the letter, besides the usual premilinaries, was quite surprising, the captain Gonzales want to get rid of his ship, not freely of course, instead, he asked a fair amount of money. First, this matter has aroused certain suspicions among LaGaufre's entourage, but after thorough consideration, they believe the proposal of captain Gonzales was sincere, since he asked for a meeting in the territories controled by Oleander forces. So,on the agreed day, the two parties showed up at a remote, abandoned dock, somewhere in Eltina. - Captain, do you believe the damned blues will keep their word? - i have doubts too, but this is a risk to be taken. - Greetings, Captain! It's a honour to meet you! - Me too! You came alone, unarmed? - How dare you! I'm a man of my word. - So do I! Now, could we talk about our little deal? - If you like. - Wait, watch your steps! - Unarmed? Hein? - My hat! It's brand new. - Oh thank you, my dear! Let's talk our little deal now, allow me to ask you one thing first, why do you want to sell your ship to us? - It's simple, we let you pass through without firing a shot, I had to do so to save my men, but in the eyes of my superiors, that was an act of cowardice, they will hang me and emprison my men for that. What could you possibly do if you were at my place? We were outgunned and outmanned, I know, you may say that there is example of frigate beaten a twodecker, well, it was in rough sea, the twodecker was forced to keep the lower gunports closed, and the day when our two ships met, the sea was calm. - I totally agree with you. Bring the gold, mateys! - i hope you are satisfied with our offer. - Yes, yes, you are very generous, take my ship, it's yours. - It‘'s pleasure working with you. - By all means keep the secret, my good sire. A couple of days later, in the royal shipyard, LaGaufre met with the future captain of the "new" frigate. - Well, this is a fine ship, but we should redo the rigging, I've heard you were able to catch her with your much heavier ship, there is a lot of improvement to do. - You are right, and you should also know that we have our priorities, I'm concentrating all my men on a more important project, all I can promise you now is to put your ship on the head of the queue. Thank you for viewing. Vive le Roi.
  13. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - CH5D] Fish from Above

    Hi there, fellow BoBS'ers, I'd like to present my Challenge V - Category D entry: Fish from Above In their efforts to weaken the Eastern Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, the Garvian High Command had declared the waters around the Isla de Medio hunting grounds for their privateer fleet. As a result, especially the Tuna Strait quickly turned into a more and more dangerous place for the Marderian fishermen to go about their business. Fortunately for them though, the waters of the Tuna Strait were not only filled with fish, but also covered in thick layers of fog most of the time, thus still presenting a tempting area of operation for fishermen who were courageous enough to set sail. As it so happens, the crew of the Tuna Spirit was made up of especially brave men, and the thought of staying ashore in fear of Garvian privateers wouldn't cross their minds. And even when they became aware of an enemy raider closing in on their position, they didn't think of running away. Instead, they used their fishing gear, ropes, nets, and painted sail cloth to disguise their tiny boat as a menacing ship of the line. Sure, it wasn't a perfect disguise, but in the spirit of the best defense being a good offense they decided to engage. And so one of the most... unusual... naval engagements of the entire war took place. Unaware of any large ships in the era, the crew of the Garvian raider was caught by a complete shock when the fog revealed a mighty two-decker ship of the line right before their eyes. In utter fear they tried to break off and get away, but it was too late as the large predator was obviously in firing range. And then, it rained down fish on the already terrorized Garvians... shortly after, the privateers had all jumped ship, and thus this day the Tuna Spirit hauled in their greatest catch ever. About: Well, this was a lot of fun to build, although I had to do the final details using a laptop Anyway, as usual all can be build... the vessels are based on cb4's full hull technique, and a special thanks to all who gave me some WIP input Thanks for watching, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  14. The professionals of Corrington's armed forces are closely watching the first old world conflict to be fought in the new world. On Celestia, newly appointed Governor, Major Dirk Allcock, is prepared to do his part to ensure Corrington benefits from the lessons learned by both sides in the conflict. While other Corlander officers will be tasked with gathering the Eslandolan point of view, Dirk is uniquely placed to gain lessons from Mardier. He has recently learned of the arrival in theatre of Mardierian officer with whom he studied with at the University of Bellson, one Captain Giovanni Lorenzini. Lorenzini, on completion of his studies in Corrington returned to Mardier, where he joined the Royalist Forces in the civil war. Now he has arrived on the Isle de Medio to reinforce the garrison against the Eslandolan and Garvian invaders. Wasting no time, Dirk has immediately written to his old friend, asking that he may send a man to observe the conflict from the Mardierian side. The observer he has chosen to send is a former Royal Army officer, Captain Adam Todd. Captain Todd resigned his commission to pursue a trading career in Arlinsport, but so far has not been lucky. Dirk has offered him a generous commission to go to the Isle de Medio with gifts for Captain Lorenzini, and a letter requesting observer status. Captain Todd, although not military anymore, is under strict orders to observe only, and not interfere. Major Allcock has also made very clear he is not being sent in any official capacity, rather he is being dispatched on a private expedition. On arriving, Captain Todd discovers that Captain Lorenzini has been dispatched to one of the Royal Fortresses on the Island that has come under siege by the combined Eslandolan and Garvian forces. A dedicated man, he has managed to smuggle himself inside the fortress, where he is given a warm welcome by Lorenzini, who happy allows him to attach to his company of infantry. After a few days inside the fort, the besiegers start bombarding the fort with mortars. These artillery pieces are able to lob rounds over the walls deep inside the fortress. Using incendiary and explosive shot, they are a present a nuisance to Mardierian high command, who are unable to target them with counter-battery fire due to the clever positioning of the battery behind sand dunes on a spit of land in the nearby bay. Captain Lorenzini shares his knowledge of the battery with Captain Todd. The Mardierians believe the mortar fire is unusually accurate due to the fact it is operated by a Garvian contingent. Most of the besieging army is made up of Eslandolan mercenaries, whose quality and professionalism is mixed, but generally quite poor. The Garvians, on the other hand, are professional artillerymen from the regular army. To take advantage of the terrain, the battery itself is quite exposed, and relies on a half regiment of Eslandolan mercenaries for protection. Lorenzini explains however, that Mardierian fisherman have reported that incredibly, the majority of the guard force sails back to the comforts of the main camp every night, leaving only the Garvian artillery men and a small group of Eslandolan regulars. Furthermore, the mercenaries have been observed returning later every day. Captain Todd, finding himself drawn to the Mardierian officer, and even sympathising with their cause, helps plan a daring amphibious raid on the battery, with the goal of spiking the guns to prevent their further use. Mardierian high command will only risk one half company of troops, to be led by Captain Lorenzini. Despite his orders to the contrary, Captain Todd insists on accompanying the raid. The fishermen's information proved correct, in the early dawn, the Mardierians successfully surprise the battery as it begins to prepare for the day’s bombardment. The Eslandolan guard force is reduced to a mere handful of regulars and a single officer. Charging up the beach, the yellow coats achieve complete surprise. The Garvian battery is led by a Major of artillery, Major Jan Nieuwenaar. A good, well trained officer, it was his plan to position the battery in such a cunning position, and his calculations that allow the the battery to so accurately target the fort. He attempts to rally his men, but is mortally struck very early in the battle by a musket ball to the chest. As he falls, he is caught in the arms of his sergeant. The Mardierians overwhelm the battery. The guns are spiked and the prisoners rounded up into boats and transported back to the fort before the main Eslandolan guard force returns. Although Mardierian command seems confident. Captain Todd is not so sure. Although the quality and morale of the Mardierians seems far better, he is reminded of a quote from the famous scholar of antiquity, Marcus Tullius Bricero, “The sinews of war are infinite money”. The Greenbacks are certainly not short of gold, and seem unusually focused on spending it in this war. The Mardierians, on the other hand, are still in the grips of a civil war, with limited resources to devote to what essentially for them is a side show. He will report as much to Dirk, along with his tactical observations. No need to bother the Major with full details of his participation in the planning and execution of the raid though….. Details Wow, alot of conditions for this one, so let's check them off, This entry is Pro-Mardierian Character funded the assault/defence - Yes! Beaching landing - Yes! (although in reverse) Mardierian defence - Yes! (even though they are conducting the landing, technically they are defending the fort Death of a hero and close up shot - Yep. Eslandolan torsos from @Captain Braunsfeld Enjoy and C&C welcome!
  15. The still waters were broken by the sharp bow of a ship, and row upon row of its bristling cannons flew past. Captain Rijsk glanced down with a smile. He liked his job immensely. And he loved his flagship. Captain Rijisk worked for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company - or pretended he did - and was the most successful fisherman in the business. Or maybe, more like the most successful Admiral in the business... Well, as I was saying, it was a fine, bright morning as the HMS Scrumble ploughed loftily through the waters, and the crew pulled out their fishing poles and prepared for another day. The fact was, though, that Captain Rijsk didn't work for the Bumbel Tuna Trading Company, and his ship wasn't out for fish. In fact, he didn't even know if such a company existed, and no one really like Bumbel Tuna anyways. But this mission, he had totally agreed with the Mardierian Secretary of War, was a stroke of genius. It was a brilliant way to get up close to the Eslandolan settlements without attracting much attention - then, when it was the least expected, his fleet of fishermen would turn the tide of the war, for good. Suddenly the lookout cried aloud, "Sail to starboard! Can't make out it's flag, though!" "Purple and white?!" exclaimed one of the make-believe fishermen. "What kind of nation would pick purple and white for their flag?" "I'm fairly sure that's Pontilla," remarked another, staring over at the tiny the ship dancing across on the waves. "No - it's Carno for sure," countered another. But in all the commotion over the tiny boat, the unfortunate crew failed to notice the more important details of the case... For, you see, some little time ago the Garveyans had developed an ingenious contraption - or rather, they had bought it from Captain Whiffo who had come up with it, and trained a whole brigade of their soldiers until they were quite expert in its use. It was know as the Eslandolan Wooden Diving Contraption: It really was spectacular. The tendency of the wood to float kept it barely underwater with the weight of a soldier attached, but the tube extending to the top let in plenty of air, while the glass window let the attackers see exactly what was going on. But to return. One second, all was peace and quite, and everyone was taken up with the tiny boat floating past. The next, all was confusion. Up out of the water they came, dripping as bad as the tuna the ship was supposedly after. Up the fishing lines and up the stern, Up the portholes and over the side, long before anyone had time or the presence of mind to fire a single one of the cannon. But the Mardierians hadn't went make-believe fishermen for nothing. They instantly grabbed up the weapons that were never far away, and did their best to stop the attackers. But all their efforts were futile, and not even the lookout escaped... Off went the victorious Garveyans with the "fishing smack," Leaving the Mardierians behind, as they commented, With a ship of much more decent size! But Captain Rijsk was not one to give up easily, not he! "It's not the end of the day yet!" he exclaimed. "Oh dear!" returned one of the crew with a gasp. "Now you've really jinxed us!" Interior: Not much of an interior to this one, just the cabin in the stern had enough space to really do much! And a few pics of the ship by itself: The Stern: Closeup: And one final shot: And I'll leave you (yes, a great deal of pics, I know!), with a shot of the attacking Garveyans. Phew! Definitely my quickest ship to date - and yes, it definitely got kind of out of hand! It was totally supposed to be about a 2A fishing smack, but something happened somewhere... Loosely based off the HMS Interceptor, but somehow my quarterdeck ended up a fair deal higher, which forced me to change up the sail plan a tad as well. I was originally hoping to build a whole underwater section with the Garveyans cutting through the ship's hull, but time was against me, so this is it for now! Enjoy! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  16. After losing his big flagship, Captain Rijsk adapted to a new plan. Some small fishing vessels who were easily manouvrable. The Mardierians came once a day in the afternoon with a bigger vessel to exchange the Tuna for instant cash. So after some succesfull hours catching fish, he was very happy to see the Tuna King on the horizon. He gave orders to his second vessel to put the caught tuna in the baskets of his vessel and he waited till the Tuna King arrived. Once the captain of the Tuna King examined the Tuna and all that delicious fish was transferred, Captain Rijsk dared to ask for his money. "De Money? Ofcourse! My soldiers will bring de money to u! Guards!" The excitement of Captain Rijsk quickly ebbed away when he noticed the purple uniforms of Prio Soldiers, green uniforms of Eslandola soldiers and red uniforms of the Garvey soldiers. The well-trained guards quickly surrounded everyone, forcing them to swim back home. It is said that Captain Rijsk, after loosing his second hand in the previous encounter, lost his second leg in this encounter. Still he was eager to buy a new vessel to keep fishing. What a hero/idiot! The Tuna King, a captured Mardier vessel that belongs to MAESTRO and which was lent out to a Garvey Privateer, returned back to Trador to sell their wares. The first steps of the Trador Tuna Imperium was taken :) Some overal pictures are forgotten, I'll take some in one hour and post it here. I already removed the waves and water as it is part of a Pirate lay-out at Brickmania Wetteren :)
  17. Due to the recent raids of Mardier, the completion of the Merchant Quay has been a really stressfull thingy for Governor Maximilian Damaximus. But since the last days, the amount of activity has been booming in Trador. To secure safety of the traders, MAESTRO sent a full regiment to La Sombra. The Trade Quarters are a big success, many nations, trade companies and important families were almost fighting to get one. Every Trade Quarter was build accordingly to the owner, A Trade Quarter exists of a store room with direct access to the boats and a residence above it. . Garvey Emporium Consortium ( @CelesAurivern ) Prio Pierre d'Oleon ( to be revealed somewhere in the future ) Montoya Estate ( @Bregir ) Merchant Gate ( MAESTRO / Medium fort) WETEC ( @SilentWolf ) Sebeus Estate ( @Sebeus I ) White Glove Order ( @Sir Stig ) Quinsville ( @Tomsche ) Fontonajo Estate ( @Elostirion ) my nametag ^^ The Dancing Ember arriving at the Quays (ship build by Sebeus) General Whisximus (Terraversa Sea) and General Samu (Prio Sea) watching over the arrival of troops A WETEC sloop unpacking An Oleon soldier being distracted Corrie traders inspecting trade wares Officers from Eslandola, Corrington and Oleon chitchatting Merchant Gate MAESTRO Naval Soldiers watching over the unloading Sir Ethiximus and Governor Damaximus meeting with the King of Garvey behind is Trade Quarter. Guards are protecting them. Mardier Assassin hanged to death Troops assembling in front of Merchant Gate A Corrie soldier hunting a strange red bird. Hope the bird doesn't get angry... Update: detailpics of the residences and the nametages and more pictures can be found further in this topic. ---------------------------------------- Thanks for watching!!! C&C welcome! Some remarks: due to circumstances, I have no access to my bag of blue round plates. I know it is a big difference and I am sorry the water is now plain base plate other circumstances are the reason I am missing the name bricks for the different houses. This should be solved in two weeks. Same goes for the coat of arms that will be placed next to the storerooms. Total of 11750 studs. Will be licenced as a royal commerce (10k studs needed) and a medium fort (900 studs needed) -
  18. The sky was clear, and moonlight shined down more brightly than usual this night. The Eslandolans were on the lookout for smugglers in this area, and no Garvian smuggler would dare try to sail past Fort Estrada tonight. Or would they? Their agent had assured Captain Rene that the lookout would be down tonight. Had he come through? In the fort, since it was such a lovely night, Commandant Santiago decided to walk the ramparts. He was shocked when he discovered the lookout was not at his post. Finding the sergeant of the guard, Santiago demanded an answer. “Where is your lookout?!” The answer, they would discover later, was that he was drunk in the armory. The Garvian agent had provided the young man a bottle of an extremely potent distilled beverage earlier that day when he was in town, and when the lookout decided to sneak down to the armory for a drink, he was overcome. Meanwhile, Captain Rene sailed into the channel. “There is Fort Estrada. They should have seen us by now. It looks like our man in town has done his job!” But Commandant Santiago’s midnight stroll had changed the fortunes of the Garvian smuggler. Rousing the night guards to alert status to find the missing lookout, they also spotted Captain Rene’s ship in the moonlight. Scrambling the gun crews into action, Fort Estrada opened fire on the Garvian smuggling ship. “Take cover, and change course to return to Prinport! Our agent did not succeed! We have lost! * * * I decided to have another go at some forced perspective, and I think it turned out better than my efforts in challenge 1. I also decided to try and do some night scenes, and I was shocked at how well it went. I think some of my photos came out better than they have in normal lighting. I barely had to do any editing of the photos at all.