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  1. Traykar the swift

    The Shogun Titan

    Once upon a time, around nine years ago, I was a burgeoning fan of Ninjago, an avid reader of Brickipedia, and hadn't yet made my way to Mocpages. I was in the store, probably Books a Million, where I was flipping through a Ninjago Brickmaster book when I laid my eyes on my first mech. Not exactly the most inspired build, but was an inspiration to me. I mean come on! It was a Giant Robot, what could be cooler than that! I didn't end up buying the book since I was a child at the time, but my interest in Giant Robots was Peaked. Fast forwarding a few years, after a couple of dodgy attempts to make one with parts from the Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck, I was looking through Youtube to find some cool lego reviews and mocs, I stumbled across this video by Artifex Creation Now, this blew my tiny Ninja obsessed mind, I had no idea that Lego mechs could be that big. Keep in mind that most of my time on Mocpages at the time was concerned with bionicle, and at the only mechs released for the theme where the Samurai X mech, the Fangpyre mech, the first Fire mech, and the previously mentioned Skulkin Mech. Unfortunately I lacked any real parts to build something substantial, so I sat on my hands for a bit. But all that Changed once I got my filthy mits on Superman V. Power Armor Lex I wanna say that was late 2013/early 2014 since I was really looking forward to the upcoming rebooted season. I mean Come on, they were fighting Robots! So I tried my hand at building some sort of Nindroid Lighting Mech with the parts I had. The only problem? I didn't have any Nindroids, so I ended up making some amalgamation of Final Battle Jay and the Series 8 Evil Robot. He had stolen Jay's powers and color scheme. Cut me some slack guys. Fortunetly, I was about to get some of those sweet Ninja robots with my first Ninjago mech: The Destructoid This Thing had it all: Choping blades! A Disk Shooter! A Sawblade! Tank tracks! And a sword! This thing was awesome, and it was another in a long line of Ninjago Purchases. Fast Forwarding to 2017, I fully caught up with the show, and excited for the movie, and moreso the sets. We had gotten some pretty goods mech in the past, but it seemed that with the film came a renaissance of Ninjago set designs. Bigger, Bolder builds that sought to do more than what came before it, and that was where my problem began: The Garma Mecha Man. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with the set, it serves its purpose as an affordable imitation of the onscreen build at an smaller scale. It's well built and fun to mess around with, if a bit chunky. No, the problem came when you compared it to some of the other sets in the wave. (Picture taken from the Brickset Review) The Garma Mecha Man isn't exactly the most imposing build. In the film, it seemed like it could go toe to toe with all six ninja vehicles at once. The Set looks like it could hardly go up against one, so I set out to build one that could. Not my best work, I'll admit. This early design was plagued with poor shaping, weak knees, and a waste that was only held on by four studs, though it could fit a figure inside. It was a rough start, and disassembled soon after, but it was a stepping stone for bigger and better things: Garmagedon Constructed with the parts of The Nindroid Mechdragon, The Destructoid, The Garma Mecha Man, the Iron Doom, the Oni Titan, The Water Strider, and whatever odds and ends I had laying around, and with the Four Golden Weapons plugged into its chest, the mech was almost on the verge of perfection. The only Problems? My attempt at torso articulation left no room for a cockpit, made the build very unstable, and provided very little movement. A rework was in order before I could hope on showing it off, and to help celebrate the ten year anniversary of Ninjago, I got off my butt and decided to get to work. And that brings us to today. Countless reworks, and two extra arms, I'd like to show you guys the finished **Shogun Titan** I know I've talked a lot in this post, but I hope that my work speaks for itself. Oh, and sorry for any fuzzy pictures.
  2. Aka: garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! 70656 Modification goals: Make it a little cleaner Make it a little meaner Reworked the jaw, much of the hull, very minor changes to the feet, eliminated the various different color bricks and color of bricks showing through the various gaps. Tightened up the gill spacing and closed various gaps. Added pelvic fins and a minuscule second dorsal fin. Tried a number of different builds for the hull including using the similar but lower profile/thinner sand blue piece from the Piranha Attack set but wound up liking it more using the fatter looking back/original large pieces. Armaments: cheek-mounted missiles (especially effective against those using "butt torpedoes"), quad machine guns make it like shooting fish in a... well you know, and rocket-propelled rusty harpoons. And of course keeping the very fun leg and mouth functions completely in-tact.
  3. And... I know you all thought there weren't any more of these, but... Probably the last micro build prize from Challenge V from an Eslandolan! (Don't take my word for it necessarily, though, I could be wrong ) Every village growing into a town (or into a large town) needs a place to get its horseshoes fixed and its tools and weapons mended! Drop in at the blacksmith's shop outside Puerto Desafio to have all you metallic needs attended to in fashion! Commissioned by Captain Whiffo, who obviously noticed the lack of a blacksmith shop and saw the opportunities - not to say, saw the DB signs... The backside: One last shot: Hey all! Just a little micro-vig from me showing off my light grey texture collection! (Ok, I do have a wee bit more...) I'll be licencing this as a small artisan for Puerto Desafio, which should hopefully boost the settlement up to large town status. Credit for that awesome fence design goes entirely to Full Plate! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  4. Hey all! Welcome to my pictorial review of set 70613 Garma Mecha Man. It retails for $59.99 in the US and comes with 747 parts and 4 minifigures. This set will be evaluated on a scale from 0 - 100: Figure Desirability/Quality, Main Build Design, and Main Build Aesthetics. On a side note - I'm out traveling and couldn't resist getting my hands on a Ninjago Movie set, so lightning is not top notch, but hopefully the photos can get the point across. And now, without further ado, let's meet the Mecha Man. Let's start off with the figures. For $59.99, you only get four figures, which is disappointing given the high amounts of figures in smaller $20-$30 sets. Another henchman or ninja (or both) would have been appreciated to add value to the set, but for now, let's take a look at what we get. Let's start off with the titular villain, Lord Garmadon. He sports a new armor element that extends his torso and gives him two extra arms. While similar to the element used widely in the Stone Army range of sets in 2013, it has a flat front and more detailed printing, unlike the previous variant. Garmadon also includes a new samurai-style helmet mold, which is fitting for the villain and, in my opinion, much more intimidating than his simple bone helmet of 2011-2012. From the back, it does come across as comically large, although I assume that was done on purpose. Unfortunately, there is no back printing on the upper torso, something which would have been excusable up until this point, where LEGO has proved their ability to print on the backs of such longer torsos with Garmadon's Jungle, "Dad," and Pajama variants. However, I suspect this wasn't printed because this figure normally comes with a large, regal cape, something which is inexplicably and very unfortunately absent from this set. With the plus-size torso removed, Garmadon's chest printing is very similar to his 2011-2012 TV show variant, with his simple, white muscular lines. With his old man out of the way, the spotlight shifts to Lloyd, the Green Ninja. Lloyd is decked out in a spiffy new outfit with reflective gold highlights and layered texturing around his suit - look closely and his suit is patterned with diamond marks, adding another layer to the print that shines in certain lighting. The back of his torso is adorned with the classic Sensei Wu logo from way back in 2011, with a few minor stylistic changes to curvature and thickness of lines. Again, the diamond pattern repeats onto the back and he wears a simple green belt around his waist. Lloyd's mask comes as two separate elements that weave together seamlessly, much like Darth Vader's newer mask introduced last year. The back of the new hood dips back dramatically to allow the tied "knot" of the upper mask to fit, revealing almost all of his alternate face. Lloyd also comes with a new sword mold with the 2016 tassle element attached to the end. The new sword is extremely sleek and is a refreshing update to the original katana we've been seeing variants of since 1998. However, with the tassle removed, the end of the handle does feel a bit out of place, continuing past the stopper. An interesting note is that every new element in the set is copyrighted to 2015, which shows just how long this movie and its sets have been in production. And now, we move onto Garmadon's lackey: Great White. The shark part of the getup is unfortunately attached to the armor and battery indicator as a single mold, making head movement impossible and decreasing the reusability of the parts. However, the mold is an extremely nice element for its limited use, sporting two color tones for the shark head, white teeth, black eyes, and dark silver armor, bring the color count in this single mold up to 6, counting the red batter indicator. On the back of Great White sits the traditional LEGO airtanks we've come to know and love, which was a bit of a surprise to me - I figured it would be part of the armor. Note that the back of the shark head curves upwards greatly to accommodate this element, meaning that a great section of back head and neck is exposed without the tanks. With the headgear removed we get a peek at his comical expression - if nothing else, these aquatic army troops give us really unique and fresh facial expressions. For those interested, with tanks removed, the back of the soldier is thankfully printed, with a skydiving clip and pockets. And now for the final figure - a civilian: While just a side character, this female civilian brings all new prints and a refreshing look to an "ordinary" city-goer. The feet are printed excellently with sandals, and the blue printing on the legs is consistent with the printing on the torso, which is a relief. She also sports the conical hat new to the Ninjago Movie and common throughout its several sets. Note the copyright 2015 on the backside. The back of the torso is extremely simple and almost plain, save for a few lines here and there. However, there really doesn't need to be anything here, so it's passable. But the figures aren't the reason you'd buy this set (or maybe they are, but regardless, let's meet the Mecha Man) Behold the Mecha Man! Compared to the poster, the set is extremely downsized, but this is to be expected with movie to set conversions. One very notable omission is the gargantuan staff the movie version wields, which is designed to match the new staff element Garmadon is wielding in the poster. This omission is particularly disappointing as there's nothing for the hand to do on the toy version, besides one small thing we will get to. In addition, the red eyes on the side of the hammerhead shark head, which appear very menacing in the movie, seem very comical in this version, as no attempt was made for eyebrows or elements to cover up the circular nature of the 1x1 plates. Thus, the eyes, combined with the slanting mouth, give the mech a comical and unthreatening gopher-like appearance, which is quite unfortunate. From the side, unique elements start to pop out, such as the back-mounted boot thrusters and the amusing shark tank in the back of the mech. However, this angle showcases some of the mech's weak spots as well, such as the gappy knee plating, disproportionate, chunky legs, and unsightly red and blue bits around the sides. LEGO's been doing a better job of making mechs more presentable from the back, and this is no different - in fact, the back side reveals one of my favorite and most quirky parts to the set - the fish/shark tank that houses the ammunition for the left arm cannon: sharks. Or, rather, blue fish, because sharks wouldn't work at this scale. The back also reveals some out of place yellow, red, and blue elements, especially on the back of the cannon, bottom legs, and head connection area. I'm all for including multicolored bits to make the build process easier (staring at a pile of black bricks and trying to find a specific one is never a fun or easy task), but not covering them up is really unfortunate. However, the fact that this is a common issue and not an aesthetic error unique to this set (Assault on Hoth's ion cannon particularly stands out as an infamous example), and because the issue has appeared in far more egregious areas in other sets, I'm willing to not be as harsh on this particular fault. Starting with the feet, you can see the extreme efforts LEGO put into making sure this set was stable - efforts that may have overcompensated way too much, resulting in pretty much no foot movement at all. Any attempt to pose it with more than one "click" to the leg makes the set extremely unstable, which is ironic, given the purpose of the extra parts. Even when rotated side to side, the feet are still extremely restricted - the photo above shows the extent to which I was able to turn them. I don't understand why such heavy precautions were made - the friction joints were made for this purpose, and the ball and socket is extremely stable. Moving up along the leg, we can see the slightly awkward way the legs are placed - luckily, this is covered mostly by the side flaps, so aesthetically it isn't too bad. Functionally, it still offers a wide range of motion, so it does work. Up to the mid torso there's a fine bit of piston greebling that is sadly immediately covered by the front flap, leaving on the gold elements poking out and seeming rather out of place. It's a shame the flap revealed a bit more of this construction, as most of it goes to waste when fully covered. The upper torso front plate folds down, along with the upper head, much like the original Ninjago mech: 9448 Samurai Mech. However, unlike its predecessor, the upper helmet is not attached with a click-hinge and thus doesn't have any friction whatsoever, causing it to flop around needlessly during play. Moving to the arm, we take a look at the shark shooter: Sadly, this is one of the worst-looking parts of the set. It's asymmetrical in all the wrong ways, with only one missile. I understand the need for this - a second missile would prematurely fire whenever the arm was moved, but the execution of it is far from sufficient, leaving a gap on the other side of the cannon. The four front studs on the cannon look similarly exposed and unfinished, which is disappointing given that two single elements could have solved this issue. The one good thing going for this arm is the hilarious shark ammo belt, a fine detail I've come to expect from the Ninjago Movie sets. The hand is also given something to hold - the human artifact laser pointer. While it's not as clever or well-designed as the Kragle, it does its purpose as a laser keychain - the only issue is that the mech is given no way to hold it in a good pose. It can't point it and aim it at targets, contrary to what the box art suggests, and just looks very awkward held in the fist of the mech. Moreover, it's useless as a minifigure scale weapon - the attachment point is secured by a freely-moving Technic pin, making it impossible to stay in one place and be held by a minifigure. I tried several times to get a good shot of Garmadon with the weapon and failed each time, which is really unfortunate given all the promotional shots of him wielding the weapon. Overall, for minifigures, I would rate the set 80/100 - the designs are great, but having only four minifigures and the omission of Garmadon's cape drags the value down. Plus, each figure is available in other, cheaper sets (including the CMF line), which is unfortunate. For main build design/functions, I'd give the set a 70/100 - it's a cut above most other Ninjago mechs, but is nowhere near as well-built as Kai's mech, for example, and has a limited array of functions - the firing arm and the cockpit exposure (which is so loose it barely works). Plus, poseability (or lack thereof) really dampers the score. For aesthetics, I'd rate the set an 85/100 - at certain angles, it's very menacing, and it towers over a standard minifigure. However, aspects like repeated exposure of randomly-colored red, yellow, and blue bricks scattered about and the pitifully goofy eyes drag the score down. On average, the set clocks in at a 80/100, or B. It's a solid set with nice detailing, but the lack of poseability and questionable functions make it not one of the best Ninjago Movie sets. I'd say to buy this only if you are an avid collector of Ninjago, love the character of Garmadon, or are impatient and want to get ahold of any Ninjago Movie set before official release. Otherwise, given other options, I'd hold off on this set in lieu of sets with much better value (70611 Nya's Water Strider - only $30!) or better visual and functional appeal (70615 Fire Mech, for only $10 more) Hope you enjoyed the review, and feel free to leave comments and feedback below!
  5. On a peaceful dock beside Pontelli... While he was still awaiting the arrival of his first mate with the new ETWC ship, the Fog-Breaker from Terreli, Captain Whiffo had heard that a certain ex-pirate ship was likely to go cheap - and that it had true rat-lines. To tell the truth, that was really what interested him. At any rate, after seeing to the new ETWC oat plantation, he headed off to meet with Guy Wyndzon's used ship dealer on his favorite section of the docks besides Pontelli. It was peaceful spot situated right next to the as yet untamed jungle of the island, and was a perfect place for running a good deal, the Captain thought. But then, anywhere is a good place for that to an Eslandolan... "Good day, sir," exclaimed the agent as Captain Whiffo strolled up the wooden boardwalk, "I hear you're interested in our ship, the previous White Skull." "Precisely, sir," replied Captain Whiffo,"I have quite the feeling to go off on a privateering mission against those villainous Mardierians at the moment, you see." "Ah!" replied the dealer, though in truth the only thing he saw were money signs. "Well sir, I've been told that the minimum price is 100 Doubloons." "Humph," resumed the Captain pensively, "I'll offer 101, then." The agent grinned. "I'm sorry to tell you, but somebody has already offered 105 DBs." "Oh, well then, say 110." "Somebody else has already bid 115, I'm afraid," the dealer commented cheerily. "Ho-hum," retorted Captain Whiffo making accounts for the next likely bid, "make it 126, then." The agent grin only widened. "Begging your pardon, somebody else's bid that too, sir." "Ba!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo, turning away and flipping his sword in the air, "150 is about my last offer then, you rascal!" "160?" asked the dealer, opening his book and looking thoughtful. . Captain Whiffo tapped his foot and raised an eyebrow, and fiddled with the large blue gem he had pulled out. "Beautiful bird over there, don't you think, sir? Well, good day to-" "Ratlines?" interrupted the dealer. "Mardierians? Adventure? Profit?" "You rapscallion!" exclaimed the Captain. "155." "Deal!" And of course he had it, for the fact was, Captain Whiffo had come with 175 Doubloons to spend in the first place anyhow... And oh, but on the other side, after a few more such deals... Yo-ho-ho, a pirate's Eslandolan's life for me! Ahem, yes, sorry, I really couldn't resist! Built just to move on my story here a little and to explain the purchase of the (now unfortunately no longer extant) White Skull. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  6. Sorry about that title. I would like to present the first part of an Eslandola plantation collaboration of Garmadon & Captain Braunsfeld: The EWTC Oat Planation of Pontelli. If you look carefully you might spy some strange characters: ... strange transporting activities ... .. birds that need to be fed... .. and sometimes, trees are growing overnight: Size of this grand EWTC plantation part: 64 x 64. C&C Welcome. Over to Garmadon.
  7. Shortly before heading off to the docks of Pontelli to check out a new small armed sloop while waiting for his first mate to return from Eslandola's Old World capital of Terelli... Captain Whiffo strode up and down the porch in ecstacy, gazing out across the large, verdant plantation now covered with ready-to-harvest oats. The workers scurrying hither and yon (under the watchful eyes of their monkey supervisors which Mayor da Pontelli had provided, of course) were an absolute pleasure to behold. The East Trade Wind Company had finally taken the large step he had meditated so long, and in no time it would assuredly be as large, powerful, and rich in the new world as it ever was in the old! (One of the monkey supervisors on his courier:) Wheels rattled along the road and the Captain looked up intelligently, if not mysteriously (mostly, you see, because he loved mystery, not because there was any real mystery in the whole affair). For once he was not carrying his beloved cutlass, as he was not sure but that it would get in the way while showing de Chauncourtois' niece about the house and new plantation which she had come out to see (though he was sorely inclined to regret leaving it behind as its clanking was the only thing missing - he thought - to perfect the sensation of mysteriousness) - but he might as well as have spared his pains, for he could have known from previous experience that his cutlass and his habit of rapping it on his hook and smashing it into everything was a constant source of amusement to de Chauncourtois' good-humored niece. The carriage rolled to a stop just before the door - and Captain Whiffo, throwing the cutlass with an effort out of his mind (for the present), bowed slightly and offered her his hand. "Good day, miss, shall I show you inside?" ...Speaking of which! - Let's go inside, shall we? Originally I had only been planning on the hinging wall, but in the end, the roof was detachable as well, so thankfully the interior was very easy to take pictures of! It is furnished with a large kitchen, Some furniture... An instrument - And a good-sized (if not over-sized ) fireplace: A few closeups: The pig-pen (the colors of which were inspired especially by Ayrlego's recent challenge entry, along with the rest of that collab)... And a final overview: And, I've finally finished! Just about ever since the launch of the Brethren of the Brick Seas I've been meaning to build a large plantation for the ETWC, but only recently have I been able to actually get around to planning and building it. Here's my section of the collab with Captain Braunsfeld (be sure to check out his excellent section here) for Eslandola's East Trade Wind Company. It took a great deal longer than I was hoping for (mostly due to RL), but I'm rather happy with how it turned out, and it was definitely fun (and somewhat challenging at times) to attempt to make it clearly part of the same plantation and yet give it my own touch (well, I suppose that last part came pretty naturally! ) Special thanks to Captain B for working on this collab and waiting very patiently for my side here to be complete! Credit goes to Gideon for the door design and to Legopard for the chair (slightly altered here), and the carriage is a modification of the one found in LEGO's excellent POTC London Chase. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. As we near the end of SIX years of Ninjago (we already know about Summer 2016), I decided to look back at how far the ninja have come. They've fought the Skulkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, Nindroids, Anacondrai Cultists, Ghost Ninja, and Sky Pirates! I think that the Nindroids have been the best adversaries for the ninja. As for the best main villain, Pythor was the best until the end of Season 4, so General Cryptor would probably be my new favorite, although I like Doubloon a lot. Who has been your favorite villain to date?
  9. "Good news!!" "The King has reviewed your case, and he's cutting your sentence in half!" From a joke in an Algebra book I went through several years ago, and haven't forgot about! Built for the Medieval Dungeons category of CCCXIII. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  10. My entry to the Custom Castle Figure category of CCCXIII, and a little base to go with it! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  11. A collab built for the Colossal Battle Contest on Flick by W. Navarre (the citadel and farthest end is his), Kai NRG - you all know her - (the center), and Garmadon - oh wait, that would be me - (the front). A few facts about it: 1. The whole thing took us only 8 days to build. 2. The entire MOC was completely destroyed only one day after all the last pictures were taken - which was about three days after it was finished. 3. The build measures 150x66 studs. 4. I was originally going to have rock-work on both sides as well, but, as Kai expressively put it, I'm not MassEditor! (i.e., I ran out of pieces before then... ) 5. Kai got to photograph the whole thing together... and demanded that I put this one in here. JK. 6. Geneva (Kai) and Josiah (W. Navarre) are my brother and sister respectively. Of the three of us siblings (by which I mean the ones of us who worked on it, there are a bunch of younger ones as well!) Kai is the oldest, then sincerely yours, and then W. Navarre. 7. Although this the first collab between the three of us, it hopefully won't be the last! More shots, first of the front: Figless: The Pass: The middle: Red House: Blue House: Green House: See all of Kai's houses in her album on Flickr. And the last section, the citadel: Some more pics of all three together: Fighting in the streets: The invading force: [/url And some of the defenders: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  12. Quack, quack, quack! Galaxy takeover has commenced. Approaching G09 Greater Drigo. Quack-24, signing out. Quack! Without the ducks: Ha, ha, ha! Jed had it coming to him! The SDA (yes, accidentally posted it before it had the D in it!) stands for Space-Duck Attacker. Here's my entry to cat C of the challenge, based off the interior of the Nindroid's spaceship in Ninjago (I've always wanted to build that, so here was a good chance! ). And it's an alien ship, it case that wasn't already evident. C&C welcome as always, enjoy!
  13. Nocturnus: Alchemist “Just wait a second while I dissolve… ouch! Why do my pants feel hot and dry?” The crazy Alchemist is ready to show you anything, if you’ll just give him a minute to wrap up his experiment on the universal solvent and mix up that last concoction that he’s sure will end up in the philosophers’ stone. Oh, and he was really busy trying to find the elixir of life, but he’s sure he’ll be free soon and can help in just a second! He may be a Nocturnian and he may be an alchemist, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t friendly and willing to help out… until he gets distracted. You might want to pull him back on track soon though, or you could end up listening to a long discourse on how close he is to finalizing his theory on the quint essence! And do keep flammables away from him. He just isn’t good with them! Black Spire Captain: “Your wish is my command!” The black spire may have suffered some reverses, but this Captain is sure that his leaders know what they are doing. His loyalty knows no bounds, and his pride in his dragon shield and the faction it represents will take him to any lengths. Enchanted Pumpkin Pie Suit Guy: “Would you like some cream with that?” The Enchanted Pumpkin Pie suit guy always was a huge fan of his mother’s pumpkin pies and especially of the cream. In fact, he spent so much time in school thinking about the cream that some of his friends said it had turned his head (either that, or it was the enchantment). But far from being offended, he instantly recognized the genius of the comment, and now he walks around with his own private stash of cream on top of his head! Fortunately, as long as he stays away from volcanoes, the Nocty climate keeps the cream from melting. Some people are a bit turned off by his offer of cream on their cow head soup though – particularly when he scoops it generously off the top of his head. Hangman: “There’s nothing like chopping the problem off at its trunk!” The Hangman has a vicious reputation, and no wonder. He’s always the first to advocate tying loose ends with a blow of the ax and starting off with a fresh slate. But he is full of a witty sense of humor and wise if rather blunt maxims, and to the few who befriend him he is very reliable. Like everyone else, even this super-tough guy has his weakness – dental hygiene. Ever wonder why he wears a mask? Avalonian: Little Brat: “No! I need that toy! Or I am going to stay up all night crying!” The Little Brat never fails to get what he wants. One threat to stay up all night crying and his parents will do whatever he asks. He’s only had to make his threat good once, and that time the neighbors, whose chateau is a mile away, sent a servant to make sure it wasn’t a fire alarm. Despite his selfishness, however, the Brat can be very witty and always does his parents proud in the miracle plays at Christmas. For some reason though, it usually takes his dad three months to earn back what he spends at that time of the year. Knight: “I don’t understand you people! How are you going to defeat the enemy if you pay more attention to the color of your tights than the sharpness of your sword?” The Knight is constantly being exasperated by his squires and trainees. He just doesn’t understand how anyone can expect to succeed in life if they’re always worried about the latest in tight fashions. He’s never worn tights himself, and is proud of it! Whatever his squires may think though, the Knight is really an excellent warrior and one of the best teachers they are ever likely to have. For years his dark green plume and deer shield have been in the front of the battle, and wherever he goes, victory always follows! Bumpkin: “The hay’s in! Party time! What’s that? Oops, well, party time anyways!” The Bumpkin is always ready for a party, whatever the occasion. Maybe it’s because the hay’s in, or maybe because it’s still out, the reason doesn’t matter as long as there’s a party anyways! He’s been known to celebrate the cows’ birthdays, and since between them all the villagers own 247 cows… Be that as it may, once he does get settled down to work, everyone admits that the Bumpkin works three times as fast as anyone else. And he’s always generous with anything he earns. Whenever he hosts a party, the whole village is invited! Lady: “Did you want me to iron your tights for you, dear?” The wealthy and cultured Avalonian Lady is always thoughtful and kind, but even she is sometimes exasperated by the tree hugging habits of most of her kin. Still, she is always willing to iron her husband’s tights and make sure they’re just right for tomorrow’s fancy ball. But as soon as she’s back home, she’ll insist on him doing some fencing in the back room to work off all the frog legs and cupcakes. With all her common, down-to-earth sense, she still has something of the tree hugging partiality for flowers – especially red ones. Kaliphlin: Astronomer: “You know the poem; Cintilæ, cintilæ, orbül vivific. Vain would I fathom thy nature especific Loftily poised in the eastern capacious Vaguely resembling a jewel carbonatious. You don’t? What do they teach you in kindergarten? It’s Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – obviously.” The Astronomer is passionate when it comes to his science. To him, there’s nothing better than a night spent with the stars. And there’s nothing worse than a nice, peaceful night like that being interrupted by rowdy students! Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too often. It didn’t take long for the students to learn that a telescope can have a very down-to-earth use if necessary! But when the students aren’t goofing off, even they are able to appreciate the beauty of the stars as described by the enthusiastic Astronomer. Perhaps they appreciate his strong arm more, but as long as they’re quiet and learn a little something, the Astronomer doesn’t much care! Cabin Boy: “Oh no! I’m sorry sir, I’ll clean that right up!” The well-intentioned but sometimes careless Cabin Boy is always looking out for messes and spills to clean up – and once in a while creates more in the process! He’s been coasting up and down the shorelines of Historica ever since he can remember, and has been to dozens of ports all along the seaboard. Once he caught a flying fish in the deep southern sea, and he’s taken his part in a few brawls all the way up in Thorshaven! But although he loves the salty breeze, the Cabin Boy always looks forward to getting back to Kaliphlin to see his parents again. He’d be the first to agree that there’s no place like home! Female Warrior: "You didn’t see that coming!” Born and raised in the Kaliphlinian East, the Female Warrior’s skill with the katana is so great that she has been known to carve fantastic shapes out of watermelon with a few quick slashes. Said to be versed in the way of the Ninja, she has often given her friends a bit of a scare by suddenly appearing behind them. Although reserved and taciturn, she always has a sympathetic ear. She herself has said that her life’s goal is peace, but some have wondered if she doesn’t have a secret quest of her own… Merchant: “I know it probably hasn’t occurred to you in this light before, but you most definitely need a poncho. And it has to be green and tan and red, or it simply won’t go with the lines of your face.” The fabulously wealthy Merchant is adept at convincing anyone that they need exactly what he has to sell. However, he can be very generous especially when it will place him in a good public light. He was foremost in the magnificent Kaliphlinian endeavor to deliver much needed heating oil to the Mitgardians, and has often generously supported candidates for office in various guilds. Perhaps he has a sharp eye to the main chance and number one, but no one can claim to be more patriotic than he! Mitgardia: Serving-man: “To the world’s end, if you’d like!” Loyal to a fault, the Serving-man will do whatever his lord wants. He makes an excellent waiter, but can saddle a horse, hang up draperies, or even defend his master from bandits with the best of them. Much to his regret, he’s occasionally had to change masters, but he’s always been highly recommended, and everyone is favorably impressed with his prompt willingness! Dwarf Scribe: “To – build – or – not – to – what? That’s so cliché. Can’t you come up with something better for me to write?” No one excels the Dwarf Scribe at speed writing, but for all that he can’t help but make comments on whatever is being dictated, sometimes out loud and sometimes just written in. Occasionally he gets a bit carried away and has interrupted some pretty high council meetings, but it is true that his suggestions generally improve the literary style. Once though, he wrote out a receipt for the Merchant and changed “superfine purple silk” to “styrofoam purple milk,” under the impression that it would be a good joke. Needless to say, he wasn’t hired again. But it must be admitted that reading minutes he’s written can actually be rather enjoyable! Hunter: “Here, cutie, cutie, cutie! Here my precious little.. gotcha!” The Hunter never lets his soft side interfere with his job, and as a result he’s always got plenty of food on his table. In his spare time, he’s constantly trying to perfect his weapons. He’s always ready to show off all his improvements – the improved connection between the spearhead and the base, the brightly colored feathers that help him to spot it far away when he misses – which he never does – and the extra slim, extra light material that lets him get the greatest distance and force possible. He does sometimes get a bit absorbed in his hunt, and it’s not a good idea to pop suddenly out from behind a lump of ice unless you want a spear in your gizzard! Cook: “Old MacDonald had a farm, e–i–e–i- eh? Two chickens? Coming right up, sir! …and on that farm he had two chickens, e–i–e–i–o…” Whether it’s a simple dish of carrots and broccoli, or an elaborate course of roast peacock and fish eye soup, the Cook can make it all! To the inexperienced, his procedures may seem a bit amateur or even dangerous – like singing Old MacDonald or like the time he flipped a knife in the air and cut his pants – but the end product always justifies him! Guests have been known to eat so much fish eye soup that it started coming out their own eyeballs, or to try to stuff in so many of his delicious twisted pastries that their tongues start becoming twisted. Even if that’s a bit of an exaggeration, there are never any left overs for the servants to do away with! Garmadon and I both felt that we could make a much better series if we divided it up, so (with some help from a younger bro as well) we decided to go halves on this one. I had a lot of fun writing the descriptions; tried to incorporate some hints from recent (and not so recent) events - hopefully you enjoyed them! Thanks for looking! C&C always welcome!
  14. Lord Damaximus finally started dreaming. This time the dream took him back in time to a place somewhere in Avalonia. Some noblemen were celebrating the fall of Revolword. Beer, meat, fish and mushrooms, they had everything they needed for a good meal. It won't take long before they start hugging the tree... Kicking Avalonians by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Kicking Avalonians by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Goddamn hippies thought Damaximus, and he started kicking them! Kicking Avalonians by Da_Maximus, on Flickr Such a beautifull dream... (note: the peacefull and not-kicking scene was made in November together with Kabel. It is a big wink to my title in Eurobricks as "Hippy Kicker".) edit: for the UoP/DoH, I claim these credits: "Hydrology: waves (claimed)" "General: minifigposing (claimed)" "Antropology: life in Avalonia (claimed)" "Antropology: country life (claimed)"
  15. Kai NRG

    (MOC) The Time-SHIP

    The Time SHIP - going through space with time. The SHIP is modular (and for that reason not particularly swooshible!), so it is possible to make a smaller version: The full SHIP features (from left to right) the Garden of Eden, Antediluvian Civilization, Flood, Pyramid, Moses, Greece, Rome/Julius Ceaser and Brutus, Cross, Medieval Period/Castle, Exploration, Cannon, Desk/Computer, Futuristic Space Racer. Below are a few close/ups: Over 120 studs, no exterior (at least not one worth viewing!), 6000 years of time. As I mentioned, it's not particularly swooshible. However, we did get a "let's hope it doesn't split in half now!" shot! Lots more pictures in the Flickr Set! The entire build was a collab between me and my brother @Garmadon. I did the front, the two sections that connect at the river (which splits in half), and the back. C&C welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check it out!