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Found 3 results

  1. legotechnicisawesome

    Lamborghini Gallardo

    hi eurobricks! i started this topic a bit late i know, but i still havent finished yet! here is a photo of my progress so far: i need some ideas for the the dash and centre console as a car is not a good car with out a good interior! here is my progress on the inside: any help with the dash and console would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, I wanted to build a Gallardo to put it on my desk but I could not find something to my liking on web so decided to have some try on it. Sorry another boring supercar topic... Here is a real one first: My Scale length has some issue but other than that seems to be in scale, height from ground is one stud higher but car clearance is 1 stud higher as well which offsets when suspension is compressed. Best if you open it in big screen/size from bricksafe My Car A quick comparison with an orange 42022 Functions: * 4 wheel drive (unswitchable, has central differential but became useless as switch is never disabled) * independent suspension, 1 hard spring (yellow) on each wheel * scissors doors openable by a small gear under the car * 4 speed sequential gearbox: operated by gear lever at 4 positions (front: 1, back: 4) ratios (1 to 4): 27/45 , 15/45 , 9/45 , 5/45 before differentials. input is wheels, output is fake engine * Hand Of God steering at cockpit with working steering wheel * Ackermann steering geometry * V10 fake engine Features: * Orange * size in studs: 58 L, 27 W, 17 H * size in cm: 45.5 L, 22.5 W, 14 H * Spoiler * Fake disk brakes (in red, hardly visible from outside) Credits: * Sariel's Scaler * Pvdb's Koenigsegg One:1 90degree axle stopper for gearbox sequential shifter. * 42056's Sequential Gearbox :) Rest is pictures: Front: Back: Side: The double black thin 4L and the LBG towball pin is the gear lever. At front position it is gear 1, at back position it is gear 4, at different positions in the between are gears 2 and 3. Way simple than what the car deserves :( 1st gear: 4th gear: Scissors doors, here you can see some nice looking seats as well :) it uses small turntable Operating gear for doors and its mechanism, the black 20T gear opens and closes the door with the worm so door stays closed or opened: Ground clearance is more than the car have to in scale so even a big finger can operate it from under car Ground clearance, more than I expected I admit. That is why car is 1 stud higher, about 2.5 studs unfortunately: Gearbox from bottom, very similar to 42056 Gearbox switch mechanism, Pvdb's stopper here, twin yellow 2L with rubber: V10 fake engine, didnot close its surrounding on purpose Axles, back is a 42029 style, front is a custom one I made but nothing complex. my req was to make it low height and allow Ackermann steering. Red things are fake brake discs:) Bottom view: Top view with a non-lego flex axle (26.5 stud length) and a regular black (19+7) one. sorry for different photo direction (the one from back of car to front windshield connector on roof) Things I dont like: Color choices: new 13x3 panel limits almost every color but still orange can be used with black or white car perhaps. * Black, works like a charm, every piece I used in orange could be found black in new sets. * White, similar to black but there are a few pieces not in white or non common (axle connector and 135 degree connector, and the 13x3 panel) * Red,if you have the #3 connector then again almost every piece can be swapped. * Blue, yellow, green, I hardly think they are available, maybe from old sets. Additional photos are at: Bricksafe folder Cheers
  3. Hi! It is my first large scale model - RC Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. Features: - 2 L-motors for drive (gear ratio = 2 differencials downshift) - 4WD with 3 differentials - Working 10V piston engine (worked by L-motors) - Servo motor for steering - Working steering wheel - Full independent suspension (double wishbone) Thank you Crowkillers for inspiration. More photos: