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Found 4 results

  1. Freegate Robotics Facility Location: G02 Tags: Building, Civil, Week 62 Build FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_1 by boxerlego, on Flickr Inside the Robotics Facility on Freegate Boxerlego constructs Octan Prototype Robots. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_2 by boxerlego, on Flickr Alright, Now that I got the go ahead from Octan Corp I finally can do some modifications on these Robots. A couple of the Octan Robots have been gone missing lately and nobody seems to know what happen. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_3 by boxerlego, on Flickr Now it time to put this Robot back together. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_4 by boxerlego, on Flickr Now that Frame is Complete. Time to put the Head on. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_5 by boxerlego, on Flickr Click! FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_6 by boxerlego, on Flickr Ok everything is done, Now lets see if this Robot is functional to my voice commands. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_7 by boxerlego, on Flickr Robot Raise Left Arm. FreeGate_Robotics_Facility_8 by boxerlego, on Flickr Excellent looks like the Robot responds. Now its time to charge the battery up and wait.
  2. Umbra-Manis

    [M-G02] Captured!

    Tags: Spying, Land Vehicle Location: G02 - Freegate After having to do last week's assignment myself, instead of sending an agent like I'm supposed to, I started reprogramming Agent Urtem and building a similar android. Sir, you have an incoming assignment. Details? You are to depart immediately for Freegate, yourself. Do not send another operative. ♫I don't know where I'm goin' But I sure know where I've been ♫ Bass. Shut Up. Even if I was going to say "Here I go again" about this assignment. ♪ Hanging on the promises in songs of yesterday ♪ *Attempted Slam of a sliding door* Out in the field, new ship, big guns, and behind enemy lines. I should do this more often. Now where's that broadcast emplacement I need to take out? There it is. Gun or bomb? Bomb or Gun? Bomb it is! Ok, security is gone right now. Toss it and run! Computer, switch to stationary gun position. Now for a countdown! *CRASH* HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD, NOW MANTIS SCUM! THIS IS OCTAN SECURITY! Why are you blue if you're octan? Sargent initiate the Morph training program, followed by stage SHUT UP! AND MARCH! To Be Continued... My weekly build! For more pics, check the spoiler. C&C Welcome!
  3. Location: Freegate - G02 Tags: Civil, Spaceship, Exploration Continued from last week... After introductions, Callahan turned back to the green man and barked some type of orders. What followed Hannibal surmised was a heated argument, followed by a begrudged acquiescence from the green man. Smoothly and quietly the circular formation lifted to reveal a steep tunnel down. Callahan - "The Merchant Confederation would be honored to open negotiations with one of Octan's executives. I can open a policy guaranteeing your safety for the duration of your visit, with the Octan Corporation and any of your heirs as beneficiaries. You have nothing to fear from us." Hannibal - "I did come down here to explore... "Mercy Brandy, proceed onto your next drop. I'll activate my beacon whenever I'm ready for a pick up. Out." After a longer than expected argument with his assistant, Hannibal follows the green man down the tunnel, flanked by Callahan. Along the way, Hannibal prods for more information about the Merchant Confederacy. Callahan - "We're a loose organization not unlike your corporations. Out here there is little need for such a strictly structured organization, such as yours, and we do not benefit from affiliation with any government. We've developed over time out of a mutual understanding between merchants, their markets, and their customers. We are hopeful to develop such an understanding with Octan, as well." Hannibal - "Without government affiliation, how did you acquire the technology to make the jump through the Gate?" Callahan - "Mr. Hannibal, we didn't come through the Gate. My people have been here for thousands of years. Subjugated as slaves to alien overlords. Experimented on, mutated, engineered. I may look familiar to you, and we are of the same species, but there are galaxies between us." [O - G02] Merchant Confederacy 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal's stomach sinks again and the tunnel opens up to a hangar full of aliens and humans alike. Immediately in front of him are more green men, but with elaborate red cloaks and golden weapons. Callahan - "These are our hosts. The Emboians of Freegate jealously guard any guests taken under their care, which is why they are not to happy to see you. We've got a lot of people here right now, so outsiders make them nervous." Hannibal - "Yeah, I'm not getting a great vibe from them... Why are so many of your people here as 'guests.'" Callahan - "We won't be here long, what I want to show you will require a short trip, but it will help you understand our situation, and why we need Octan." [O - G02] Merchant Confederacy 2 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Hannibal is unnerved by the stares of the hangar full of strange people as they make their way to the small starfighter in front of them. The Emboians are strange, as are the well dressed fish men to his right, but the more human looking aberrations are somehow more distracting. Callahan - "The M.C.S. Gadfly will take us closer to the core. I would have taken you in my own ship but it doesn't have the speed or defenses that this ship can give us, and I couldn't risk your crew following us." They board the Gadfly and leave the hangar with two humans as crew to the ship. Callahan, while open about the make up of his Merchant Confederacy, is reluctant to talk about their destination. C&C appreciated
  4. Location: Freegate - G02 Tags: Civil, Land Vehicle, Spaceship, Exploration While dropping supplies to mining startups on G02, Pilot John Hannibal noticed a strange circular formation on a glacier. Because Cantillon was already headed for the surface with OS-461, Hannibal decided to tag along with the Mercy Brandy's current land speeder to investigate the anomaly. There certainly appeared to be a man-made structure carved out of the ice and Hannibal circled around to get a closer look. When he did, he was "greeted" by some green-faced man, yelling in a foreign tongue orders Hannibal generally understood. Both stayed still, the green man with some sort of pike and Hannibal with a revolver he was not sure if the native had noticed. As the moment tensed, Hannibal caught the shadow of a ship coming overhead. Cantillon should not have the 461 in this sector. Hannibal risked angering the native to radio the Octan pilot. He didn't want to see the native killed, over such a simple misunderstanding. Cantillon - "Hannibal, I'm not in that sector but I'm on my way. Keep your comm open, the Mercy Brandy is coming in overhead." Hannibal stomach sinks. The mysterious ship drops in. The native doesn't move; eyes locked on Hannibal; pike back and ready to fly. [O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy 3 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr A door on the far side of the ship opens and the pilot barks something at the native that releases his stance. He appears to be human, but the markings on his ship are neither Kawashita nor M.A.N.T.I.S. The pilot approaches. Hannibal remains silent, keeping the native within his field of vision. [O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy 4 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Callahan (the pilot) - "I've called off my man. Please call off your own. They will be overhead soon and I mean you no harm." Hannibal - "OS-461, Mercy Brandy, standby, but keep the airspace clear." Callahan - "Thank you. My name is Bridge Callahan. I represent the shareholders of the Merchant Confederacy. Who might you be?" [O - G02] Introduction to the Merchant Confederacy 5 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr To be continued... The speeder and foliage was used in my Cat. B build, but I figured it wasn't scored so I could reuse it here. C&C greatly appreciated.