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Found 9 results

  1. This MOC was built after 2 other attempts, 2 years ago and these didn't work. (I can explain a little the reasons if someone is interested) The design was difficult to do because of the round shapes. But I think the result is so good. You tell me ! The functions are : Left track Right track Blade Rotation of the turret 1st section of the arm 2nd section of the arm Moving the bucket Rotation of the arm (right/left) Opening/closing the clamp (pneumatic) All the functions are powered by M motors, except the rotation of the turret. But there are 9 functions, and it is possible to control just 8 functions with the IR system. How it's possible ? It's quite simple ! A gearbox allows to choose between "rotation of the arm" or "opening/closing the clamp". The chassis is very compact. It has 4 motors and 1 IR ! The mechanism of the rotation of the turret is not visible (the turret is too compact ! ^^) The rotation is quite fast (not too slow). Here you can see the motor actioning the 1st section of the arm. The motors of the 2nd section of the arm and the bucket are placed inside the arm. The last motor is placed in the middle of the chassis. It actuates the gearbox and you can choose the function to activate. With the clamp, there are a bucket and forks.
  2. Mercedes Benz Arocs Crane Truck Full rc MOC with 21motors, 2 sbricks. 100% lego orginal parts
  3. Hi guys.... Here is my full Rc MOD of the Race Kart in white. 2 L motors for driving Servomotor for steering Rechargeable battery SBrick control Smaller turning radius White painted panels All pictures: Video:
  4. Hi guys Here a model of a concept car with hydrogen / electric drive, with side skirting instead windshield ... Powered by 2 Buggy RC motors and control from set 8366, front and rear LED lighting. Front hood and doors can be opened. All images below: Here's the video: Thanks for look
  5. First ... Thanks to Majkl Spejkl for inspiration and sharing the photos of his instructions "INFERNO" prototypes... I present based on the "INFERNO" the HULK - Stronger - Wide - Greener ..... As the name suggests .... Features: - driven by 2 XL motors - steering of a M motor - V6 fake Engine - MajklSpajkl's fantastic Technic to compensate for the axes in the terrain.... :thumbup: :thumbup: All images you see here: http://www.technic-d...e=24&album=1736 Here's the video for HULK: The Original:
  6. Hello everyone Here is my VW T1 Crew Cab in Red-Grey. The chassis is built to Sheepo's blueprint. The only change - the holder for the IR receiver. The body is built loosely based Sheepo. Almost closed body. 3 opening doors. Loading area with 3 walls to open. simple remote control. Here are some pictures ... more pictures: enjoy...:-)
  7. Hello everyone. Here's my FullRC / IR version of NKubate's Predator. Unfortunately, without the fantastic Gearbox. Driven by a PF XL motor. Steering through the PF servo The opening of both Wingdoors independently by a PF M motor on each side. Control by 2 IR sensors. Integrated into the frame PF battery box. See all photos: Thanks for watching ...
  8. Hello Eurobrickers!!! My entry for the TC6 contest it's a Bin lifter-Satellite waste collection. Bin lifter is equipment developed on a four wheeler, and helps in collection, transportation and dumping of garbage. General specifications: - Number of pieces: ~2000 - Size: 46x16x16 cm - Weight: 1,8 Kg Manual functions: - Opening doors - Opening bonnet Remote controlled gearbox for operating 6 different motorized functions: - A/1 Drive (mechanical) - A/2 Outriggers (mechanical, 2 miniLA) - A/3 Steering (mechanical) - B/1 Bin lifter tipper==>loading (pneumatic function with pump cumpressor & autovalve) - B/2 Bin lifter tipper==>dumping (mechanical, 1 miniLA) - B/3 Waste collection bin tipping (mechanical, 2 miniLA) Other features: - Indipendant front suspensions - Leaf spring rear suspensions - Differential - Double rear wheels Some pics: Bin lifter tipper View from above Outriggers Motors Bin lifted Interiors I hope You like it!!! Thanks to "Eurobricks" that makes all this possible. Your contest are really exciting! Youtube Video:
  9. Hi ... I would like to once again my Classic Car imagine. As of today there is also the construction manual for download. I was inspired CYPR21 with his Bugatti. The MOC is fully remote controlled, manual gearbox has 3 output and the V16 engine moves the drive itself. A good friend has created the manual and provided on his page to download. Modell: Render photos : Instruction Download Site: http://technicbasics...ownloadbereich/