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Found 5 results

  1. FREE TRADERS ASSOCIATION The Free Traders Association (FTA) officially began operating in December 617 in response to aggression towards legitimate free trades fleets. Tired of the tyranny of the tired monarchies of the old world, many colonist had come to the islands of the Prio and Sea of Thieves looking to start anew without the oppression of the aristocracy. While the prospered initially, the attempts by some old Kingdoms to exert dominance of the trade lanes required the banding together for mutual protection. At a tavern in the Garvey's colony of Freeport, a number of ship Captains met with a delegation from Charlatan Bay to sign an accord of mutual defense and profit sharing. With its headquarters in the free port of Charlatan Bay, the FTA main holdings serve as a clearing house for legitimate (and not so much) goods traveling to and from the Prio Seas colonies and the Old World. At the same time, its surprisingly well-armed trade convoys travel between colonies insuring a steady supply of needed goods. Company Ownership Amara the Amazon, Mayor of Charlatan Bay [Gulagurag] Professor Thaum [as himself] <redacted> [Kwatchi] Share Value Initial Share Price (Dec ' 17) - 265 Dbs Merchant Fleet (Ship Levels up to 25) Sirrus - Class 3 Captain Preston Fluttering Petal - Class 3 Captain Tifune Gargoyle - Class 3 Captain Richard Turpin Night's Whisper - Class 2 Captain "Patches Jr. Land Assets Free Traders Hall - Hightown, Charlatan Bay FTA Warehouse - Lowtown, Charlatan Bay Write-Offs
  2. Somewhere in Freeport "Gentlemen, in light of constant pirate depredation, aggression by tyrannical nations, and collusion by envious rivals we have faced in the past months, I applaud our uniting together to make common cause. Please raise your glasses with me for a toast; 'The Free Traders Association - May our success only be outshone by the gold in our purse!' Now before we begin to celebrate in earnest, there is the matter of organizing our fleet..." ---x---x---x--- Just a little build to serve for the license application to level 25 and the official announcement of the formation of the first Sea Rat trading company - the Free Traders Association (FTA). And yes, the lantern is crooked. Bah!
  3. The Fluttering Petal is a yawl rigged junk, originally sailing out of the island nations to the south. Like all Towakan ships, it carries a carved figurehead of a kami, or spirit, chosen to act as a guardian for the vessel. In this case a golden carp is affixed on the prow, which represents one of the servants of the sea dragon god Ryujin in the Shinto religion. This junk was first used as a short haul rice trader, but was pressed into service to a wokou pirate clan upon being found de-masted after a violent storm. Unfortunately the pirate fleet had themselves fallen on hard times, and sailed north to find better hunting grounds in the Prio Seas. In October 617, the Fluttering Petal was part of an ill-fated attack on an armed trade convoy out of Charlatan Bay. It was captured during action in the environs of Corrington's Northern Reaches. After the smoke had cleared, the surviving crew was questioned and in a surprising act of clemency given the choice of swearing service to the convoy's leader. Once in port, a thorough inspection showed the junk's damaged hull unsubtle for the cannon weight it carried, and a number of the 9lb'ers were sold off. The subsequent space was redesigned to carry cargo securely and its new career as an armed trader was born. ---x---x---x---x--- This ship represents the class 3 captured during October's TMRCA by the trade fleet that arrived in Elizabethville. I'll be licensing it (ed. note: for free. Yay!) once I get trade company's application ruled on. For the record, Towakan was one of the three Asian inspired countries that @SkaForHire had in mind for the game, which I found out about from @MKJoshA. It was the in-game counterpart for ancient Japan, where Bai Pei represented China and Kaetem (sic) represented Singapore. Every other detail I inserted is purely from wikipedia surfing.
  4. The Free Traders Hall in the High Town district of Charlatan Bay serves the headquarters an association of short haul independent traders (both legitimate and otherwise) where they plan their commercial enterprises. All manners of navigational charts, taxation rates, proscribed item lists, and general shipping information is kept on file for every colony in the environs. Various trade captains can make use of the facilities on a pay per usage basis, or pay an annual dues for unlimited access. This MOC will be licensed as a medium commercial property and as the HQ for the Free Traders Association, and was previously used in another MOC. (Yes, it could be considered smaller than a medium, but I "rounded down" on the last two so I figure I was due )
  5. So ya cove, do ye ever wonder what happen old pirates? After years of reaving and looting, those that haven't been confined to the briney deep some find themselves as rich as kings, and settle down to a soft life as lily white landlubber. Some waste away on the docks in a drunken stupour. A few still heed the siren's call of the sea, even if though their youth has fled. Take Captain Bartholomew Preston for example. Preston had been the quartermaster's mate on the Corrington Privateer Majestic Ruse. After nearly three decades of sailing with her, that ship paid off for the final time and was condemned as a wreck. Preston was not ready to be stranded ashore, so rather than drinking his final pay packet away he used it to buy a prize ship brought into Bastion. The best he could afford himself was a half-rotten sloop that had been taken off the coast of An Holli. The ship was poorly designed and wallowed if not handled perfectly, but she could carry an inordinate amount of cargo. Putting every coin he had into repairs and a coat of white paint, he christened her The Sirrus... after a dock hand snarked that she looked like a passing cloud. True to his nature, Captain Preston's ship does not sail all that meekly and mounts a couple 9 lb deck guns to force second thoughts. While occasionally conducting a little smuggling for the thrill of it, Captain Preston lives the life of a tramp trader and is happiest in the well-appointed cabin sipping port and reminiscing about his youthful exploits with his crew of veteran Sea Rats. And though the years have softened him, his reputation as a buccaneer is still largely known which grants him the courtesy of a safe berth in any of the piratical Freeports found on the new seas. ===/===/=== The Sirrus will be licensed as a 3T2. After helping Gulagurag build his 5HA on Friday, I was left with a pile of spare bricks and a 6 year old nagging me to build him a ship. There are worse things to do on a weekend. Of course this is hardly a centerpiece MOC, and is literally the result of me dredging my bins for any remotely useful bricks. The beak head/bow is pretty poor, and the dimensions are far too short and wide to be practical, but it was fun to do as a building exercise all the same.