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Found 6 results

  1. Hey everyone!The time has come for us to reveal a special alternate build for the 42156 Ford GT! We have rebuilt it to be a VOLVO iron knight.VOLVO IRON KNIGHT BACKGROUNDWithout further ado let's go into what the Iron Knight is. The Volvo Iron Knight is a race truck specially designed by the Volvo racing team that was specifically designed to be an absolute beast. The truck featured 4 turbochargers released 2,400 Horsepower and 4,425 pound-feet of torque. It used a dual-clutch system that is also included in most of Volvo's trucks but the whole body was redesigned to be a light, lean record-breaking machine! Features of our VOLVO IRON KNIGHT A realistic working V6 engine Iron Knight's unique exhaust and detailing RWD Rear solid axle suspension Front independent suspension HOG (Hand of God) Steering for front wheels Smooth drivetrain Racing Minimalist Interior Iron Knight lights Opening the front Grille to reveal the steering And it of course is only built from parts included in the LEGO 42154 FORD GT Suspension and SteeringThe IRON KNIGHT uses a solid axle in the rear and independent front suspension which is steered. The rear axle drives the V6 engine in the back of the truck. For looks, we decided to keep the model levelled for those who want a more aesthetic display of the model, this means that the rear solid axle suspension has limited suspension capabilities in its current state. This can easily be changed by doing a quick modification we are going to release to those who want this option on our website. The suspension modification simply moves the connection point of the rear suspension pieces down 1 stud! It's very simple and effective.....
  2. Hi Folks! I'm back with another alternate build this time. I've had the Ford GT for a while, and had this idea quite soon, but could only get around to actually build it recently. As usual, I wanted to build something of an off-roader, as I'm more into them than sports cars. Also, I wanted to see if some alternative suspension is buildable from these parts. A buggy seemed a good material for that, as they usually have independent front and triangulated trailing arm rear suspension, something I rarely see in lego form. And the color scheme and fender parts made this set perfect for the Red Bull SMG buggy. Carlos Sainz used to race this buggy in the Dakar Rally. He just recently won the 2024 Dakar Rally at the age of 61 (with and Audi E-tron :D). So this can also be considered kind of a tribute to his older car :) Features: Bouncy, high travel suspension, double wishbone independent front, independent triangulated trailing arm rear Mid-rear mounted V6 fake engine driven from rear wheels HoG steering on the roof, easily detachable for display Doors openable upwards Here is a video to showcase it all: Some more details on the design. Chassis and suspension The design started with the rear suspension. I have only recently seen such a trailing arm suspension in real life, and made me interested how to make it in lego form. Mounting the wheel hub on a triangular arm in a stable way was actually easier than I thought. The tricky part is the drivetrain, as it is perpendicular to the swinging direction of the trailing arm, and hence the length of the driveshaft needs to change a bit during travel to follow the movement of the trailing arm. That all could have been replicated nicely if TLG didn't make the driveshaft a single piece in the Ford GT, but instead two parts that could slide in and out, but well, they don't seem to think about reusability in different contexts (it is still a mystery to me why they made it a single piece). But anyway, the change in angle is small enough here to allow it to work for a manual model even with the single part in the set. Anyways, after the rear suspension seemed doable, I tried to build a chassis to connect it to the front axle, and this is where I got slowed down. The main structural part in this set is the 3x19 frame, but that was impossible to use here on the sides as in the A model, because it was too long to fit in, as the rear suspension protrudes to the front quite a bit. At the same time, I needed it to connect the front suspension in a stable way. Also, this model being an off-roader should sit quite a bit higher than a sports car to have ground clearance, but should not be too high either. So I had little space left for framing. Furthermore, the engine placement is also difficult, because the set does not contain enough gears to route it elsewhere (higher) but to a low mid-rear position as in the A model. After a lot of juggling, I managed to use two large frames in a flat position that results in a stable connection to the front and sides of the car. It helped a lot when I realized that the H frame around the differential does not need a super solid connection to the middle chassis, because the rear suspension is not connected to the center, so it does not bear any load :) Also, I had to leave a big hole on the floor to be able to place the seats low enough, and in the end the 15x11 frame turned out to be quite useful, going around the seats. The next difficult area was the front suspension, because due to the larger ground clearance required, I had very limited space to work with, into which I also had to fit some down-gearing to make the HoG easier to use (same way as on A model). But luckily, the range of travel turned out to be good, though it was hard to place it all under the hood. Here is the complete chassis: Bodywork and interior The interior contains sporty seats placed as low as possible, along with a simple dashboard. Fun fact: TLG made the steering wheel in this model just a tiny bit wider than 4 units (whose idea was that?), so it does not fit exactly in front of the 4 wide seats (I had to offset it half a stud in order not to collide with the door panel, which is right next to the seat). On the exterior, the most challenging part was the hood and the front fenders, both because of the shaping of all the curved surfaces, and because the very front is just hanging in the air, so I had to make the connection from the center firm enough to hold it, while avoiding it to collide with the front suspension. It went through about five iterations until I arrived to this one. The hood is unfortunately sitting a bit too high, I could not lower it any more, but it's not too bad. One thing I wanted to emphasize is the air vents? on the sides. Also, I managed to make something of an openable door (rather window), not sure how the original opens, but I have seen something similar on buggies like this, and this was doable from the available parts. The stickers were made by Forwart Sticker. The model originally got finished for a car exhibition in Hungary, so I decided to have them made because it does elevate the looks quite a bit I think. Here are some photos of the finished model. More images are available on my Bricksafe. Building instructions are available on Rebrickable. Let me know how you like it! Cheers, Viktor
  3. Hey everyone, I just released one of my newest alternate builds on rebrickable. However, I'd like to know your thoughts on the model itself. Please keep in mind the following limitations of the build. I redesigned the Ford GT from the set 42154 into a classic Caterham 7! This surprisingly was a tough build that I wasn't anticipating. Here are the instruction links - The Ford GT doesn't come with many beams or long-ish panels that can be used to fill out the outer body -It doesn't come with clear lights -Just limitations all around colour as the Ford GT had a lot of gaps this was a factor in the model. As with any alternate builds these issues are not uncommon, so please also see the features that I have tried to implement in the model: Realistic opening hood Fenders move with Steering Steering Working Steering wheel Working Inline 4-piston engine Independent Front Suspension Independent Rear Suspension Detailed interior Realistic Caterham 7 looks Please take a moment to watch the video and tell me what you think of the model!
  4. This is my first contribution to Eurobricks. I've closed the dark aged since visiting Billund and buying a Audi R8 from the Speed Champions line. Since then, I've almost solely bought SC sets and am a fully enthousiast. I try to modify all the cars since they look too high a/o bulky for me. All need to be 100% playable and look as close as the real deal. That's my range when modifying them. So this is the Ford GT, which I modified. The stickers on the front are custom, the rest is from the set it self. Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Next is a little scene I created. It is based on a typical pit box from Long Beach Grand Prix: Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, Ford GT pro by Daanski, This lady from Porsche is sneaking around in the computer while the Ford team is around the car. I like to add these funny things in a scene. Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think of it. Regards, Daan
  5. Hi! One more supercar... Ford GT. Not so many functions, because I paid attention to the exterior and recognizability: - HOG steering with working steering wheel - openable door, hood and trunk - doors with shock absorbers I used latest elbow parts for backside and I think it looks very cool. I glad to see more elbows in 2018 sets. I tryed to copy original Ford GT engine, including frame and other features. There is tiny crankshaft inside of engine that worked by rear wheels. Small trunk as in the real life :D More photos: The first version of this Ford GT was a participant of russian LEGO technic contest "Bodywork 2017" and won first prize. SBrick was a sponsor of that contest, so I won one SBrick for free and I shared a video, that demonstrate SBrick's functions. After motorization I decided to return to manual version, because in RC version were too many wires, and I dont like it. Digital instructions are available at my blog and you can use rebrickable to see parts list. Price: 5 euros for 2 PDF instructions (Red & Black versions together)
  6. Based on an LDD file kindly supplied by Peter Blackert (Lego911) Metallic Silver pieces on Supercharger by Chrome Block City 5.4L V8 Engine from Ford GT Ford GT V8 5.4L by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L2 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L3 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L4 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L5 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr Ford GT V8 5.4L6 by OneMoreRobot_NZ, on Flickr