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Found 3 results

  1. Nordy199

    [LDD] [MOC] Ship of the line

    Ahoy! This is my first post here. I've been working on trying to get a realisticish looking ship built for quite some time now. Somewhere around 13 years or so. Construction of this ship started back in 2016 once I discovered this digital designer program. I would have made it in real life but I simply don't have the parts necessary for it. But I think this one has turned out rather well, definitely my best iteration of the ship. I have made about 5 IRL ships and 4 other ships in LDD before finally getting to this one and I am quite happy with the results. Definitely still more to work at improving, but I am happy with the progress made so I decided to share it and see what you guys think! :) Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions for future ships would be greatly appreciated! :) Without further adieu I present to you, HMS Mirabelle, 116 gun first rate ship of the line!
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    L'Impérial - First Rate Ship of the Line

    [pid][/pid] 159B Ahoy everyone! I'd like to present to you my main WIP, the first rate ship of the line Impérial. She's almost the size of Sans Pareil, measuring 116 studs in length at the waterline, by 28 studs width of the lower gundeck. Impérial is an offspring of Vengeur, which might seem like a step backwards. But she keeps growing. What you see here is actually Mk.VI, so she has undergone quite some change, and it surely won't be the last version! Because, in contrast to Sans Pareil's, Impérial's more “conservative” building technique is quite adaptive to new ideas and therefore a much better candidate to eventually be realized in bricks. The latest update included brick built gun ports, allowing me to have their insides in red (tried adding them to Sans Pareil as well, but it was hopeless...). Like Sans Pareil, she is modular. Additionally, smaller parts of the hull can be removed to give an insight look, which would be nice for a display. As you can see, she features a full set of cannons, 114 of them (which took ages to place ). If you look closely, you'll spot a new design of swivel guns! She isn't built to a specific design, but is rather generic. I tried, however, to give the stern a bit of a french look by making it round. Does it work? The middle windows in the stern galleries are in fact doors that can be opened from the inside to give the captain and the admiral access to the ship's balconies. By the way, meet part of the crew, proudly presenting Impérial's colors. The lower hull (waterline to lower gundeck) is now completely brick built, consisting of even more curved slopes. If you are interested, I can make a tutorial on this technique, as it fits I think really well with CGH's tutorial for an upper hull, together making for more variety in ship-sizes, and freeing us from the restraints of the prefab hull! 13200+ Parts HighRes pictures @mybrickshelf Here are the two flags for download, enjoy! _Royal Seal.lxf C&C as always very welcome, thanks for watching Regards [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  3. Kolonialbeamter

    The 120-gun Ship of the Line Sans Pareil

    [pid][/pid]158 C Ahoy! I'm proud to present to you my biggest project so far, the 120-gun Ship of the Line Sans Pareil. Construction began in January 2012, even before that of Vengeur, and I had finished her basic looks way before I finished any of my prefab hull ships. I started out in real bricks, but every budget has limits, so LDD had to do the rest. It did, and here she floats: Poor Redcoats. She is a modular build, as you can see here. And can hold a full interior. You can't really see it in this picture, but using some string the ship's wheel can actually be connected to the tiller, creating a working rudder (at least I hope so ). Furthermore, all the (brown) walls in the officers' areas are made to be removed to create a realistic battle environment. The key elements to her structure are these (old style) hinges. They are – unlike the new ones – completely flat and have hollow studs, which means they can be placed in half-stud distances, great for shaping, especially for that transition between the middle and upper gundeck. She's been my main project for a long time. However, she has always felt strange to me in a way, never was a true love-child. I can't really put my finger on it, maybe it's due to her obscure scale. Her waterline measures 116 studs in length (equaling around 90cm), length overall is 180 studs (1,40m), the lower gundeck is 30 studs wide. I guess that's roughly 2/3 minifig scale. So she doesn't qualify for that. But neither does she qualify for minifig illusion scale. I wouldn't even put her in the same category as Dread Pirate Wesley's excellent HMS Persephone. The relative height of her hull does bother me. But maybe it's mostly the SNOT technique I used for the hull but never really grew fond of, because it doesn't allow for adjustments nor to be fiddled around with... At least in LDD it is extremely frustrating ... Like for example I know the waterline clearly needs reworking, she's got to be lower and should enter the water at an angle of almost 90°. But in order to achieve this, I would have to change the entire base structure, not to mention all the hinges... It'd be an unbelievably time consuming act. I don't know if I'll ever update her. Anyway, she is a Behemoth, a monstrosity in some sense. She will always be a unique shape in my fleet, forever 'sans pareil'. 11700+ parts (Lego structure only) HighRes. pictures @mybrickshelf Thanks for watching, C&C as always welcome! If you have questions, please ask! Regards