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Found 5 results

  1. Previously... The Highridge Foothills, Eastern Varlyrio The journey from Illyrian was long and Fel was in a hurry, setting a quick pace that set Fizzum to grumbling the whole way. When he finally took over, far outside of the city and away from any road that Fel knew, his pace was no less relentless. She expected the Lady Tisha to complain, but she never did. Every time Arrea offered to carry her pack or help her in any way, Tisha happily ignored her and walked a little quicker. She prattled and questioned in an endless wave, wanting to know everything about everything. It seemed that she was stopping every few feet by the time they reached the end of their path. Fizzum had led them down a what was once a busy road, now returned to the land by time and disuse. "Fah! We'll never get there if you don't pick up that child and drag her along!" "I'll do no such thing. My lady, please ignore that fool." "Fool is it? Fool? Look before you, we've finally arrived and it's pretty flowers and insects that you're concerned with." "I hate to admit it, but he's right. That's got to be some kind of door." "It doesn't look much like any door I've ever seen." "On account of it being a gnome door!" "It's got no latch or hinges, Fizzum." "Fah! Of course it has. You just can't see 'em with your baby eyes. Door operates by steamworks. You just got to know how to talks to it." "Well, let's not keep our guide waiting you two. It'll be dark soon and we don't know what awaits us inside." "You don't, but I do." "I'll bet it's not so bad." "If you're lucky, you won't have nightmares the rest of your days." "I'll ask you again not to speak to the Lady that way, Master Gnome." "I was talking to all of yous!" "Well, that's ominous." "More like exciting!" "Fah! Fah, I say! Let's us just get on with it."
  2. Previously... D'Gatto Family Estate, Illyrian Kass decided to tag along and entertain Fel's group of unlikely companions. Not for the first or last time, it didn't occur to anyone to look up and spy the spy that watched them from the very rooftop of the D'Gatto family house in Illyrian. "So I know it's not much to look at but you try being D'Gattos in Eastern Varlyrio and we'll see where you wind up living." "Fah! No thanks." "Let's just go inside, Kass. I can practically feel mother's eyes on me." "It's... sort of roomy inside?" "Well it was originally built for gnomes..." "She's not a gnome!" "Well, I could be a gnome." "A human child? What's Fel doing carting a human child around Illyrian?" "If she didn't tell you, I'm sure you'll understand if we keep our business to ourselves." "Sure, sure. Anyway, I'll show you around. The D'Gattos deal in antiques. Well, some of us do. Here are some." "Oooh. What are they?" "I don't know what they are." "Can I pick up the statue thing?" "Sure, why not?" Meanwhile, Fel was face to face with Abelia D'Gatto, her mother. An imposing, infuriating woman. "Felissa." "Mother." "Did you really think you could slip through Illyrian without me knowing?" "You know, for a minute there, I kind of did." "Have you learned nothing? Your father and I always know where you are." "Don't bring him into this, I know he doesn't approve of you tracking your own children." "Be that as it may, he understands what this family needs and right now it needs you to stop these foolish games and return home." "Mother, we've been over this before. You have your interests and I have mine." "I swear, when I was your age my mother would have slapped my bottom and married me off for such insubordination." "Mother!" "Sigh. Very well, Felissa. If you won't listen to me, then at the very least you need to be able to protect yourself while robbing the dead or whatever it is you're doing. Follow me." Abelia led her daughter to an adjacent gallery. Armor and weapons were displayed there, equipment that Fel had not seen in years... "This is... great-grandmother's." "I had the tunic and armor resized for you, dear." "But... I can't take this." "Oh don't give me that. Your grandmother taught you how to use these weapons very much against my wishes. You may as well shake the dust off them." "Mother... this is..." "Don't lose your composure, Felissa. Stand straight now. You're a D'Gatto and I'll have you comport yourself as one." "... sniff..." ... ... ...sometime later... "I don't know, Abelia. Goldhorn is paying me a lot of money." "But Goldhorn is not Varlyrian, much as he wishes to be. If you wish to stop scuttling along the rooftops and walk out in plain sight, you know who you should really be serving." "Not that I care, but you'd really do this to your own daughter?" "She must learn her place, Garm. You wouldn't understand the duties of a mother." "Heh. You're a cold woman, Abelia." "Do as I ask you and you'll find me a lot warmer in the future." ... ... Builder's Notes:
  3. Previously... The Crescent Bounty Public House, Illyrian Reluctantly allowing the Lady Tisha and her bodyguard to accompany her, Fel heads to the meeting that she had set before ever heading off to Kaliphlin. When one plans a trip to the Sunken City, it pays to have a guide... "You're... not what I expected." "What were you expectin', a Deep Elf? Fah!" guide1close by mccoyed, on Flickr Before them was a gnome and while it was true that many gnomes called the Sunken City and its cavernous surroundings home, Fel had never seen one with quite so crazy a look in his eye. "I think he's neat!" "That's 'cause I am neat! Name's Fizzum and there's no kids allowed in the Sunken City!" "That's silly. What about gnome kids!?" "Fah!" "Anyway, what guarantee do we have that you know the way to the ruins I described in my letter?" "I'm here, ain't I? Good luck finding anygnome else to take you that far out." "Hardly a guarantee, Fizzum." "Well what guarantee have I that you won't call your cousins to mug me, Ms. D'Gatto? Yeah I knows who you really are. I knows people!" "But that's not really a sec--" "Further, what guarantee have I that this child won't wander down the wrong tunnel to pee or chase lizards somewhere she oughtn't?" "Grumpy." "I'll thank you not to speak to her that way, Master Gnome." "Well, lookin' at you at least we'll have some protection from the dangers of the deep place. That's something." "Thanks?" "I can handle myself too." "Fah!" "Is that 'Fah yes I'll take you' or 'Fah no forget it'?" "I been paid, ain't I? No Fizzum's ever gone back on a contract and I won't be the first. Here, spit-shake on it!" "Ew." With the bargain struck, Tisha and Arrea took their leave while Fel spent some time thinking and drinking. "Hmm, someone else I didn't expect." "I'm always a surprise. A pleasant surprise!" "I'm sure that's what you tell yourself. And everyone else." "I missed you too, Felissa!" "Don't call me that!" "Sorry, sorry. I've been hearing that name all afternoon and it's hard to shake off." "Ugh. I was hoping I could slip out of Illaryian without her knowing." "I get that but what about me, dear sister? Had you spared no thought for dear Kassaro?" "I was planning on stopping in when I came back..." "I'm touched. But you'd better go see her before she sends Stena." "Pfft. As if Stena would set foot in here." "Haha! She'd tear the place apart." "I suppose I shouldn't keep mother waiting if I plan to leave in the morning." "Where are you headed this time anyway, sister?" "It's fascinating, actually! There are these artifacts, but they're really one piece, and if I can find both I can prove--" "Ugghghghghgghghgghggh! I'm sorry I asked." "--fine. I won't tell you then. See you around, Kass." It had been months since Fel had last seen their mother and she wasn't looking forward to the meeting. The same old lecture... Builder's Notes:
  4. Previously... Illyrian Docks, Varlyrio The docks of Illyrian are a busy place with barges, canal boats, and small watercraft coming and going constantly and at all hours. Larger ships dock further out in the bay, ferrying passengers to the city. Sometimes a passenger who wants to avoid attention might head to the busiest parts of the port quarter, where all the hustle and bustle can keep them from being noticed. Even in the rougher areas, the streets are paved with cobblestone and guards make an appearance even if they aren't planning on looking at anything too carefully. Recently statues of Baiamontes (which were erected in Varlyrio's darker recent history) have been replaced with other public artwork, including statues of Sana Argenta of the Sword and Cup. Sometimes statues of her hold a cup as well as a sword, depending on the sculptor*. Minotaurs aren't a common sight in the more urbane streets of Illyrian, but common enough on the docks where their great strength is well compensated by those needing laborers or guards. Dock workers have a reputation for taking frequent breaks and being quick to avert disaster. It may not look it, but that crane hook weighs a lot! Being Illyrian, even the most rundown waterfront buildings have balconies that soar over the busy streets. It is common for shipping offices to be fronts for smuggling operations, piracy, and worse. Many of the oldest and poorest families in Eastern Varlyrio own buildings up and down the waterfront, either using them for their own schemes and "business" ventures... ...or renting them out to locals, especially rich ones, looking to take in the local color. The warehouse is even busier than the streets, with cargo coming in and going out in a never-ending tide. Goods come in from everywhere in Historica, and even some places beyond... ...and to be honest, a lot of it is moved without a record (if you know what I mean). Including people like Lady Tisha of Delmitra and her bodyguard, Arrea of Bandari. Fel D'Gatto has been arguing with them for days since discovering them renting out a modest berth on her ship home... "C'mon Fel, it'll be fun!" "Don't you have anything to say about this, Arrea?" "Not really, no." "I said I would help you and that's what we're here to do!" "But you're a child. I don't know if I can be responsible for a child in Illyrian. I can barely wrap my head around it." "What are you talking about, Fel? There's a kid over there playing with a butterfly." "No there is not." "...there is, actually." "Sigh..." "Don't worry about it. Arrea can protect me!" "Where we're going, I don't know if that's going to be enough." "Hey, you said 'we're'. That means I'm going! Wait, where are we going?" "Lady Tisha, have you ever heard of the 'Sunken City'?" "Let me think... Sunken City... not the 'Sinking City', that's in Nocturnus... Help me out here, Arrea." "There's a 'Forgotten City' in Mwamba." "There's a 'Forgotten City' every dang place." "Well it must be here in Varlyrio! Sounds exciting." "That's one way to put it." "Oooooh is it scary?" "..." "..." "..." "Hee. I bet it's so scary." "This is already going well." Builder's Notes and Bonus Pics:
  5. Note: This first build for Book 3 was actually in construction before I found out about the launch of Book 3. It was going to be for Summer Joust, then after the announcement I was leaning toward joining Kali... then Varlyrio was confirmed! So this one has been a roller-coaster. Thanks for looking. The Duchy of Delmitra, Kaliphlin (East of Barqa) Small but wealthy due to control of a prosperous githril mine, the Duchy of Delmitra has only recently stabilized under the reign of its child-duchess, the Lady Elatisha Darya (Tisha for short). During the upheavals of the Kaliphlin civil war, her father and eldest brother were killed and Lady Tisha was forced to supply githril arms to first one side and then the other as Barqa's shifting loyalties caused ripple effects in the region. There's usually a lot of comings and goings at Delmitra due to its location along the Oil Road. Today we can see a Goldpike mercenary passing through on her way to some battle. A more peaceful scene transpires close by as a young centaur woman gathers cactus flowers. On the far side of the wall, a massive desert dewback tries to scare off a snake. But which one is the trespasser? On the walls, one archer looks on nervously as he realizes that the dewback is nearly big enough to climb over the wall itself! He hopes no one ever thinks to use the docile herbivores as weapons of war. Meanwhile, his younger companion is delighted by the sight of the dewback-rider coaxing the animal forward using nothing but a bushel of greens. Traffic makes its way into the city as well, greeted by the bright ringing sound of a githril-smith hard at work. Delmitra's audience hall is located near the entrance of the city and is open to all whenever the Lady Tisha is present. Her house guard is primarily Delmitraean Myrmidons, who watch the passersby with keen eyes. All kinds of people come through the castle, including hunters, fruitsellers, and laborers, often refugees, from as far off as Nocturnus. The rooftop of the audience hall is open to the public. All kinds of people spend time up there, and it's even used for storage! Known as the Blue Seat, the great chair of the Duchy stands in the audience hall where visitors can marvel at its githril inlay. Today, the Lady Tisha is entertaining a particular interesting visitor. Her regent, Lord Sasaram, looks on in horror as the Lady considers giving a priceless heirloom to a complete stranger. Meanwhile Tisha's bodyguard, Arrea of Bandari, tries to hide her amusement. "This is what you want? Just this little thing?" "Lady Elatisha! You mustn't think of it!" "Yes, that's the Lion's Eye. I came here hoping to recover it." "That's so strange. It's just a stone. Not even pretty." "But it's been in the Darya family for generations, Lady!" "Oh hush, Regent Sasaram." "Heh." "So Fel --Can I call you Fel?-- why do you want this stone anyway?" "Well, it's part of a pair. This map will take me to the other one. I need them for evidence." "Intriguing! Evidence of what?" "I believe there was once a seafaring empire of catfolk --lionells-- and these stones can help prove it." "Foolishness!" "Hush, I said. Fel, how can this prove your theory?" "There are records of a legend: ages ago, a brother and sister inherited the empire and split it across the sea, each taking a piece of an ancestral stone fashioned to look like an eye. One Lion's Eye was kept in Kaliphlin, the other in Varlyrio. Yours, I think. A gift for some noble a century ago." "So if you get the stones, you can prove the legend is true and there really was once one big empire?" "Exactly!" "Excuse me, but there are catfolk all over. Including some in my own homeland. Are you saying they are all related?" "I don't know, but I want to find out. If we all share a common history, shouldn't everyone know it?" "I think so! I've decided you should have the stone!" "Oh dear... what are they going to think about this in Petraea?" "Those stuffy old scholars can... they can... go eat their own beards!" "Haha. Yeah!" "I love my job." ... ... ...but wait... there's more going on in bustling Delmitra... ... On the rooftops, a meeting is taking place between Goldhorn, called by some the "Minotaur of Means", and a shady desert mummy. "I don't know, this seems like an awful lot of money just to follow some cat-girl around." "Never mind that, Garm. You know from personal experience that my coin spends." "That it does, Mr. Goldhorn. That it does." "Then you'll take the job." "Follow the girl, steal these Eye stones or whatever, and make sure no one finds out. Yeah, seems like my kind of thing." "Quite." ... ... Builder's Notes: