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Found 5 results

  1. MstrOfPppts

    SoNE feedback thread

    First of all, I'd like to thank the organizers for creating the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka RPG. It's been around for quite some time now, but the interest seems to be declining too fast. There's some things I've been thinking about for some time now and I decided to share them with everyone. Please don't take this thread to offensive though it might sound like that in some places so my apologies for that in advance, but this is only intended to make things better. I did some comparison with GoH which Brickdoctor already admitted SoNE is a rip-off and there's nothing wrong with that. Firstly - I've mentioned it a couple of times but can't help saying it again that placing SoNE into OT in my opinion was not such a great decision. The Rebel vs Troopers seems a bit chewed to me and especially our side has a big lack of possibilities for creating interesting characters. Which reminds me that could've been one of the first mini challenges so not so many generic avatars were present ... Though following the story canon is a nice challenge and making as little oddities as possible is quite fun I don't think it outweighs the fact that we could be creating our own story in TOR universe or in some CW or even OT parallel time happening somewhere far in the outer rim with interesting characters that could also be Sith or Jedi, joining different fractions with different interests later along the timeline. And already the biggest blooper was creating another planet in the so well defined part of the universe. But I do know it's too late to change this now. Secondly - I think that SoNE deserves it's own subforum. There's no problem in the junkyard at the moment but the freebuilds usually get to bottom quite fast because of people having more interest in discussing about future sets, wishful thinkings, their purchases and what not other stupidities instead of commenting creations (SoNE or not). I know I'm not much of commenter myself but I don't participate in other chit chat either. Another reason for that is now having the freebuilds separated from the episode builds and other SoNE related stuff for no particular reason. It'd also make it easier for someone in a hurry just checking if there's something new in SoNE ... The next thing is a bit more disturbing and that is the lack of staff. I can't get rid of the feeling that SoNE has been started and it's left on it's own on a "from us to us" basis. People are like sheep and they need leaders. Guilds of Historica has a leader for each guild and they are pretty active there and quite a leading horses of the project. Brickdoctor's very active in the Heroica at the moment and has not been around since the first episode's results, except for some rules and the moderating purposes. But hey, he's not the only one. Where's Erdbeeries, Piranha and Stash2Sixx?! Also there's a few other fellows that were thanked in the introduction topic and also haven't been seen around since! My apologies again for this part, but I'm just trying to explain why I feel the current state of SoNE is a bit empty and not many new recruits are joining the fun. And I think I'm not the only one feeling this way. However I do understand that there's quite some work done behind the scenes yet still coming around just to say hello from time to time wouldn't hurt, maybe even build something even if it's out of competition! The judging for the first episode took twice as long as it was stated but at least we were informed about the progress. This episode is taking ridiculously long despite having almost only half as many entries as the first one. I understand there's complications and real life is getting in the way sometimes but as long as we get some information on how much longer, what's happening or how things stand, the wait is so much easier. Otherwise it seems as if everyone would prefer to just forget about everything. The freebuilds judging is a bit behind too ... Another thing I really miss is the lack of any feedback (nothing to do with this topic). I know that the judges are supposed to remain anonymous but some feedback in about 2-3 sentences would be much appreciated and a reward for the participants of an episode! As already mentioned there's not much constructive commenting going on despite Star Wars being one of the most popular themes I think here on eurobricks in general the SW forum is getting less and less attention. It's almost like pirates with no LEGO theme around at the moment ... Also it's nice to get feedback from a MOC expert or someone who knows how things are done. If Darth Vader says that you're strong with the force it means a lot more than if a 5 year old Rodian does (I know that this is a bad metaphor but it's just that and was not aimed at any particular participant)! Also some mini challenges or quests would be nice. No rewards needed or maybe just a tag or a title, some people around here would kill to get one of those. I for one am that kind of person who finds it hard to just build something. If I have a goal then it's a lot easier. That would maybe fill the gap of freebuilds and add some more content to SoNE. Also tags are free advertisement for SoNE around the forums! The experience gained through time was a nice idea and I think it's a step forward from the GoH but misses more content. Currently there's no difference on what you can do apart from some little guidelines what you character is capable of doing. For example in episode II 1 extra part per 5XP gained would be a brilliant idea! Maybe in some episodes players with more XP could also gain a disadvantage for others to catch up and so on ... Further more I find the scoring rules a bit disturbing - seems that the organizers are not that good with numbers (just kidding). In the previous episode it was stated that the Empire was beaten in quantity and quality though the results don't show that. We were far superior in quality (10.5 : 10.4375). The final result rule is a bit odd here for first calculating the average and than adding the entries x 2 points. This means that even by having only one more entry the quality of the opposing team has to be superior by 2 to win, which is impossible. That results in that more entries = auto win. My suggestion would be to multiply the average scores by 10, meaning that 5 entries equals 1 point in average quality. Also it might be considered to lower the XP gained for each episode to max 15 points after the second round. This way the difference between the players would not be so big and the top 10 could simply be caught by 2 or 3 freebuilds. Considering that the XP had a bigger meaning and that people would be more interested in climbing the ranks. The current cap of 100 is also quite low compared to the points available per episode including freebuilds. It's been a bit steady at the moment, but some of us might reach that in an episode or two - and what then? Are there more ranks more possibilities? Just a thought: characters with no XP should be removed from the player index and readded after receiving XP. Else they're just making things less readable. This way anyone wanting to be part of SoNE would at least create one freebuild. Last but not least I think that the way SoNE is designed at the moment it misses some bigger purpose. For example there could be a big score screen in the first post of the player index Rebel : Empire. The score should include the sum of all the episodes + freebuilds + any possible mini challanges and so on. To make it more interesting maybe reset the score after a Chapter - let's say 5 episodes and reward the winning team with some virtual goods (tags, auto XP burst, rule changes, etc ). This is a sum of some of my ideas but there's still more. There's always ways of improving things further - maybe something like a hidden subforum for each fraction in the way that pirates TOR participants get for each the red and the blue team where secret plans are discussed and so on ... Sorry for this big wall of text but I think it was needed. I'd really like to help to improve this experience and anyone could help by stating their opinion in this thread. If that is not acceptable, mods feel free to remove this thread. I placed it here rather than in the SW forum so it gets more attention from whom it concerns. I've seen people participating in both SoNE and GoH. There's nothing wrong with that and I must admit that I've been holding back from joining a guild for SW is still my preferred theme and I doubt I'd have time for both. However if SoNE turns to get even less entertaining things might change and we might loose more participants instead of time warping some of them Historians to our universe! Everyone involved please take this as a constructive critic and not as an offense and keep up the good work maintaining the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka! :wub:
  2. HEY All, LEGO We are two flourishing LEGO FANS who have decided to dedicate our Thesis research to an extensive study of the LEGO user's impressions on the LEGO Ideas platform and the fan contribution to TLG - basically on all of you!! SO, we would like to ask you 4 brief questions, which will be used as qualitative data in our thesis.1. How and why has the LEGO Ideas changed your perception of TLG?2. What would it take for you to feel alienated by LEGO in terms of their new ideas for co-creation? Or can LEGO do no wrong when it comes to creating with fans? 3. Would you say that LEGO co-creating with fans have made you more loyal to the brand? How? 4. Did the Lego Ideas Test Lab influence your perception of TLG? THANK YOU for any comments and responses!AND if ANY of you would like to help us even more - we would like to set up a skype-chat / informal interview with you, it will take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time It would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. Adeel Zubair

    Creative Bank Account

    I've seen numerous builders who have a unique body of original work and I was wondering where you guys get inspiration from. I've noticed most of them are Castle and Sci-Fi based however is there anything specific that inspires your MOC's? At the end of 2016 I was reviewing my LEGO creation’s and I noticed the lack of innovative and original ideas, most of them are recreations and explorations of existing intellectual properties. Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. My LEGO Creation’s -
  4. I usually try to fill out the LEGO® Product Feedback Survey after I have finished building a set. I think I have a few constructive things to say about what I build plus you might win something. Lately though, the last couple of sets I have tried to fill out the survey for, have not worked. First was the (40106) Toy Workshop, I got an error message saying that they have received all the feedback they need for that set. was a small freebie type set. Strange that they have a limit to how much feedback they would want for a product. Then it happened again today, same thing, we have enough feedback for this product, (40107) Winter Skating Scene, also a freebie. This is the message I got back: Thank you for wanting to participate in this LEGO survey. Since we have already received the responses we need, it is no longer possible to participate. I tried to do the survey for the 'City Coin Bank' set (40110) and that one rejected the number completely. Its not in their system at all I guess.. Strange. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?
  5. SwissBrick

    Town layout - Your feedback welcome!

    Hi Everyone, I am struggling to get the best out of the tables surface in terms of layout... and I am not very happy with this one, any ideas that could make it a bit more attractive??? The prerequistes are, the Town Hall should stand alone, the train is a must, water not (at least not yet). Actually I had layouts on smaller surfaces that looked more realistic, more dynamic, i.e the modulars created the impression of a bigger city, maybe because there were more "angles", more streets crossing each other.. Anyhow, thank you for your feedback and advises! photo (14) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (23) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (18) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (20) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (21) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (27) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (28) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr photo (25) par SwissBrick, sur Flickr Any ideas welcome, will post some updates if modifications are made following your advises, thanks again!