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Found 11 results

  1. Who are some of your favorite train/locomotive AFOL builders, and what are your favorite creations of theirs? Anything and everything relating to trains amongst fan creations and builders can be discussed here, including Locomotives, Railcars, Trolleys, Monorails, Train-centric Architecture, LEGO Ideas Projects, Techniques and whatever else that may fit within the context of this subforum!
  2. Who's favorite film composer, and what's your favorite film score? Whether you love the work of composers such as John Williams, Hans Zimmer, James Horner, Danny Elfman, or Howard Shore for example; or if you only have a particular film score or theme you really like, please share and discuss your favorites here.
  3. Digger of Bricks

    What Are Your Favorite Licensed MOCs?

    What are your favorite fan creations based upon licensed properties that Lego has/had produced sets for? Whether it be DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Disney, Harry Potter, Nickelodeon, Voltron, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Cartoon Network, or any other franchise, share and discuss your favorite creations from some of your favorite AFOL builders you've found from around the web! Please, no promotion of your own creations, and please keep your selection limited to franchises/licenses Lego has, or already had, merchandise partnerships with.
  4. So I just wanted to list my top 5 favorite clone troopers in my collection currently... Please post yours so I can get your opinions. Thanks for viewing my topic~~~~~~~ NUMBER 5: 442nd Sieze Batallion Trooper (7260) I don't know why, most likely since I grew up with these in my child hood, but I am quite the sucker for classic, older clone troopers. I love this one for that reason, and it's unique color scheme. NUMBER 4: Captain Rex (7675) I love captain Rex for his rare blue color scheme, as the 501st was the only official group to wear blue. It is also kind of cool to hold an iconic piece of clone royalty. NUMBER 3: 327th Star Corps (7655) I love this one for it being yet again original. And as it is one of the oldest kind of clones in my collection. I also used to think this was Obi Wans 212th. However, that was when this came out NUMBER 2: Commander Fox(7681) This clone is totally awesome for perhaps the most elaborate detailing on any clone. It has so much detailing, though I was never a fan of CW figures, I have to include this one for its pure awesome. And as I have a crazy high detailed clone trooper at 2, 1 is the polar opposite NUMBER 1 Clone Trooper (4482, 7163) The oldest clone... This one has by far my favorite kind of helmet and armore, for being the "real" phase 1 clone trooper. This is THE clone trooper, the predecessor and birth giver to everyone's precious clones today. I have a large quantity, and I love these for their originality, and rarity. Thanks with much Lego love, Jedi Master
  5. I did a search on this topic, and it really hasn't been discussed in a while. I was curious about what other's favorite colors might be. I have been gravitating towards the darker earth tones, I have noticed. My favorites are: dark orange dark brown dark red dark tan medium dark flesh I like to build buildings mostly, and want to try and work some of these colors into everything in some way. Trouble is, a lot of the the necessary parts to build a MOC are not available in each of those colors... so there will always be a need for the light and dark bluish gray and white.
  6. YellowCorvette

    Your favorite song

    What's your favorite song?Share it here. Mine is Earth Song from Michael Jackson.The lyrics are outstanding and Michael Jackson sings this song perfectly.
  7. Like the topic says, what's your favorite licensed minifigure you own? Least favorite? What minifigure that you don't have do you want most? Or a minifigure you'd like to be made? For me, my favorite would probably be Poison Ivy (original variant) because she was my favorite character in the video games when I was a kid, and those games were what got me into Lego in the first place. I also like Aayla Secura, Boba Fett (new variant), Robin (old variant with wavy hair), and Luke Skywalker (new variant). My least favorite… I don't really know, I love all my minifigs But if I had to choose… probably Spongebob, just kinda over the whole Spongebob craze and he's not the best looking minifig. And Sugi… just kind of a boring design My least favorite that I don't own… Malevolence Padme. I don't get why they didn't use her design from the video game, giving her Will Turner's hairpiece just seems lazy. My most wanted… Queen Amidala, white Boba Fett (new variant), Boba Fett (old variant), Oola, and Hera(ALL THE TWI'LEKS ) Most wanted that I will most likely never own… Phoenix, Spider Woman, white/bronze/gold Boba Fett (old), and Nightwing (old).
  8. Just a topic to gather some sharing from everyone here in EB forum. Which set you enjoyed building the most? It could be your first set you purchase with year long savings back then, or your first UCS, or a set with the most details, the list goes on.
  9. I absolutely love all the orcs from the LotR and Hobbit line. They are so detailed and I feel like they look so much better than the Fantasy Era trolls. Heck, they even look better than the more recent CMF goblin IMO. With that said, I was wondering what orc is everyone else favorite? Why is that particular orc your favorite? Is it your favorite from the movie, because Lego did the best job representing them, because the orc just looks amazing, or what? If it is an orc that has different versions, like the Mordor Orcs with and without hair, or the Gundabad Orcs with different face paint, which one of that particular type is your favorite?
  10. So with the LotR theme done (or close to it besides some "fun packs" through Dimensions and the slim possibility of an Ideas Minas Tirith), I thought it would be nice to see which set people like the most. Why do you like that particular set? Is it the minifigures, the build, the scene it's based on, or what?
  11. Every avid collector of LEGO has got to have a set where they wonder why they didn't buy the other one instead.. Mine has got to be the 21002 Empire State Building. Out of all the $20 sets out there!