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Found 2 results

  1. The De Fiori's are experienced sword-makers and the masters of that trade in Varlyrio. At least once within inches of ruling the guild - about six inches of a cold steel from it - the De Fiori's still hold their place among the top three, and might just be glancing surreptitiously once again at the throne... Alesio de Fiori The grand-nephew of Dialto De Fiori, Alesio De Fiori is the current head of the family and master of the large sword-making business. A deal of political experience and a mind for intrigue have help him survive and hold his family's place near the top so far. He lost his left eye years ago in a duel with a Baiamonte, and since then, especially, he has been deadset on keeping above them in the ranks. His immediate family consists of his wife, two sons, Callito and Aureo De Fiori, and his daughter, Capri. Callito de Fiori Alesio's eldest son is Callito de Fiori, and - well, everybody wishes he wasn't. He's very fine and good in his own way, very clever, great at getting into trouble, and useful delivering swords and stuff, but heir to the family business? The very idea is ludicrous! But the eldest son he is, whether anybody likes it or not, and he takes a kind of mischievous pleasure in messing up everybody's plans, both by being born and by everything else he does, which is constantly throwing wrenches into his father and brother's masterplans. The more adventuresome members of the family look forward to the time that he'll take over, but his more serious and business-like relations have long been revolving how to avoid such a scenario at almost any costs. The best ideas so far include offering him a dukedom of some far-distant and probably non-existant island and sending him to find it, and marrying him off to some domineering lady who lives far, far away. Aureo de Fiori Alesio's second son, Aureo, is about as business-like, ambitious, and intrigue-loving as his father. He most certainly "should have been born first," and is the embodiment of all his family's hopes. Aureo pretty much takes care of all the business and family correspondence and is in charge of making sure that all is running smoothly and keeping the family in line - a position which he excels at. He's also supposed to keep Callito out of trouble and fix things when he gets into it - something which he finds a great deal more complicated. Capri de Fiori The only daughter and youngest child of Alesio de Fiori, Capri is about as mischievous, lighthearted, and capricious as she sounds. Despite the fact that she's rarely obedient, too willful, and always to be found where she is not supposed to be, Capri is the pet and favorite of the family, and adored and jealously protected by her father and brother. The best way to secure a very short life and the de Fiori's eternal hatred of your family is to think about touching a hair of her head. Cadgie de Fiori Captain of the city guard and brother to Alesio, Cadgie de Fiori is about as ruthless as they come. Totally devoted to the family interests and loyal to his brother and nephew (Aureo, that is), Cadgie is ready to propose and carry out any devious mission, either with the guard at his back or with his sons' or his own daggers. He is well-respected by the guard and very appreciated by Alesio and Aureo, but is regarded as somewhat harsh and cruel by the population in general, making him one of the less popular family members. Susto and Falco de Fiori The two sons of Cadgie de Fiori (nephews of Alesio, the current head of the family), Susto and Falco de Fiori, along with their father, are the muscle of the family. While Alesio's side of the family runs the business and intrigue part, and the younger end does most of the actual sword-making, these guys are more likely to be using the point of the swords than forging them. Their characters are about as fiery and volatile as their hair, but Alesio knows well that they can be absolutely depended upon on "family business." Cioro de Fiori On the younger end of the family comes Cioro de Fiori, nephew to Alesio de Fiori. A master blacksmith, he traveled the lands of Historica in his youth, learning the art of the sword-making craft from the finest blade-makers on the continent. While in Mitgardia he fell in love with and married the daughter of a lesser Mitgardian Jarl, and he returned with her to Varlyrio to form the backbone of the de Fiori family business. Honest to the core and devoted to his (immediate) family, he is left out of the larger family intrigue, but he is quite respected by its other members for the quality and strength of his blades. Bjarke de Fiori Born aboard a ship on a trading voyage to Mitgardia, Bjarke De Fiori is the son of the nephew of Alesio, who had married a young Mitgardian lady of noble lineage - and, as he was neither too important to his own family, nor she too great an heiress in hers, nobody put up much of a fuss. Young Bjarke has his family's knack for sword-making, but he also inherited the Varlyrian love for adventure, excitement, and conquest of the waves, and the boldness and daring characteristic of his Mitgardian ancestors. Gionna de Fiori Cioro de Fiori's daughter and Bjarke's sister, Gionna has been her father's right hand ever since her mother died when she was about ten. Inheriting both her character and disposition, she keeps house for her father and brother and helps them in the business however she can, and though rumor has it that she loves a young Varlyrian noble, she has not avowed it openly - some say only because she cannot bear the idea of leaving her father by himself. With the scarcity of marriageable girls in the family, however, it is quite possible that her wishes may come into conflict with those of the higher-ups in the family... Xari Spadro Nobody sees the face of this elusive and mysterious pirate and lives to tell the tale... unless their name ends in "de Fiori". His precise relationship to the current family is known only to himself, Alesio, and maybe one or two others, but it is popularly thought that he is a descendant of the upper line of the family which was lost a few generations back, and that he has more than once helped the de Fiori's when they've asked. Mostly, though, he spends his time roaming the seas around Varlyrio terrorizing the trading ships of other guilds and leaving his fellow Varlyrians in relative peace... unless he feels cornered or threatened.
  2. Khaor Family Joseph Khaor an Avalonian tailor travelled in his early years to the traders island of Varlyrio to expand his business. At first his business flourished, until cloth garments were replaced by armor. His firstborn son Abrahan used his hobby hunting and skinning to produce the first line of leather armors which became famous all over Historica. Family Tree Abrahan Khaor Lineage The descendants of Abrahan are the leather workers and traders of the family. Throll in his study inside Khaor Manor Throll Khaor The recent passing of Rashgrall Khaor pushed Throll to the throne. He is a ruthless craftsman and trader, trained by his father he became known for being the one who will do everything to satisfy his customers. Throll was always at his father’s side, learning everything there is to know about crafting leather and pushing customers to pay the price for the high quality the Khaor is famous for. Still working under his father, Throll was able to stretch their business to the farthest corner of Historica, which also meant that the requests for rare materials changed. His specialty of trade became creating the most enchanting and mythical leather armors. Skin of demons, scales of dragons and mammoth hide armors, with or without magical treats are within the scope of his skills and fame. LouLou in her skinning workshop Anna Louise Khaor (LouLou) The younger sibling of Throll, also known as LouLou. She is a master skinner, which in the trade of the rare skins the Khaor process can be a real challenge. Nothing is harder to transform into workable leather, without damaging the traits, than for instance hydra lizard scales. LouLou mainly works within the walls of Kashgar, leading a life of luxury when she washed off the blood stains of her hard day’s work. Before she was old enough to join the family business, LouLou was the spoiled brat, the queen kid who always got what she wanted, which makes her still a pain in the @#&% to work with if no gain is in it for her. Josephine brewing potions in the woods outside Kashgar Josephine Livenea Is the not so secret bastard child of Abrhan. Although her mother was send to the mainland Nocturnus, Rashgrall had a soft spot for this beautiful half-sister. Josephine is as mysterious as her mother. Studied in Nocturnus to become part of a witch coven and to learn the mystical arts of enchantment and brewing potions of all sorts. When the power struggle of Nocturnus started she reached out to her half-brother, who happily took the opportunity to become close to his sibling. Josephine set up shop in Kashgar, blessing the armors of the Khaor family with an aura of unknown powers and strengths. Or at least gives the wearer that assumption, it is never proven. From left to right: Marlowe, Bran and Grogk (Bran's hunting party) Abrahan Khaor II (Bran) The children of Abygail Khaor were raised in Avalonia, along their farther Lord Nar Bilu of Hemresa. Bran, the oldest of three, was expected to step in his father’s footsteps and become a military man. He endured a fast training as a tracker, marksman and strategist. After a long year facing the dangers of the Historica continent he returned to Avalonia to seal his fate and pledge loyalty to the new royals. Not long after returning he was summoned by his nephew Throll to join the Khaor family on Varlyrio. His skills in hunting were a welcome addition to contribute to the growing demand of rare materials. He himself thought it was too early still to get the responsibility to become Lord, so a different challenge was a welcome path to gain more experience. Bran was to form a team of skilled hunters to track down rare animal and mystical creatures for their scales, fur or other material their skin was made up to make the finest armor in all of Historica and beyond. Bran’s hunting party (Marlowe & Grogk) When Throll summoned for Bran, revealing part of the assignment, Bran decided to take his longtime friend Marlowe along for the quest. Marlowe is a renown Kaliphlin Lionell tracker from Barqa and an excellent diplomat, speaking most of the uncommon Historica languages from the number of journeys across the mainland. Besides that, he was a Kaliphlin army regiment commander for several years. Both men travelled from Barqa to their new home Varlyrio. Shortly after the details of their mission was explained by Throll, Bran found it necessary to add a local to his party. One that was familiar with the area as well as the basics of their mission. Throll suggested to meet up with Grogk, a supplier of hides from the Wastelands. He masters hunting and survival in these rough lands and he knows how to skin them. Secondly he knows the orcish culture, being one himself. After meeting up with him in The Drunken Imp, they team seems to hit it off, ready for their first assignment. Moss Khaor Lineage The descendants of Moss are the cloth traders of the family. Christopher in front of a slik spinning cabinet, just outside one of his farms Christopher Khaor The unwedded and childless uncle of the family is a strange one. He is a farmer and extraordinary tradesman, one that takes so much care in his product that any competitor is jealous. He owns a number of farms just outside the skirts of Kashgar and he manages a few in the Wastelands. Silk and cotton are his main trade. He knows and acts orcish traditions, which enables him to exploit and trade with this savage race. They grow his silk, process it to Kashmir alike fabric in return for access to Varlyrian products and recognition. Joseph (left) and his father Jullian standing in their clothing shop, ready to take your order Jullian & Joseph Khaor II Jullian owns a workshop and a shop in Kashgar. His specialty is tailoring. Kings, queens and other nobles travel from afar to be dressed by this artist for every occasion. Jullian is the most quiet one in the family. He keeps to his business, buying mostly from his brother Christopher and selling to everyone entering his shop the most legitimate way possible. Jullian is father of three children, all still learning the skills to take over the business in time. Joseph II is at age to fulfill his duty. Joseph now is responsible for collecting and reworking the trinkets and details on the clothing they sell. The two daughters are schooled by their mother and will be ready in time.