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  1. ~This quest is for chosen heroes only. If you'd like to learn how to join the game, please refer to Rules and FAQ topic.~ The morning sun rises, and so does the three heroes enlisted by Goldraum Ziegfried. The experienced crew travels together in their short morning stroll through Eubric, heading to Ziegfried manor as their employer had instructed them to. These three heroes are... Althior Emorith (And Finnegan) Level 33 2/4 Necromancer *Earns triple XP* Power: 45 (50 for spells) Power Bonus: +5 Spells Defense: 6 (4+2) Health: 43/43 (5+5+Chicken Drumstick (1)+32) Ether: 46/46 (5+5+32+4) Gold: 25 Equipment: Scepter of Divine Affinity (WP:12, Has ⅙ chance to deal Cursed effect on attacks and ⅙ chance to deal Blessed effect on successful healing, Staff), Spellbound Gloves (+5 power when casting Spells, doubled if target is weak to Element, Handwear), Ethereal Cloak (SP:2, Max Ether +4, Backwear), Medal of Glory (Wearer earns triple experience, Accessory), Robe of the Elven Necromancer (SP: 4, Body Wear) Inventory: Dragoro (WP:8, Wand), Skeleton Decoy, Potion x6, Tonic x10, Grand Potion x4, Grand Tonic, Ether Core x3, Bedroll, Remedy x7, Mead, Smelling Salts, Diamond (Light), Topaz (Lightning), Amethyst (Darkness), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Garnet (Earth), Opal (Ice), Aquamarine (Water), Emerald (Wood), Skull Shield (SP: 6, immune to darkness elemental damage), Bone x3, Elixirs x3, Phoenix Incense x2, Dragon Scales x2, Garnet Lamp of Summoning, The Rat Queen's Cape (Backwear, all Vermin type are Enamored with the wearer for the first three rounds of combat, Suitable for Alchemists, Beast Warriors, Chi Monks, and Witches) Johon [AKA Alf Gregory] (Bricksandparts) 25 years old male human Barbarian > Raider Level: 24,2/3 Power: 32 (23+8+4) Health: 8/41 (23+8+1+7+0) Shield Power: (5+1) Ether: ~/0 Positive effects: *Immune to:* (*Fragile*, *Cursed* *Stunned* ), *Natural Respite* Negative effects: (none) Gold: 2377 (1726(1), 0GB(50), 0CB(50), 0GO(80), 0CC(70), 0GC(100), 0M) Equipment: Weapon - Sword of Decay (WP:8) - (once the target is inflicted with damage they lose a quarter of the power of the strike each following turn for three turns. the effect cannot be compounded with more strikes. Suitable to Mages, Knights and Barbarians.) Shield - None Artefact 1 (L1-9) - Heavy Armour - SP:5, protects from fragile-effect, suitable for barbarians and knights Artefact 2 (L10-19) - Bravado Boots - 1/6 chance of being Lucky at the beginning of every battle Artefact 3 (L20-29) - Sticky Gloves - Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors.[ Artefact 4 (L30-39) - Artefact 5 (L40-49) - Artefact 6 (L50+) - Extra Artefacts: Helmet (+1 max health), Blessed Amulet – Protects from cursed-effect. Dog Statuette - (suitable for anyone, SP: 1, once named (Rover), speaking the name summons a dog almost certainly to tag along on madcap adventures and make snippy comments.), Hide of The Bleeding - restores 10 HP and 5 ether for every enemy the wearer kills, suitable for anyone, Scarlet Hood - +4 to power, immunity to stunned Extra Weapons: Greatsword (WP:3), Focal Staff (WP:5, Focus Fire-Roll a 3 for 5 ether Suitable for clerics and mages),Gladius (WP: 15, Darkness elemental, 1/3 chance of Fragile on succesful hits), Stalker’s Mallet (WP: 8, usable by Knights, Barbarians, and Harlots. Has a 1/2 chance to seal the enemy) Tools: Shovel (1), Pick-axe (2), Magnifying Glass (1), Magic Compass (1) Consumables: Potion (2), Venom (2), Remedy (1), Mead (5), Smelling Salts (14), Nostrum (14), Trial Brew (1), Elements: Aquamarine (1), Emerald (1), Topaz (1) Scrolls: Scroll of Sleep (1), Scroll of Blindness (1), Scroll of Sealing (1), Scroll of Confusion (1) Quest items: Blue Rose Karie Alderflask (Played by Kintobor) 22 year old Human Rogue Witch, lvl 15.5 Power: 21 (lvl 15 + WP: 6) Health: 21/21 Ether: 19/19 Gold: 4 Defence: 2 Equipment: Sexy (WP: 6, Rapier, Disregards SP, usable by Knights and Rogues), Ethereal Cloak (SP +2, Max. Ether +4), Catsuit (Wearer has 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER and DAMAGE and Free Hits; suitable to women only; bodywear) Inventory: Grand Tonic (2), Mead (1), Remedy (2), Venom (7), Nostrum (2), Mulled Wine (1), Smoke bomb (1), Pixie Dust (1), Phoenix Essence (1), Grand Potion (3) Telescope (1), Bedroll (1) Quest Items: Entry 11, Grating Stone, Map of Brendenton (1), Spider Coin (worth 1 gp) Aretefacts/Weapons:Heirloom Dagger (WP: 3), Scroll of Newtity (costs 10 ether)(usable by ex-Amphibians only), Paper Doll (Accessory, Protects from the Hexed effect), Lover's Locket (Accessory, Protects from enamoured effect), Trickster's Mask of the Elf (Accessory, changes user's appearance into an Elf) Gemstones: Topaz Only a quarter of an hour later, the party reaches their destination, standing in front of the imposing oak doors of Ziegfried Manor. With one knock the reptilian butler comes to the party's aid, opening the door for the party of three. "Sheeeerrrroooosssh. Shhhuuesster shhhoowwwssh sheerroosssh whhhheeee to whhheerrreee Ssssshhhiieggfrieeeddd iiissssh?' His garbled speech is almost unintelligible... QM Note: Welcome to Quest 79, heroes! You folks have 24 hours to confirm and do any shopping you need to - everyone's stats alright? I'll move this forward when everyone confirms.