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Found 9 results

  1. BrickProject

    Real life "Escape Game" MOC

    Hi all! 😀 Being an escape room and lego enthusiast, I have built my own escape game with Lego® bricks. It’s like a real life escape game where you have one hour to find hidden pieces and combinations to open doors. There is a total of 5 rooms with an expected 1 hour play. The model is made out of 2800 bricks. I have submitted this model on lego IDEAS. You can check it out here: What do you think of this MOC? If you have any question about it, I would be pleased to answer them 😀 Thank you!
  2. Previously: Jack hatches a plan With Jack's plan finalized, he and Kate passed the word to other prisoners. The Lotii guards had become complacent watching over their Halosian prisoners for so long, and the number used to guard them and their diligence in their duty had waned. When an opportunity finally presented itself, the prisoners overwhelmed their guards, secured the keys to release their incarcerated brethren, and acquired whatever makeshift weapons they could. Some were able to get their hands on swords and knives, but others had to settle for pick axes and hand axes from their work site, and even a meat cleaver from a Lotii cook. Once free of their shackles and armed, the prisoners made their way through the jungle toward the harbor. Jack and Kate had assembled a group of enough able-bodied seamen to commandeer at least five ships, and there were no guards to speak of around them. Jack had his eye on a man-o-war, and there were several brigantines or similar ships docked adjacent to it. And the ships didn’t appear to have been stripped of essential materiel. Could he be so lucky? --- I would have liked to have time to MOC the overpowering of the guards, but real life interceded. This build at least gave me a chance to experiment with some different foliage than my usual builds. And this serves as a sistership build, replacing the Wolf (and subsequent sisterships Wolf II and Fenris Ranger) with its newest sistership El Lobo. All C&C welcome.
  3. The Cartographer

    [MOD] Desert Skiff (75174)

    I recently bought the new desert skiff set, and I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of the stubby extendable catwalk (admittedly one of the cooler features of the set). I've owned the previous desert skiff (9496) for quite a while now, and I really like the hinged design of the catwalk. As soon as I had this set put together I went to work modding it. It doesn't look a whole lot different, but the changes required I remove much of the bottom detail, which is unfortunate. With the mods, it's a full two studs shorter in length, has two hinged catwalks (one on either side), additional railing detail, a hinged compartment "lid," and a raised driver platform. I'm not quite finished, but I'm out of spare parts for now. Desert Skiff [MOD] Thoughts and criticism are always appreciated! Thanks for lookin'! JB
  4. This is my entry to the Brickset 2016 Star Wars competition where you had to design a set based on a specific scene that hasn't been represented yet. Anakin, Padme, R2-D2 and C-3PO have infiltrated the Separatist droid foundry on Geonosis and are ambushed by the Geonosians! Pull the pins to shut the door and drop the heroes onto the conveyor belt. Turn the wheel to move the conveyor belts and help them escape through the assembly line! Watch out for swinging robot arms, stomping presses, and chopping blades! Use the swiveling robot arm to assemble the droids. C-3PO has lost his head! Attach R2-D2's rocket boosters and turn the knob on the tower to have him fly to the rescue! Rearrange the assembly modules to create your own foundry layout. Includes Anakin Skywalker, Padme, R2-D2, C-3PO, one Geonosian with stud shooter, and 4 battle droids. Droid Foundry Escape by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape door open by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape door closed by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape door feature 1 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape door feature 2 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape - R2 to the Rescue by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape module 2 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape module 4 by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape module 4 back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Droid Foundry Escape minifigs by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr You can see video demonstrations of the Technic functions here and here. Here is the scene from the movie for reference: I hope you like it. May the force be with you and have a happy new year!
  5. Hey! Here is my review of the Lego Batman Movie - The Joker Balloon Escape - Set 70900 124pcs, Ages 6-12, Set #70900. Technically scheduled for release in 2017, it seems to have hit some store shelves already... Enjoy!
  6. [soNE Freebuild] "The Escape" Part. 2 Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my sixth Episode. INTRODUCTION: After trying to arrest Dan Jars for being a rebel spy failed, Dan Jars, the rebel spy, and ex-B-Squad member knocked down Admiral Brickton, shot a stormtrooper, knocked one out, shot the Sergeant in the leg, and ran through the halls to try to make his escape. However, all of this was not known by the B-Squad (except for Sergeant Trans), and the rest of the Imperial crew. Now, Dan tries to make his escape via Hanger Bay 3. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe6s1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Merchant: We're only carrying food supplies for the station, we have a license. Imperial Crewman: Alright, you seem to check out, tell your crewman to start up your ship. You will head directly for the station, and dock at docking bay #9. SONEe6s2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lieutenant: Trooper, why were there shots fired? What's happening? Dan Jars: Oh...uh... there was a blaster malfunction, a few people were wounded, why don't you go help them? SONEe6s3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe6s4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Stop that trooper, he's a Rebel spy! SONEe6s5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lieutenant and Merchant: Arg! SONEe6s6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Stop, Rebel Scum! Merchant #2: Urg! SONEe6s7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: Woah, what's happening!?!? Admiral Brickton: Dan is a Rebel Spy, get him! James: What? How can this be? I don- SONEe6s8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: THE EMPIRE BETRAYED ME! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. YOU WERE MY FRIEND JAMES, BUT THE EMPIRE IS NOW MY ENEMY! SONEe6s9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: He got away. I need fighters after that ship immediately. James: Sir, I don't understand! He was my friend! Admiral Brickton: But he's not anymore! This will be explained after we stop this traitor from getting away. SONEe6s10 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr (excuse the bad "space" here) Dan Jars: Rebel Command, this is Rebel Intelligence Agent Dan Jars, I am in trouble, they think I'm just a traitor, but I also have some important Imperial battle plans! I need some fighters here, immediately. This information is valuable, and needs to get into an Alliance computer now! Rebel Officer (via com link): Copy that, Agent Jars, we'll see what we can do. See what happens next in Episode 7! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!
  7. Mark of Falworth

    (LoR) The Escape!

    (LoR) Awakened por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark of Falworth felt the warmth of the sun shine from the window, It singed his skin uncomfortably. He slowly and sleepily opened his eyes. The room was framed by sharp edges of granite pillars illuminated in the blood-red glow from a small pool of hissing lava at the bottom of the cave-like chamber. Still drowsy, Mark mumbled to himself. "This doesn't m-make sense." He closed his eyes. "...just a bad dream..." Mark opened his eyes again. "Oh no... Still in here... must be real..." Mark felt light-headed and weary. His effort to sit up was brought to a halt by a sudden jolt of pain deep in his neck, which convinced him to remain quiet. "Where... am.. I?" His eyes refused to stay open any longer. Mark fell back into his stupor... (LoR) Imprisoned! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark opened his eyes once more. The sun was still shining through the window just above him, and it was still dreadfully hot... "Enough of this! I m-must get out of here!" The pain in Mark's neck was still excruciating. But with a new-found sense of urgency he dragged himself up to a sitting position. As soon as his head was erect the pain tripled in intensity, and he felt an acute wave of dizziness come over him. If he wasn't sitting he would have surely fallen to the ground. Mark leaned back on the rough stonework and breathed deeply to try to shake this cloud of weakness. After what seemed like several hours, he felt significantly better. "Where am I?" Mark gazed about the room. The cave-like room betrayed no hints of his location. Then a new question arose. "Who...Who am...." A deep sense of horror flooded his mind. The horror of a LOST MEMORY! "WHO AM I!?!" Yes, the mighty blow to the back of Mark's head had put him in a coma for nearly a month! His memory, purpose, and perfect hair completely GONE! Mark looked down at his hands and feet. No shirt, a simple pair of trousers. Not a single clue as to his identity. Mark smiled at his terribly unfortunate circumstance. "Whoever I am, I'm in bad shape; this doesn't look like a room for welcome guests..." Mark sat in silence for a moment, pondering his situation. "Whoever owns this dismal place must wish me ill... And it's too hot... ...I think I shall escape!" He first turned to the window. Impossible. It was a mere slit in a thick wall of unyielding masonry... The door was also discouraging... a chance of escape seemed unlikely, since the massive brass hinges gleamed in the firelight, and the woodwork looked impressively solid... All hope seemed dim when he heard heavy footsteps approaching the door! Stiffly, but with haste, Mark laid back down on the stone slab. He would leap up and surprise whoever was coming in! (LoR) Looking in on the captive. por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr The metal lock on the door rattled as the door creaked slowly open. Mark squinted his eyes so as to appear asleep, but he could still roughly see what was going on. Two figures clad in black crept into the cell. The one with a soldier's bearing hefted a large axe. His other hand, full of jingling keys, pointed to where Mark was lying. "Still fast asleep, Sir. Just like yesterday." The other tall figure hardly appeared human. His blood-red eyes narrowed to slits. "He smiles still as well..." The guard took a closer look. "Maybe his face is deformed...?" The villainous being hissed with satisfaction. "I shall soon wipe that grin off when I sacrifice him to myself... Keep him here until tomorrow." The jail-keeper stiffened and saluted. "Thank you, Karain. I shall not fail you." Karain turned and vanished into the blackness. Then his words echoed back. "Pray you don't." (LoR) Desperation por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark abandoned his initial plan of jumping at his captors the moment he caught sight of the large battle axe in the hands of the burly jailkeeper. Once his black-clad hosts left, Mark rose from the stone bench where he lay. "Sacrifice!?! Who on earth is that guy!?! Why does he want to sacrifice ME?!" He gazed around his cell in terror at the now calamitous situation. "They could have at least mentioned my name!" The questions in Mark's mind only multiplied. "What did I do to earn their hatred? Am I a bad person? Hmm, I think not. They seemed rather uncouth and malevolent... Meaning I may be a just and moral individual..." Mark's speculation was cut short when he recalled the severe time pressure. "Until tomorrow... That doesn't give me much time to escape... If I had a weapon of some sort I might surprise the guard!" Mark intently studied the floor of the room. Extremely rough, jagged stone surrounded him on all sides, but nothing of useful size could be pried free from the solid bedrock. Then Mark noticed the smoldering lava pool with a metal grate... "Forsooth! Those iron bars are free from the floor!" Our hero had hit upon a brilliant plan! (LoR) Fingers to the flames! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr Mark plunged his hand into the searing heat, and with the fury of desperation, he snatched the iron bar from above the boiling pit. He quickly tossed the fiery rod under the stone bench and clenched his burnt appendage. The desire to scream from the intense pain was unbearable! Using the last shred of his self-control, he restrained himself. The slightest noise would ruin his chances of escape. It would be at least half an hour until the bar would be cool enough to use. He could almost taste it... freedom was close at (burnt) hand! (LoR) The Escape! por Mark of Falworth, en Flickr As soon as the iron bar was cooled, Mark began his well-thought plan. He pounded the door with all his might and screamed! "LET ME OUT OF HERE!! AUUUGGHHH!!! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!" Mark then sneaked to the side behind the doorframe and waited, ready to pounce. Sure enough, the jailkeeper hastily unlocked the door and dashed in. He never knew what hit him... *KLANG!* *Ka-thump* "My apologies, Sir, but I really must be leaving." Mark stripped the armor off the unconscious guard. "It was certainly kind of you to wear such a nice suit of armor for me to take... Hist! This panoply might be a little on the small side." And with that, Mark leaped through the door and made his escape! To Be Continued! ------------------------------------ Some of you have probably seen this on Flickr already but I thought I would post it here too. ;) TFVHAGD!
  8. The suns have set, and it's getting pretty cold on this godforsaken sandbox. But I shouldn't complain. At least, I'm alive. I was keeping a close eye to the ground, searching for signs of rebels, the Black Sun, or something else that could threathen our troops (not that that rebel scum could harm us in any way, but better safe than sorry. Besides, I had to make sure our groundtroops wouldn't fall into the pit of some desert monster. Well that was a threat!). I knew we were approaching the rebels, so I was extra focused. At first, I didn't even notice the slight shaking of my TIE. But when it grew worse, and when everything was getting way to dusty, I noticed the sound. The motor of a Star Destroyer couldn't match that sound. It was enormous, and it was all around me. It made my head and my craft spinning. Black was everything I could see when I regained consciousness. The inflatable cushions had worked, and they had saved my life. Drowsy, I managed to get out of my craft. It wasn't easy, since it lay at an unusual angle and because I had to be careful with all the debries. The suns were just above the horizon, and in their light I could witness the wreckage that once was my TIE Fighter. In the neighbourhood, I could see several Stormtroopers. Some were moving slowly, others didn't move at all. A commander came towards me. I convinced him the TIE was of no use. Obviously, it couldn't fly, and I had a power leak. The transmitter was broken as well. But I offered to stand on guard, because I don't now how to treat the wounded and I do now how to look around. So I ended back on top of my TIE. [soNE Ep. II] To rob a thief by Bert.VR, on Flickr And just moments ago, when the suns had set, a Sandcrawler appeared on the horizon. Hurrah! Life! Although it were those filthy Jawas... but they had a vessel capable of crossing this dessert. My mind worked like a mad man. Since a couple of years, the Jawas stayed away from us (this probably had to do with those few worthless Jawas that were killed in pursuit of some droids, I think). So just like our own companions, they must think we're all that. They just here to steal our equipment, but if we act quick enough, we could reverse this. I hurry of my TIE to inform the commander. He approves of my plan, and everyone still able to hold a gun is being prepared. The Jawas are coming closer, and we are ready. Our ambush isn't very refined, but it'll have to do. Soon, we'll be out of this place, highjacking a Sandcrawler. Soon, those Jawas will shiver and bring us to our companions in one of the mayor cities. Soon, we'll be able to shake this sand out of our suits. We're about to rob a thief. For those interested, here is what I saw through my binoculars: [soNE Ep. II] Sandcrawler close-up by Bert.VR, on Flickr This is what I didn't want to see... my TIE... broken. [soNE Ep. II] What a mess! by Bert.VR, on Flickr And O, In the first shot Tatooine may seem like a beautiful place, but when viewed from a different angle, you can see what kind of mess it is... It does manage to stay upright, however. [soNE Ep. II] What I don't want you to see by Bert.VR, on Flickr Extra parts: none, except for the baseplate and the minifig. That's why the colors are terribly of and I had to take (read: render) a picture with contours. It turned out pretty cinematic, I think. LXF-file: find it here Thanks again for organizing this wonderful contest! This really got my creative juices going. It was a great contest to have as my first one.
  9. Mark of Falworth

    CCCX Escaping from Africa

    Part 1. I sailed out from Genoa with a feeling I would have some adventure and excitement on my voyage to the Levant; little did I know the vessel in which I was traveling would be attacked and destroyed by a fleet of Moorish pirates! I would have most certainly have drowned like my poor companions, but I just managed to climb aboard some wreckage. I stood up and looked about to find out where I was... That was my big mistake. A pirate vessel that had obviously arrived too late to help its allies, came up to where I was floating, and then one of the crew yelled in their coarse language, "Aha! By the beard of Allah, we are too late to fight, but look! Here is a wealthy Frankish merchant judging by his fancy garments! We can secure a large ransom for his safe return!" The rest of the ruffians grunted their approval of this awful scheme. It was then that I wished I had not worn my best suit… Part 2. After three days of sailing In the hands of the Moorish pirates, I arrived on the coast of what must be Africa, however, I didn't get a long look at the place for I was swiftly thrown into a small building with barred windows. I immediately began thinking of a way to escape. So a few days later, at the time I expected my guard to enter, I placed myself next to the window and pressed my face against the bars. When the guard came in I exclaimed, "Who is that damsel there? She is very beautiful, and she passes here frequently." The guard jumped to the window and looked out, As he did so, I slipped his dagger out of his sheath and hid it in my trousers, meanwhile I said, "Do you see her just going around the corner there? Ah! She is gone..." The guard stepped back and grunted, "I never get to see any beautiful damsels about in this wretched place!" He then lurched out of the room, but not without carefully locking the door behind him. Unfortunately for the pirates, I now had the means of unlocking that door... Part 3. The lock to my cell door easily gave way, it being so old and little used. As soon as I stepped out into the street I realized my uncomfortable position, here I was stranded without a penny in a pirate-held town in deepest Africa. I figured the best way out of this scrape was to steal a boat and make for the sea, I found three small fishing boats and the pirate vessel that brought me here. I sneaked onto the pirate vessel and found that it was filled with provisions ready for departure, so I raised anchor and sailed boldly out of the bay just as the sun came over the horizon. I praised the saints for my good luck and set my course for home! I can't wait to see the look on my friends' faces when I sail into Genoa as the captain of a Moorish galley..." The End See the set on Flickr. This is my first entry to the "Daring Escape" category of the CCCX. Thanks for viewing, and have a great day!