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Found 4 results

  1. The plan was, when they found Xanaah Shi, to surveil her activities and decide when and where they were going to grab her. The team, for this mission consisted of Bill, La Feuvre, new guy Faro and Zaael. Faro was tasked with observing the factory. After a week of surveilling Faro noticed two stormtroopers outside the factory. They weren't there before, something changed. Zaael made the call to speed up the mission and grab Xanaah. On Zhellday, after she entered the factory at 0800... Zaael: Move, hide behind the pillars. Zaael: The tinheads are still here, as expected. We need to take them out. Faro, you go left, Bill, La Feuvre go right. I'll go through the middle to startle them. Faro: Yes sir. La Feuvre: Got it! Bill: Hehehe, right, let's blast them! Stormtrooper 1: So, why did we got stationed here again? Stormtrooper 2: No idea, nothing happens here. Zaael: Freeze! Stormtrooper 2: Wait, huh, no! You freeze! *Blasterfire* Bill: Slicing this door is peanuts! Zaael: Sure Bill, just hurry up. Zaael: It ends here Xanaah. Why are there stormtroopers stationed outside your factory? Xanaah: You will not get away with this! This will not go unnoticed... Zaael: We will get the information, one way or the other. Let's hurry up guys, before her Imperial friends or goons find out she's gone. Bill, you know what to do. Make it look like an accident. Bill: Hehehe, sure thing sir! --- C&C appreciated! Overview of the whole build and reference picture:
  2. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode XII: Flight from Ice With the siege finally broken on Javin, once an Imperial surrender was given after five hard-fought months and extensive casualties, the Alliance firmly gained a foothold in the Javin sector and greater control of the Corellian Trade Spine's Outer Rim reaches. I thanked the gods the battle did not carry on into the city streets a battle that would have forced us to root the Imperials out building by building, block by block. Now an occupying force we buried our dead strewn across the many trench works and bunkers of the Imperial defenses and prepared fortifications of our own in the event of Imperial reprisal. During one of the final charges on the Imperial battlements, I stumbled into a bunker where a Pathfinder detachment was busily interrogating an Imperial army officer by the name of Ferad. The Pathfinder squad had lost their technician and slicer so I offered my services as an experienced slicer and helped download the data stores from the bunker's computers. I couldn't make out much of the data except that it involved the Black Sun Crime Syndicate and Commander Skywalker. I didnt ask. The shistavanen in command of this particular Pathfinder unit dismissed me and I returned to what survived of my battalion. Fortunately for our battalion the Imperial Defenses here had been far weaker and sparse then other sections. Several days later I received orders from Alliance Intelligence that I was to temporarily be transferred to serve as slicer for a commando group, the same one from earlier, on a highly important mission in the Yarlith Sector bordering the Javin Sector. Our destination a place of nightmares still carved in my mind. Due to Javin's close proximity we were dispatched in a triad of U-Wings to deploy at Hoth, specifically to land at a ridge just beyond the still smoldering remains of Echo Base. My entire battalion along with many others had been wiped out on these icy fields. When we landed the bodies of fallen troopers were perfectly preserved from the frigid climate, littering the area for as far as the eye could see. As I would soon find out, a Vigo of the Black Sun had taken operations in the ruins of Echo Base and was using the facilities to expand Black Sun interests in the sector and our mission was to capture him alive. I was required to hack and slice our way into the base and through the countless digital and physical booby traps the Alliance had left for the invading Imperials. The Pathfinders swiftly decimated the unprepared and aloof Black Sun forces and we were able to capture the Vigo, a portly Nemoidian. As we made our way back to the U-Wings several clicks aways we heard the haunting call of something in the distance approaching. Of course rumors and eyewitness accounts had circulated amongst the personnel stationed at Echo Base of horrible monsters that lived in the snow wastes. Of course many of us had seen Commander Skywalker return with the smuggler wounded from a fearsome animal. We hastened our movement but one of the oh so frequent storms Hoth was known for swept in obfuscating our vision with a thick white mist. That was when unit members began to disappear one by one. The monsters of Hoth were all too real... 4 ABY: Ice Plains Near the Former Alliance Echo Base on Hoth "Go, go, go!" "AHHHHHHHH!" "Jannis!" "Don't stop!" "Get your feet in gear Weskers!" "AHHHHHH!" "WESKERS!" GRRRRRAAAAAAAAWWWWRRRR! "We're all gonna die!" "Nobody stop till boots hit durasteel, or I will shoot you myself!" "I can see the U-Wings, we're almost there!" Behind the Scenes: Episode List:
  3. This is the next chapter of Wick Nole's story. Not the one to be proud of, but the one which is sometimes inevitable and necessary. Introduction. [SoNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [SoNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [SoNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [SoNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [SoNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." Chapter 5. [SoNE Ep. IX] Gathering Intel Chapter 6. [SoNE Ep. X] Counter-attack Chapter 7. [SoNE Ep. XI] On their own Chapter 8. [SoNE Ep. XII] Tech support -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day -2. Imperial prison bunker somewhere on the surface of Bothawui. *** Incoming message. *** Attention trooper NH16-2811, be prepared to have prisoner 100138-SQ transferred off planet in exactly 48 standard hours from now. Prepare all necessary documents and alert the ground crew. *** End of message. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day -1. *** Incoming message. *** Report the current status. Send all available data on prisoner 100138-SQ. Request the bunker command officer to reply ASAP. *** End of message. *** Outgoing message. *** Trooper NH16-2811 reporting. Preparations proceed according to plan. Bunker command currently inspecting perimeter, exact arrival time unknown. Will contact now and request to return. *** End of message. - Sir, there is an incoming message directly from the ISB. We need to get back and respond as soon as we can. - Proceed without me then. We'll return to the base and see what exactly is wrong with 100138-SQ. He is either very valuable to the Bureau, or very dangerous. In both cases, we'd better get rid of him. I'm glad they are the ones organizing the pick-up. You three, and one trooper - follow me, all other - continue the inspection. I don't want any surprises tomorrow. - Open the gate! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day 0. Two hours before transfer time. - Team Zulu on position. It is two hours before Lambda class shuttle arrives to the platform in front of us. As the shuttle lands, these blast doors will open and a prisoner will be evacuated. According to the data we have received from local rebel cell, the prisoner is Raav Ib - one of the mid-level Black Sun operatives - who is to be transferred out of here and later interrogated by ISB. With high probability he will be executed thereafter. Our mission here, however, is not to prevent the execution, but to avoid an interrogation. This is not a mission to be proud of, but the one which is sometimes inevitable and necessary. Raav Ib should not leave this planet. - Remember, that we should leave no trace to the Alliance. The assassination should look like an orchestrated murder by the Ib's rivals. Our mission is to prepare and make a single shot. No imperials should be harmed. - According to the intel we've got, the bunker garrison lacks a proper tracking equipment to follow a small fast-flying objects, so these jetpacks will also be our tickets out of here. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day 0. Time: -00:00:01. *** Outgoing open frequency message. *** We are clear for the shot. This Black Sun scum will pay with his blood for what he did to Talass-Al-Zul. The master will be proud. *** End of message. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Day 0. Time: 00:00:05. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  4. The story so far:First Day Aboard the AvengerAt The Table-Before The StormRescue MissionReassignedEliminating The CompetitionTarget Practice“Here we go again…”Evac EscapeA Quick Transaction"Black Sunshine"Repel and RetreatFlatline ReflectionA Promotional MeetingThe New Squad Farmland Triangulation Previously: The Rat Beltar learned, that apparently, we aren’t finished with The Black Sun. Though this time, rather than helping them ship questionable goods, or hunting for information: we are taking them out. Supposedly, there have been many traitors in the Empire at this moment, and yet again, one happened to be located on Naboo. It's dawn and the sun is rising over this coastal city in Naboo. Officer: Here are a small portions of the weapons you ordered. Took me quite a bit to get them here. Our mutual Chiss friend met an unfortunate end recently…. Black Sun Agent: Yes, yes. I assume the rest of the weapons will come soon? Officer: They will arrive when they do. DC: Alright… Move in on my mark. Beltar: Got it. DC: Go. The small unit of Imperials rushed in, taking out the Bith with a quick shot. The human Black Sun agent fell soon after. However, the Traitor surrendered before any form of harm could come to him. Beltar still felt essentially useless. All he had to do was check to see if any of the two Black Sun Agents were still alive. And to catalog the stolen Imperial property. DC: Gotcha. Black Sun Agent: Gah! Alyin: Get down on the ground! Traitor: Woah! I—I surrender! Beltar could see that the human wasn’t worth checking. He had taken a direct hit to the chest at point blank range. However, Alyin had only hit the Bith in the shoulder, which somehow, probably passed the Bith out. Beltar began to scan the alien. Beltar: Commander! Looks like this guys alive. He’s stable. DC: Good. We will take him for questioning later. Now for the traitor. DC: Beltar. I want you to call for the clean-up crew to come. Beltar: Sir yes sir. Alyin: So what do you want me to do with this guy DC? DC: Kill him. Alyin: Understood. Beltar: Wait we could use hi- *blaster shot* The traitor’s body now lay against the wall covered in blood. Beltar: That was unnecessary. DC: Well. If Palpa- The Emperor knew this planet was infested with traitors… Beltar: Ah. Beltar understood that Naboo was Lord Palpatine’s home world. Alyin: That officer. He was an officer at the academy were I went to. DC: Well how did an Academy officer end up smuggling guns to a crime syndicate...? Alyin: Perhaps there is more going on that we know. Beltar: Perhaps. DC: Alright. Our work here is done. I believe the cleanup crew will be here shortly. Dismissed. Let’s go. Beltar: Sir, yes sir. Alyin: Sir, yes sir. As the crew turned towards the door the cleanup crew just arrived. Cleanup Officer: Alright boys, let’s get this cleaned up. I want all of these weapons tagged, catalog, and shipped back to where they came from. Stormtrooper Squad: Understood. Beltar: Have fun boys. They walk to the door in the hallway they came from. Beltar: Sir, I’d like to know some more. Why are we chasing after The Sun right now? DC: Beltar, son. I honestly don’t completely understand myself. But there is something in the shadows of the sun that we do not yet see. But I believe a big strike is imminent. From either side. ==End== More pics/Random Thoughts: EDIT: Just at the bottom of the spoiler. Hopefully it's alright that I put that there.