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Found 1 result

  1. Derp. forget to mention the sector. Sector A. Can any MOD please edit that for me? Thanks Lobot! We never came here for the prisoners themselves. The only real reason was the secret weapon. While most of the rebel troops were instructed to rescue prisoners who know something about the secret weapon, most of the really important informers had already been killed. The information they knew was stored in a special container, which was stored in a safe in the base, at least, that was what I assumed. The alliance first learned of it through me. I used to be head of security in this facility, so I know every corner of the base. First I thought I only was permitted to help planning the operation, but later I heard I had to assist a commando team there. Prologue: TWP: Almost there! Stormtrooper: In the name of the Emp... Nendo: Sector secured! Moving in on the safe-deposit! Rann: Hacking the safe... Waiting... Entire team: ... What?! <pause> Nendo: To command: It's gone, I repeat: It's gone! Aièl: What now? TWP? TWP: It should have been here - it should have been. Important containers like this always have been here, look at the marks and the security... Bonder: Any other places it could be? TWP: No. They most probalbly want to escape with it. There's one back entrance, on the entire other end of the base, the imperials often use it as a personal hangar of bigwigs and of the facilities commanders, they could be bringing it there - if they not already did. Nendo: We'll move there then! Team, move out! <while moving> Aièl: Which direction is it located? TWP: In the part still controlled by imperials. Rann: That will take too long! We have to act fast! Any other entrance? Maybe we can fly to it? TWP: Our shuttle will not work. We will have to get past turbo laser batteries. The only possible other option is with repulsorlift platforms located in the east corner of the base, we can then move under the radar. We'll have to look out they will not look themselves though, but they are probalbly too busy. Nendo: That's seems like a much better plan to me! At the east corner of the base Rann: Hostiles taken out! Aièl: Scanning the area. All clear! Nendo: So, TWP, those speeders? they are small! TWP: It should fit. I had expected more though. Rann: Where are those shields fore? TWP: Lava outbursts on the surface. They'll also protect for blaster fire, take them with you if you feel inclined, I will at least take one. Bonder: We'll take those then. I'll make the speeders ready. Nendo: To command: moving out to sector: hostile back entrance. Meanwhile, at the by-the-Empire-controlled back entrance. Field Commander: Be careful troops! We need not to damage the container with the intel! <shouting> Is our shuttle ready? Pilot: Everything ready sir! Ready for takeoff! Field Commander: Everything quiet over there? Officer: Nothing on the radar sir! Field Commander: Move along, do not dawdle. CT33458D: Sir, I see something in the distance with my binoculars. They are no friendly forces! They're moving in fast! Sweeesh. 1 trooper died. Sweesh. 1 trooper died. Rann: Nice shot! Field Commander: Send reinforcements, quick! Officer: Reinforcements on route, they'll be here any moment now! Main story: Nendo: Commando's, attack! Phew! Phew! Phew! Nendo: Imperials, Surrender! Field Commander: We'll think about that. TWP? You traitor! TWP: Just fighting for the good cause now! Aièl: Imperial reinforement forces! Take cover! Stormtrooper commander: Surrender! In the name of the Empire! You're outnumbered! Nendo: Rebels! Hold you're positions! Attack & Defend! Whole time: Yes sir! Bonder: This is where the fun begins! Out of character part: The MOC itself: The whole MOC is a cutout of a platform, as you can see when you look at the exposed electronics on the side. on the right there is an imaginary Imperial Shuttle On the left is the main back entrance of the facility. There's a guard tower above. The doors in the entrance are able to be closed and opened. The dark grey platform with the turret can move up and down, with reinforcements. The turret can be operated by a minifig. It has stud blasters on it's side, so they can really shoot! The whole MOC is a cutout of a platform, as you can see when you look at the exposed electronics on the side. For the lava technique I used my own blocky interpretation of this awesome MOC. My the team. From left to right: Bonder, Nendo (leader), TWP (me!), Aièl, Rann. More pictures on my Flickr. I'm sorry for the bad picture quality, in real my MOC looks even better! C&C welcome! BONUS: The mysterie of Harry: The prison is a really good secured one. No-one ever escaped. Except one little fellow. His name was Harry. One day, he wanted a pickaxe to mine for ores in the rocks of Sullust. I agreed. But then, one day, he just disappeared. Rumor held he dug a tunnel to escape. But nobody ever knew what really happened to him, neither if he really did escape.