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Found 40 results

  1. jam8280

    LEGO spinning tops

    Looking for fellow LEGO top-makers here on Eurobricks. Very little posted on this building genre so far, but I'd very much like to change that. Special Themes seems to be the best fit. Over the last 2-3 years, I've designed and built at least 1,000 working tops and still have well over 700 in my collection. As you can see from my MOCpages top folder and the videos below, the visual and mechanical design possibilities with this simple kinetic art form are truly endless -- especially in the LEGO realm. Since tops are mostly about motion, I'll embed a few of my less conventional spintop videos as an introduction. No need to watch any of them all the way through. Yuri Fassio held annual top-making contests for several years on MOCpages, ending ca. 2012, but there was never much activity between contests, and all but a handful of the tops posted there in recent years have been mine. It'd be nice to have some company.
  2. TimeCruiser

    Engineering of The LEGO House

    This month's issue of an engineering magazine that I receive has the cover article about the engineering that went into The LEGO House that opened last year in Billund, Denmark. The article is also available online, and I figured others may be interested in reading it as well, since it goes into more depth than the presentation that was given at my local LEGO fan convention a while ago. I did not find any engineering related topics for The LEGO House, so it seems like this would just get categorized as web-content in the Media forum. If there is a better place, then moving or merging it would be appreciated.
  3. Just wanted to preface this by saying I am a complete noob when it comes to engineering and HATE asking others for help with homework. However, I desperately need help in my engineering class to maintain my high honor roll grades. I need to come up with a comprehensive design by Monday and have been procrastinating for the past week. So the final of the class is to design a rover with four wheels that can drive through the obstacle course (It's basically a turn and a hill). The requirements of the rover are: Must "stand" on a cardboard platform Use 2 motors Have at least one worm gear have a mechanical advantage between 72-120 using LEGO gears must have "vertical" axles meaning the axles go from the front right wheel to the back right wheel and the same for the left. Must be less than 9in by 9in including wheels Can only utilize worm gear, 8 tooth gear, 16 tooth gear, and 24 tooth gear although using a differential or whatever it is called is also ok. have wooden structural pieces that strengthen the chassis The motor cannot be glued down Must be able to turn while "stationary" by having wheels on one side go in reverse and the wheels on the other going forward. Thanks for the help everyone! I'm sure you guys think this is really basic but engineering really is not my forte.
  4. Boxerlego

    [O-F04] Under the Water

    Location: F04 Tag: Land Vehicle, Vehicle, Spaceship, Civil building (Boxerlego Testing out a Mantis Under Water/Space Construction Vehicle) Week 67 by boxerlego, on Flickr
  5. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] In search of JS Smith III

    In search of JS Smith III Location: H-06 Farmolois tags: Octan, spaceship, engineering, H06 Our story bring us back to H-06, Farmolois, into the Octan engineering bay, Mrs. Smith is working on Octan's research for new and better technology and as well as looking for her husband Mr. JS Smith. PANEL6 by Meyerj, on Flickr PANEL7 by Meyerj, on Flickr LDD build this week, first slide is not to be judged, thank you for looking. comments always welcome.
  6. In search of Mr. JS Smith. part II. Planet: H04 Crofter's ridge tags: Fleet bonus, Octan, H04, engineering So last we checked in on Bruno, he was on H04 (Crofter's ridge in search of JS whom has been missing for some time. He came across an old building within the mountains, and has com across something odd...a large door with red lights...something you don't see in something that is considered ancient... H04 Bruno 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr H04 Bruno 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr H04 Bruno 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr H04 Bruno 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr H04 Bruno 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr and a small movie.. Open by Meyerj, on Flickr and full build H04 Bruno 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr The door function is based off of set 7666 the older Hoth set, the rest is not. Cheers Jody C&C always welcome.
  7. Data collection prt 2 on Jurrin II Planet: Jurrin II Tags: Vehicle, Spaceship, Engineering And so it continues with Mr. Smith collecting data for Octan from planet Jurrin II
  8. Date: 7 Febrarali 3816 Location: Lesser Dringo (F02) Tags: Engineering (Military Building), Spying, Land Vehicle (Hover Boat) Mission: Locate/Jam Octan Signal, Install Listening Device Engineers Log: We have arrived on Lesser Dringo...... "The Flying MANTIS has sighted it's target and approaches sleek and fast, lining up for the attack" Engineers Log: We have arrived...... "Picking up speed, almost there" ORB, what are you doing? Well, the Flying MANTIS was just getting ready to attack this alien city... That is very funny ORB, but we need to place these signal transmitter units in there so we can just sit back and listen to whoever has been broadcasting from this location. Strange, there are no readings from looking structure. I don't see that it really does anything at all, except just look like an alien city. My Lady, there have been no signs of life here since you came here and rescued me from the Octan W.E.R. Lab and then it was shut down and dismantled. I have no idea who could have set the signals we intercepted. Hmm, well it is strange, come on we can have some fun driving back to the landing site in the new M.A.N.T.I.S Sand Skimmer. You can fly your ship from long as you man the rudder so we stay on course. Yipee...... Meanwhile, just a short distance away........ Hey, George.....any luck getting that signal out? Robert ,make some new coffee will ya? No....the signal still isn't working, Frank. It was working just a little while ago...really it was. Frank, we are almost out of coffee! What are we going to do? We aren't scheduled for supplies for another six months! Robert, you just need to cut back your portion....or figure out how to grow more. At least we still have our coffee maker,...and the couch out of the office cubicle and the radio equipment and one chair.... Good job being positive, George, and we have a well for fresh water and we can grow some of our food and we have this really cool old weapon from Earth. And I can be look out for that M.A.N.T.I.S woman and make sure nothing else disappears from under our watch. That Obsolete Rusting Bot was never a good worker for us.....wish we didn't get blamed for him leaving like that....still we did really see that woman in this desert. And the final shot with all three builds..... This was my build based off of #6266 Cannon Cove. Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  9. [O-E02] Data collection from Jurin II Tags: Engineering, E02, Octan Planet: Jurin II Spoiler below Thank you for looking, comments always welcome Cheers Jody
  10. Planet: Donwarr (E01) Date: 31 Janurali 3816 Mission: To Analyze Design Of / Destroy Octan HydroComm Unit Team: Lady Kianna / ORB (in combat mode) Tags: Engineer, Land Vehicle, Spying (Sabotage), Piracy Engineer's Log: Remote location on Donwarr, Octan HydroComm Unit ORB and I have arrived at the remote location of Octan's Flagship HydroCommunictions Unit. The design is very simple yet very effective. A central communications tower is powered by the four power units at each corner. These four units convert enery from the vast water source directly below the structure. This gives the entire unit zero emissions which in turn hide it from all sensors.......until today, that is. OK ORB this is it. Strange no one is here.....the communications we intercepted indicated a repair worker would be here. Well, um....yes it is strange...... These outer poles are the ones the message indicated were weak and needed repair....grab that one over there ORB and I'll grab this one. On the count of three we pull hard and run once they start to fall. If they fall on us we could be killed from the power surge..... Good job....wait....what is that..!!? My Lady Kianna...may I introduce RPC (RoboticPowerCart). Squeak, #### Hello####. Nice to meet you know him ORB? Yes.......and I have to admit...I knew the signal was from him. He wants to join us and leave Octan for M.A.N.T.I.S. Octan has all but abandoned him with jokes about ancient PC technology. In his prime he was a highly respected member of any repair team. After my leaving, others now want to follow in my path. Squeak,####Yes,Please####IGoWithYou#### So, I am know starting a home for unwanted, outdated robotic tech......Sure why not! Squeak,####Yeah,ThankYouLadyKiannaAndORB####MyNewFriendsForever#### The two of you follow me..........WAIT.........IS THAT A RHHC(1)? With Awesonium injected fuel rocket engines, rotating map system, superior sound system........! And a M.A.N.T.I.S Plasma Cannon mounted on top?....Ok, this baby is going with us! Are you feeling that sub woofer Kawalski..... Would you like me to give you some options Skipper..... Finally, all the builds together... Thanks for viewing and reading. C&C always welcome. The longest story with photos for me yet....
  11. Sorry I haven't post in a while but here is the begining of a new chapter. Planet: H03 - Kaalin tags: Engineering To be continued.... I don't know how to add a spoiler tag..I will learn.
  12. A Full Blown Engine, Visible Transmission, Retractable Hood, Adjustable Wheel, Repair Tools - these are just some of the specs of the new Hot Rod 27! If you enjoy my project and you'd like to see it on the shelves, please support it here: The Story: I've always loved inventing new Lego toys. A few years ago I began building a custom hot rod. I wanted to make a car that would not only look good, but that would also be realistic. That's how I gave it a transmission that goes from the full blown engine to the front wheels, as shown in the video: A few days ago I found out about Lego Ideas and I wanted to submit my car, but I had new ideas. I wanted to make it more playable. That's how I came up with the retractable hood and the adjustable wheel. I made it so that a minifigure is able to enter the cockpit and drive the car, and even wear a helmet. Furthermore, I added some tools near the cockpit, in case the engine malfunctions or there's a flat tire. It also has front lights and tail lights, a radiator in the front, lateral exhaust pipes, adjustable engine pistons, rear-view mirrors, a big gas tank and slick, wide tires in the back. Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4 cm ( approximately ) With about 140 pieces, the Hot Rod 27 can become an affordable and easy to build custom car!
  13. Zimunsk Ocean Expedition Part #2 Tags: Vehicle Space/sub <--not to sure, engineering, G06 place: G06 Zimuns Thanks for looking, comments always welcome. Story to follow in the morning, just to tired. *the sub is from last story and not to be judged even though I have updated. Cheers Jody
  14. Zimunsk Ocean Expedition Part #1 Tags: Vehicle Space/sub <--not to sure, engineering, G06 place: G06 Zimunsk Ocean Expedition for Biomass rich for future research. Mrs. Smith has been tasked to work out the kinks of the new submarine research vesicle O-EV-003 dropped off on the planet G06 Zimunsk, we managed to find this shifting ocean and prepare our cargo ship (next story part) and drop the sub in. The waters here are dark, dark blue and offer little light but for now mrs. Smith can manage. and some regular lit shots of the sub: Cheers Thank you for looking comments always welcome Working on part 2 and 3 for this next two week break
  15. Jody Meyer

    [O H-06] First steps

    First steps... Location: H06 Tags: Engineering, land vehicle My team and I have worked hard and pushed to get the first prototype of the new mech suits up and running, not sure how it will do in the trials or f sent out for a mission, this Mech is suited for many purposes from Recon, to mining to escort detail. I am slowly working up a story so please bear with me C & C Welcome Enjoy Jody
  16. Working hard in the workshop Location: H06 Tags: Building, Civil, Engineering, Land vehicle Working this past week has been brutal, I have been redesigning the new Mech. to be out fited for mining and prospecting but I just haven't gotten that far. I have managed to recruit on of my Octan robots and programed him for welding..nice to think that I do not have to supervise...right?..I mean what can go wrong?... and a short flick to see the welding clicking it will take you to my flicker page and run the movie Sorry for the pictures, flicker was having issues and I wanted to make the dead line. Cheers C & C are always welcome
  17. Jody Meyer

    [O-H08] Mech deployment & testing

    Something a little bit different... Hope you enjoy I wanted to try something different C & C welcome of course
  18. Location: E11 - The Fascini Cluster - "A tight swirling cluster of Awesomnium rich asteroids." Tags: vehicle, engineering Open Channel to Octan: For some reason Octan has seen a decline in personal, not sure why, must be vacation time or something, anyways my wife and I were pulled from our work on H-06 to set up a communication link to Engineering HQ to set up an outpost for future mining of Awesomnium. I was able to bring a student from the engineering division to let him get his hand dirty to, understand what it is there work comes out to be in the real world. I was given a new buddy for the trip as well, handles nice, quick and simple, just the way I like it. Over and Out Mr. & Mrs. Smith I Hope you enjoy, thank you for looking C & C Welcome
  19. Introducing Octan Inc. Engineering Bay and Headquarters for engineering. The front end of the building shows the many offices for Engineers / Techs / Scientists / Trades In the Backside of the building is were the magic of Octan happens, The large Bay doors open any vehicle from Land / Air and Water come out to get tested by our skilled pilots of Octan The large Telecommunications tower is for our people here on Farmolis to communicate to our Various explorers and pilots anywhere in the Andromedia Galaxy. The two rounded fronts are for gyms / restaurants / Auditoriums for speeches and meetings This was my first micro build, took longer then I though it would...Hope it's ok. Cheers
  20. Jody Meyer

    [O H-06] First shipment Awesomnium

    Lab Entry 001 Today was a great day for the meteorology lab, the first shipment of Awesomnium crystals came from the small mining out post just outside the city, The clowns I mean drones brought in this nice big one and I told them to place it in the cryogen freezer so I can study it later. Of course the Fools tripped the hazard alarm with opening the freezer without entering the code. UG...oh well I am quiet happy to be studying this mineral and research it's attributes, I am aiming for armor plating for our vehicles..who knows! C & C welcome. Jody
  21. Jody Meyer

    [O - H06] Week #1 Mining...

    Open Channel #010 Octan Corp. Location: H-06 Farmolis - "Large flat grassy plains and forests, broken up by numerous small oceans. Journal Entry 2 Well a lot has been done here on Farmolis mining post #1, we manage to get a good vein of Awesomnium, My drone and I have managed to get our mobile crane in before the "TNT cart" . The space is very tight but able to place some TNT down to make the space bigger and more open for a mining truck or something else...the rocks seem to have their own power source which I find odd...I sent a few off to Mrs. Smith to analyse them and get back to Dr. Long on the progress (next week build hint hint)...anyways we are working around the clock and so far no injuries to report...thank god cause these drone make me nervous... Over and Out Mr. JS Smith The mobile Crane The over all build The over all build (back side) Thank you for looking C&C welcome
  22. I just wanted to show you the status of my project for the TC8 contest. So I opted for a Fast Erecting Crane after watching from Cranes Etc on YouTube, being fascinated with the unfolding action of it, and wanting to build something different from what I've done before. It is loosely based on the Liebherr 81K, at least in regards to functions, but the looks are a bit more difficult to get right. First and foremost, this is not very Technical in terms of gears and stuff, but rather a study in truss construction (fundamental in most engineering disciplines), and using pulleys and cables (ropes) to achieve the desired functions. The main jib is close to a meter long when unfolded, but due to the truss construction and guy lines, it is pretty much perfectly straight/level, even if it's hinged only in one point. :thumbup: Like I mentioned in aminich's topic, I've had some problems to take pictures of it as it is very large when erected, but I'll try to take some tomorrow. I have a couple of pics of it in folded configuration. First, here it is on its dollies (I'll probably throw together a quick truck to go with it), all folded and ready for transport. The key function I wanted in this MOC is to have the actual foldability modeled reasonably accurate, so it will be able to go from this state to fully erected and ready for action in a manner similar to the real life counterpart. And next it is sat on its independently adjustable outriggers in the grass, waiting to be extended/unfolded: The outriggers seem to do their job.. There are four of them, in an X-configuration. I haven't done the counterweight assebly yet, but I hope five AA battery boxes will do the trick if placed correctly, as I don't have any more The main tower (yellow) has room for the inner tower (black) that is 5x5 in cross section. It extends to roughly twice the height it is in the picture. The jib consists of three parts; the black one (innermost) and two yellow ones (middle and outermost). The LBG parts are part of the guying system. I know it looks a bit messy, but trust me, it looks a lot more impressive when fully erected/extended Unfortunately, due to not having done the counterweight system yet, it would topple over if I tried to get a picture of it now. Anyway, still some issues to figure out, mostly in regards to the counterweights, but also a good solution for the hoist rope, and the trolley. Hope to have some more progress done by tomorrow!
  23. Jody Meyer

    [O-H06] Small Mining post

    Open Channel #009 Octan Corp. Location: H-06 Farmolis - "Large flat grassy plains and forests, broken up by numerous small oceans. Journal Entry 1 My Drone and I have been tasked by higher management to get to work on a small mining post within a small valley on my home planet of Farmolis. It's great to back home working out in the field but working with these octan drones makes me kinda nervous..We have also been told to make sure that the operation can run night and day. Our little operation has only just begun and plan on making into a small hillside by next week. Over and Out JS Smith. C&C Welcome I have not unpacked my new light table yet so I had to make a make shift one..
  24. LordDan

    [M -D04] MANTIS chemical lab

    Engineer Dan conducts an final check of the containment unit in a MANTIS scientific outpost. The containment unit was built by Dan to hold a powerful and dangerous energy source recently created by MANTIS scientists, a solid, radioactive globe full of toxic chemicals and injected with awesomeonium extract This line of research produces a lot of hazardous waste material, and hover sleds are often used to transport it to spaceships that takes the deadly waste far away and dumps it ( usually in the other corporation's territory)
  25. Jody Meyer

    (O-H06) Honey do list.

    Open channel message #010 to Octan Corporation.. Now that JS Smith was back home on Farmolis, his "Honey Do List" seemed to be piling up, one that had got him excited was to engineer a small long range recon craft for scouting out missions in places that were Octan really isn't supposed to be. A smirk came across his face as he reminisced the days of serving Octan in the Super Secret Task Force...oh those were the days... 5 End Transmission Sorry for such a short story but Packing a three bedroom house takes alot out of you. Cheers C&C always welcome.